Does Wenger have a BIG problem with this Arsenal and England star?

It has been reported today that Arsenal are being charged by the English FA as we have apparently breached some transfer rules when signing the young England international Calum Chambers from Southampton almost a year ago. The agent involved in the deal has also been brought up on charges after an un-named third party complained about the deal.

That is not the problem that I am talking about though, especially as Arsene Wenger seems a bit bemused and says that he completed this transfer with the same attention to the rules as the other hundreds of deals he has done since joining the club.

The problem Wenger has with Chambers, is what to do with him. He was signed after impressing mainly in the right back role for the Saints and for England at underage levels and has suggested that this is where he feels most comfortable.

But we already have two very good right backs in Mathieu Debuchy and Hector Bellerin, while the on loan Carl Jenkinson was preferred to Chambers for the England under 21 game last night. So is it time for the boss to do what he suggested this season and steer the youngster towards a career in central defence?

Gareth Southgate did bring him on for the second half in that position and Chambers looked calm and in control. However, with Mertesacker, Koscielny and now Gabriel at the club, Chambers may still find himself struggling to get a game. Perhaps it is time to try him out as a defensive midfielder as well.

What do you think Wenger should do with Calum, Gooners?

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  1. Porto’s president said,
    “I have just learned that Jackson
    Martinez has chosen AC Milan,”
    Da Costa told Porto Canal. “This
    is what he wants, I just want him
    to be happy. AC Milan will pay the
    €35 million clause.”

    That’s the end of ‘Martinez is going to sign for Arsenal’ article from @admin.

          1. nobody is in for Lacazette yet fortunately. Apparently Lyon are trying to persuade him to stay, but I doubt he will. Hopefully we hear some Petr Cech news in the coming days. Czech Republic finished for a bit now and Cech said he would make a decision after the game. C’mon Rosicky, tap him up for us!

            1. I heard somewhere PSG are close to signing Lacazete 2 days ago but now
              Ibra has said he is unlikely to leave PSG so we should hurry up and sign

    1. I already mentioned that he is gone. Thats why i would like Gonzalo Higauin.
      Cavani? No way we goona sign him. This is PSG money we talking about.
      Benzema?? Madrid must first buy Aguero. Which is almost impossible.
      Aguero? Not a Chance.
      matinez. When sky bet had him at 1/10 to join Milan. I knew someone must have paid some huge money. You cannot move from 15/1 to 1/10 in the space of 30 mins. I knew it was a done deal. and agent must have played some huge £££$$$$$.

      1. Man City wont sell Aguero at any cost. Benzema also wont leave Madrid because of that.
        Higuain/Lacazete are left.

        1. Thats exactly what am trying to say. real will only sell benzema if they get Aguero. Thats almost impossible. So people wanting Benzem are dreaming. Thats my point.

    2. No no no no no. If Arsenal are in for Martinez, big if, then we will have him. Martinez has already let it be known that he is a fan of Arsenal’s football style, and we offer Champion’s League football. Are you really going to tell me that, at 29, he is going to pick a mid-table Italian club without even the Europa league, over us?

  2. Being Honest i dont think anyone could have predicted the rapid development of Hector Bellerin, One can presume the original intention of Wenger would have been to have him as back up to Debuchy. I feel he could Center Back is better for him, He is a traditional Right back, not that great attacking but defensively one of the most disciplined players in maintaining shape, dealing with counter attacks etc. But now days people require fullbacks to venture forward, and support attacks, i don’t think he is the best person for that Job being honest. If he plays CB he would have better opportunities to develop both physically and mentally (his intelligence and ability to read the game) especially if he is learning from the likes of Mertersacker or Koscielny.

    1. @ITT
      Hector could be moved up the right wing (where he started out at with Barca) Problem solved for Jenks at least. Callum looks a better CB than RB.

        1. I think we should convert Walcott to main striker. Give him a chance to honor that jersey number. To buy a striker now would disrupt team harmony as giroud, welbeck and Walcott will be unhappy. What need is a fast, dribbling and crossing winger. I’m thinking El Shaarawy?

    1. Wenger will say we have Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck, Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo.
      There is no room for new striker.

      1. Yup and we can scratch Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell off straight away. Also, in my opinion, you cannot rely on Walcott or Welbeck as your striker throughout a season. So in reality its Giroud and Sanchez

        1. not in Wenger’s reality unfortunately. If he brings up Sanogo being a part of the squad next season I’ll go mad. He was not so great for Crystal Palace so I don’t see why he’s ready to play games for us.

