Does Wenger even know what’s wrong with Arsenal?

Wenger at a loss by Dave N

Hello Arsenal fans. Another bad day at the office for the Gunners and the man with all the answers, Arsene Wenger, does not seem to have any. The Frenchman was clearly frustrated by a number of things in the scraped point against Hull City, but it was just like a lot of our other games this season.

The question is, what is the manager doing to solve the problems that have left us 11 points adrift of Premier League leaders Chelsea? And I’m not sure that he really knows himself. Once again in his post match interview, reported by, the manager seemed defensive and snappy. But other than blame the referee for the first Hull goal he did not offer much of an explanation.

Asked if we did enough to win he replied, “I think so,”

Well I don’t. Failing to score when you have around 70 percent of the ball is becoming our trademark. That and letting soft goals in.

Wenger also said, “It was difficult.” And when asked if another defender in the squad would have helped with our poor defending he replied, “Look at the two goals and tell me after.”

I really hope I am wrong and that it was just his frustration boiling over, and that Wenger does have a good idea of what has been going wrong and how to solve it. Should we be worried?

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    1. Flamini is our DM. Our midfield general. Our steel.

      Just thought I’d give an example of how he’s lost it. Thanks for the memories Arsene…but #WengerOut

      1. Using even the the fabregas/van piersie /song era as a benchmark,the following players have either past it or are not arsenal class.

        Flamini …………. Past it
        Arteta ……………. Past it for a DM
        Podolski………….. Past it compared to 2008 World
        Rosicsky……….. Past it,legs have gone.lazy as well
        Mertesacker……… Not good enough
        Wilshere…..Not good enough.squad player @ best
        Ox ………….. Improving but still inconsistent
        Diaby ….. ….. Injury prone ….tying up squad place
        Sczenzny……,… Probably the worst keeper in the league
        Gnarbry …….. One for the future .Should be sent on loan
        Sonogoal ………. Not good enough for me

        1. Every team has questionable players, even Chelsea and City. But they both have the basic stuff covered to a top standard., we don’t….like at all.

          There’s 3 positions we could make massive improvements in.

          1) CB: a better, more athletic, defender to partner Kos (Mert is good depth)
          2) DM: haven’t replaced Gilberto. It’s now just disrespectful how little we seem to think of that role that Flamini is our man.
          3) ST: for all the merits of Giroud and Welbz, Cavani would transform us.

          Ozil and Alexis improved us, but no way were they a priority. We would be a stronger, more balanced team had we spent 42.5mil on a ST and 30mil on a DM. But Wenger is reactive and not proactive in the transfer window.

              1. Cavani is struggling at PSG even when played as the lone striker- he has not even been decent of late. Obviously class but so was ozil…very wary..would want to bring in someone who is at the top of his time goes by I so regret how we missed Suarez- we would have been different level with him in the team IMO! But as rightly pointed out, we need a world class DM, annd CB first!

    2. Tbh we lost our grounds when giroud got injured we have been playing a system for 2 season the big man upfront to hold the ball and feed the midfielders… now its the other way round and the team arent used to playing this way, If we had Giroud up top with our midfielders around him with theo and alexis we’d have good balance Aeriel threat and strength in the final third with speed on the flanks we didnt get a DM and now our defenders are injured so we even more vunerable in defence including no real strength upfront so our game is limited completely dont get me wrong alexis and welbeck have been saving us but in my opinion no giroud no scrape wins just draws and the odd win, the system of play wengers built with giroud is gone if he played against hull we would of won.

    3. Does he have a clue, as to what is wrong? NO? Do we know? Yes? The team has no Spine!! 80% possesion and we cant score, just one more goal, and put it to bed? Pathetic.

      1. what is funny is the nature of the goals- 2/3 arsenal defenders against a lone striker and still they manage to score!

        It is not very common to see more than 1 defender getting bullied by a single opposition player- summary “No Spine” in the team !

  1. Wenger is too stubborn even to realise this i think! It seems that his head is in the clouds, a quality DM is needed yet still wenger did not heed this! Kondogbia can do a great job for us in that area!

  2. Whats wrong with Arsenal is.
    1) Playing players out of position.
    2) Not replacing players.
    3) Not having ambition.
    4) The board.
    5) An ageing manager who has lost the plot.

  3. I will be honest. Wenger is unsure of what he is doing right now. Getting tactics wrong. Playing players in wrong positions, Unable to motivate the team, not buying players we need or buying wrong ones (most times) when he spends. I have given up about this season. GOONERS HONESTLY maybe we need to fall out of top 4 for Wenger to leave and changes to take place. I AM WILLING TO PAY THIS PRICE AS A SUPPORTER TO SEE THIS HAPPEN. SO I AM NOT WORRIED ABOUT OUR CURRENT PLIGHT. It is pointless and discouraging for a club like Arsenal (top 10 richest in the world) to be fighting for 4th every season, 2nd round in champions league etc

    1. This is a quote from the Mail nearly two years ago.

      Arsene Wenger is wrong to focus on qualifying for the Champions League over winning trophies, according to Tottenham defender William Gallas.
      Wenger claimed last week that securing a berth in the top four is more important than winning the FA Cup or League Cup.
      But Gallas believes landing silverware should be all player’s No 1 priority, not finishing second, third or fourth.

