Does Wenger transfer talk suggest Arsenal fans are STUPID?

So after all the promises of big changes at Arsenal when the club pretty muc h ignored all the complaints from us fans as we made it clear that we did not want Arsene Wenger to be given a new contract and that we were tired of our club’s transfer timidity and the happiness of the owner and board to just make money, what do we get?

One player signed for money so far and as soon as the new Premier League season starts the cracks are evident throughout the squad. We are playing without proper centre backs and the likes of Welbeck, Walcott and more are really only good enough to be squad players, not to drive Arsenal to the title.

Losing at Stoke yet again was bad enough for this weekend, but Arsene Wenger went on to compound our misery with some comments that suggest he thinks we are as stupid as the course of every Arsenal; season is predictable, as a Metro report explains his thoughts on our need for new players which most people think is blindingly obvious.

He said, ‘I expect to sell players first, you know, that’s all.

‘I expect some players to go because we have too many players and it’s not manageable.

‘Many clubs are in this situation that’s why the transfer market is quiet. So we have 33 players at the moment. That’s too many players! I am not after a game like that just in a transfer mode.

‘We are more disappointed than straight away thinking about buying players tonight.’

Well you should be mate because we are looking in desperate need. And saying we have too many players does not wash because you could have let the likes of Gibbs go if you had not been asking too much. Plus how does this square with the fact that Man City, Chelsea and United have spent way more than us again?

Pull the other one Wenger, it’s got bells on!!!


  1. Jan says:

    Well…stupid is little bit harsh dont you think?
    You should use naive instead…I know lot of them will not accept this but its just because they are so naive.

    1. tas says:

      Jan you are naive to think that we are not stupid 🙂

      1. Jan says:

        Hahaha.. dude

  2. McLovin says:

    Of course we are stupid. Pretty much anyone else’s fault but Wenger’s.

  3. Iboro Ekpri says:

    Am sick and tired of being an arsenal fan. And notably since i started being an arrenal fan they’ve not won the league. Its a pity.

    1. 86thGunner says:

      Maybe you should stop being an Arsenal fan and let the rest of us suffer in peace, we might win after you are gone, you never know

  4. PV4 says:

    Arsenal fans are powerless – not stupid. You can only be stupid if you have the power to change things but don’t. Here we are again – 2 weeks from the close of the window, a million un-kept promises and the prospect of another roller coaster season at the hands of an out-of-date coach who continues to plough the same path over, and over, and over….

    1. tas says:

      not according to AW as he said it was the ref’s fault, actually all the refs fault’s for not giving us enough penalties according to stats

    2. STUPIDITY says:

      WRONG! Fans have all the POWER! The most important thing to Arsene Wenger and the board is MONEY! So hit them where it really hurts and stop going to matches. Then they will listen.
      Keep going to matches and you will continue to get ‘same old, same old’.
      Clearly, the majority of fans are relatively happy (or stupid!)

  5. tas says:

    it hurts to say but we the fans just have to except that all do we are a top flight club with funds but we are never going to be a top flight team with this management, so as soon we accept this the less we will get disappointed on the pitch and in the transfer window,

    the good news is that City are after Messie for a 275M they might leave our Sanchez alone for a season

    1. Grace Ubenga says:

      Man City should even sign the whole arsenal team we dont need them again. We need a club overhaul

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      If City does sign Messi then it’s not really good for anyone.

      1. tas says:

        what do we care we wont win the EPL with Messi at City or not

        1. tas says:

          City Man-U are seriously bulking up to win the CL, EPL is just a small topping on a huge Cake, if City gets Messi Man-U will break the bank for Ronaldo and we still be talking about how we missed out on Lamar or someone who yet to prove themselves

          1. tas says:

            now i know how Danny Rose feels

    3. Quantic Dream says:

      Actually Id like Sanchez to leave asap so that we can get that 70M and find a quality replacement.

      1. tas says:

        but to leave where City NOOOO no way i would like to see the 70M in the pocket of Stan but at what cost, yes i know i said we wont win the EPL but we cannot go that low again so soon after RVP’rat

    4. Nothing changed says:

      Don’t understand the thumbs down on that Tas. You state reality IMO. I assume you mean with “management” Kroenke-Gazidas-board-Wenger.

  6. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    yeah…we are a bit stupid. at least those of us we expected any sought of change. the Stoke game we just a reminder of how naive I have been. like how have been waiting for that new signing, remember that lemar signing? or that defensive cover we clearly need in our midfield? I mean I should be use to these by now. I mean we not really a big club(madrid’s nd co) we won’t always buy top shelf. but we fans deserve better especially those who pay to watch a repeat performance of the last something years.
    But they don’t care as long as the money is coming in, they just put a man who as already lost it or maybe never had to began with. I love this club and if hoping for better makes me stupid then I will always be stupid.

