DONE DEAL! Arsenal land Mkhitaryan in swap deal for Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal and Manchester United have both confirmed the arrivals of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alexis Sanchez as part of a swap deal.

Any fees involved are unknown at present, with the deal seemingly have been a straight swap not including any money exchanging hands, and that seems a fair deal for all the parties involved.

The Chilean has had one eye on a move for the entire campaign thus far, and had been believed to have his heart set on joining up with Pep Guardiola at Man City, but Manchester United have seemingly made him an offer more appealing to their city rivals, and have now landed him on a huge contract according to reports.

I can’t help but be happy with our end of the deal however, landing the Armenian all-time top goalscorer in his prime, and with the possibility of teaming him up with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is an exciting prospect.

Arsenal’s Twitter account announced his arrival with a simple Gif, but you can see below that the Red Devils announced their capture with a video.


Alexis has been a nuisance in the dressing room for our side through-out the term, and the team will likely be pleased to have ambience return to proceedings, and the unity of a team should return, with some players having refused to celebrate with Alexis at times of him scoring this season.

Could we have gotten the better deal with all things considered?

Pat J

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  1. GB says:

    Welcome Mikki.
    Shirt number?

    1. Muff diver says:

      Should be 10
      Cos that’s what we paid his fat piece of dirt greedy agent to lose Alexis


      1. Maks says:

        Wilshere is 10.
        He ll be 7.
        He ll be very good for us, far better then Ramsey ever was, and is.
        and for Alexis.. break a leg!

  2. Guneal says:

    Hurrey! We exchanged our best player for the last decade for a man united reject and made him the highest paid player in our 180 years history!

    What a deal!

    1. Rkw says:

      De brutne and salah were mourinho rejects

      1. Guneal says:

        De bruyne and Selah went and rediscover themselves out of epl and none of them were made the highest earner in the history of their respective clubs.

        1. Elliot says:

          Dont write Henrikh off man. Give him a chance.

          1. He’s probably going to end up the same as Welbeck and Silvestre. Now Wenger has sold Sanchez in January right after Gazidis claimed in the summer what a victory it was for us to keep a hold of Sanchez and Ozil. I guess we now know who really makes the decisions at Arsenal.

            1. Midkemma says:

              If you are implying it is Wenger then check the transfers so far and how our CEO along with head of recruitment along with chief contract negotiator was in Dortmund presumed to be working on Auba.

              Young Greek CB = Sven.
              Mkhitaryan = Sven (Wenger wanted Martial)
              Auba(if we get him) = Sven

              Seems the new head of recruitment has been busy and not a bad job!

        2. Lexynal says:

          Common……if you expect things to play out exactly the same way -you are a joke. In the history of our club we paid 53m for a striker. You may want to go to another club if you arent pleased with dynamism of football.

        3. RSH says:

          he deserves a chance at least, jeez. We could’ve given Sanchez to City and only gotten 18-20mill and then you’d be even more upset because we would have nobody in. And Mourinho has a track record for ruining creative players. Mata is really the only recent one that has worked out for him, and Mou even dumped him when he got to Chelsea right after he was player of the season. It’s a good deal considering the circumstances.

          1. And why are we in this circumstance having to choose between £20M and a reject? Is it by bad luck?

            1. RSH says:

              Club is run like a circus and this is mess we are again trying to navigate out of. That’s why I said considering the circumstances, it’s a good deal. And I don’t think Miki is a reject because of 1.5 seasons at OT under a manager that did not favor him. When Mourinho doesn’t favor a player they go bad really fast and hopefully he can rediscover his form with us. If we took the 20mill I doubt we’d see that cash being spent on players if we’re being honest haha.

              1. muskokagunner says:

                am hoping that this deal turns out to be a bust for Mou. We have a player that comes to us cast out of the United fold similar to Welbeck, let’s hope he gets up to speed faster than Danny has. Welcome Henrikh,

            2. Godswil says:

              What do you mean by reject? Time will tell. For his contributions this term am not missing Sanchez. His heart was no longer with us. This reject fits into our style and is likely going to flourish.

