Does Welbeck’s arrival mean that Giroud will leave Arsenal?

Giroud could be gone next summer by KJ

After the acquisition of Danny Welbeck from Man Utd, it dawned upon me that Giroud could very well be leaving Arsenal next summer. There are a lot of factors involved but they ultimately spell out a possible departure for the controversial Frenchman.

Firstly, Welbeck is on a similar level to Giroud when you factor in their ability but the Englishman has a far higher ceiling in terms of potential and is arguably far more suited to our football. He loves to pass and move and will most likely get more out of the likes of Ozil than Giroud.

Welbeck also enjoys running in behind which we’ve seriously lacked for an entire year. This lack of
movement from our forward players has absolutely crippled Mesut’s potential to devastate teams
and that’s why we failed to truly destroy a team last season.

Danny has a far better work rate than Giroud in my opinion. It is aided by his pace and apparent legs he has over Giroud considering he’s 4 years younger than him. He’ll be able to close down the
opposition quicker than Giroud.

Finally, Danny will offer the ability to work with the ball under pressure. He’ll be able to turn with the ball and will not constantly look for the one touch return which Giroud has become reliant on. This means we are more unpredictable and with Danny’s pace, the opposition won’t press us as

The culmination of all this is that I can see Giroud leaving in the summer. I don’t expect Welbeck to
be that world class striker we need and this means that Wenger will always be searching for that one
true striker that will win us the league next summer. This will result in Giroud having absolutely no
chance of getting game time at the club and he will therefore look to move.

At the end of the day, Welbeck will always offer more than Giroud as the “back up” striker if that
position becomes available if/when Wenger signs that world class striker. If Welbeck turns out to be
so good that he completely remedies our problems in that position, only then do I expect Giroud to

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  1. Sanchez on the left, Walcott on the right (Thumbs Up)
    Walcott on the left, Sanchez on the right (Thumbs Down)

    Which will utilize both players capabilities more effectively? Both players are right footed.

    1. Remember the goal that Walcott scored against city from the left…
      I think it should be Sanchez on the right and Walcott on the left, but I would hope that the front 3 will roam and interchange positions to confuse the hell out of defences!

      By the way, I watched the England game last night (I’m from SA), Ox had an excellent game on the right wing! Something to think about…

      1. I disagree.
        Sanchez has better dribbling than Walcott making it easier for him to beat defenders and cut in. Also he has a better shot than Walcott along with more shot power benefiting Sanchez when it comes to hitting screamers from outside the box.

        1. Sorry, I was actually supposed to say Walcott on the right, where it is more pace orientated… and Sanchez on the left, which is more skill orientated. Got it mixed up.

          As I said though, I hope they mix it up a bit upfront (with Welbeck) just to not let defenders settle.

          1. No doubt Wenger got Alexis to join Arsenal by telling him he would be our main man. Do you think he would be happy, therefore, to be put into a position he doesn’t play. He doesn’t play on the left.

            1. He played on the left are fair bit for Barcelona. I just think he wants to play, he’s the kind of player who will work hard in any position.

              1. Yeah, I don’t think he’ll cry himself to bed at night if we play him on the left… I admit, on the right may be a more familiar role for him, but we have to fit Walcott there, which I’m sure most fans will see as a given…

                1. Yes, we have had a couple of useful players in years gone by who loitered on the left and cut-inside to slot a few home.

    2. Nothing fries ma potorican pan cakes now more than how people on here are regarding welbeck as one of the fine forwards with alot of anticipation.
      The manager has got to grow tactically otherwise we will most likely still suffer injuries as usuall, i mean y should one field same players and some of which in wrong positions for 4games in period of two weeks continuousely leaving the young energetic n’ hungry ones on the bench while we struggle 2get wins?
      N i can guarantee a win against money city.
      Not fielding two players with a similar role there by one playing in the shadow of the other n’ not prodicing any thing.

      1. umm what?
        last time we played city in the community shield having Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla and the extra number in midfield caused big problems for Pelligrini and his 4-4-2… why would we not do it again?

  2. If Welbeck turns into a brilliant player then Giroud will just be a squad player and used in cup games etc. No need to sell him. You need at least 3 good strikers in a top team.

    1. I am going to keep my feet on the ground re DB but as sh*t as the England game was last night I couldn’t help but notice that DBs first contribution was something really different from anything we have seen at Arsenal for quite a while now. Controlled a pass on the edge of the box with one touch, ghosted past one player and unleashed an accurate first time rocket. Very nice.

  3. Giroud to stay and Sa-no-go to go. Then we can reignite interest in long term targets such as Draxler or Reus. Both are wide players, but are flexible enough to play CF. Or we can make a stop-gap signing, such as Huntelaar, and hope a young talent emerges by the time he gets tired. Who knows, Akpom might be that player.

    1. You surprise me everyday with your ignorance.I just read in an earlier post of yours that you mention wait till the war starts with Russia and Roman Abrahamovich will be forced to abandon Chelsea and that will be the end of Chelsea.
      This is not a political debate but the comment shocked me all the same.What War?Do you actually believe there will be a war with a country with Nuclear weapons and the world will survive it? Do you actually think there will be a Chelsea..or an Arsenal..or a Barca..or a Real? I tell you ignorance is rifted on this site..

