Does Wenger believe this Arsenal team could be the New Invincibles?

Arsenal are currently on an eight-game winning streak for the first time since the season when they were unbeaten all year and are making an unlikely last-minute dash to try and catch Chelsea at the top of the Premiership.

Arsene Wenger admitted that he himself is surprised by the run as much as anyone else, and even refers back to his achievements from 2004/5. Wenger said on SkySports: “I always hope for the best of my team but no manager in the world if he is serious can predict a run like that.

“I would just remind you that we won a championship without losing a game. We are only one who has done that – nobody else has done it.

“We are already in a position that nobody believed possible one month ago for us, so we just focus on ourselves and see where we stand at the end of the season.”

We gained our eighth win in a very dour game at Burnley this weekend, and it would seem that Arsenal have finally how to “win ugly” as well as playing the free-flowing football we saw against Liverpool the week before. Olivier Giroud is just happy that they came out of te game with another three points and wants to simply carry on winning!

Giroud said: “You can’t play your best football in every game. We tried to be focused on not conceding and we kept calm because they played really tough against us – it was a big fight.

“It’s really good for us and I’m really proud to take part in this performance but we don’t want to stop here. We want to carry on and keep this good run going until the end.”

Not only to the end of this season Olivier. We want to keep it going all through next season as well. And maybe the one after that 🙂

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. As Wenger says, we can hope. We are currently the form team, let’s hope we carry that through to next season. We can do it, possibly even favorites for next year!!

  2. If Wenger strengthens areas that are a priority in the summer, then you never know. But then again, when does Wenger ever strengthen areas that are a priority? Even the last two summer transfer windows when he finally had the money, he still ignored the weak areas of our team.

    Thank god for the all the injuries, because hopefully now Wenger FINALLY realises how important the DM role is, thanks to Coquelin.

    1. There must be a reason for not buying the players.
      What I believe Wenger loves the team like all of us. He even said in a interview that after loosing matches he is afraid to go out, stays indoor for few days.
      His not a money monger, otherwise he would have left ages ago. He knew that when we build a new stadium we won’t be winning anything for sometime. He also knew that fans will be after his resignation. If you think just for once who is he doing all this for? For the fans . I would say hats off to Wenger for taking Arsenal to CL every season with below average players. If you look our surrounding teams they are spending millions and millions just to play in the CL. Well done Wenger

      1. The money he is earning at Arsenal is something he would never get anywhere in the world. 8mil a years is not a little. Also think about that instead of making him into a saint.

        1. Oh please….so because Wenger is Manager of Arsenal he should be a Charity worker….what nonense. That is his worth and ur children in years to come will wonder why that was all he was paid when they see the success arsenal has become because of this saint.

  3. Not whilst we have mertesacker in the team and only one decent defensive midfielder in coquelin. MF and forwards why not?! So much variety and depth, I’m personally looking forward to gnabrys comeback and akpom coming of age.

  4. With this lot NO

    To create another Invincibles

    Keep Alexis, Ozil, Koscielny

    Sell Walcott, Coquelin, Mertsacker, Welbeck, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Campbell to raise money

    Add Cech, Hummels, Verane, Kondogbia, Busquets Vidal, Pogba, Reus, Cavani and Lacazette

    Then you will have INVINCIBLES 2

    1. Pls don’t ever say u are a fan….thats embarassing. If u were then u will understand the value of Carzola, Ramsay and Coq. This is why Wenger was the manager of the invincibles and even mourinho cannot be (he needs serious money to win). You have to have foresight to be such a great manager not short sightedness and thinking of just now. If you were Manager back then, there will be no invincibles because u would have said Veira, henry, pires etc were not big names when they joined. Clueless.

  5. The way i see it is this. Wenger knows that Arsenal is a 4th place team so he has turned into a 4th place manager. His aim is Cl football, and he does his job rlly good. I think that Wenger acts whenever he thinks that the 4th place is in danger, only then he will move in the transfer market just to make sure that we dont fail.

    Do challenge for the 1rst place, he needs to be backed from the board to spend and to deliver. The board is happy with the current result and so is Wenger. The fans want more, but what we want is only of a secondary importance.

    1. He is being backed by the board. It’s now a marquee signing a season for two seasons.

      I don’t think the board are at all to blame anymore. If anything, money was available long before Wenger decided to spend.

    2. Yea yea yea….whats new. Please come up with something more constructive. Yes they were a 4th place team due to the emirate transition. Everybody knows that but u.

  6. Who ever comes in the future in has to be a worldclass player becouse the ones we currenlty have are rrlly good.

    Striker, keeper, and maybe a new Dm.

  7. If we win our next epl game against chelsea,then I will believe that the spirit of the Invincible is back.

  8. I remember wenged had the confidence to announce that his team can go a season unbeaten. And they did. So I know wenger is 100% sure about what is he doing and planning for future. I really believe we can do it. But we need to strengthen certain areas. Moreover needs to get that mentality right. I really believe next season we will in the reckoning for the title.

  9. Its hightime people should see positivity and not negativity in our team. I’ve come to realize that no matter how wonderfully Arsenal performs, how organized or perfectly our team is setup, negative comments will always be part of it. Back to the issue, Arsene told the press and whoever that can read or listen sometimes back that he needs at least 3 yrs with this team for him to win the EPL and with the players at our disposal, I dont think it will be up to 2yrs baring injuries and loss of form. Fans wants Arsenal to buy this and that player forgeting that we have more than enough players and unless some contracts are terminated, some released, loan moves etc.. It will be hard to buy and with FA bringing new rules about numbers English players to be in each team plus home grown talent is making things a little difficult. This team is good and has a promising future and would achieve greater things but comparing them with Invincibles is a comparism too far at least for now and with the way football is being played in England now, another invicibles would take a generation to be made.. God bless Arsenal

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