DONE DEAL! – Lyon confirm that Arsenal have signed Lacazette – Yippee!

Finally an Arsenal transfer rumour is actually confirmed as fact, obviously by the selling club rather than Arsene Wenger, and it probably won’t appear on the official Arsenal website for another month!

But this is what the London Standard has just reported, and we all know that Jean-Michel Aulas has fed us a lot of bovine droppings in the last few weeks, but he obviously couldn’t resist telling the media the news very quickly….

The Standard just reported: Arsenal could complete the signing of Alexandre Lacazette within the next 48 hours, according to Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas.

The French striker is set to become Arsenal’s record signing after Lyon showed greater flexibility over their £57million asking price, and it appears that Lacazette will now join for a fee worth around £43m.

Aulas told Le Progress that the deal could be complete in “one or two days”, adding: “The transfer [fee] will be between €45million and €50m. Being close to €50m is unique, and will probably be a record for Arsenal and Olympique Lyonnais as well.

“We will probably reach a new record, it’s not a small transfer, €50m for a player trained by our club.”

Yay! Come on everyoned! Time to party!



  1. Very good news indeed. However, it’s not success but the right way forward. We still need more reinforcements and also to know the future of those whose contracts are in doubt. Signing Lacazette will not be good news if it means we are going to lose Sanchez and not get get a suitable replacement. However, thank you Wenger, l give credit where it’s due.

      1. “Sanchez frustrated with Chile after Confederations cup final loss, might demand transfer to Brazil or Argentina national team ahead of Russia 2018, Sampaolo, the coach of Argentina was former Chile coach and will relish the chance to work with Sanchez again “

  2. Welcome to Arsenal Lacazette.

    Can’t wait to see it on arsenal website.

    Wish Sanchez stays though, don’t want it to be the same case as getting Giroud, Poldi, santi and then sold Van P.

    1. Make A-S just sit on the bench all season or sign for 18 months more. World Cup next year so he will want to play. He is contracted for another year. Would mr AF put up with this

  3. Sounds very promising and the best news we have had all week regarding a striker coming to the club. Let’s hope the club confirm the singing in the next few days.


  4. He said it could be done within 2 days… ?? is it safe to welcome Lacazette now or best wait another 48 hours because you can never tell with that ?? who seems to be going through his menopause ?

    This Mehrez news is hotting up, reports from Italy claim that it will be announced soon ?? price agreed at £35 million and a 4 year contract.

    1. Even the Daily Cannon is reporting on the Mahrez to be signing, next week.
      And thanks to the DailyCannon, here’s a little reminder of Mahrez’s abilities.

      Riyad Mahrez is a great dribbler and has plenty of talent and skills to put even the best defenders in the world to the test. His direct approach and agility allow him to go past two or three defenders before they have the opportunity to catch up, and by the time they close on him, it’s already too late.

      The playmaking winger is at his best when positioned on the right flank but he is also adapted to switching to the left and can even play as an attacking midfielder. On average, Mahrez creates 1.39 chances per game and makes 1.31 key passes with the pass completion rate of 78%, well below what would be expected at Arsenal.

      The player, however, is a threat for the opposition in every part of the pitch, and he doesn’t shy away from taking chances.

      He has a decent accuracy of 64% when taking a shot. He took around 1.06 shots per-game from inside the penalty box and one from outside of the area. Even though he as a preference to use his left foot, his right leg can also be very dangerous.

      1. Dude I’m unconvinced
        Il be honest I watched him last season in few games. He was pish
        But of cpurse season before he was.crazy

        Reckon he’s worth 35 now?!
        He doesn’t track back. I hate when ozil does that. I’m fuming when nemo does that

    2. Mahrez will be a welcome addition to our squad,especially if he can raise his game back to 2015 season level.however I clicked the link for this lacazette news ,it didnt work .dont know if anyone experienced same thing.also couldnt find a shred of news regarding that on google

      1. Link working now.I really do hope this is true and I want the deal wrapped up asap cos we gunners are overdue for some good news

  5. Admin you stop this bloooody click bait gaddamit!!??…. It hasn’t even been confirmed yet

      1. Lol…Fatboy it’s frustrating!! i ain’t believing sh!t till i see it on arsenal’s official site. i have gone through this confirmed signing ?? For years only to get heart broken

      2. Lol…fatboy i’m getting tired of confirmed signing on papers every year only to be fvcked by Wenger

  6. Will only believe it once i see him unveiled in red n white…..but very hopefull. Dont stop their Arsenal, get Aubameyang as well and keep Giroud as our hold up striker! 3 very good options. Hopefully Lemar to and we good to make a title challenge…..Show Ambition!

  7. @fatboy gooner, thank you for joining in the sing song I though I was on my own for a moment there?

  8. Lacazzette playes down the middle,

    Mahrez, mbappe, lemar play on the left so does sanchez
    personally i think only one of these will be here next year. which makes me think we wont be as strong as this year

    1. not completely true mate.though hes a left footed player,mahrez plays mostly from the right .he can also play behind the striker

  9. Hmmm. Fatboy is appearing to be scoring 1/2 correct as the signing of Lacazette has now moved to confirmation level. Hopefully, the signing will be confirmed in or before 36 hours time.

    How about that Thomas Lermar’s move to Arsenal? So that that #LACALEMA will turn to reality. Enh? But is Le Prof now switched his favour to a Mahrez move to the Gunners than Lermar to do the moving? I for one will prefer a Lermar move to us. Ask me why? Mahrez looked to be a one season player at Leicester.

    1. Fatboy tore into resource for pretending rumours were anything other than they were. Fatboy posts rumours from every and all papers/websites. Nothing more. He’s put forward ten+ different rumours.

