DONE DEAL but this defender is heading OUT of Arsenal

There is finally some action for Arsenal as the summer transfer window starts collecting glasses and shouting drink up please, it’s time. But this transfer action is not really what we want to see, as it sees a player leaving Arsenal rather than one coming in.

The report in the Daily Mail reveals that the Gunners have agreed to sell the young Spanish centre back Ignasi Miquel to Norwich City who are trying to bounce straight back into the Premier League. Miquel spent the latter part of last season in the Championship with Leicester and has earned himself a move with his performances for the Foxes.

The deal is apparently a permanent one for around £1.5 million and leaves Arsenal’s already thinly stretched squad looking even more lightweight in defence, although Miquel had failed to step up and prove he was Arsenal quality in the last couple of years. Hopefully this transfer will not be the only action at the Emirates today, as the world and it’s granny can see that the Gunners could do with at least three more players to give us a squad of sufficient strength in depth to challenge the might of clubs like Man City and Chelsea.

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    1. I love Arsene Wenger but getting harder to defend him. This was supposed to be THE summer. We were sold false promises.

      1. Arsene is flying to Rome to get in a charity match. On transfer deadline day.
        Falcao is gone, Carvalho is not moving, now comes the time where we buy mediocre squad players and give them 50-70K a week on 4 year contracts. And next transfer window Arsene talks about how big his squad is. Same shit different day.

      2. I share the sentiment but personally I don’t feel as if I am on the other end of a broken promise. Plenty of noise from everywhere about how we were going to spend big and the austerity days were over but based on what? A few board mutterings about we can buy anyone we want bar Messi and Ronaldo? Wenger has def not opened his mouth re: a free-for -all spend.

        Anyhow, I am still really depressed today but 2 thoughts came to mind:

        1) Just say Wenger had done a Manure bonkers trolley dash in the last year and spent £250M+ on 6 new first team players (say Reus, Khedira, Falcao, Vidal, Carvalho, Hummels and Fabregas – the minimum expectation for some on here!). How many on here would be genuinely pleased, ecstatic etc and would applaud this as “real ambition”. For my part I would be more embarrassed than I am now but interested to know if this is what it has all come down to now. I appreciate some will say this is an extreme example but I reckon that is the sort of spending required to put us in a position of parity with say Chelsea’s squad depth. A striker and a CDM would close the gap a little but we would still be short by quite a margin.

        2) Call Wenger what you want; stubborn, arrogant, deluded etc but you still have to admire the sheer size of his balls to basically ignore everyone, every gutter snipe, every fan’s opinion, every pundit’s take etc. The good news for the AOB enthusiasts is that EVERYTHING is on the line now, possibly his career and the results for the coming months will go a very long way to determining the outcome. He has no wriggle room this time round. This site will be very interesting, and perhaps predictable, come a couple of months time when we have either racked up either an impressive/indifferent/disastrous string of results. The ONLY straw I presently clutch at is that we are really piss poor at the moment and haven’t lost for a while. Still not that optimistic though.

  1. we should of just got mario when we had the chance he wanted to come to us aswell hes like a giroud just more gifted technically : (

  2. Bout time some of our fans stopped worrying about trying to look like the most ‘loyal’ fan and started demanding real change.
    i 100% support arsenal and arsene wenger but he has until tonight to show he was not lying to us .

    1. haha if you realise arteta actually took a pay CUT 3 years ago to join arsenal, you know what wenger is up to. how on earth are everton able to pay more wages is my guess. just forget about it go and relax nothing is happening anyway/

    2. Its not about loyalty anymore. I am loyal to the club as much as you are.
      Its about whether you can tolerate the manager or not. Its not making me look loyal to the club when i support Arsene Wenger, with fans saying me on twittrr i support Arsene not Arsenal.

      But that’s not true. I was want stability.
      And this summer is what Arsene promised to us.
      Biggest in the history of the club.
      He never promised to buy any striker. No. Sir. Never.

      And they desrve more time from you. Not just tonight.

            1. Mate don’t you know? Unless you are really, really angry or prepared to go on hunger strike or contract a hitman to take out Wenger then you won’t cut it as a proper supporter.