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    What we need most is a clear out and fresh recruits from the manager to the players.

    – Wenger should have done the correct thing and stepped down before the start of the season. At the moment he is my favourite to get the sack first in the PL as I don’t see any improvement should he maintain the same players.

    – I am sure at the moment Klopp must have listed Xhaka as one of his midfielders to face us considering his great build up play in helping our opponents score. An upgrade on the DM and B2B is ungently needed or play Sead and Ox there, they cant do any worse than undisciplined Ramsey and Xhaka.

    – Already made my feelings about Ozil known a few weeks back. Compare his contribution to the other number 10’s in the top 10 teams currently? Yes even Watford have harder working number 10’s. Drop him and play Iwobi or better still bring in a LW with brains other than Welbeck and play Alexis at 10.

    – Theo and Welbeck are a waste of space. Ship out Theo and play Welbeck in cup games or from the bench when we are way a head.

    – Bring in R. Perez to teach Bellarine, Ox, and all the wingers and wing backs how to cross a damn ball rather than always cutting back. Even Mustafi a CB tried to cross the ball more often than our wingers and wind backs.

    – Cech needs glasses in that goal. Every short of note looks like it will go past the old man lately.

    Apart from Man City, Lpool, Spurs, and Chelsea, the rest of the league (yes including Man U, Everton, and the likes) have a blue print of how to play against us, just sit back, wait for a counter and watch Arsenal far apart on there own.

    1. tas says:

      you hit it on the nail but i think Cech should get contact lenses don’t think glasses and a crash helmet will work together

      1. tas says:

        hey why the tums down i like Cech

        his a real good player of Drums

  8. bur says:

    I would have to say we the fans are stupid. Stupid to go along with another 2 years of poor decisions, stupid to listen to wenger poor excuses for another 2 years, stupid for listening to wengers promises to buy and then let downs, stupid to listen to his bare faced lies. Yes we are stupid to spend our hard earned money on that crap he has fielded.

    1. Abbiy says:

      I was thinking the same dude, you nailed it.

  9. Shark says:

    Wenger is a genius. Every year he finds another excuse not to spend money (Can’t find quality in the market, the ones that are returning from injuries are like new signings, more than two new signings will affect the team’s play, we can’t compete with Chelsea or City, we have to pay the debt for the new stadium etc. This year the official one is that we have too many players.

    1. tas says:

      i’m loving the comments on this post

    2. 86thGunner says:

      We have too many players is a fact, but why did we end up with too many unreliable players, is it not his own work, his own buying of average players, pays them more money than they deserve, then shipping them out becomes a problem, its his own bed, let him lie own it

  10. peoplespoet says:

    Football fans are stupid. No surprise to anyone. Why else would men over 25 still wear jeans and think its acceptable.

    Look at the Liverpool fans…all of whom seem to believe that transfer fees are paid as one lump sum, as in a computer game. Now they are foaming at the mouth at the suggestion that Barca bid 80 million over 5 years for Coutinho.

    Paying over years is the norm.

    At Newcastle, they are bitching that Ashley has only allowed Benitez to spend 30 million, forgetting that with transfer costs, fees for the agents, add-ons and wages, the total cost is at least double that.

    And the same at Arsenal: you can’t force players to sign. Nor do fans appreciate the full costs of transfers.

    There is a nasty, chav bling-like attitude out there – fans just demand spending and more spending. And more.

    Necks need to be wound in

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      If every other top team is doing it then why can’t we? I mean we’re in the same playing field as them. It’s easy to say “a transfers requires 3 sides to agree” or that “transfer is more complicated”, but the fact being we are competing with other teams who somehow manage to find a way to do it right. Plus it’s not just about transfers only, it’s also management and the football side of things. If you know so much then how about enlighten us with some facts and figures?

    2. John0711 says:


  11. Leeroysgooners says:

    Would help if mr stubborn played players in there correct positions… a RWB played as LWB a LB as centre bak of the 3 with per and holding on bench!?!?! Ozil played RF who is a number 10 and xhaka left on his own coz of headless chicken rambo we need a battling CDM the team was completely unbalanced and theres only one person to blame

    1. tas says:

      i think his misses the old days where everyone said he was a genius i think that’s why his playing players out of position so we can all say WOW THE PROF IS BACK 🙂

      1. Shark says:

        He’s gone long time ago and he will never come back :)) I’m not saying that we would feel better with another manager (in 2 years from now) but we had enough of this crazy old prof. We want to see something else. It can’t get worse than Europa League.

