Does Walcott need to convince Wenger to let him go?

Arsene Wenger has always insisted that Theo Walcott is not for sale, but the Arsenal forward is believed to be keen on regular action.

The winger is yet to start a single Premier League match so far this season, and his five substitute outings will not have convinced him that he has a big role to play in the remainder of the campaign.

Walcott may have one eye on the World Cup coming up in Russia this summer, but at this point in a players career he should be keen on playing ball. New reports are claiming that the former Southampton youth product has sounded out AC Milan as a possible destination, and has tasked his representatives to pursue such a move.

A number of Premier League sides are believed to be keen on signing him this month also, but his wages appear to be the biggest stumbling block over any potential deal, and some of the teams interested may not be able to meet his demands.

The 28 year-old joined the club 11 years ago, and actually clocked up his highest tally of goals in the 2016-17 campaign, but has fallen behind Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck in the pecking order in North London.

There is talk that a loan deal could well be in the mind of Theo, who will most likely do anything he can to secure more regular action in hope of forcing his way back into Gareth Southgate’s England squad, although I’m not sure if playing abroad will be the best way to showcase his talent to the Three Lions manager.

Does Walcott deserve more regular action at Arsenal? Could Wenger allow Walcott to leave the club? Does he deserve a place in the England squad?

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  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Walcott don’t mind going to Southampton, but he only wan’t to go on loan, you wouldn’t think so, sure to give up £110,000 for £50,000 weekly wage off the Saints

    1. Garrett says:

      Walcott isn’t going anywhere

    2. Innit says:

      Yep. Dumb moves by Le Proffeseur in 2015 to give him huge salary and playing him up front. You shouldn’t increase salary that much unless he has proven he deserves it.
      And because of that it makes him difficult to off load.

      Walcott’s eyes must have lit up when seeing that figure or “nearly had a car crash” like Ashley Cole when hearing ths figure on the phone (Ashley Cole said that he left Arsenal because he was offered only £55,000 per week and said he nearly crashed his car when hearing that figure lol).

      And also 2015-2016 when Giroud went 15 games in a row without scoring a goal, Wenger played Walcott up front instead of Alexis who is a better finisher and following season proved he could score 20+ PL goals. We finished 2nd that season. If only…..

      1. Peterhos says:

        The moment AW gave him a huge contract was when we started to go downhill, For that salary you have to perform week in week out, not just for 10 minutes a game, at most, Also, Walcott rarely had a good game against the bigger teams.

  2. Garrett says:

    Finally an article i can sit here and pick apart.
    Walcott this time last season had scored more goals than any current arsenal player has up to this point. He was benched because of it. He has never gotten the same treatment as Giroud, Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey, Bellerin when they play bad they still start. Yet he has to sit for scoring 19 goals. So what is the arsenal fans excuse now that I have put out facts that as of this time last year, Walcott had scored more goals than a 40 million dollar striker. And in less matches and game time.
    Arsenal fans might want to take a look at the bigger issue, Walcott plays arsenal win percentages go up that’s facts as well.
    Bellerin has no business playing on the wing, its a handicap to the team and makes arsenal one dimensional on the left side of the pitch.
    Arsenal Fans would rather see beauty in a loss than ugly in a win. I rather have people that can finish than people who only make back passes the whole match.
    Walcott has nothing left to prove he has the most goals as a winger in PL currently playing.
    Wenger will not let Walcott go, he has too many games left to play and with the injuries to the offense mounting Walcott is the only option maybe left to fill. FA Cup, Carabou Cup, and Euro will be coming fast and arsenal need a striker to maintain.
    Wenger also feels personally responsible for Walcott as he is the only thing that kept all of arsenals stars from leaving and sinking arsenal into further demise when we had the transfer problems with van persie and nasri.
    Arsenal owe Theo more love but again he just doesn’t possesses the flashy style they are used to seeing.

  3. gotanidea says:

    It is obvious that Wenger does not need Walcott anymore, because Walcott very rarely started in Premier League matches. It is too late for Walcott, I think Arsenal would sell him in this month, because they have got Nelson, Maitland-Niles and Adelaide.

    1. tas says:

      Walcott is no longer needed with our new formation 3-5-2 we are using Belerin on the right wing what was once TW’s hang out, i think TW shot himself in the foot by demanding he wanted to be a striker which his not, TW with his lightning speed ( but not much dribbling skills ) will best serve teams that park the bus and counter attack

      1. tas says:

        the last team we played that parked the bus was Man-U perhaps we can loan him to them 🙂

  4. Gelz says:

    Just sell him, don’t loan him, he’ll be in the last year of his contract next season. If he wants to try and have a chance of making the WC, he’ll take a pay cut, if not he’ll probably sit it out on his over paid wages until his contract ends.

  5. Shortboygooner says:

    I think walcot will coke good at a smaller club. He is a decent finisher and a pacey player. Arsenal do need some fresh faces but I would like to see them before walcot goes

    1. Peterhos says:

      Used to be pacy at 18. He looks slower to me since his injury.

  6. miker says:

    I want auba.