              1. Tas says:

                Hey you all give Mik the man a chance he was outstanding player for Dortmund let’s not forget we wanted him but it was Mourinho who got him and his rejected because Miky argued with him so his out of favour


                1. Tas says:

                  Mkhitaryan’s stats in his last season at Dortmund
                  Apps: 52
                  Goals: 23
                  Assists: 32
                  Minutes: 4379
                  Min/goal :190
                  Incredible stats.

            3. Dee23 says:

              You never know. He may turn out to be a great signing. I have a good feeling about him and think many people here will take back their negitive comments when they see him banging goals and making assists and will go on to praise him forgetting all the stick their giving him. I remember when Giroud was being slated, now people fear him leaving.

            4. Dee23 says:

              You never know. He may turn out to be a great signing. I have a good feeling about him and think many people here will take back their negitive comments when they see him banging goals and making assists and will go on to praise him forgetting all the stick they’re giving him. I remember when Giroud was being slated, now people fear him leaving.

        4. Ken 1945 says:

          Can you give us the the breakdown of the deal please?
          Your’e the only one in the know it seems.
          What we have been told is that Sanchez is on £500grand a week, would you have wanted Arsenal to pay that?
          For heavens sake be real man, stop being so negative and lets welcome a player who United thought was good enough to sign 18 months ago.
          In my opinion we have done a very good deal here, but only time will tell.

        5. Rob says:

          Think you can add Lukaku to that list. Mourhinho only buys or keeps the finished article, he neither has the ability or patience to grow talent or reinvigorate players who don’t fit his template. Will love it if Miki flourishes and Sanchez bombs.

        6. The Defiant Man says:

          Yes they were. At least the Bruyne with his new deal.

        7. bryden says:

          Come on!
          For all that Sanchez did for this move, you still complain that Arsenal allowed him to move?Compare allowing Sanchez to walk free in just 5 months to swapping him for Mhiki. You will realise how shrewd Arsenal has been in this deal.

          1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

            Exactly and this season he was playing really bad… stop bitching and look forward for the next game… bitchy Gunners fans

      2. Taiwo says:

        Even Lukaku

    2. Arnold says:

      To justify that, you need to watch his video while playing for dortmund is hell of of player!
      walcott, welbeck, iwobi combine

      1. Arnold says:

        And i can assure you now we are going back to Henry, van perse, Rosicky, Hleb and Fabregas compare to Mkhi, Auba,Ozil, Laca sadly we are missing Carzola that team and something we been dreaming for past ten years!

        1. Adeseko says:

          Wilshere is the direct replacement for Carzola…. similar style of play.

      2. Tas says:

        His stats at Dortmund in his last season when we was begging to sighning him but Mourinho out bided us and he was the driving force why United won the Europa League
        Apps: 52
        Goals: 23
        Assists: 32
        Minutes: 4379
        Min/goal :190
        Incredible stats.

    3. Mobella says:

      I’m sorry for loss if you can’t stomach Sanchez leaving when he had insisted on not saying. As a reminder, he wasn’t anything in barca before we took him and turned to something.

      1. RSH says:

        and considering his attitude and dip in form these past few months and how long this transfer has dragged on…. i’m well over Alexis. Good luck, thanks for the memories, make your money. Arsenal really did a horrible job with these contracts though. Still have to sort out Wilshere and Ozil. If we keep those two and we only lose Sanchez it’s a miracle considering the mess the club created.

      2. Muff diver says:


        Alexis Sanchez wasn’t anything at barca
        We turned him to something

        Utter bollox


        1. Dee23 says:

          But he was benched by Pedro! He wasn’t benched by Messi. Suarez hadn’t even joined yet.