  3. forget back up for our defenders we need a replacement for mertersacker serious hes a weak link hes lost any little pace he had. some whispers of vlaar which i wouldn’t mind him and koschileny would be good pair than bring in a dm maybe one of the southampton boys

  4. I’ll repeat myself:
    All I’m saying is if we get trashed again by Man city, Chelsea, Liverpool and now also Man utd and Everton joining in, Than Wenger has to really reconsider his position. At the beginning of last season i said at least one major trophy, he delivered. This season he must give us the league. he has no excuse cause he had money to reinforce and do some intelligent business. Instead our team is still unbalanced. Good he signed GK and LB but he neglected to reinforce CB, CDM, LW, ST. Sanchez looks more comfortable on RW( an area we don not lack) as St he lacks that quality as LW not very impressive. Ozil is moved to make way for Wilshire, leaving us with a big problem for a play maker. He(wenger) doesn’t know what to do with Campbell, because he doesn’t have the right balance in the team, forcing him to play players out of position. So he spent 66mil pounds but also sold some players. Has he really done some clever business???

  5. So the only cbs we have are mertsacker, kos and chambers….wow what depth we have! I think we just need to admit to ourselves that wenger aint gunna sign anyone today and hes being lying to us once again….

        1. Bellerin is good enough and ready …wtf do you think Shaw is world class then? Because he signed for United?

          1. Bellerin is a winger and not a defender. He is decent in pushing forward but at defending he is way to weak. Some time later i realized that Wenger is forcing him to become a Rb so i thought, fk this shet. Typical Arsenal.

    1. personally I see that as positive, if hes moving on Miguel and possible miyaichi. then he will surely bringing in atleast one player………chill brothers get angry after the window not before.

      1. Yes I am with you on that as I have said in previous articles. The window isn’t closed yet and people are getting worked up already. I will be absolutely livid if we don’t sign anyone of class, but I’ll at least give myself till deadline until I lose my shirt!

  6. why dont Wenger just come clean and say he will not be signing any more players instead of saying hes still active..

    exactly the same words 2 years ago….

    1. Any last day activity will be the backroom boys and lawyers. Too late for Wenger to do anything other than be on the end of the phone – maybe he will call in from Rome at half time.

  7. All we needed to win the title last year was a striker and a cdm. Wenger is not the master of transfer windows. HE GOT AN INJURED KALSTROM IN JANUARY. When asked why he got him wenger replied “it was either him or no one”. Wtf?!! So what about the other 30 days you had to make some friggin signings?! We would have won the league. If he doesnt buy today then at least my hopes for this season will be low, and therefore i will not be disappointed or let down.

  8. The worst adjective that can possibly be associated with sports has sadly and finally possessed my soul, APATHY!!

    Thank you to Le Douche and The Wal-Mart wannabe for destroying the lone pure sporting
    brand that always entertained on EPL weekends and in mid week Champions League affairs. My self exile will remain until the cancer from within is permanently eradicated and the beautiful football of Bergy, Pires and the King return.

  9. I seriously doubt he will not sign a CB today, I know he is stubborn, but come on, not a chance, least I expect is Christopher Samba haha, surely today will be another classic panic buy day?? It is brutally obvious that we need a striker, but that now I do doubt. We always get let down in regards to this specific transfer…

  10. The only positive to this is that players out gives us room in the squad to bring in players. I can’t believe we’d let Miquel leave without having a transfer in mind.

  11. Falcao and RVP

    supported by Rooney, Mata, Di Maria, Herrera and Janu…..

    Damn we will never be able to beat them

    we cant even score against them last season…..

    1. Do Not panic about ManU just yet. ManU already have a great striker force. They are lacking most in the midfield which cannot get the ball to the strikers. Falcao helps, but not that much unless they make other more important signings. So long as Cleverly is still in their squad, I feel safe.

      1. their midfield of Di Maria, Herrera, Janu and Mata not strong enough???

        have you seen Di Maria play? gosh if he links well with Mata and Falcao

        they are formidable!!!!

  12. Deadline Day Prediction: (Just for fun).

    1. Arsenal will announce a major signing of one average player – a backup CB or yet another midfielder.

    2. I also feel safe in predicting fans will not be thrilled with the announcement.

  13. best joke i have heard
    when arsene wenger said he would be very active on deadline day i didn’t realise he meant running around blowing a whistle (hes refereeing a charity match )

  14. Arsenal will not sign anyone Wenger is in Italy referring a match when he said he would be active today he meant by referring a football match. Wenger has once again put Two fingers up to the Fan’s. Falco to Man Utd. NO AMBITION FROM ARSENAl . I AM SICK FXXX WENGER.
    He Should be SACKED.