  10. As much as Iove Sanchez, he should leave if he already decided too, trying to keep a player who refused tonplay is more toxic then signing Joey Barton. Whether it’s true or not, Sanchez doesnt have tje best record with team mates, especially when losing in a match. Can only wonder whats dressing room is like, or if ee had a more vocal team mate or coach, woild have been public by now.

  11. Rather lemar than mahrez to be honest. Younger and better potential even if more expensive. Too much for mahrez, 20 to 25 million i can dig it; but 35 million I’d rather bid more for lemar even if it means missing mbappe.

    1. Also Marhez is a walk over compared to Lemar. Marhez will not put his body on the line, not that Lemar is a beast, but he’s much more industrious than Marhez at defending. Some fans don’t care about that though, even though they will call us weak and lacking leaders when the time comes. Forwards shouldn’t have to be great at defending, but they should have a competitiveness about them.

      Marhez and Ozil, I said Wenger is finally learning but if this happens I take those words back. No point in just getting strong willed defenders then targeting forwards who cannot help them.

  12. Sorry guys am tiired of sanchez and ozil news let them go we cant keep on talking same thing the whole year we have good players lets just wait others wil come why keeping players who doesnt like you u n i love this team than them so why complaing

  13. Finally, after all these years we finally pay for a striker. Giroud I am not impressed by, sounds like he doesn’t want Arsenal to progress. At least not in the CF area anyhow. Would have liked Chile to win tonight, so Alexis would’ve been in better mood when negotiating with us. Next target I hope we can get done without alerting everyone to our business. I believe most fans will will eventually end up happy with our business this summer. If we get them in in time for pre-season it will help us settle and gel much sooner.

    1. Giroud doesn’t want “competition” meaning real competition. He prefers “competition” against Walcott and Welbeck up top. When its Sanchez or Lacazette, he knows the bench is calling, so he gripes and moans and talks about leaving. He had 4 years to cement his place, his fault no one elses.
      I will miss the tongue sticking out when he misses, but Ramsey giving him competition on that
      Ambition has casualties, theo next.

      1. Sick and tired of “fans” kissing the arses of the players that want to leave and are the most disrespectful while showing no respect to the players that have committed to Arsenal.

        Who needs enemies when you have Arsenal fans!! Idiots.

        1. Thank you. Ozil never once came out or said he’d leave. He only asked what was happening with Wenger. Wenger was the biggest influence in him coming here and that was his only gripe about signing a new contract. Alexis I suspect isn’t going anywhere because truth be told Arsenal is where he got the most freedom to express himself on the football pitch. Under pep he was benched because pep believed he was too gung-ho for his system and people still believe he is going to join Man City. Ox can leave for all we care – Maitland – Niles can play wing back and bellerin is far more effective in that position and centrally the ox is way behind the rest of the midfielders there in terms of abiliity. Ox hasn’t been consistent enough or stayed fit enough to warrant any more money out of Arsenal. Ox isn’t really a special player – good on his day but that’s it. Theo Walcott has scored against Barcelona, Bayern, Man City etc. I may not like the guy and he doesn’t currently fit in our system but he has scored 19 goals last season as a winger – that is a real contribution. If Ox was contributing that much to our attack i’d probably care more but as things stand he can do whatever.

    2. I am not new to the site but this is the first time writing a comment. The latest news on Lacazet sounds fantastic and he will be great for the team so fingers crossed it happens as we have been here before. I feel we will sell Perez once this deal goes through as he will be surplus to requirements. He was a good player and definitely under used but its business but would have loved to have seen more of him.
      I will be surprised if we go in for Marez as his defensive skills and work rate as others have commented on are lacking plus I don’t think the right wing is where we need to strengthen.
      On the point of Sanchez’s comments re where he will be playing next season, it could have been interpretated either way but the press being the animal they are went for the more sensational. Personally all the evidence says he will stay. In order to comprehensively say you know where u will be playing next season means he has agreed or signed a contract. If he had done so with MC or BM they would have leaked more news than they have done so far.
      I really hope ox and the club can work something out as he is a good player and Arsenal and Wenger is his best chance to develop into a very good national player.
      So far so good to this transfer season and fingers tightly crossed re lacazet and Lemar if we can. I will dream of Mbappe but not too much yet….

  14. I can’t wait to hear that it has finally happened and he is with us. I pray Mbappe should join soon. I also wish Giroud and Sanchez are not sold because it was our attack that gave us main problem last season after one goal the team will collapse unable to push and mount pressure upfront especially against Man city and Everton. Up Gunners!!!

  15. Coming from the mouth ? of the Lyon president himself,known for his hate of @arsenal when it comes to transfer business,had say Lacazette is 90% sure to join us.What will be the greatest achievement this transfer transfer window will be to keep both Alexis & Ozil.As for those who slates Rd. -source for confirming the transfer this past week I wonder how they must be feeling,like some “spurd fans”????? who knows#History#Tradition#Class

  16. …personally, i will wait untill Aug 31 to decide either to celebrate or not, my heart heart has been broken several times before,now i can not place my bet that easily!

  17. Sanchez thinks he is a winner,but he failed to lead Chile past Mustafi, oh what a looser after 20 years in (chmps lg) he finally falls us short coz of his Chilean behaviour in the team, he should leave now, remember that used to sell such players# Nasri#Van Persie etc but we are still Arsenal

  18. Lyon president says Lacazette ‘could’ sign in the next couple of days, doesn’t sound like confirmation to me. Think I will wait until it’s confirmed on our website and not in the papers…….been down this road too many times before.

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