          “Alexis Sanchez grew tired of his bit-part role at Barcelona and the Catalans cashed in to raise the funds for Luis Suarez’s move”

          Pedro benched Sanchez then went on to Chelsea where he isn’t always in their starting 11

      3. Chamber says:

        “As a reminder, he wasn’t anything in Barca before we took him and turned to something.”

        Come on. You know this isnt true. At Barca Sanchez would have had to play in Messi’s position and we know thats impossible hence he was sold. we didnt turn Sanchez into Something. Sanchez came to Arsenal what he is. We have developed some great players.. Henry, RVP< Nasri, Hleb.. many.. but not Sanchez

        1. Dee23 says:

          But he was benched by Pedro! He wasn’t benched by Messi. Suarez hadn’t even joined yet.

          “Alexis Sanchez grew tired of his bit-part role at Barcelona and the Catalans cashed in to raise the funds for Luis Suarez’s move”

    4. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      I know! and it hurts a little seeing him in a Man U Shirt, frustrating but He had to go, no use playing someone who is looking at the way out, Wenger should have sold Sanchez before the start of the season and maybe tried signing Draxler or Timo Warner or just a good Player that could play the Arsenal Way… Anyway I feel positive about Mkhitaryan and hope he hits the floor running along side Ozil, Wilshere and Laca.

    5. Ali says:

      Let’s not forget we wanted to sign him but lost out to United as they paid more….as was confirmed by Raiola. Let’s not talk about players Mourinho has rejected in the past . . . . salah, DeBruyne, Lukaku….he was playing under a manager who needed a different sort of player. Losing Sanchez hurts but under the circumstances this is the best deal we could have gotten.

  3. Samij says:

    Where is PEA?

    1. Guneal says:

      Ivan is still talking with his step mom why arsenal should be his best choice.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Ivan has backup though.
        Huss who he stole from Sky and Sven is taking a trip home to help out.

        I have little faith in Gazidis but Sven has made stuff happen and why else take the contract dude unless he was confident we would make the signing… even if it meant paying what was asked?

        Try to get a bargain, if not then at least they tried…
        Hopefully now the Alexis drama is over they can push through PEA.

        1. Tas says:

          I thought Ivan went out there to buy a flash car NO?

  4. Rkw says:

    He’s a massive step up from Iwobi … The big question is will he be paired with pea and if so who else? For me lacazette pea ozil miki and jack is an exciting combo but need a quality DM and CB to really move ahead

    1. Arnold says:

      Agree Rkw

    2. Midkemma says:

      If we get that setup then it will be exciting.

      I fear we will not buy a DM in Jan but if not then we might be looking to buy big in the summer, a marquee signing type of thing. We can’t spend mega on a DM+CB and pay the big wages while we still have fluff and selling that fluff might take a few months to find buyers…

      Also I do feel that the def have been given a very poor CM ahead of them in terms of def capabilities and that has exposed them too often, they may perform if they had a WC DM ahead of them. Kos and Mustafi did help us go unbeaten for how long until Cazorla got injured 🙁

      But hey, it is steps in the right direction and I would be happy with that 🙂

  5. Arnold says:

    And i can assure you now we are going back to Henry, van perse, Rosicky, Hleb and Fabregas compare to Mkhi, Auba,Ozil, Laca sadly we are missing Carzola that team and something we been dreaming for past ten years!

    1. Guneal says:

      You seriously believe We will get Auba mid season?

      1. Arnold says:

        Chances of getting Auba is 99% if not tuesday wait till our game vs chelsea is over you will have some good news

    2. Chamber says:

      Sure…As long as you say it as many times as possible..

    3. RSH says:

      all we need is a top manager.

  6. COYG_CA says:

    That ManU squad is now going to be full of “look at me”, “I am the best”, “the highest paid” players. Not the best recipe for long-term if you ask me. Jose never stays or lasts long either. Could be a big drama factory over there before too long . . . . that video of Sanchez playing piano was _ _ _ . . . . ha ha ha

    1. Sue says:

      Pass the sick bowl ?