      I think that says it all business business business and f-ck the fans.

    2. Clearly you dont understand the repercussions of finishing outside the top 4…
      We are not man united neither do we have their finances, and wenger will not leave regardless of where we finish.
      Im just gonna ride out these next 3 years, maybe we might get another FA cup but at-least if we keep finishing 4th we should be in a position to really kick on when wengers finally gone.

        1. You cannot increase support more than the maximum. We are increasing revenue year on year whether we win trophies or not.

          I have been a massive fan of Wengers for years, but even I am struggling to back him now. The first 9 years were simply unbelievable the next 9 have brought us a new stadium, training grounds and a great bank balance, but only one trophy. People have to accept that we bought our own stadium, we wasn’t given it like some club’s, so the fans have had to pay.

          But u have to say this isn’t just Wengers fault, the board have and now certain players are letting him down, he stands by them and they simply don’t give him back the performances. However, for me the time is nigh, everything reaches its conclusion and Wengers reign needs to reach its conclusion. I don’t think he should go elsewhere, we should make use onvthe man. He is obviously a better football man than all of our board, so put him on there and let him stay involved. But we need a new coach with fresh ideas that can compete with today’s coaches and managers. Wenger your time is done!!!

      1. Yes like we have been kicking on for the last 9 years; but you make a valid point- out of top 4 means top players leaving and good players not wanting to come here- something like Liverpool faced. The problem is that at Arsenal, there are too many players who have no business being in this team and the way the club is run, i don’t see that situation improving anytime soon. God know’s why Arteta has been given a contract extension. Wenger is clearly biased towards his favorites- irrespective of the connsequences to the team !

    3. If we fall out of the top 4, it could be years before we make it back in. We don’t have (or won’t spend) the money to buy our way back in the next year. We already struggle in the transfer window. Without the Champions League, forget about quality signings and the best players on the team will want out. ManU is going to buy its way back into the CL this year but look at the transfer fees and salaries they had to pay to do it. No way we splash anywhere near those amounts.

  4. My follow Arsenal fans, this team belong to me and you not Arsene Wenger, we are the one that paying our money to watch them and buy some Arsenal product, they are using our money to pay Wenger salary and yet they are not make us happy… Past 9years now that we fans are happy last but Wenger and Board was happy because they are share enough profit every years.. this is the time to collect our team back from those stupid, fools, greedy American Business man call themself football supporters.. let stop buying the stupid season ticket, let stop going to stadium for several match, they will listen to us.. We need our Arsenal back

  5. Guys wenger knows it very well it 4-1-4-1.wenger really needs to tell jack and ramsey that they are competing and only one will start not both

    1. Did u watch it? Only 1 started. But I totally disagree, Ramsey and wilshire can work together, we just have to let it work and I’m not sure any fan wants to wait to let it work. Fact is we are not going to win the league this season, we need to let it go, go all out for the remaining 2 cups and work to finish in the top 3/4. We are 11 points behind chelsea and that I am afraid is simply irreversible even at this stage.

      1. @Atid: you make it sound making it to 3/4 is a cake walk- the way things are going we may struggle to make it to top 4 this year ! CL- no chance !

  6. We tied HULL F*CKING CITY at home.
    We tied against SPURS at home.
    We got crushed by Dortmunds subs.
    We almost lost to palace at home.
    We almost got crushed by Everton at home.

    Wenger has won 2 games in the epl so far. that is not acceptable for our standards. and all you deluded fans saying Wilshere is the reason are absolutely stupid. The reason why we lose games is because..

    Wenger has been using the same goddamn system for 10 years. TEams have figured out our weaknesses in this time they know how to hit us and when. The other reason is failure to spend. WE as FANS were crying for Khedira or Carvalho to come and in the end we ended up with FLamnii.
    Wengers gotta leave and I think thats a known fact now.

      1. My home ticket is cheaper than every away ticket I have bought in the last 3 seasons. It’s funny only home fans complain about prices, yet away fans spend the most. Can’t wait till Wednesday, when I’m spending more in one trip than I would on a whole season ticket.

    1. Agreed, Wenger also has no tactics he just plays the Arsenal way which involves telling his players to go out and play how they like. Unlike other managers he has no plan B. He would make a good passing coach but when it comes to buying players and tactics he is clueless. Most Arsenal fans could have bought better than him in the last window. Not getting a DM and another CB is unforgivable. Signs of a man who lost his way. With Wenger he lost it years ago!

  7. The whole world knows Arsenal needed CB and DMF, not just this summer, but for the past 2-3 seasons. Everyone knew Vermalen was leaving, but they didn’t find one defender in the summer?

