Does yet another knee injury prove Arsenal still have a problem?

The Arsenal and England right back Carl Jenkinson may not have been playing for the Gunners this season. In fact he has spent the last 18 months across London with our Premier League rivals West Ham. But he has been with Arsenal since the summer of 2011 and so has spent a lot of time under the coaching and training methods of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal back room staff.

Which is why I think we should be worried about the Sky Sports report that explains that the 23-year old has been brought back to his parent club for medical treatment on the knee injury that looks likely to finish his season. The injury was picked up during a seemingly innocuous challenge with the Man City striker Sergio Aguero and it was originally thought to be just a minor problem.

How many times have we heard that about Arsenal players, only for them to then be out of action for a long time? That is not the only reason for Arsenal fans to be concerned because a massive amount of our injury problems have been knee problems.

Even now three of the four players on the Arsenal injury list are there because of their knees. We have heard fitness experts suggest that these sort of injuries can be caused or made more likely through training methods, so does this latest incident prove that the club still has an underlying problem?

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  1. another one of our failing english core.
    so much promise the lot of them…but its not working
    dont get it.
    they have all had runs and none showed enough consistency to warrant the first team,

    oh and thanks for the mild panic attack from the title of post…

    1. i wish wenger were just a bit more ruthless when it comes to de-selecting players who are not in form.
      for eg, walcott should understand that if he doesnt produce, campbell will be preferred.
      similarly, mert could be dropped for gab; OG could be dropped for walcott .

    2. Goes to show that Wenger should stick to the international players. I mean, only Walcott is doing an average job at the moment, the rest of them are mild or utter shyte. Get John Stones!

  2. when it comes to the art of click baiting…….. U can’t beat guru Bob to it

    Here’s us thinking it was a key player of our current squad but it turned out to be a Loan player(not that he doesn’t matter)

  3. Hahahaha…………..some sites are still announcing a southend Loan deal for glen kamara ……

    That goes on to show the pathetic Level of credibility of these sites …..

    “oh to be a gooner & goonersden” leads the pack {certified useless}

  4. Yo. Big bird here. Poor article. ACL injuries have a strong correlation with fatigue and muscle strength imbalance between quads and ham string. You just have look at the extent of injuries at other clubs not to blame Arsenal’s physical training methods.

    He was obviously under West Hams training regime. Was it an impact injury? Could happen to anyone or was it the way he landed? See imbalance and fatigue.

  5. Please. Any one injury proves absolutely NOTHING. Injuries happen in sports. But if you take Arsenal’s injury problems as a whole over time it is difficult to write them off as just bad luck.

  6. This article must have been written by a 7 year old. So Jenkinson gets injured while playing for West Ham and you want to blame it on Wenger’s training methods. Who should you therefore blame for De Bryne’s injury which was thought to be minor but ended up ruling him out for 10 weeks? If you watched the matched you would have notice that it was how he landed that caused the injury. The same could be said of many players

  7. every time one of our injured players comeback is postponed people cry murder what about coquelin being ahead of schedule?he was supposed to be out for at least 12 weeks,our medical staff gets a lot of blame,abuse..what about credit where it,s due??

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