  7. ks-gunner says:

    Well we get what we deserve. That is the price of being a secondary club who has low expectations. All the best to Sanchez, it was a joy to watch him at Arsenal, its to bad that we did not had a team who could emulate his winning mentality

    Miki is a good player, he must be sad in joining us, but soon he will realise that it can be very comfortable playing here, all the best to him as well

    Kinda sad, but one needs to understand that the club we choose to support is one whoes prime aim is the 4th place after all

    1. Godswil says:

      He can’t be sad. He’s paid better here. What we couldn’t offer when we first wanted him.

  8. say-ma-name says:

    Now will have 2 Scorpion Kings at the Emirates. Fingers crossed Giroud will stay, (or at least a loan NOT sell !!!).

    1. Guneal says:

      And come back from loan when his what? 33?

      1. The Defiant Man says:

        Age not too important when it comes to Giroud because he NEVER had any pace, that’s why he’s always been roughly the same quality. He’ll be a good backup for 2 more years if he stays.

    2. ks-gunner says:

      Finger crossed, donkey out, batman in

  9. Aligunners says:

    I will only celebrate wen Auba is announce
    Welcome Mikki we get want yr best
    Auba must be the highest paid and the 14 jersey

  10. Ian wrights bruva says:

    We lost snachez in the summer, the team seems more together last weekend more so than previous weeks, can’t help think Sanchez upset the team spirit even if he didn’t mean to.

    welcome Mikki, now get stuck in son.

    1. RSH says:

      sanchez was practically gone in Bournemouth match as well. Lineup stinks, management stinks. Great we are getting Miki and possibly Aubameyang, but not much will change if we keep Wenger and co. around.

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    Really wanted this guy when he was at Dortmund, so I am happy in that respect, but fuming that Utd got our star player on the cheap yet again! We lost out on around £70 million on this deal thanks to Wenger!

    Mkhitaryan is a playmaker, so he’ll be Ozil’s replacement, with Aubameyang replacing Sanchez I guess. I hope he can play Wednesday, as we’ve no football at the weekend. I want to see him asap!

    1. sol says:

      I think Miky is a replacement for Walcott and Aubaayang will be Sancheze’s repl.

  12. Big Dawg says:

    My boi Sanchez it damn hurts

  13. AB says:

    Welcome Makhitaryan. Haven’t seen him play ever but looking forward to it.

  14. abs says:

    im seriously wondering if half the people on this site even support the club? a new player has just signed and people are already putting him down. give the guy a chance to shine and instead of moaning all the time about things we cant change lets get behind every player that pulls on the shirt and become the 12th man like at most other clubs!

    1. Sue says:

      I wanted him before he went to United!

    2. RSH says:

      usually i’m eternally negative, but this time i’m one of the positives ones…. It’s weird O.o

      1. Maks says:

        Me too. He ll good for us!

    3. Elliot says:

      Know what you mean. The guy hasnt even played yet and people are already putting him down. Im stoked he is an arsenal player. If we cant get the dortmund form back in him, then we’ve got a serious player on our hands. ?

    4. Chamber says:

      “im seriously wondering if half the people on this site even support the club? a new player has just signed and people are already putting him down.”

      I thinks most people are concerned that he was allow to leave us from United.. Lets face it. Man U has a notorious habit of selling donkeys to Us.. Welbeck being the last

      1. maxi pimpi says:

        “Lets face it. Man U has a notorious habit of selling donkeys to Us.. Welbeck being the last”. Hahahahahaha Hilarious.. Come on mate, have faith. I have a feeling Sanchez will be a half/one season wonder and fade away like RVP.
        I am sure by the end of the season Henrykh will proof the better deal. Mark my words

