Wenger finally accepting his time at Arsenal is up?

A lot can still happen over the course of the current season, as we are still some way off the halfway stage and we have seen many times in the pst that things can change quickly in football. However, if things do not take an upwards turn then Arsenal are looking at a second season in a row without a top four finish and the Champions League football it brings.

Whether or not the Arsenal board will feel they have to act in that situation is unclear, but if the manager himself decides that he is no longer the man to take the Gunners forward then the Arsenal fans who have been increasingly frustrated and demanding of a change will finally get what they want.

Perhaps a trophy to0 celebrate would help, especially if it was the Europa League because that would get us back into the elite European competition, but there is not too much confidence that this Arsenal team will have any silverware at the end of this campaign and in a Beinsport interview Wenger sounds to me as though he could finally be starting to see that the club needs a change at the top.

The Frenchman said, “I will sit down with the board every end of the season and see where we go from there. I have a two years contract, I will always try to go to the end of my contract but I will always have the honesty to sit down with the board and to see where we go from there, so it’s quite simple.”

Is this just another platitude from the boss to keep the fans from revolting or do you believe that he really would quit if the season pans out as many of us fear?



  1. Mitch Connor says:

    He hasn’t admitted or accepted anything. He says this every season. “We will talk at the end of the season” and “I always fulfill my contract”… Yada Yada Yada… Also a 2 year contract can always be extended. I think the board and Wenger decided on a 2 year contract to calm the fans down and make them think that in 2 years there will be a new manager. But if Arsenal are making profit in the next 2 years, Kroenke will continue to be happy with Wenger. Kroenke doesn’t care about Trophies. He cares about MONEY

    1. ADoseOfReality says:

      To be fair he tells the truth and whilst fans don’t like to hear it objectively his past 4 years have been job done with a very slight over achievement for the 4th richest club in the league. We’ve averaged 4th in position, 3rd in points, 3rd in GD and 1st in FA cups. In no measure from GS to GC to wins to titles do we come anywhere worse than 4th in the league which is where we should be. It’s not much over achievement but the way fans talk on here you’d think we were massively under achieving when we are not by literally any measure given our resources. If you want to compete with City then you need a sugar daddy not Wengers fault he doesn’t have one. All the other nonsense people spout just doesn’t stack up to facts. I understand fans frustration going from the 2nd biggest team when we overtook Liverpool to the 4th but we wouldn’t even be 4th without Wenger he built the platform for that money. So it’s obvious why he keeps signing new contracts and the board keep agreeing because they know the reality. To be honest though I think he is getting sick of the negativity. Will be quite funny when he leaves and we become the new Liverpool though.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        You make some good points but are you happy with 4th place or in the case of this year 5th place. Anyway position is not what people are moaning about, you say we can’t compete with City financially but we’re not trying, we we’re the only team in the top five leagues in Europe last year to make a profit in the transfer window, he’s tactical decision cannot be understood by anyone, some of the teams and systems he picks are laughable, square pegs in round holes no success in 12 years apart from FA cups, a competition that carries no weight anymore. Sorry the sooner he goes the better

        1. Admin says:

          Tottenham a nd Swansea also made a profit in summer….

          1. uk says:

            No sir, I don’t believe Tottenham did. They eventually spent big on Sanchez, aurier and llorente

          2. Admin says:

            Stoke also made a small profit, as well as Spurs, Swansea and Arsenal…..

          3. Ivan says:

            Ah but this is one league where we win. Wenger and Co made more money for their owner than the others. Wenger may have lost the plot footballwise but he sure knows how to make money for himself and his boss.

      2. Kroenke Out says:

        Leicester City were champions two years ago, Chelsea last year’s champion did not spend half as much as City in the last few years, Spurs have a much better squad then us in almost every position with half our spending in the last 5 years. We paid more for Xhaka than Chelsea paid for Kante. Just when we said we had money to compete, we only bought Cech for 11M in the transfer window. This year we turned a profit in the transfer window. If we had done the right moves in the last 3-4 transfer windows we would have added quality to go with Sanchez and Ozil and they would have seen ambition and would have wanted to stay. Now we are loosing Ozil, Sanchez and probably Bellerin next year, the only three players we have that might make it to the Spurs 11.
        Arsene,Ivan,Stan out.