  7. Rkw says:

    No accident his arrival coincided with start of our stagnation as a club …one of the most overrated players in EPL history thanks to the dumb swede and our own delusional football emperor …. Should have been sold to china a couple if years ago for silly money now just take whatever is offered

  8. Nayr says:

    Theres no need for us to sell walcott.

    he has a good eye for goals which will help us in the europa league.

    aubameyang is massively underrated..would be an adequate replacemnt for sanchez.
    but how do you play lacazette and aubameyang..i doubt wenger will play two strikers.
    maybe we convert to 442 and get mahrez for ozil



    bellerin kos mustafi kolasinac

    ramsey wilshere xhaka mahrez

    aubameyang lacazette.

    1. McLovin says:

      I think a before anything else, we need a new midfielder with a new CB as well. And to replace Sanchez of course.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I would agree with you McLovin, a powerful leader CB and a imposing DM, a couple players to help the attack play with more freedom.

        I would like to see Mahrez as he is a quality player, he is proving that the title year wasn’t a one off, EPL proven… Hard to pass up on a bargain of what… around £40 mil they want?

        Thinking about the overall cost for 3 quality players and it soon adds up, a top CB can cost up to £60 million? Maybe a bit more after liverpool splashed the cash. A top DM will cost between £40 and £60 million? That is assuming both those areas are not caught up in a bidding war.

        Without Mahrez, AFC could be looking to spend £100-£120 million.

        Forget Wenger, would AFC spend this type of money NOW? I have more faith that we would in the summer after Raul thingy (that ex Barca guy) comes in and plays an active role in getting transfers done.

        I also do believe that Gazidis is now planning for life without Wenger, the recent changes will be removing our dependence on Wenger and is Gazidis going to be happy to spend on a manager that he is planning to replace or will he want to save up for the new manager?

        Enough focuses on Wenger, I don’t mean to here, I am curious about the politics at board level. Spend now or wait to get Raul thingy to spend the money, he has a record of getting deals done, would it be best to save the money for him? Even if it is just waiting till the summer when he has been appointed…

        I would like AFC to spend and invest NOW but I am not the board 😛

        After that pessimism with the board, just want to end this comment with something good about Gazidis (who I have slated a lot), he is recognizing the problem areas behind the scenes and updating our structure, he looks to be doing a top job at getting in good people. I hate how things take time but better to get it right the 1st time and credit to Gazidis.

    2. tas says:

      i think we should sell TW just to see if he dose better under another manager so for us to know whether or not we are holding back progress with players, OX its still early days not much improvement there, JW did well only for a short while at Bournemouth but Arsenal runs in his veins of JW he will only be happy at Arsenal

    3. ClassyGunner says:

      If we ever play 442 the best striker pair will be Laca and Giroud

    4. Midkemma says:

      Last game Alexis was pushed higher up than Ozil which effectively made our formation 352 with Ozil also dropping deeper.

      How to fit Auba instead of Alexis?

      “i doubt wenger will play two strikers”
      I think he would, we basically played that against Chelsea.

      Unless we get a solid DM to partner Jack then I doubt much will change, we are too fragile when it comes to dealing with counters and that means if we push too hard then we leave ourselves exposed. I think the players know this and play with the handbrake on at times because they are worried about giving the ball away and that being the counter which they score on.

      Alexis will just try and get the ball back instantly but the rest of the squad stumbles when they get time to think and I do believe a solid DM and a top leader CB will make the attack miles better.

      We have looked a bit better in CM with Jack as he does try and get the ball back quickly, more so than Ramsey who can stop, turn then raise his hands like he is asking why the CM isn’t winning the ball back =.=

      If we could only get a couple powerhouses for the CB and DM role…

  9. Ackshay says:

    Sure auba will be a fantastic signing but at 29 in the summer plus his reliance on pace and space can be a dangerous gamble. Why not try for griezemann instead, he can play both striker and behind the striker like alexis or ozil. By the way things are going alexis is gone but ozil is looking more like staying since he is a player that requires a strong off the field relationships to flourish unlike alexis who always was a loner. plus the club/coach shown a preference for ozil from the beginning even when alexis was outclassing Mesut. alexis wages+ an increase would cover griezemann wages.

    Imagine a front 3 of Lacazette-ozil-griezemann. ozil would be happy to have 2 quality players to interact and best friends griezemann and lacazette would be idle. that plus a quality midfielder to replace xhaka or a miracle return for santi would leave us in a strong position post-alexis.
    And a few ‘diamond eye’ signings ala kagawa or lewandowski would be the best.

  10. Novbe says:

    Convincing??? Funny. Someone had more than a decade to show his quality or even improve on his quality but could not. And here we are talking about convincing. One thing for sure, no matter the convincing he will never again be promising! Goodbye Walcott. #COYG

  11. Midkemma says:

    I think the not leaving part is AFC as a whole playing hardball so they don’t go into sale negotiations at a total disadvantage. It is Theo afterall, disadvantage already present 😛

    Get £20 million for him, he is HG and in his prime, has proven to score in EPL… even if not consistent but if he was then he would be a LOT more than £20 million.

    Put an extra £20 million to it and buy Mahrez.

  12. Jeremy says:

    He will never contemplate to leave.

    There is no easier life than now. Play little (badly) and gets highly paid.

    He should never have been on such high pay. The one who negotiated this contract should rightfully be shot a thousand times.

    And we are stuck with him unless somebody stupid, came along. I don’t think going to WC matters more than laughing to the bank. His latest display says it all.

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