Does Wilshere injury blow mean Arsenal have new Diaby?

Poor old Jack Wilshere! The Arsenal and England star has been hit with more injury woe after the club today revealed that his recovery from the injury picked up in pre-season training has not been going as well as expected and after sending the midfielder to see a specialist, the decision has been taken for him to go under the knife again, as reported by the Arsenal website.

It is a massive blow for the young player of course, as he had only just recovered from the previous injury to his ankle in time to score the BBC’s goal of the season in our final Premier League game of the season. He also managed to make an appearance as the Gunners won the FA cup final at Wembley and was looking really sharp for England and then in pre-season.

But as bad as it must be for Jack, the feeling among Arsenal fans is that we might just have another Abou Diaby on our hands, as Wilshere just keeps getting these injuries. You have to wonder if Arsenal will ever get a full season out of the 24-year old, never mind the career that his brilliant early years promised.

The only positive I can see for Wilshere is that these latest two injuries were caused by tackles and so are not really more evidence that he is injury prone. But at this rate there will be more metal in his legs and ankles than there will be bone and there is a real concern that Jack might continue to have injury problems. So is he the new Diaby?


  1. Jack’s career is dwindling fast, it pains me to say it. He probably is the new Diaby. Why do Arsenal do this to players? Turn them into injury prone players who are practically made of glass…

    1. @Matt
      AFC do not make injury prone players. Jack has a metal screw in his ankle and will always be prone to injury due to this. He will never be the same.

    2. I would guess that it is because Wenger will play a ‘kid’ rather than let them physically mature, some players are bigger and more robust as kids but some need more protection.

      I randomly had a laugh about how we should search the globe for 7+feet tall teenagers and send them to a footballing bootcamp;

      Imagine Giant Gonzalez going into a tackle, I doubt he’ll suffer many injuries >.< lol

      1. @midkemma
        Alex Ferguson won the league with”kids”. A 16 yr old kid(reece oxford) shut down our midfield. Young players are out there every match day in every league and they’re making bold statements with their talent.
        Jack is a solidly built lad. Always has been. Stop trying to blame AW for everything that goes wrong at AFC….

          1. Thanks Sevenitti, kinda my point ^.^
            It’s nice to see the new generation coming up but in moderation, not expecting a 16 or 17 year old to play 30+ games would be a good.

            Henry was 20 when he 1st played over 20 games a season, his 1st 2 seasons was 8 league games and then 18. A nice development.

            Wenger appears to know about developing players, I don’t question that, I do question the clubs business choices which may of lead to some of our developing players to not develop as well as we hoped.

            You sounded like you got what I meant ^.^ Thank you for restoring some faith in this mindless rable 😛

        1. Get your head out your own a$$ will you?

          When Wenger has had the resources he has given his kids more time and not making them play every week if they can run!

          I am not saying a 16 year old shouldn’t play, I am saying that there can be issues if you demand too much from a KID WHO IS STILL DEVELOPING, allow them time to recouperate and recover.

          Wenger seems to know this and now he can loan out players to clubs which can help them progress, he can do that now he has the resources to buy in a player… When Wilshere was coming through we was a selling club, a lot was put on Wilshere and maybe he played a bit too often.

          But hey, you carry on assuming stuff and be a pr|ck, people with intelligence will understand what I am saying.

      2. OT: Ramsey and Bellerin were left out the squad that travelled for the game tomorrow. at least we get see some rotation and proper wing play. good luck to the lads tomorrow.

    3. Should have sold him to Man city and taken the 50 million .
      United did not think twice before selling welbeck to us .
      Business over emotions anytime .

      1. @galaxygooner
        People wanted Klopp or Simione as the next manager. Either one of those guys would have gotten rid of Jack and Abu in a heartbeat…
        We’re paying dude almost 3mil a yr to lounge around in medical.

        1. @NY GUNNER. No footballer likes sitting on the bench, let alone lounging around in medical facilities, and I am certain both Diaby and Wilshere would have been more than happy being on the field, earning that 3mil rather than being in medical.

      2. Injured on duty. The club has a responsibility to care for him. That is ethical business practice. So how was the club to know that he was going to suffer another setback and should have sold him to Man City? Had we done that, don’t you think he would be treated like Nasri by the fans also? Wilshere is a loyal lad and deserves our support, and I wish him well in his recovery.I can only think how he feels, filled with a desire to play and make the fans happy and it has nothing to do with emotion.

      3. if GIRUDE as good as all AKBs thought?

        why the hell MADRID or BARCA never made a bid on him?????

        please I need help for explanations, because i still can’t find the LOGIC reason for that????

  2. You should not have even opened this up for debate, don’t give it any legitimacy. Wilshere is a damn fine player who didn’t get enough protection from refs along with the rest of the Arsenal players at a time when they where young and also having few teammates who could stick up for them. He put his body on the line whereas Diaby seemed under prepared and fragile.

      1. When we are comparing him to Diaby we are not talking about one injury in particular, in that case you could compare everybody to Diaby

    1. @yingyang69
      Jack should have learned to use his low center of gravity at a young age. At the least, been taught to do so. He would have avoided many of those tackles which either threatened to take him out or actually did.
      The refs job is not to protect any single player, nor is your team mates. You want to play with the big boys, you take the knocks that come with doing so…

      1. I think it is his style which made him so good at an young age. He will never change. Not like I have anything against it, in the end that’s what he’s having as a feat. I quite like his style to be honest.

