Does Wenger actually want Arsenal to finish below Burnley

Wenger wants us to finish below Burnley! by Konstantin Mitov

Thirteen. The amount of points we’ve won away. Arsenal throw away the lead again. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything that hasn’t been said already.

We were plain garbage. We had so much pointless possession, yet when they had nothing, Mustafi was to the rescue to gift them the ball in front our box so that we make sure we lose.

But Cech didn’t fail to not make a save when the ball is coming to his near post. Why on Earth are we playing these players? How many mistakes before they are punished?

We’ll play Atletico Madrid soon and boy, we will be wrecked! You see people, instead of calling me negative, drop the Wenger glasses and analyse our performances. We scraped by CSKA when we should have been cruising. The results against Stoke and Southampton and Watford didn’t really tell the whole story of those games.

We’ve been utterly useless all season, especially away from home. We lost the lead against Watford, Swansea, Bournemouth and now Newcastle. Those 12 points alone would be been putting us in a fight for 4th.

Blame it on whatever you want, I think we’ll finish behind Burnley in 7th, because this team obviously cannot defend and the manager thinks that when you are an offensive team, you don’t have to.

Beating Atletico would be a miracle! The two games sandwich an away trip to Man United. Mourinho would love to help Wenger get the sack and I’d love to see Wenger SACKED. In the ugliest way possible. Without a warning, without respect.

He has ruined us. He showed his ‘love’ for the club, but running us down to the ground with excuses, repetitive mistakes, inability to change, lack of desire, ability and ambition. He has disrespected the fans more than anything else and the empty Emirates seats are 100% his and his fault only!

The moment we concede, we look like we’ve never played together, but soon enough everything will be clear. Wenger will have destroyed everything he has in less than a month and if he stays for another year…

I can’t believe it. I cannot find any logic to keep the old deluded muppet in charge. I hope Gazidis is watching the ‘overachieving’ of the squad. The summer cannot come soon enough!



  1. Thomo says:

    Yes he comes out with rubbish like we need to find the right balance between defence and offence…oh really you don’t say,well you’ve had long enough all you do is when you lose the ball get back and defend

    1. Craig says:

      Can’t watch another match of pointless side passing going nowhere. Panicky defenders. Lazy midfielders and managers frail and out of ideas on sideline. We need new direction so badly. Please please be brave and change things up

  2. xhaka16 says:

    well I read on that Monaco is planning on giving fans refund of the money they used to watch psg trash them like babies I just began to wonder how many dollars arsenal would have to return to fans for our 8-0,6-2,6-0 and all sort of result we have gotten over the years but no our manager is instead given a payrise…

  3. Phil says:

    You know what?The SENILE FOOL probably can’t read the papers due to him continually dribbling down his chin.I honestly despise this Manager.I will never accept that he is able to do his job anymore.He is like that grumpy old uncle you never got a present from at Xmas.Fergie was still rebuilding his sides at Wengers age.He refused to allow himself to be considered as an also ran.Wenger now just has nothing left to offer.
    As for Burnley-what a job their Manager has done for that club.Intruly hope they are able to hang on to him a while longer.His club are a credit to their Fans.

    1. Counsel says:

      @ Phil ‘senile fool’ do you even know what a senile fool looks like! and ti liken wenger to that is notice that when we loose a game like yesterday there were more than 100 comments on this site,but when we win a game barely less 50 comments.So asks yourself do we have true fans or just cry babies.That’s fans opinion do not count at arsenal and rightly so We have the most disrespectful fans in football history and they shall receive their reward .hypocrites!

      1. Phil says:

        Counsel-so tell me.What is it you find insulting?Wenger is a SENILE OLD FOOL.What is happening to OUR Football Club now is exactly what we all knew would happen.Wenger should NEVER have been awarded a new contract last season.He is taking this Club BACKWARDS.He refused to acknowledge his many failings that were all there for everyone to see.
        As far as INSULTING goes it is WENGER insulting the intelligence of the fans by continuing to remain in a job that he has failed miserably to do.The Man is paid a fortune in salary to MANAGE this Football Club.He is incompetent and clueless in how to arrest the rapid decline he has overseen over the last few seasons.He offers the excuses of an OLD FOOL who blames everyone and everything but himself.I find that I’m becoming more and more insulted by the pathetic performances displayed by HIS PLAYERS that are (apparently) COACHED by this HAS BEEN SENILE OLD FOOL.We are ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.We DEMAND BETTER.We DESERVE BETTER.
        You feel free to attempt your worthless and futile attempts to convince anyone who will listen to you that this PREHISTORIC DINOSAUR is capable of improving the performances.So many of you seem prepared to accept the humiliation he is putting us through game after game season after season.Well it will be interesting what you will do when he is gone.And that day will be here soon.Then not only will be rid of Wenger but also his adoring public like you.Honestly Pal it’s what keeps me going now.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          You can insult me all you like, provided you pay me £9 million per year. Application to be sent to:
          The Chief Executive Arsenal FC
          Highbury Park
          75 Drayton Park
          LONDON N5 1BU