        1. tas says:

          Harold Wilson once said ” a week in politics is a long time” how about 21 years as a football manager?

          as a arsenal supporter it feels like an eternity of eating the same food that you no longer like for the past 12 years

      2. Abbiy says:

        Even back then, he was lucky to acquire most of the great players from the previous managers.

  12. ZA_Gunner says:

    He’s been belittling fans for some time now and so has the board and everyone in charge because they are not listening to the fans discontent and just brushing aside any form of criticism.

    I have decided by December if Arsenal has not improved or in some way show change from it’s old self, particularly Wenger and what’s reflected on the pitch, then I will put watching Arsenal games on hold until Wenger leaves. This is the final ultimatum I am giving myself as I can no longer stand watching the football deteriorate at this club. I am not willing to sacrifice my precious time to watch this kind of garbage and I have already halted buying any merchandise for two years now.

    1. arsenal#7 says:

      why by December ? this is the same mentality that keeps fans going back for more abuse.
      quit going to games. quit buying shirts. quit paying money to this club in any way.
      the arrogance and the disrespect for the fans needs to stop!
      aside from a manager that is incapable of understanding how to even present a proper
      team and a board that thinks we are ‘SHEEP’ going to slaughter what else is there to cheer for?

  13. peter says:

    The players are the let down, not wenger. Last year we would easily made champ league but one stupid draw. The team is ok, they need to spend 2hrs day just shooting, forget the gym. shoot shoot shoot.

    This year we should finish 3rd or 4th.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      It is Wenger who forbids them to shoot. Both Elneny and Xhaka were taken aside by Wenger and told not to shoot but look for the pass instead. They both revealed this in interviews.
      Rings true as well because it seems our players are reluctant to shoot even when the shot is there.

  14. Mike van Dort says:

    Obviously you don’t like what I said, so here goes. I love the man and his brilliant tactics by playing the players in wrong positions. The whole club is run by money makers who don’t give a damn about the fans. Being a life long fan of the club, I am fed up with all the lies.

  15. Victor victory says:

    @PV4. Arsenal fans are not only powerless but stupid as well. Truth must be told. How can we trust a man who had fooled us for over 10yrs and still believe that this season will be different? Stadium is still full to the brim. Money keep rolling in for kroenke from fans and you think we should romance the word? Yes we are stupid.

    1. PV4 says:

      @victorvictory – a little bit like having a beautiful girlfriend that you know you’ll never hold on to – deep in your heart you think it will all be fine and dream of the years ahead being full of romance and riches, and so you continue. Love, whether misdirected or not, is not down to stupidity, it is down to the human nature of wanting everything you dreamt of – and in our case the perfection of a successfully run club.

      1. tas says:

        i feel a Charles Aznavour song coming on SHE 🙂

  16. Lola says:

    As a Arsenal fan, it is so painful watching all f this go down. Team not very good, Wenger not doing eough in the transfer market and going through the same thing every year. It is more of a pleasure watching other clubs play than seeing Arsenal. They are very dissaointing to fans all over the world.

  17. BOBBY says:

    I Don’t Understand Why Someone Will Accept Being Stupid Because Have Not Delivered. If U’re Stupid, Fine, But You Shouldn’t Generalise It Because Of Some Football Club Bullsh*t That Adds Nothing To Ur Life. For U To Accept Stupidity, There Is Something You Could’ve Done To Change The Situation. But This Is Not The Case Because There’s Nothing You Can Do About Wenger Not Wanting To Sign The Much Needed Players. Infact This Article Is Very Stupid. Just Because People Visit This Site And Give U The Traffic Needed For You To Earn Money From Your Blog Doesn’t Warrant You Posting Trash. This Is An Insult To Everyone Visiting This Site.

    1. Jan says:

      Totally agreed mate!
      Spot on!

    2. Verstellung says:

      Stupid Is As Stupid Does. How Do I Stop This Stupid Computer From Capitalizeing Ever Word I Type?

  18. ManMulo says:

    Wenger says the squad is too big and unmanageable and he has to sell before he can buy but he had months to do this , Pep Guardiola did it early and brought in younger and better players and they look ready for the season but Wenger is only aware of this two week to transfer deadline? smh

  19. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We haven’t spent much really
    Kolsanic free
    Lacazette £46 million
    Minus…….£20 million (Szczesny and Gabs)
    Total spent: £26 million
    And that £26 million could be wiped out by future sales

    Kroenke will be very happy.