        1. @Budd
          Must admit though, better use of his low center of gravity could have taken his game to a whole new level…

          1. You say this all the time but have you ever thought what that means. like do you have a detailed outline of how to “use your low center of gravity”. I don’t want to start anything but you may just be parroting other pundits trying to sound smart. Somtimes you just have to give a guy a break and say tough luck. He’s not the first footballer whose career has been blighted by incessant injuries

            1. Using his lower centre of gravity would imply to me that Jack should try and pick up a few tricks from the way Santi Cazorla or David Silva play. Those two are probably the best examples in the league.

      2. “The refs job is not to protect any single player”
        Actually it is to ensure the safty of the players that results in cards given for dangerious tackles, even if the tackle itself didn’t result in a foul. Protecting the players is part of the refs job, learn the game!

  3. We stick with Wilshere, injury or not, he didn’t pick up injuries at Disneyland, he picked them up in the line of duty, putting his body on the line and playing for the club he loves and has been at since he was nine. Sell him to who exactly? Some fans ain’t loyal!

    1. I agree, stick with Wilshere, we have enough talent in the role he wants so we wont miss him, he could still come good though and if he does then we will be happy.

      Jack does have a footballing brain so lets pump it full and ready to burst with football tactics etc, if his injuries continue to happen then at least he can be a intelligent man to go to for players like Crawley.

      Jack is Arsenal through and through, I want him to retire at Arsenal in the future and be a ‘1 club man’, I like footballing fairy tales ^.^

  4. I hear Wenger is looking to new age treatments…–PbeKolUz–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/191cuew494bs2jpg.jpg

    RoboJack is the only way we will see a whole season from Wilshere 😛

    In all honesty, I do not mind a single player who is ‘injury prone’ but has great potential, he could be Diaby or he could end up like RvP (without the judas part). A single gamble is Wengers luxury and we have some great talent in the B2B role.

    Ramsey and Cazorla currently.
    Crawley in a couple years?
    Zealaem could develop in that role, he is getting use to physicallity in the Scottish lower tier.
    The Ox wants a central role as well, we all know he is a talent and I think he could be a great B2B player once he learns how to defend better.

  5. Just saw the Nigerian Gooner on AFTV offering to donate new tyres to replace yokohama tyres on the chelsea bus ..comical stuff.

  6. I don’t want to say bad things about the medical staff but l am confused.Why does it take the medical staff a long time to figure out someone needs surgery? It took for month to decided about Welbeck’s surgery and nearly two month for Wilshere.

    1. Before you lay into the medical staff, remember that when Wilshere scored against West Brom, he went over and thanked Shad Forsythe.

  7. Supporting Jack thru injury beaue he is an Arsenal player seems perfectly normal.
    I woder why people dont Support Giroud that way.
    Missed sitters? which striker hasnt? (recently an article here said Agüero did some already).
    And his stats are like a goal in every 2,5 games. which is a very good stat, aside from Messi and Cristiano.

    Any way…good luck and support to Jack too

    1. Can you for once not put Giroud into the discussion. We already know that you love him. Stats mean nothing, bec players like Aguero and co try the impossible all the time to score goals, and by doing so, they miss many chances. Where Giroud is someone who misses a sitter from 7 yard away. If your own nation boos you off ( which a player never should allow himself to make them do), then know that you got a serious problem.

      Your logic. But Henry missed also many chances in the Cl finale so its okay that Giroud does it aswell in a daily.

      1. Stats is EVERYTHING! They don’t lie. You saying Chlesea did not won the last EPL title? That’s also statistics.

        1. Jes, stats is EVERYTHING isn´t it, Budd?

          Theo Walcott – 6

          Olivier Giroud – 5

          Alexis Sanchez – 4

          Ryan Mason – 3

          Cameron Jerome – 3

          Harry Kane – 3

          Andre Ayew – 3

          Sergio Aguero – 3

          Opta defines these as ‘situations where a player should reasonably be expected to score’

        2. For one thing to be called statistics the data has to be collected and analyze in large quantity,more than one. For example,
          Arsene Wenger is now the only manager in Premier league to stay for a long time in one club, he managed Arsenal for 20 . In his 20 years at Arsenal he has managed to win 3 EPL trophies, while Mourinho took only 5 years to win the same amount of trophies :p

          1. @budd now that is statistics, it involves two managers, number of years they stayed in one club and number of trophies they have won.

            So Chelsea winning the League by itself can not be statistics.

            1. Took Wenger six years to win his three, also he didn’t have the advantage of most money to spend by a long shot. We know what happened after our unbeaten season but to many that itself was over achievement.

  8. if ronaldo,messi,hazard,etc are injury prone, how are they going to help there club(or country).injury players like robben,reus,ribbery,etcaffect there club has they are not reliable bcos of there injury stuff.for example, the absent of robben which make bayern to be suffered by barca during the last season champ league semi final and also the absent of reus which make dortmond to not qualify for champ league.
    wenger should have dupe mancity(as he dupe barca by selling vermalene to them and collect sanchez in return. don`t forget that vermalene has get another injury in there last match which is goin to cost barca bcause busquet is still on injury) by collectin 40-50million and use d money to buy another player or replacement(talented young future player like him) like gotze,isco,alacantara,etc
    All of this must be done bcause injury prone players are not
    useful for club.chelsea and madrid sold robben bcos he was not useful to them, so why did mr WENGER keep players that are no of use to the club.

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