Does Wenger think Wilshere is ready to star for the Arsenal First Team?

Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal contract may be up at the end of the season, and he has made it clear that he needs to be playing in the first team or he will be looking elsewhere in the summer, if not January.

But Our Jack has had some excellent games for the U23s and he was extremely impressive in last night’s massacre of BATE, and I think that Wenger has taken notice of his very fine performances. Le Prof said after the game: “You will see more of him because he had a little fracture [before] the start of the season, but now I would not even say he is coming back – he is back,” the manager said.

“The next step is for him to be competitive in the Premier League and to fight for his place in the team. He will get games, he will get the opportunity to show that Jack Wilshere is back.

“I would say this is the most mature Wilshere I have seen, in the game and outside the game. He is not excessive, he has taken a distance from the pressure that was always around him.

“He is a special talent  and since he was 17 all the attention in the country was on him. He has gone through huge disappointments, but now he is a father and a happy father.

“You can see he thinks with a different perspective and I personally feel this is the most mature, balanced Wilshere I have seen.”

This sounds like Wenger is very very keen for Jack to sign a new contract, but the fact is that if he doesn’t start playing him regularly in the Premier League Wilshere he will be looking elsewhere for first team football. Surely if Wenger loves Jack this much he really needs to play him more often?



  1. Jerick says:

    I hope he gets his chance. We are going into a very hectic period and I’m quite sure Wilshere is in the manager’s plans with regards to roatation and giving him needed PL game time.

    I also noticed that he’s being more reserved on the pitch as well. He had a 50/50 challenge in our 6-0 victory against Bate and he pulled out of the challenge. I hope he will get enough chances that will let him feel a bit more confident in tackles because being in midfield he will be encountering a lot of that and we wouldn’t like him to pull out of a tackle that cost us the Europa League title but like I said, more game time will let him feel more confident to play like he used to. All in all, happy for him cause he’s been through so much.

  2. Georgy says:

    I thing that the next game after Southampton (W.Ham) will be the first in witch Wenger have to mix teams B an A and that will be the tonic for the remainder of the season due to the stronger competition in all Cups and PL.So we may see the tactical acumen of Wenger and the deep quality of the team.
    Very interested period!
    Hopefully we can add one good defender in January to sustain a good battle for top four and a Cup.

    1. jon fox says:

      I love your use of the word “interesting” as in “interesting period”. Interesting is usually a euphemism for something very good or something very bad. I also wonder at your assertion that Wenger has tactical acumen! I see very little evidence, ever, of his tactical acumen. Just very occasionally, and that is usually when the team has been rightly slaughtered for regular abject displays by not turning up and having their courage questioned. The recent Spurs game was one of those examples where they really did turn up. To be frank , I rarely find the modern way we are playing at all interesting. Not never, but rarely! Too much slow and sideways passing and a lack of whole team hunger and lack of proper tactical acumen, rather than actual lack of quality is the main cause , I believe. This lack of hunger is why I always rail against Walcott or lazy players of all types wearing our shirt. They are poison to success and poison to us REALLY being interesting.

      1. Georgy says:


        I used the word “Interested” witch is an Adjective to remark a period that could be absorbing,engrossing,curious,fascinating etc.
        I used the word “may” witch is a Modal verb to express ” Possibility”..
        Your diatribe only show you as a poisoned fan.

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