      3. AndersS says:

        I am afraid you are on the wrong track here.
        If a club’s wealth alone should determine, how it on average does, then Man U, who is the richest club not only in UK but in Europe, should have averaged winning the PL and Champions League.
        And as Arsenal is somewhere around no 7-8 in Europe in wealth, we should in fact on average be in the quarter finals in the Champions League.
        Also, you could argue, that as we are richer than Liverpool and Tottenham, we should on average do better than them in internal matches between top teams.
        So there is more to it, than that, and we are not able to get the best of our potential.

        1. ADoseOfReality says:

          City are richer than Man Utd by some distance and there is no way you do not know that!!! FFP which is pretty mute anyway only covers wages/transfers which is why City have the best training set up, the best youth set up in England and by some distance. Also Man Utds richness is the only reason they are not totally irrelevant now. If we performed like they have our days of CL would be finished. The other point is that it’s the overall league richness that has recently seen United push clear of the others in Europe but those teams are still living off the period of dominance/history most expect that pendulum to swing heavily towards England again in the coming years. Sir Alex knew the only way to compete with Chelsea/City was to ignore the future of the side and it’s why they were in such a poor state when he left, he saw what happened to us before (we hit transition at the wrong time unfortunately.) Pep would only ever take the City job (laughable people thought he would choose us over them) because they are the powerhouse of England now. Chelsea only slowed spending in recent years because they went totally ham in the years prior, they are stacked full of good youth (they sold a lot of quality young players too) and Roman seems to have little appetite for overspending now but they still have bigger resources than us and better facilities just like City a fact people gloss over and the result of the overspending on youth sees them recoup money that they then use to spend whilst it looks like they are not spending (also got lucky with the price inflation directly after they went crazy on youth and the regularity of their China deals is sketchy at best.) There really isn’t more to it than money. Every now and then a team will punch about it’s weight for a season or if they are decent but not a giant team a cycle (3-4 years.) Anyone who thinks that Ateltico will stay challenging in Spain even if Simone stays are delusional their cycle has already ended with 1 title. Spurs cycle will end soon and they will likely have no titles to show for it. It’s the nature of football. Napoli in Italy might punch above their weight a season but they’ll fade especially now some of the sleeping giants in Italy are getting cash injections of their own. Bayern dominate Germany because they are rich. PSG france. Barca/Real Spain. Don’t tell me it’s not money. City/Chelsea were nowhere near champions then they spend a shed load of cash and have dominated the titles in England since. I do argue we are richer than Liv/Tot the fact we have outperformed them over the course of recent season is why we are not under-achieving that is entirely the point. Taking tiny samples of games played against each other is pointless (Mou himself said his record vs Wenger was irrelevant for similar reasons) made even more so by the fact Liverpool are the best performers against big sides and the worst overall of the entire group. Results against big sides is very minor factor in the overall course of a season. Also Arsenal cup results against full strength big sides is totally ignored in most those stats because it makes Arsenal look a lot lot better. The focus is on how Spurs are unbeaten against us in 3 years in the league going into this game ignoring the fact all 3 home games for us have been draws in that time and 1 away was draw too. In fact we are unbeaten in our last 7 home games against them. It also ignores the fact that in the last 4 years all PL games read 2 Arsenal wins 2 Spurs wins and the rest draws whilst adding in cups reads 4 Arsenal wins and 2 for Spurs. If you can’t see that media/fans alike are cherry picking stuff to make it seem a lot worse than reality I feel for you. You can bet your bottom dollar if Arsenals FA Cup results over the last 4 years were not so fantastic against full strength big sides they would include them in the stats when bashing our big 6 record.

  2. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Agree with Mitch but according to reports their supposedly back in for Sterling, a player I don’t like or want and the fact that Wenger said he’s going to review he’s position at the end of the season tells me Wenger may finally be on he’s way. Here’s hoping

    1. Ivan says:

      Here’s hoping.

  3. Rkw says:

    The song remains the same from wenger … Need someone to pull the plug on him … In the end falling attendance and another year out of CL might do it but a hapless management culture can still linger on despite this … A loss at home to spurs would help though I think with both teams having suspect defences, ours down to familiar nerves theirs to some key injuries, a high scoring draw is the more likely outcome tomorrow … Though if wenger drops Sanchez and ozil the odds tip more decisively to them … Comments on this site on that matter show just how much the club has cratered

  4. uk says:

    Nobody, not even city has a divine right to win stuff. However it’s absolutely criminal not to try. After all these years a lot of us arsenal fans believe that the club/manager have not done enough to convince anyone that they are trying, or even intend to in future. For me, the manager who’s responsible for the football aspect of the club, has to go

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