  15. Me says:

    And Arsenal get weaker once again.
    Remind me exactly what Wenger is supposed to be paid £8 million a year for?
    I would say I was looking forward to this season being over but with the next season will be no different.
    People getting excited about a donkey who only played a few games in two years…
    Once again Mourinho gets one over our idiot of a manager.
    Laughably pathetic…

    1. neil says:

      you’re the one who is laughably pathetic of you think Mkhi is a donkey… Mourinjo has a history of ruining good players… just look at Mata who won Chelski the league !!
      Go support another team

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      A donkey?
      Then why did Manure sign him in the first place?
      Why can’t you understand what has gone on?
      Wenger tried to keep Sanchez by turning down Citys 60million bid and offered him a new contract.
      Sanchez was the one who wanted to leave and made it clear that was the case.
      Have you seen the way he played this season?
      Our club decided enough was enough and, just like Judas van persie have let United agree a deal with aplyer that will cost them (its been reported) 500thousand a week.
      We have got a player who has followed/loved the club for years.
      So for goodness sake, try and get behind the club and our new signing or go and support Sanchez at United.

      1. A.Ball08 says:

        Got it one Ken
        So glad you said what you said
        Unfortunately AS had lost faith. Hope and focus on the job he was supposed ti do for us.
        I will miss him. He was great for us up to a point but he i felt he stsrted to hinder our tean.
        If he played out left. He never chalked his boots and kept cutting inside amd eati.g other players space.
        Miki is an upgrade on Walcott iwobi and will give us better balance on the right which will help laca regain his confidence and start popping in the goals
        Get behind the boys and watch us go…..
        The team will look better balanced up top
        Cant speak about our back line though

    3. abs says:

      are you serious? im sure if we signed messi you would find a way to bring something negative up. (not saying in any way he is like messi) my point is being a supporter of a club means supporting the players that run out every week not moaning and slating a guy who hasn’t even had chance to play yet

    4. Innit says:

      Yes we get weaker UNLESS we get Aubameyang or equivalent. Then we get stronger innit.
      Ozil, Mktharyan, Aubameyang and Lacazette sounds like complete attack to me
      I thought losing Ox had made us weaker this summer. He started a lot of matches for us over Theo, iwobi and Welbeck.

      If we get Aubameyang Now then this summer we need to fix defensive holes.

  16. John0711 says:

    I’ve never been negative about Sánchez but him saying “ I can’t wait to play for the biggest club in the world “ has p me off massively
    A) they aren’t the biggest and
    B) way to insult Arsenal

    1. RSH says:

      every single United signing says the same thing. It’s surely some sort of stupid requirement. And if I’m getting paid 500k a week, I’d totally suck up lmao.

    2. Me says:

      He will be successful there.
      Arsenal were nothing but a springboard for better things – players stay a few years and move onto a big club to challenge for the big trophies.
      Can you honestly say (without laughing) that Arsenal could realistically win the PL or CL?
      We are incapable of finishing fourth !
      Arsenal are a joke managed by a joke and owned by a joke
      Arsenal are just a mid table team…

      1. Godswil says:

        He can’t be sad. He’s paid better here. What we couldn’t offer when we first wanted him.

      2. David Rusa says:

        I even doubt if Man U will win a trophy this year, maybe FA. There are no big clubs in England anymore, maybe money wise.

      3. Dee23 says:

        “players stay a few years and move onto a big club to challenge for the big trophies”

        But didn’t Sanchez spend longer at Arsenal than he did at Barcelona? All this tosh about players using us as a spring board is bollocks. Sanchez never resigns he always moves on by the end of his contract.

  17. Gelz says:

    He’s not a direct player for Sanchez more of an ozil type player which will give us more creativity and team play, rather than relying on one man, hopefully Laca will get a lot more service and start banging in the goals. Got to give the guy a chance and if we get PEA we could be in for some exciting attacking play, still worried about or midfield and defence tho.