    1. No because the boss was moonlighting, watching the world cup and being a ref on the last day of the transfer window.

      1. @ andrew Wenger is taking a blame knowin very well that the money we got from selling vermalen went to the board.if i was him i would be long gone and expose them

      1. I don’t know what you’re implying, but Debuchy is a replacement for Sagna. Chambers could be a replacement for Jenkinson and/or Vermaelen, which still leaves us wanting a 4th centreback.

        Jenkinson had 2 season experience at Arsenal and he is loaned out, but chambers had 1 season in Premier league experience and he gets to be in the first team?, His price is why he is in the Arsenal team. He has played well though.

      2. After playing the season last year 1 defender short with 7, we started the season this year with 6. Two of those guys (Gibbs and Monreal) get hurt all the time. Wenger also knew that Kos had an Achilles problem. Injuries happen and the situation we are in now was entirely predictable given the lack of defensive depth.

        But the defensive situation is not just about depth, it is about quality. Mert was exposed at the World Cup as being too slow and on the decline. And Kos is up and down. Wenger needed to sign a starting caliber CB with a view to rotating him with Kos and Mert. But Wenger does not rotate CB’s and no good player wants to spend the entire year on the bench like Vermalen.

  8. We had no goal and no single shot on target against Chelsea. Crystal Palace had 4 shots on target and even a goal against Chelsea. Crystal Palace doesn’t have better players than we do, it all boils down to tactics and motivation; The problem is not that Wenger doesn’t have tactics and motivation strategies, as a matter of fact, he does have them. The problem is he still depends on same tactics and strategies of the nineties. Unfortunately, time has moved past him.

  9. Sad but true. Wenger should have moved on about 3 years.

    The club needs a manager who can take the club to the next level.

    Watching Wenger prancing and moaning from the technical area is embarrassing in itself.

    Arsenal have a higher wage bill than Chelsea. Why? Because Wenger rewards mediocre. On top of that, the board is too scare to challenge Wenger. This is crux of the problem! Wenger is accountable to no one!

    Fans need to demonstrate their displeasure, as they are paying the highest ticket prices in Europe to watch a very average football team.

      1. Even David moyes will perform better than wenger with d current players Arsenal have…. A couch play d biggest role in motivating players..Alex fagunson motivated am average players to become champions when he left it was very visible…even Van geal won’t have perform with those average players….what dis he do? He bought quality player which Wenger can never buy even if handed a billion dollar

  10. It’s seriously time for Arsenal to move forward in the modern era! As much as I loath to say it , Wenger needs to move out and make way for a more dynamic manger, who is in touch with all the factors around us and keep in touch with the modern game/methods and trends. It’s all well and good to play tikka takka and not even shoot when in front of goal. We get into great opportunities and f*ck it all up as it seems players have no confidence to strike on goal. FFS, this is not the Arsenal of old…. something MUST change…………….

    1. The board dont want wenger to go because they know no top manager would accept to be the sheild for the board while they taking the cash only wenger would do that

  11. no one force the fans to purchase the tickets…..

    none of the fans really wants to see heads roll…..

    time for a change…..we need a new manager a new team

    CAN’T FIND GOOD PLayers.

  13. If Wenger doesn’t do something big in January to turn this around then something big needs to happen. Like season ticket holders refusing to renew until conditions are met like either a top striker and top DM is bought or Wenger being fired. We can’t wait another decade for something to be done.

    Fact is that Mourinho would have turned us into a PL winning side by playing Ozil/Cazorla at number 10 and buying a top striker. Wenger doesn’t buy enough talent AND his tactical methods suck.

    I have had enough of this crap

  14. Imagine a great team of Arsenal’s calibre. In a league where there are no more minnows, Arsenal having Monreal [An average and mostly pathetic LF Performer] at the centre of our defence. Bellerin [Reserve player] at RB with a certain Ajayi on the bench as their back up, after a much anticipated and prolong window that seen us linked to virually every Defenders in the world.

    Why will a Ramsey who is just resuming today and even far from his best gets a look ahead of Rosicky? What is Campbell kept doing on the bench even when his potential is visible for everyone to see after such a battle not to let him leave?

    I will rather remain silent and watch thing hapgen.

    1. I am in complete agreement with you. Rosicky seel to be the only Arsenal player you can be sure will play the ball forward. The others like to pass back increase possession %. I have a lot to say but I am trying to surpress my anger. Arsene Wenger should act in the club’s interest and if that means quitting or moving to the office so be it. His reign is bound to end someday anyway and it might well be now.

    2. I did not like bringing Ramsey on (he was not supposed to resume full training until Monday) but Rosicky was coming of an injury and not 100% either.

  15. When any manager continues to frustrate the people who pay his ridiculous wage over such a long period he should no longer be in office.
    But that`s politics not football.

  16. None of our so-called board ever speaks about what the club needs since Usmanov,they only talk about the commercial and financial aspect of the Club,they hardly watch our games,it goes to show you that to them “Arsenal” is nothing but an investment with huge income,no matter what people think. I think they gave wenger a mandate of European qualification and a good commercial deal/s,they don’t care what else happens at the club. Its such a had pill to swallow,but when you have such a board and Manager,the club would struggle because neither party has the interest of the club.

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