Does Wilshere walk into England set-up when fit?

Jack Wilshere is being tipped to make next summer’s World Cup squad for England, but has he shown enough for Arsenal to warrant it?

The 26 year-old is being touted for a place for Russia 2018 despite having only made three appearances this season due to struggles with injury and fitness.

Wilshere has suffered a number of setbacks over the years, with long-term injuries ending countless campaigns early, including last term.

Jack joined Bournemouth in the summer of 2016 as he looked to cement himself regular playing time as he looked to build up his strength and fitness after those injuries had taken their toll, and just as he appeared to be striking upon full rejuvenation, the inevitable curse struck again.

Wilshere has had to settle for limited opportunities this season whilst Arsene Wenger assesses how to bring him slowly back into the fold, while trying to nurture him back to 100%, and he has already impressed on the pitch.

The Arsenal academy youth product is now being talked about as an essential selection for next summer’s international squad, but he will need to survive the rest of the season unscathed…

England fell over the line to a 1-0 win against Slovenia on Thursday night, and the team was criticised for lacking in creativity, prompting pundits to tout Wilshere for a role in the squad.

The DailyStar even claims he is in line to start tomorrow against Lithuania, which of course cannot be true because the squads were already selected PRIOR to the Slovenia match, but we can’t all know what we are talking about I suppose…

Does a fully-fit Wilshere walk into the England squad, or even the starting XI? How much of a difference could he have made on Thursday?

Pat J

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  1. how many teams can bench wilshere in the premier league when he’s at his best??? so forget England… no one in 3lions can bench him

    1. Tony says:

      and what is his best actually? last article was about Reus everyone called him injury prone blah blah!now its about wilshire n ppl will talk about how good he played aginest barca when he was 17!

  2. Peter says:

    Walker Cahill Keane Rose
    Lalana Wilshire. Welbeck

    Now this team full of pace creativity and two proper centre Half’s might just have a chance

  3. ljgomez says:

    I”ve said for a while if fit
    a flat three of Jack dier Henderson
    would be Englands best midfield.
    England is weird to select tho, total favoritism
    last year when he was playing very well for bourmouth he still wasn’t selected
    but players like delph still made it…
    but jack needs to break his way back into Arsenal first to be considered.
    there’s still no other English player who can play like him.

  4. Tony says:

    wilshire will stay fit this season bcos he is hardly playing. still wont replace henderson,dier. sell him for 20mil next summer

  5. John Rambo says:

    Is Henderson at his absolute best actually better than Jack even in second gear? Is any England midfielder?

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