  18. Darn glad to have Miki on board just concerned AW wont mess him up as he is doing with LACA and every other ARSENAL player

    1. neil says:

      Sanchez mucked up Laca.. Alexis only interested in himself and wanting to score for himself.. forget the team.
      Glad he has gone ..

    2. Arnold says:

      Laca was sorrounded with mediocre players like Walcott, Welbeck, iwobi and selfish Sanchez now he will get good services combination from MKhi, Ozil and Auba its like Rosicky,Hleb and Fabregas when Hleb went to Barcelona and Rosicky was Injured fabregas was stuck with Walcott who didnt know anything about basic football skills and for Wenger he saw potential and waiting for ten years for him to be like Messi before he got shipped out with Sven who knows what is doing

  19. Trudeau says:

    Man there are some serious negative Nellie’s on this site. Hey Mhki hope you’re so fine you blow our mind.

    1. Arnold says:

      MKH is like Hleb i saw somewhere Wenger was interested in Martial who is Manchester united “Walcott”

  20. Enrique says:

    We need a change of attitude

    1. Arnold says:

      What attitude??

  21. Good riddance Sanchez ….Wenger you are next

  22. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Thing with Sanchez was that he was like busta rhymes in his younger days – great but legs and arms all over the place so no one wants to be in a video with him.

    I think could actually work because the issue on the face of it is goals lost. But the real issue IMHO is not losing possession. If that could be addressed then it might just be a case of using Lacazette cleverly rather than building up via multiple channels….

  23. HA559 says:

    Just like Mkhi ‘dream’ was to play for Arsenal , Sanchez just said it was alyways his dream to play for Utd. Footballers spew such rubbish to make the fans happy.

    1. dennis10bergkamp says:

      2009 he said it though.
      There are a lot of footballers that grew up loving the Arsenal.
      But it has gone to shit now.

      Timo Horn avid Arsenal supporter same goes for Pogba, Mbappe and Martial

  24. The cassette says:

    Can some of ya’ll for once just support and stop mourning. At least wait till we loose or something, ain’t ya’ll the same people who were tired of Sanchez and him constantly giving the ball away? Sanchez was great for us, i get that but miki was just in the wrong system at man u, same thing with kagawa when he was over there, i’m excited for miki, he’ll come good, mark my words. Im not saying all our problems are over i still hope we’d strengthen the CD and CDM but at least be glad, this deal works out just fine for us especially if and when miki starts delivering the goods. Miki is tailor made for arsenal. He’ll boss that LW.

  25. Enrique says:

    We need someone who infuse passion for the game to our players. The desire to last, to become legends at the club. AW doesnt have those attributes. Players will come and go, but only when wenger leaves will trophies return to our club. We as fans need to start thinking of a new manager.

    1. The cassette says:

      The German coach perhaps? we shud seriously be looking at that guy, not a huge fan of Ancelotti, if there is one thing i cant stand is boring football.

      1. Durand says:

        How about Conte if Chelsea sack him? He seems to get the PL, and he’ll bring tactics and a plan B.
        IMHO I’d rather have Conte than Ancelloti. Added bonus, Conte gives it back to Jose, great banter.

  26. GB says:

    Wow what a bunch of negative crap beng spouted on this one!

  27. barryglik says:

    “Seems like everybody’s got a price
    I wonder how they sleep at night
    When the sale comes first
    And the truth comes second”
    Jesse J * “The price tag”
    Arsene speaking about Sanchez said” it was all
    about the money the money the money”.
    Arsene would know.
    Not many 68 yr old’s get paid 8mil p/y with no pressure to win anything.
    In cahoots with $ilent $tan the club owner who bought the club singing
    ” it’s not about the winning winning winning
    it’s about the money the money the money”
    Mkhi leaving Manchester in “tears” and having to “suffer” by moving
    to London and having to survive on 180k p/w. Poor thing.
    Sanchez is getting shafted by the fans yet he was told the club
    wanted to win mega trophies when he signed.
    He gave his soul played and ran himself into the ground
    was our best player for 3 years straight.
    He only left Arsenal because he realized it was all about 4th place
    and the money money money.
    He wanted city because they were ambitious.
    In the summer Arsenal shafted his transfer turning down 60m.
    Now 12 points clear at the top Arsenal stole a title from him.
    and Arsenal is trying to blame him for the Mkhita swap fiasco.
    So much b/s and lies but that’s been going on since Adam was a boy.
    Its not about the money sung Je$$ica but she
    pocketed million$ from the royalties.
    Happy daze 🙁