        2. John Wick says:

          Well said Phil, the sooner that old has been is gone the better! I’m counting the days! It’s actually amazing Wenger still has a fan club zero wins on the road in 2018 and still some people think he’s the man for the job ? What job is that exactly? Wenger out!

      2. RSH says:

        and when wenger gets sacked there will be 1,000 comments. Oh I can’t wait!

      3. jon fox says:

        I know exactly what a senile fool looks like. He sits glumly on our bench every week , right next to Steve Bould. Tall, skinny, French and clueless!

      4. chris says:

        Counsel take your comments elsewhere – like to Spurs. We have disrespectful fans because Wenger has dictated over a decade of stagnation and decline … or have you not noticed ? Wenger has brought this on himself and on the club. The fans have every right to state their opinion. My season ticket costs £1800 per season.

  4. qone says:

    what a good article konstantin. in my humble opinion its perfect. but it appears that the cry and sadness of those who wish the club to be at the top of the tree don’t care at all about us genuine supporters who are heart broken seeing the club at this level. – gooner = forever

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    I almost wonder if Wenger has heard on the grapevine he’s getting sacked in the summer, so now he’s just hellbent on completely f***ing us over.

  6. Hayzed says:

    Another sensible article from Konstantin.Keep it up

  7. Durand says:

    What Wenger actually wants is his £9 million paycheck.

    If Stan offered him a performance based salary, i wonder if Wenger would sign da ting.

    I bet he would not, even with how much he “loves” Arsenal he would never accept performance based salary.

    That should have been the standard when Kronke offered Wenger contract last year. Good enough for gippy players, certainly good enough for a specialist in failure.

    Please Josh, you said decision would be based on performance, not sentimentality. We are all watching, listening to the fans would be a great way for you to start.

  8. Counsel says:

    Wenger wants us to finish below Burnley says Konstantin a nobody*

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah and of course everyone listens to you don’t they

    2. RSH says:

      Arsene Wenger: almost 15 years without a premier league title, went through a 9 year trophy drought, and since then, Arsenal have only fallen further and further behind our competitors to the point we are competing with Burnley. What is the benefit of keeping Arsene Wenger at the club? He is never going to win EPL again and will certainly never touch a UCL troophy. This is very clear, so why is he here?? FA Cups? Any manager can win that including any replacement we find.

    3. Gab says:

      And you Counsel is who? Pls don’t insult us. PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED so much under this man. You don’t know how i detest his press conferences now.

  9. MWNN says:

    I don’t normally agree with Konstantin but do agree with him that we were absolute garbage yesterday and, I also agree with him that when things don’t always go our way on the pitch the ball becomes a hot potato and the players act like it’s the first time they’ve encountered each other. Not just yesterday but on many occasions, the the first choice Arsenal XI come up against a tactically defensive and physical side………Arsenal are already out of ideas. If the happen do go down by just one goal and the opposition are canny enough to know how to defend that one goal lead and frustrate us………..Arsenal are again out of ideas.

    Maybe it’s time to cast the net wider than just the manager and get rid of a lot of the players in order for us to move forward. Admittedly it might need assessment of the players and those players that can perform to a good standard week in week out given their respective positions and according to the job they do. For example, if Elneny can do a perfunctory job in our midfield and is limited to breaking up play and distributing the ball over short distances but can do that on a regular basis, then keep him as a squad player with the view of him becoming more integral in a Arsenal line up that would benefit from his style and manner of play.