    1. Arsenal fans including me are so dumb that we believe in old garbage Wenger. I see no banner
      saying Wenger out. Common don’t go to watch live at the emirates, protest outside the stadium,
      chant Wenger out during live matches and chant spend some f** money.

  15. Bendtner and Park gone.
    Now Miquel.
    Hopefully more will follow soon
    Ryo + Coquelin.
    Then over the next 12 months
    Diaby Sanogo Arteta Flamini
    Rosicky Podolski Cazorla.
    A dozen changes in 12 months.
    Long overdue though.

  16. We are weaker than last season. Our world class striker Giroud is injured, Our experienced CB
    Vermaelen is sold and we haven’t even replaced CDM.

  17. can someone please tell him how many players we can actually buy today due to squad size how many players would have to leave before we get any in ?

    1. none just like 2 years ago…

      Wenger has already done his business, shop closed

      we have been conned again…

  18. So we are selling a player who takes up a foreign player spot in the squad?
    If that’s right then surely Wenger is making room for a player

  19. If we don’t go for a world class striker then can we at least get a Vidal or Khedira or something?! Then maybe a makeshift striker and I wouldn’t complain with that.

    1. Khedira is staying at Real,,,,

      Vidal has higher chances of going to Man Utd together with Moutinho…..

      its Monaco clearance sale and Wenger is doing nothing….

    1. stick with what you want mate,don’t make discounts on ambition/desire.
      much as i adore bony’s attributes,i just can’t let go off comparing our striking force to
      the other big 4’s.
      Ref Utd just landed falcao and doesn’t even play in UCL,plus di maria plus….

  20. Calling on all gunners in the UK!!! Your mission today is to atleast make some noise and force the club to do something before the window closes.

    If you guys had ambition as the Zambian gunners I tell you we would have been buying players like Chelsea, we don’t take sh!t here and we don’t mess around with liars. Some of you guys live even close to the Emirates and the cameras around there are always working why not go there with some banners and make some noise, the media will pick that up and this will definitely get to the boards ears. People who attend our games or tweet on the clubs official page are all goody goody an sure Wenger and the board probably feel we are all happy and all.

    Even small clubs now go into games against us and actually believe they can take all 3 points, clubs do not fear us anymore. I tell you if Arsenal was even in some of our leagues in Africa they would come 4th!!!

    Tick tock Wenger!!!

    Agent out.

      1. It’s also something that we fans spend thousands of pounds watching over the years and buying the merchandise and putting all our effort and passion and time into watching.

        1. @ amro, I really love my club men, my father, grand father and most of my family members are Arsenal fans too. Zambia has had two presidents out of the 4 we’ve had who are Arsenal fans too so we’ve got a good thousand of fans just here and even when the economy is biting we buy jerseys and pay for cable tv just to watch our team. I for 1 am tired of Wengers tricks, I don’t think the man is an Arsenal fan anymore or else he would feel our pain!!!

          This club means everything to me, its more than football.

          I aint calling for a riot orsomething am just saying you guys make some noise atleast and be heard/seen.

          1. @007 its not that bad , we just won the fa cup , in the cl group stage
            and i believe we have a strong squad to compete at least till January ( and i still believe we will sign a couple of players before the deadline).

    1. I’m with you all the way.
      Gooner from Athens,Greece.
      Hey,since we cannot actually be there,let’s organise a video channel presenting our dissapontment and make it viral.


  22. Wenger is probably balls deep in some Italian prostitutes or something because he really needs to get his wrinkly c*ck out and sign some quality and you know… Do his f*cking job.

  23. When is Arsene Wenger going to run for French president..or for a political position for that matter..You know i always associate straight face lying to politicians

  24. firstly if he’s going surely we have a CB ligned up?
    Also just heard Swansea have signed a Swedish striker.
    With Gomis replacing Michu is Bony now on his way out or even to us? hope so 🙂
    SSN confirmed he does have a 20m BO clause.

  25. At this point, I think we should call it a day on the striker issue and focus all attention on getting quality defenders (notice the plural).

