Done deal: Is Chambers Boro loan perfect for Arsenal?

Arsenal’s Calum Chambers has been confirmed as having joined Middlesbrough for the current season, and this could be an ideal situation for us.

The 21 year-old joined our club from Southampton, having impressed in their first team, but has struggled to earn a regular first-team role over the past year, and having fallen down the pecking order, has now been given the chance to gain more regular action elsewhere.

Chambers started the 4-3 opening weekend loss to Liverpool alongside Rob Holding, but with the imminent arrival of Shkodran Mustafi, as well as having Laurent Koscielny back available and with Gabriel Paulista set to return in the coming weeks, his opportunities to play for our first-team this season was looking highly unlikely, and he has now agreed to join Middlesbrough for the campaign.

The young defender will now take up working under former Real Madrid defender Aitor Karanka, who has played key roles in winning three Champions League winners medals previously at centre-back, and may well prove to be a big influence in guiding the youngster as he looks to make progress.

Karanka can also boast having worked under the highly successful Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid previously, and may well prove to be one of the best up-and-coming managers in football, and his side currently remain unbeaten despite earning promotion from the Championship only this summer.

The former Real Madrid player and assistant manager has now revealed his delight at the signing.

“I’m really pleased,” said Karanka. “It’s a position where we’ve been working towards bringing the right player in. We haven’t been in a hurry because Calum was the player we were waiting for, and he’s going to help us a lot.”

Will Karanka give Chambers the right tutelage to return to us ready for the first-team?

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  1. Indeed this is the best move for him.
    I actually follow boro, they are a nice and compact team. Plus they tend to concede few goals. Good-luck Chambers

  2. Sorry, can’t see Chambers ever being good enough for Arsenal…haven’t seen him play one good game that I remember…Holding looks a far better prospect. Same (as Chambers) goes for Jenkinson and Gnabry. Hope Jack can get it together though.

    1. Not a one good game? I guess you didn’t watch a single match from the fall 14/15 season.

      1. Watched them all mate. No offence to the boy but every time he played we looked like we could lose a goal at any time.

        1. yeah, I’m pretty sure he has at least one Player of the Month though. He did have a good period for us when he was playing regularly. Foolish to rule him out at only 21 years old, and he’s a defender, and they usually peak later.

          1. He inspires you with confidence then? Holding has played more solid games than Chambers so far for Arsenal. Hope I’m proved wrong, but can’t see it.

            1. Chambers is not a confident player. Way too easy to fool to be a solid defender. I’m hoping he can start regularly and improve, and gain that confidence. I’m not ready to write him off at 21 years old.

            2. Uhmm so every 20 year old should inspire the same level of confidence as a world class defender in their prime ? Get out of here with your unrealistic expectations

              1. Uhmm…think Every player who pulls on first team shirt at Arsenal should inspire some confidence some time …Chambers never does. You would think that we would see some improvement as he is playing alongside Kos and Per…but still seems like an accident waiting to happen.
                But you love him so good for you

  3. “We haven’t been in a hurry because Calum was the player we were waiting for”. That shows us how the transfer window operates at times. U got to be patient. As we signed Mustafi then they came and get Chambers.

  4. @Twig the leicester coach is such an intelligent coach and hss got a midas touch.The guy is getting players to play above their abilities.In truth Calum Chambers is a very clumsy player even when he was playing well when he first came.He was always used to making mistakes.I pray he makes it though.Arsenal fans should rather have high hopes for Gabriel who can be Koscielny 2.0.Gabriel can be very good.I still find it difficult to ind an aspect of Calum chambers game which makes him standout tbh.He’s always easily beaten,slow and has terrible decision making.He needs be very focused and work hard and then I’ll believe in him.The funny thing is even Isaac Hayden has more potential than Rob holding and Calum Chambers.He kept the same Mane who ran them ragged in his back pocket.I hope you remember that Arsenal vs Southampton match.

      1. Haha yep! And holding won player of the season for his respective club in the same championship. Go figure?
        Hate these fans who seem to be experts on player potential and who we should keep/let go… The chorus of we should’ve kept Afobe has died down since he’s been incredibly underwhelming in his return to the Premier League.. Wonder why that is?

  5. Fellow gooners if you haven’t already watched it, go to arsenalfantv and see the interview that Robbie did with the football agent.. it’s very informative and will let you understand the transfer process a bit, but the thing I take away is when he said dick law is our sporting director.