    At the moment, and for a long while now all the Arsenal players are allowed to do their own thing regardless of their position on the pitch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the likes of Chambers, Holding, Mustafi passing the ball around amongst themselves instead of getting rid and erring on the side of caution. No, they pass and pass, all the time the opposition know they’re not going to launch the ball and press them. They then try to overcompensate by performing a trick that you’d expect from a player further ahead of them, which then leads to a series of panic passes and rash challenges, before finally being relieved of the ball completely and us ending up in the shit.

    I’m not anti or pro Wenger, I just wanted to give him enough chance to prove all his detractors wrong, if that were ever going to be the case. However, it is the same old thing week in and week out. And where that was once enough for us just to enjoy small mercies such as ‘always being in the top four’. Now, that style of play and how the play and players are managed can’t even guarantee us that. I really thought he had a trick up his sleeve and was saying to the fans, ‘don’t worry, bear with me, I’m doing things behind the scenes, being a bit canny and not letting any of our rivals know what’s coming’. Before unleashing a new Arsenal fury on the league and further afield. Always expecting some sort of astounding David Blaine trick but ending up with Tommy Cooper !

    It might need a complete overhaul at Arsenal, manager, players, board members, ideology etc before we can at least once again laugh at our once lumbering and mediocre neighbours down at White Hart Lane

  10. Anthony Douglas says:

    Aston Villa, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham Forest and other former premier league teams would love to trade places with Arsenal. You, Arsenal fans, don”t know what you’ve got until its gone. Wenger will go eventually. He should’ve went to a bigger club years ago. If you choose the wrong manager, you will end up joining the other former premier league teams in the championship. He kept you in the premier league for 17 years so stop being so ungrateful and wait for him to leave. Leeds had great players and everyone thought they were too good to be relegated. I hope Arsenal fate is different.

    1. moge says:

      Some African leaders say that if they are not in charge, their country will stop to exist and war will be on control like in Somalia, Syria, etc. This is rubbish and they say so not to protect their country and people but rather to protect their reign. I feel your comment is similar to the thought of these African leaders.Relegation is not a treat for Arsenal. Arsenal have not been relegated for over 100 years before Wenger and all of a sudden, how on earth it will be a treat after his departure?
      The worest thing Arsenal will face with a new manager is loosing the champions legue spot which is already happening.
      Leads was not relegated due to sacking a ”loyal” manager.they were relegated due to financial crisis that was caused by unplanned big investments on ”big” players.
      Arsenal fans are not shouting for big investments right now. we are shouting for the departure of the incapable manager who has been given extremely extended 13 years of chances(no other club would do it in a modern football) and he uses none of them.
      You are blindly in love with Arsene. In the last 3 years Liverpool spent less or equal to us in the transfer market. But they are rapidly improving while we are bieng draged back(KLOP is the reason).
      Totenham spent surely less than us and they are in a countinous improvemet every year and are becomiing a regular name in the top four while we are strugling to finish 6th in the premier league(POCHETINO is the reason).
      All big managers had their good years and the bad ones too. The difference is, when they see that they were not able to compete at a top level, they decide. This is what this arogant and stuborn man has missed.
      So, we have to show him that IT IS OVEER!!

  11. HRM says:

    When arsenal fans begin to see wisdom in konstantin’s articles, then there is a problem. Konstantin, I will never support your article… NEVER!

    I do not consider you an arsenal fan, at all! I’ve been following just arsenal since 2010, and I’ve NEVER seen you post anything supportive about the team. Even when we win, you always find a way to spin something negative out of no where! Previously it was ‘Hafiz Rahman’, now it’s you.

    I support arsenal football club, meaning I support the team as well as the management! I voice my displeasure when things are not obviously going the way they should, however even of Arsenal relegates, I’ll support them still, even if it means I’ll be the only fan cheering the team.

    I am an Arsenal fan in Nigeria, so I understand what it means to spill all sort of myopic rubbish against some of the players as well as the manager, but you Sir, take rubbish to another level!

    As much as we want a change in the way the Team is run in terms of management (Football/Management), i will never wish for my team to lose, so that someone can be sacked! That’s just sad… Anyways, what do I know… You seem to be wisest here.

    See how far the fan base has fallen, where anyone who sees good in the team supports Wenger, and should get his head out of Wengers a**, but the ‘true’ fan is the one that wants Wenger sacked or Wilshere, Mustafi, Ramsey, Bellerin, Xhaka etc injured. Just sad…

    Respect to Liverfool fans though…

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