  28. Sal says:

    what happened to the cash?? even the 20 mil for man city sounds amazing about now. Have to say well done to man utd what a coup, getting rid of a player who was deadwood to them and signing the best player of a rival, a WC player! not only that hes coached by a manager mou publicly criticized since he got to PL and all that for free just wow!! have no idea how we got bamboozled with this deal ut all credit to their board and manager. i would say worst tranfer ever, and that’s no joke as bad as the etoo ibra swap or the 50 mil for torres. the board could have soften the blow with either martial or rashford. both will drop down the pecking order with sanchez in the team, but no we went for the falcao of armenia, miki a decent player but the media trying to convince you that the deal is good for both clubs lol i see only one winner.

    now we are putting all our eggs in the miki basket by signing auba hoping to recreate the dortmund connnection, Auba a player better than laca but so similar it makes no sense spending that amount of money especially with all the cracks in the team, but hey lets do that and get rid of giroud our only option B upfront to accomodate miki a player who is 29 and at the lowest point of his career, building a team around him shows me that sad state we our in, we take what we are given and try to make the best of the situation and that’s all of us from the board to the manager to the players all the way down to the fans. Utter shambels

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Barryglik and Sal,
      Are you sure you want Arsenal to be successful?
      Building a team round him? where did that one come from?
      In my opinion, we are bringing in a man who will strengthen the midfield and can also deliver a defensive stint as well.
      The cry from the likes of you two has been “get rid of the deadwood”, well Walcotts gone and the Coq has gone.
      Now we are trying to bring in better players.
      Answer me this Sal, if you think Maureen has pulled off such a fantastic deal, why did he buy the player in the first place?
      I cannot believe that so called supporters can be so negative about a signing even before he has played a game!!
      By the way, no matter how much you try and blame the owner, board, manager and (yes believe it or not) the supporters, it was Sanchez who would not sign a new contract.
      Just like judas van persie he sold his soul for the money.
      Barryglik, why do you go on about the owner and “money money money” but then not criticize Sanchez?
      If he wanted trophies (apart from those he won with us) he would have not priced himself out of the move to City and Pep.
      £500,000 a week!!!!
      Come on now, take your blinkers off and try and support your club ( if Arsenal really is your club) and our new signing(s).

    2. RSH says:

      haha, that 20mill wouldve gone straight into Wenger and Kroenke’s pockets!

  29. Ox says:

    Fk Sanchez the dirty manc

  30. Coldzero says:

    Welcome MKH! This guy will have a point to prove and was a really good player until Maureen put him in the wrong sort of system and ruined him.

    Everyone saying we should of got the money from City instead-would you have got it in your pocket? Would we of gotten the player you guys wanted with it? No.

    Sánchez has to go- horrible influence in the dressing room so good riddance to him- Manu problem now.

    Welcome MKH!

  31. Innit says:

    Welcome Mkhitaryan!!!
    Let’s give him a chance please.
    Don’t call him names like “reject”. He wears an Arsenal shirt and hasn’t hurt our team like Wenger has innit.
    He was excellent at Dortmund. Maybe he can find form here (if Wenger plays him regularly)

  32. Yossarian says:

    I’ve got a good feeling about Mkhitaryan. I reckon he’ll be good for us.