      1. Come on son, leave Budd alone. We are all capable of talking sh**te on here – and you are no exception.

  4. So we have been desperately in need of another striker, because we lack strikers! it dawned on you this could mean we get sell the other good striker we have! which would put us back in the postion of needing another striker again!!! Yeah bravo Einstein

  5. Welbeck to score 32 this season! You read it hear first! Remember the article and the date;)

    Just hope he doesnt have ano score start as giroud and sanogo

      1. True true…i would go for supreme confidence but as there is one morr international to go i have my doubts…roy roy the arsenal cripler might be in action again..

  6. Girould to rotate with Welbeck and the other players we have who can play ST.

    Remember OG has always done well coming off the bench and who says Welbeck will play all the games and 90 minutes each match, we’ve had a shortage of strikers it would be damn to sale the other good striker we have (unless we are finally willing to bring in a WC ST ofcourse).

    I wouldn’t mind a loan move for sanogo though to a team that can give him regular football, this would be beneficial for both the club and player. He will not realize his potential warming the bench!

    There players in our academy doing much better than him currently and we have better player than him on our bench been sidelined for him!!!!

    1. Arsenal play 4-2-3-1 and for that lone striker position you need someone world class. If Welbeck can step up to Costa levels that would be great. Maybe it is time to play 4-4-2 and rotate bewteen our 7 forwards to find the combinations that work the best.

  7. Giroud out is way too early to say. Competition up front is never a bad thing. If it makes Giroud better we all win. Maybe Wenger needs to explore options to field 2 strikers. We have Giroud, Welbeck, Campbell, Sanogo, Walcott, Shanchez & Podolski. Maybe in these 7 we have a combination that is as lethal as Suarez, Sturridge was for Liverpool last season.

    4-4-2 Diamond formation could suit Arsenal.

  8. Doubt Giroud will go as he is a big target man for us.
    I think it’s more likely Sanogo will go on loan and Campbell and Poldi may be sold.
    Not quite sure why Wenger doesn’t seem to favour Campbell, who knows what goes on behind closed doors though. Maybe we will see more of him as the season progresses.
    I am more concerned about the number of MF players we have, cup and CL taken into consideration a lot of them are going to struggle for game time and so say Rosicky has already commented about his lack of minutes so far this season. I think we could see a selection of our MF players pushing for moves away from the club unless Wenger is very careful.
    Also still cant believe how imbalanced we are – loads of MF players, (No WC DM player) and 6 defenders, a couple of injuries and we are in the s*it! I do hope Arsene looks for a free agent CB.

  9. I don’t think OG will leave, we need @least three striker 4 all our competitions. Sir nogo can go on loan 4 some season to boost his confident.

  10. Sanogo had a good game
    against Leicester. He gets
    into good positions often.
    In front of goal he lacks
    composure like Girvinho.
    But the raw talent is there.
    I would continue with Sanogo
    v City and give him as many
    opportunities as possible.

    1. Are you insane? Sanogo got into good positions but his first touch is shocking and he couldn’t hit 10 barn doors.

      Start Welbeck, he’ll be match-fit and what better way for him to win us fans over than putting one over on City who I’m sure he hates more than us.

      1. Give him a little credit though – he hit 2 barn doors today. And he hit the barn door with the best chance he had against Everton – the barn door being Tim Howard. Not enough composure, should have chipped him.

  11. I would day there are a number of forwards in frontier giroud in the taxi queue, campbell, ryo, sanogo, afobe and podolski to name just 5.

  12. Can this lad play CB or DM ?
    No and that’s what we need. He sold tom and never replaced him. He told us he was looking for the right player but again he went to rome coz he lied AGAIN.
    Managers in the EPL if they were given the job at arsenal first player they would buy would be world class DM
    I here arsenal fans saying he will buy in JAN lol no chance sorry

  13. Welbecks arrival means more goals…play him and Giroud together! buy another world class striker in January so I can complain about having to many These are the problesm I want..More wenger moreeee

  14. That Dynamo advert is getting on my nerves…!!

    Anyway, I don’t think it would mean Giroud leaving (even though with Wenger nothing is impossible… look at the defenders situation… Just daft and unprofessional).

    We need everybody, especially now.
    I just hope he stars playing Campbell more… He seems not to trust him or something.
    Same old Wenger, always giving his backing to the undeserved sh*t in the squad!

    I hope he will address the defender situation in January… What he did just does not make any sense!!!

    1. FFP rules now state you can only have €30 million loss over a 3 year period. So that makes on average only a €10 million loss. Plus when you do make that loss you get fined big time. We can’t do creative bookkeeping.

      Arsenal made a loss of £2 million over the last 6 months. We are well run but we do not have an unlimited transfer budget. I hate to say it.