    1. Very good vid! We definitely could use someone in that role…
      I personally think the Mustafi deal is being blown out of proportion in that he was obviously a long-term target of ours who went deep into the Euros and was nursing an injury. As our second highest, record signing (Wenger… A CB for 35mil! Who would’ve guessed?), he wouldn’t have been ready for the Liverpool game, which was the game we were desperate for. It’s frustrating it took so long to get done, but it did get done in the end and I personally think we’ve got ourselves what will be an amazing CB for a long time at the club..
      But the striker fumbling this window is inexcusable. Vardy to Lacazette to Icardi back to Lacazette to flirting with Mahrez with whispers of Griezmann and Higuain in the background then eventually to Perez who we’ve supposedly followed for some time. We needed to be more efficient in finding which clubs are pricing us out of a potential move, or using us for contracts or are a pipe dream in the first place. All those deals died a while back… We needed a further option to be finalized faster.

      1. A lot of those supposed targets were all paper talk. For example icardi, Inter have new cash rich chinese owners, why would they sell their top goalscorer

  6. @RSH don’t kid yourself with that thought.West Brom must have thought the player playing in Gnabry’s position was better than him same goes with Hayden Fans will feny it.He had the same Mane in his back pocket.He has potential than Calum Chambers and Holding.He was more defensively solid.He is a born leader.Have you watched Hayden that much?He was the best defender in our academy and kept lot of wonderkids quiet.It’s my opinion though.I definitely thing he’s got more potential than the two.

    1. I’m not kidding myself with anything. Hayden plays CDM 90% of the time… yet you’re comparing him to our CB’s. I’ve seen him play a few games, and he’s talented, but we’ve had so many talented youngsters that don’t excel on the big stage. You’re entitled to your opinion of course.

  7. Anyone here who says Calum Chambers has more potential than Isaac Hayden will be lying through their teeth.If anything it’s long term injuries that have halted his progress for a while but once his career kickstarts we gonna regret sellimg him because of his world class potential.

    1. Kev… Stop it, just stop it.
      These armchair managers who say this kid’s better than this kid pretty much never end up being right. We have trained professionals at the club who work with these kids every day.. If Hayden is as good as you say he is why would we have let him go so cheaply?
      You seem to be relying heavily on the fact that he kept Mane quiet last time out… Probably don’t use a player as wildly inconsistent as Mane is as the foundation of your argument?

  8. @ RSH as I said it’s more of injuries than him not perfprming.The same applies to Gnabry.Hayden actually forced his move but Wenger wanted to keep him.He played against Southampton in the Carling cup which at that time was in a big stage in his career and back pocketed Mane like he’s been doing to many youngsters in the U21’s.He played CB in that game and was actually viewed in the long run as a CB from by the club though he’s a dm.He plays CB just as well as he plays DM because of his solidity and reading of the game.Just look at the position he played for Arsenal in the senior team.He’s gonna be a big loss but the funny thing is people expect his name to fade away.

  9. @josh37 who said they never get it right?At times they do at times they don’t.Let me put my point and simple to you deny it if you want or feel free for you are entitled to ypur opinion.Isaac Hayden is easily a better player than Calum Chambers.Isaac Hayden forced a move out of the club and don’t let his price tag deceive you about his ability.Everything that Calum Chambers does Isaac can do it far better from what I’ve watched on him so far.Listen the truth is that people have hopes for Calum Chambers because of his young age but age shouldn’t be the major factor of having hopes for a player.That is why some players will start showing their true class in the latter part of their careers and some early.I just have to say it like how it is.

  10. You also mentioned that the Afobe chorus has died down.The question is does he have world class potential?Yes.Was he given his chance?No.Should he have been his chance?Yes.People sung that chorus mainly because of our forwards underperforming and they still are especially the cf’s.You know what’s funny in this?A lot of youngsters with world class potential in our club have been underwhelming but yet the managers still have hopes for them.So the same goes to Afobe like it or not he was born with the potential and it’s up to him to release it.

  11. everton did write off mustaf but look at him,never write off a defender,.as far as i know kos the boss was the worst defender back in the day,fans even wanted him to be sold,.but look at him now how the hell did he turn into monster he is,.dont understimate chambers he is got everthing u need for cb pace,pass skills,he is tall,has strength,.he just need to work it out all together.he will make it

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