  26. Skysports:

    “Jermain Defoe has been linked with a move to the Emirates Stadium”


  27. I knew back then, that if we win the fa cup, Wenger will remain at Arsenal for years. He is like a curse to this club.

    Many fans are beyond help. The Akb freaks. Wenger could come to their homes and steal and burn all their shet up, and they would still worship him till death. Self claimed true fans, in reality they are fans of a person and not of a club. Arsene Fc. is their motto.

    The neutrals. They knew that Wenger is bad, but they feel srry for him, they think that he might change, and for every bad year, they hope Wenger will change in the next one, only to end up disappointed once again in the end.

    The bad boys, the so called negatives ones, who criticizes and question every move from the club and Wenger, only to be labeled in the end as Fake fans.

    In 2009 Wenger lost the plot. Arsenal died in that season. Losing the tittle with a 5 points lead, 3 weeks to end , only to end up in the 3rd place in the end.

    Wenger is history. Van Gaal is history. Ferguson is History. Capello is history. Scolari is history. Theyre football philosophy has ended and is old dated. Even If Manure do have the likes of Falcao and Di maria they will end up failing. Even if Arsenal gets Reus and Cavani, they will end up failing.

    New generation. Klopp, Brendon Rodgers, Moro, Simoe, Martinez, Guardiola > old generation of managers.

    1. You do realise we are but
      3 weeks into the league season?
      Unbeaten in 5 games this term
      and on a 10 game unbeaten run overall.
      In front of Man U a point behind
      City and Liverpool.

      1. Yep but 4 points behind Chelsea already, we stole 2 points at Palace, we stole a point at Everton, if we hadnt stole those 3 points we would be 12th, we should be beating these teams outright not relying on 92 or 95 minute wineers / equalisers. were scraping by lesser teams, we better sort it out against Man City or its going to be a horror show.

        1. But IF Chelsea had drawn all 3 of their games we’d be 2 points ahead. IF Sanago had chipped the keeper instead of firing it at him we would 2 points behind not 4. If Naismith was given offside and Sanogo chips the keeper we’d be level. Quit with the “ifs” – the arguments go nowhere

  28. I am reserving judgement until I wake up tomorrow morning!

    and then, if things are still exactly the same as they are now I will not be impressed to say the least!

  29. FA cup win has brought temporary relief for fans and given Wenger more time to continue doing what he does, it’s criminal and neglegance not address the squad. Short term gain for another season of possible pain. One step forward, three steps back.

    This could be the season we fall out top 4 with Man utd being the team to end our 17 year run.

  30. I’m tired of 4th place, finishing ahead of Spurs and making it through group stage of Champions League

    At least Europa League and 5th place will be a change. A new adventure

  31. Do you know what ?

    I just wish that Wenger would go.

    Enough is enough.

    To leave the club with someone as incompetent and useless and Sanogo as our first choice striker knowing full well that by the time Giroud makes his comeback next year our premiership campaign could very well be over once again is just beyond incompetence its professional mismanagement.

    Oh and apparently Wenger is busying himself at a charity match in Rome.

    This is beyond taking this piss.

  32. We’ll I’ve been pretty confident we’d finish above Man Utd this year.. But with Mata, Rooney, RVP, Di Maria and Falcao. Plus no Champions League, we could struggle to even finish fourth this season. It’s almost painful that we haven’t signed anyone in weeks when the need is so obvious. Just waiting for that Kallstrom-esque signing at the last minute.

    1. Just shows how a single player can change your perception on a team. Before we laghed at them now we look at that line up seeing Falcao up front and suddenly they can strike fear into other teams.

      Teams wont press utd anymore because they’ll be concerned about marking out Falcao and Di Maria

  33. 4th is a rapidly disappearing dream….as many of us have been saying now for 3 years wenger is a complete fraudster living of past glories which are completely irrelevant to todays game…its sad that fans are strung along by these cowboys…if i am not mistaken aristotle`s definition of ultimate human pain and ignomy was charged most expensive ticket prices to watch games and then being endlessly kicked in the balls by cheese eating surrender ca change

  34. Thank you! whining all day on this site isn’t going to change anything anyway, its just making me depressed reading these comments!

  35. We have signed the fewest number of players of all the premiership sides.

    We may have improved in quality Sanchez-Bendtner and Chambers-Vermaelin but in terms of numbers we have not. I think Arsenal fans should be very worried…

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