  15. @ Bob, admin whoever it may concern, these ADs are taking the living piss They’re ruining this site and for what? for delicious wads of cash thats what lol Seriously though sort it out this is ridiculous. A man of my caliber shouldn’t have to put with this

    1. What Ads? Please specify. I haven’t had a complaint for ages and all popups and noisy ads are banned. Please email me if you see something that is extra intrusive….

  16. Wenger buys players, but make sure to get some of the money back through sales and CL (essential, not for the glory, but only for the cash reward… We obviously know we have ZERO chances to win it).

    He tried to ship out Podolski, but Giroud injury messed up his “devious” plans…!

    He, apparently, made an offer to Sporting Lisbon for Carvalho which would have included Campbell and some cash (If Campbell is smart, he should get out in january).

    Anyway, we have been on the transfer market, but seem to fall short again.
    Wenger will never go the “extra mile” to reinforce the squad… We always “seem” to miss something and, as usual, will end up paying a “hard” price for it at one point of the season.

    1. We are still work in progress. But I do feel we upgraded over last seasons squad. CDM a must for January Transfer Window.

  17. Giroud played 3200mins last season (again another proof of Wenger extensive and professional management skils…!!!), more than anybody in world football (for all the Wenger’s fans who love those stats… You can check it out).
    As a matter of fact, I am not surprised he is injured… “Rest well Olivier, you damn well deserve the time off”

    Where is Diaby?

  18. We finally have two out and out strikers who both offer something different and you want to sell one of our most reliable players?

    Did any of you guys see the analysis of Giroud from last season, on multiple occasions we had possession in their half lasting maybe an average of 4/5 minutes – during this period Giroud made on average 6/7 good runs anticipating the cross… but it never came. When the cross does finally come in after 6 pointless near post runs, Giroud is moaned at for not ‘making any runs’. Giroud was a scapegoat last season because he had the expectation that every goal was to be scored by him when Walcott and Rambo were injured, remember we had 5 midifelders compared to 1 striker – a little phenomenon called diffusion of responsibility present concerning our everchanging midfielders.

  19. You have to laugh, all these people saying chelsea, man city and Liverpool have bigger and better squads than us. Well, we all knew man city would only be able to name a 21 man A list squad, due to restrictions. But I bet no one knew that Liverpool would only manage 22 and chelsea only 20.

    You must visit to see it. Not only do arsenal have their full 25 man quota, but we can also list a far bigger b list than our rivals and that is also far stronger, including players like chamberlain and gnabry.

  20. Frankly this is is a ridiculous article. Why should giroud leave? He can still offer a lot to our squad. Poor assesment and even worse article

  21. Giroud still is part of the arsenal and he is of massive importance to the squad, es arsenal have gotten the type of striker we like to see, but there will be games we have to change style and it will be important for different forwards to be available.

  22. as much as i’d like to see more players with work rate on the pitch, playing a 4-1-2-3/4-1-2-2-1 with these players ain’t gonna work.

    Rmasey and Wilshere on the same pitch has proven suicidal to us. They basically occupy the same area on the pitch and causes a major overload in the Centre midfield for us.

    Ozil needs to play the CAM role to be in his best i believe, and Sanchez is probably best played as a inside forward on LW, interchanging positions with Ozil.

    walcott needs to stay wide and up front and break out at defense, and Welbeck can play up front.

    with Welbeck’s work rate, he can also interchange in game with Sanchez depending on situation, and likely welbeck will help defending down the left flank more so than sanchez would due to natural tendencies, which will help our barren left flank a lot.

    The only way i can see Wilshere with us as a starter, is when he can drop the dribbling part of the game, and play in Arteta’s role. His dribbling isn’t great, and although i don’t mind him trying from time to time, i think his biggest asset is in his passing. On top of that, the nice short 1 2 runs he loves playing is best suited when the opposition is parking bus and stagnant.
    This kind of situation usually happens when we press high with no way into the box; the kind where it’s either keep 75% or risk being countered with the last man arriving late to the box for the goal. That’s When his game can shine.
    Him playing the DM role also reduces that 1 2 game mildly, which would prevent us from being countered from losing the ball while commiting an attack.
    If he can improve his vision and his defensive game, he’ll be a great DLP type DM, but for now, it’s still too early, and i think he’s better off a rotation with Ramsey.

  23. Kj crap again!

    I’ll keep this to the point, is giroud as good as Suarez aguero falcoa Rvp , no! Is he the best we have for our system, yes! Is he getting better, yes! Is he a really good player? Yes! Basically when he doesn’t play we are as flat as pancakes so why do I have to continually read this kj shit? If Walcott Ox alexia Cambell played either side of him then how would it work if they were all trying to run in behind with pace to burn? He is a great foil for our system! Unfortunately all our fast players were injured last year so giroud takes the blame for no pace!!!! Err such thing as team! Giroud got us 20 goals last season, how many players can you name that you are expecting more than that in our current squad?????? Answer, none!!!!! Can giroud win us the league? No, can giroud be a major part of a championship winning team ? Yes!! Which insistently we are not and no way near it! Wenger is a disgrace! To go in to a season with no back up in cd and a pony holding midfielder is excepting 4 th place yet again! He is a dick head end of!!

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