          1. I don’t want to start the Wenger bashing earlier but unfortunately despite the FA cup victory, if we don’t sign an established goal scoring striker then we find ourselves in the exact same position as last year, and the year before

              1. Which means either dropping either Ramsay, Ozil or Wilshere every game, which isn’t usually Wengers style. Its a tough one really

                1. I don’t think Jim A is advocating a 4-4-2. Alexis plays as second striker from the LAM position. Which midfielder is dropped or not relates more to the RM situation.

  3. Wenger last August
    “He can play a major role because in what I observe he has the qualities to impose himself in this part of the team. I believe he can play in defensive midfield and that’s where I see him.”

    Wenger in May

    Arsène Wenger is convinced Calum Chambers will become a top-class centre back.
    The England international played 22 games as a right back at previous club Southampton, before moving to Emirates Stadium last summer.
    Since then he has impressed in both positions, but Wenger feels the 20-year-old will gravitate towards the centre.
    He has the stamina, the power and the quality to be a central midfielder or a central defender
    Arsène Wenger
    “First, his stature [suits that position],” he said. “The fact he is intelligent and reads the game well, the fact that he’s more at ease in the middle.
    “On the flank, today you need more pace, more change of direction, more agility. He has the stamina, the power and the quality to be a central midfielder or a central defender.
    “He’s pretty much there. At the moment I have players who have more experience than he has [at centre back], but in pre-season I will play him there.”
    Chambers had a tough afternoon at right back against Swansea City in November, but Wenger feels he learnt a lot from the experience.
    “He has had some difficult games, but that’s part of gaining experience and the learning process,” the manager said.
    “It did teach him, he’s an intelligent boy, he thinks about his game after – how he could have blocked him [Montero] better, how he could have stopped the crosses and to read the game of your opponent is an important part for a defender.”

  4. What odds can I get for a media story linking us to Belgium’s number four? Apart from one huge mistake against Wales he was quality and even looks a bit like Vidal. I give it till Sunday.

  5. Wales heading for Euros it looks like 🙂
    And love watching Bale when he isn’t playing for Madrid. He always reminds you of how much quality he has.

    1. i heard gareth bale is an Arsenal fan. I wont mind him playing on the left hand side of our midfield but his price is very high. Maybe when his contract expires lol.

      1. I won’t be surprised if your comment triggers a Metro headline…..”Gareth Bale close to Joining Arsenal”

  6. Jerks is the best crosser of the ball we have. Add 6 more goals to the 20 OG will get next year. Oh wait we need a 30 goal scorer.

  7. Our 3 30 goal strikers are coming next season.
    Sanogo 1 goal
    Podolski 1 goal
    Campbell 1 goal
    Total 30 goals.

  8. We aren’t 100 percent sure whether Arsenal were interested in Martinez or not. I dont think Wenger would pay 25 m for a 29 year old striker.

    According to El Confidencial Petr Cech has agreed personal terms with Arsenal but fee is yet to be agreed.

    1. John Cross (has connections with the club) also reporting Cech deal is one the horizon… This would be a GREAT start to the summer.

      1. Cech, Alexis and Ozil 3 world class players signed. We just one more superstar striker and
        beast DM.

  10. this summer…dont sell good players.
    even if they are a surplus.
    because furthermore Chambers is versatile

  11. Well there goes one striker. Wenger better not say a good striker wasn’t available. Jackson MArtinez just went to a club who can’t get in UCL, and have less money to spend than Arsenal.

    1. Daily mail says Martinez chose Milan over us so….
      the hell with him
      plus…he is not Smart…Milan apart from the fact that they are out of UCL they are in overhaul….it is difficult for tht first season afetr all those buys and sales to be competitive.

  12. Chambers can be converted to a striker and put Danny Welbeck as centre back. Hopefully he won’t score more than 8 own goals in a season.

    Although maybe he will become prolific!?

  13. I am going to ask a silly question here.

    Does that Mean Cech is now our starting keeper?

    I cant see it happening

  14. I am still sceptical about Cech, but if we does come, than he will improve our defense crazy, we wont need to worry about those set pieces anymore, cuz he is taller than most players, and his ability to command his area will make him soo valuable to our team, hope we sign him!!!

    1. Daily says is almost done…still dont believe it til i see it inthe oficial site.
      the article there says that it is worrying what would happen to Wojo and Ospina.
      I am not that worried.
      I mean they are bith Young keepers that can actually benefit from a guy like Cech coming, and its nit like Cech is too old but clearly his asset is knowledge and experience.
      if I am a guitar player and someone says that in my band they will bring EricClapton…I would sit down and let the maestro play without feeling that I am being insulted or anything

  15. Don’t panic boys about that Martinez fake story. He never was our first option.
    We are going for Firmino.

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