Does Wilshere’s Arsenal exit appear more and more likely by the day?

Jack Wilshere is inside the final six months of his playing contract at present, and has so far failed to agree terms with Arsenal over an extension.

The midfielder has impressed this season, showing true grit, determination and fight as he tries to prove his fitness.

The reports recently are claiming that Jack has been offered reduced weekly terms, with improved appearance bonuses in order to protect the club from the England international’s proneness to injury, and the star looks unwilling to agree to such terms.

Everton boss Sam Allardyce is now moving coy in attempting to ignore questions about his interest in the midfielder’s signature, before adding that he is a fan of the player.

“I can’t comment on that, you’re not supposed to be talking about that,” he said.

“I’ve always admired him, oh yes.”

“I’ve seen a big difference in Jack Wilshere recently, in his frame, in his body,” he added.

“He looks like he has really got the bit between his teeth.

“He looks a lot fitter than he was and he is leaner in his face.

“He looks like he’s had a real go off the field, with his diet and extra training, to overcome his injury problems and prove what a great player he is.

“Hopefully if he is over his problems, whether it’s Arsenal or another club, we all hope he has a long career ahead of him.”

Will Jack quit the club if he isn’t offered a fair wage? Has Wilshere dispelled some of the doubt over his fitness this term? Would Everton be a good fit for him?

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Wilshere had barely played for us for years until this season, and given his horrific injury record, one would have to be extremely naive to think he wouldn’t suffer another long-term injury. Given that, I actually back the board for once. Wilshere doesn’t deserve a pay raise, and an incentive based contract is more than fair. It’s nice to see the club FINALLY acting tough, because we’ve been more like a charity in recent years!

    It’s still plenty of money to live on, and if Jack truly loves Arsenal, and appreciates the fact that the club has stood by him through all of his injuries, then he should sign.

    1. Phil says:

      Totally agree.Jack has been more than unfortunate with the many injuries he has suffered over the last 5-6 seasons.You have to credit him for the way he has fought to regain his starting place in the team this last 3 months but you always feel he is just one tackle away from being sidelined again.Im sure his contract offer would have included many incentives but we have previously been too loyal to long timed injured players at this club-Diaby Rosicsy Carzorla to name the obvious ones.We all love Jack and his passion for the club is never doubted but we need to be more ruthless in these decisions and I feel Jack will be the first to highlight the clubs position.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        diaby, rosicky and carzola….all 3 are quality players that can make a big difference….

        injuries are unpredictable one can injured, recovered and goes injured again…always a big risk for clubs

        think the club has learn their lesson and gonna get tough

        1. Break-on-through says:

          What I’d give for those three now, but they’re injury hazards all the same bar Cazorla.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Yeah I’d be on the same page as ThirdMan and Phil. He deserves an offer so at the least we can sell him if it doesn’t work out for the umpteenth time, he owes Arsenal for sticking by a sick note. He shouldn’t get a raise. But because of how often he gets injured I’d highly doubt him taking a play for pay deal. Maybe a percentage of his salary should be linked to availability.

      Wenger/board gave him a chance to leave but he wanted to stay and fight at Arsenal I hear. Now he’s saying his options were limited elsewhere, that’s what I gather, and after playing well enough over a semi short period he’s after getting some nibbles. Am not sure how this one will go nor am I sure of what way I want it to go. We need urgent quality added, I like Jack but I’d like him better as a bench option so long as a top man stepped in. If changing guard is the only way to get the best possible options well then good luck take care and all the best JW.

  2. Counsel says:

    The most overrated player in the world no sympathy for average players. Unfortunately the average players like Elneny Wilshire,welbeckxhaka they are very passionate and loyal to the club

    1. RSH says:

      Yup. Arsenal fans want better players yet rave over our average ones. Wilshere is a prime example. Still getting checks because of one good game in 2011. He’s not even a top 10 midfielder in England. Arguably would barely scratch top 20. Will never understand why the fanbase praises him to death when he’s always been in the injury room

  3. Break-on-through says:

    It’s fairly coincidental that he looks to have sorted his fitness out when a contract is on the line. He was unlucky allot of the time but I’d have to question his commitment too. Am not talking about digging in on the field, am talking about taking care of his body and what he puts into it, am talking about extra care or work on certain things. Also I’m a little sick of seeing players giving more when in a contract renewal season, it happened too often for my liking. Ramsey Wilshere Ozil Walcott jump to mind.