    Wenger should be ashamed of himself if he doesn’t sign two more top quality players within the next 10 days or so.

  20. GB says:

    Well put into perspective @PV4
    And to everyone else, apart from 2 penalties that should have been given and were not and a good goal disallowed because Laca’s big toe nail was offside, this setback has all and sundry bleating on because of a loss in our second game. When we beat Liverpool at Anfield next game, we will be title favourites again. Oh how fickle are we.

  21. GB says:

    Jenkinson and Bramall signed by Birmingham on loan for the season.

    1. Efe iteire says:

      Why not sell Jerkinson

      1. Jan says:

        No club want to buy him!

  22. Wolf says:

    I wish the ole fool would just leave and take Stan with him. Perez was a lie buy too. Wenger can’t be trusted.

  23. Wolf says:

    I wish the ole fool would just leave and take Stan with him. Perez was a lie buy too. Wenger can’t be trusted.

  24. McLovin says:


    He’s free next summer so he will be a free agent once his loan expires?

    Squad is still 29 strong with Perez and Debuchy expected to depart.

    Akpom and Campbell won’t be registered so after Perez and Debuchy, we will have a 25 man squad. Someone has to go (Welbeck/Walcott/Wilshere).

    1. tas says:

      SHI7 i meant WWW= Welbeck,Wilshere,Wwalcot and not that site 🙂

  25. Jeremy says:

    Anyone noticed only at Arsenal, we practice rewarding youngsters with lucrative contracts after just a few good showing by the youngsters?

    As a result, we have so many so-called promising youngsters who had became old and grey now, siting on ridiculous wages. Just look at Theo, how does he justify his pay. And most absurdly, this guy wants to lead the line. We would have been relegated a few divisions by now.

    Stanley will eventually abandon the club at this way is run. The players like Theo are like puppies in a pet shop. They are eating away the club, thinking if there are some stupid buyers (if) who will come in, that’s is good. Otherwise, I will just stay and rot here because I’m highly paid anyway.

    It’s a horror show to see another kid who is just keen on taking selfies, is going to get another lucrative deal.

    End of the day, our squad will be full of dead wood. Stanley will stand to lose millions for sure because of this. If he is wise, he should just sell the club. He can’t manage the club at all.

  26. Shortboygooner says:

    Last season I was one of the last to switch to Wenger out. Maybe the Wenger out camp was right. I’m sick of this now. It’s just average. Average ayers. Average performances average wins average manager. Let’s start early boys


  27. Malcolm Townsend says:

    Look let’s face it these fringe players won’t leave because they are on good money and they don’t want a drop in wages so they are happy to sit on the bench week in week out Wenger wants to get real if you want rid of them drop the bloody price it’s not rocket science

  28. Ali Jutt says:

    we arsenal fans now should understnd that we are only now a top six team , maybe in 2,3 seaons everton will be above us looking at the way they are spending money , as long as stan own the club nothing is going to be differnt , so we should keep our expectations down , we cant win the league , maybe we can win the cup , now thats a life for an arsenal fan , i am an arsenal fan from pakistan where everbody follow only big clubs like real madrid or barca etc , its really hurts to be an arsenal fan , but it is wht it is …

  29. dutchy says:

    So everyone has sharpened there pitchforks for next weekend?

  30. john says:

    We not stupid Jan, just concerned how are season will pan out, with Wenger in charge, with only two signings and promise of others is just hot air, while other top sides have spent well, it looks like Another mediocre season for us gunnners unless Wenger bring in a few more players

  31. Gooner Craig says:

    I really am starting to dislike AW more and more! Every time he opens his mouth it’s full of crap! We have too many players and it’s unmanageable? Wtf? We need to sell before we buy even tho hardly spent anything and only brought in 2 new players while all of our rivals that all finished ahead of us last season have spent big and brought in like 4 players, leaving us further behind them! He said he’s not I transfer mode after losing to a dead team like Stoke lol after we had 2 LB playing CB, RB playing LB, etc? Squad is poor and underequiped, still facing the same shortcomings that the world can see apart from AW and the board, apparently!! I lost respect for AW after he brought only Cech (only flipping Cech? Ffs) and now I just can’t stand to hear him talk! He must think we are all stupid but the footballing world knows he’s a clown! Can’t wait for the season to be over and it’s only 2 games in loool another transfer window failed ? ? wtf is going on mann I just can’t fathom what’s going on in AW mind

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