    1. Arnold says:

      For sure man he is a gem! compare to players we had like Walcott who couldnt dribble play one two and just try to force his way past opponent and still he was around for about 10 yrs and in super start contract – those are ones of Wenger’s power arrogance and now our head of recruitment is a difference – he works with Wenger/Gazidis and technically is on Directorial role or wenger Boss if you like to call him

  33. I am just glad that He is not going to be selfish like someone that thinks a single player can make a team

    1. Arnold says:

      Sanchez was the most selfish player at Arsenal like Ronaldo at Madrid and he was trying too much to impress and keep loosing a ball all the time – pretty much was about himself i would prefer our team play like our last game when we won 4-1 but with better players Aub, MKHi, Laca, Ozil and wilshire go Arsenal – trust me arsenal will be pleasing to watch an eye again

      1. Durand says:

        16 assists last year, and what 41 in 3 yrs?
        Wow, yeah def selfish. Ramsey never even close to those numbers, abandons midfield partner, chokes off space for Ozil, and camps out in penalty box limiting Giroud and Laca.
        Sanchez brought to score, Ozil was to create and assist. Ramsey job is to help keep balance as midfielder.
        We play better without Ramsey, Jack all day every day.
        Barca in for Ramsey yet? Never old always good for a laugh.

  34. Arnold says:

    Gazidis pointed out something last year “catalyst for changes” and he was blaming our poor infranstructre we have at Arsenal where a head coach/manager had so much power to do almost everything sorrounded with incompetence/yes man like Dick Law reporting to him and going out to close a deal or push it to a finishing line with fixed price set up by Wenger! now Gazidisne being assisted with new people is taking a front seat and also has authority to sanction any deal compare to previous regime where Dick had to go back to Wenger and if he was happy probably to gazidis or not

    1. Durand says:

      Sven and Raul prob best transfer business in last several years. Let them work and prove all other clubs missed out.
      In long run those two will be worth their weight in gold. Now Wenger needs to be moved OUT, not UP.
      Need top coach, or else why bother with top players? Time has caught up to Wenger and passed him.

  35. Faj says:

    Mhki won’t turn out Good…. He will be great. Just my gut. Only drawback to this deal is no space for draxler anymore. Which is sad

  36. Arnold says:

    I will be very surprised if he stays after this season is over! there’s no chemistry between him and new guys he thinks his power are taken away

  37. puntamarina says:

    I don’t believe Arsenal couldn’t afford to keep Alex Sanchez. They made a huge profit in January transfers window. He didn’t want to play for Arsenal and was a disruptive figure in the Arsenal team and they didnt want to keep him changing their wage structure.

  38. Ronny says:

    I’d lik3 people to get off his back not his fault we signed him and lost alexis. Having watched him at dortmund it’s clear hes an incredible talent that wasn’t nurtured but crushed but mourinho much like Shaw, smelling etc.
    Wenger will get him playing freely and if aubade yang does come then the understanding and link up should be rekindled. I hope that miki can bring a little bit of santi/rosicky magic to our team.
    Already drooling of the thought of him ozil and Wilshere linking up around the box 🙂
    Good luck miki, song and chant please to follow.
    Good ridence Alexis! Who wore no 7 before you? Er £500k per week the right answer?

  39. adi says:

    You know, Sanchez is probably the most committed player to have left Arsenal. I don’t feel the sourness like RVP, I thought how Arsenal has performed in and off the pitch would lead us to lose our star player.

    We deserve it, he deserve it, with the money Man Utd they deserve it. Move on, lets make something out of Henrikh

  40. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Mulhki is more handsome in Arsenal jeysey than Sanchez lol , however,i am 100% sure no EPL or champions league trophy for d so called big club man u this season. Negative on our club won’t take us anywhere, stop it. Sanchez has not been good in arsenal n Chile this season , maybe is bcos he want transfer out of Chile to Brazil lol

  41. Henrikh Mkhitaryan says:

    Check my name n say welcome lol

    1. E. Anderson says:

      Welcome dude!

Comments are closed

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