    1. Counsel says:

      Wilshere is already injured are you living in cave or how has Wilshere sorted his fitness

      1. Break-on-through says:

        He’s not injured it’s just the one game he’ll miss for precaution, because of his history no doubt. I’m saying that he was not reliable in other years to go run after run of games before a lengthy spell out, but right now, albeit in a short time, he “Looks” like he’s doing it. That match he’s missing for England is a friendly, that’s also what I meant about extra care which he likely wouldn’t have done if he had a lengthy contract. Counsel, ok.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Also, Allardyce seems to agree with me.

  4. Declan says:

    Yes he has a slight muscle niggle and is out of tonight’s game but is expected to play Tuesday. But it’s another injury all the same.

  5. ME says:

    Who cares ?
    Hardly going to impact on our title drive next season is it considering we won’t have one ?

  6. Paul says:

    I’m very sad to see a lot of us already giving up on Wilshere, at least he still plays unlike diaby, why does wenger want to get rid of our core players, Wilshere gone is almost like man united losing Rooney, why would wenger sanction 350k for ozil and want to give Wilshere a 10k pay cut, he is not even asking for an increase, he wants the normal 100k he has been getting,
    Losing sanchez, song, vanpersie, vermaelin, Madrid, fabregas would never be compared to losing Wilshere……………..apart from our woeful performances against big teams that made me cry inside, losing Wilshere would make me cry out agonizingly…………………’s not even too much is he gets 90k, plus a percentage of the remaining 10k depending on how much he plays……………. losing Gabriel, szesny, Daniel Crowley, and a lot of players saddened me, I don’t know what losing Wilshere would do…………………..Arsenal should better get rid of wenger before he spoils the club completely

    1. Phil says:

      Nobody could ever say I was Wengers biggest fan but I think the club have got this right.If he signs then it’s a positive all round.But I don’t think Jack will ever be a nailed on First Team starter.We will sign a CDM in the summer and this will make the competition for places even harder.Ramsey will probably try to run his contract down but that’s just another issue.
      If Jack goes for regular First Team Football and moves (in other words more money elsewhere) then its a player gone who was loved by the fans but his going will not weaken us as a team or squad

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        wenger success is around the french core…and other foreign players….same can be said for city…

        British core was probably the club policy or maybe not

        time to bring in the french germans spaniards and etc

  7. Rkw says:

    Wilshere has been injury prone but has been injury free for a good while now … Missing a friendly against holland is hardly a sign of medical catastrophe so this is a massive overreaction … Wilshere is by a very long way the best of the British stable at arsenal and on his day he is a top flight creative midfield play maker … Don’t take my word for it ask xavi arguably the best ever in that role … Since his return he has shown signs of his best but not over 90 mins … But wenger has played him all over the place does not no how to combine him with ozil and miki and surrounded him with utterly hapless players like Ramsey and xhaka … He needs a new manager to bring best out of him I hope at arsenal but if the fossil stays he should go …

    1. RSH says:

      haha Xavi’s statement was what, 8 years ago???? Wilshere has been FAR surpassed by now and is hardly even relevant when talking about the best midfielders.

  8. Grandad says:

    If you think Ramsay is “hapless” you have my sympathy.

    1. Phil says:

      I agree Grandad.Ramsey is a good player but I’m not sure we have ever been set up to play to his strengths.He seems more consistent at International level playing in a more advanced free role but let’s face it he is no Mesut Ozil so he’s not going to get that at Arsenal no matter who the manager is next season.He was outstanding in 2013-14 season scoring for fun in the league but let’s remember how important Cazorla was for us.He seemed to get the best out of players around him.Santi is sorely missed

      1. Rkw says:

        Better to leave Cardiff rather than Carzola to get the best out of him as that is his level … Along with Walcott and wenger he symbolizes our decade of decline …

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