DONE DEAL? Monaco agree Lemar transfer to Arsenal

The long awaited and much talked about summer transfer of the France international star Thomas Lemar to Arsenal has been agreed by his current club AS Monaco, with the French club only waiting to secure a replacement for the talented 21-year old before confirming it officially, according to the Italian football journalist Emiliano Giulianelli.

I have no idea where this guy gets his information from but he is well known for his transfer revelations and has often been spot on in the past, so with The Mirror reporting his declaration that Lemar to Arsenal is a done deal, we Arsenal fans can only hope that this is another of those times.

The Italian posted on social media, “To all the Arsenal supporters asking me about Lemar I can answer: don’t worry, he will join the Gunners.”

He was then asked whether the transfer was conditional on anything else to which he replied, “Done, but Monaco want to have a substitute first.”

The sounds coming out of the south of France club have been pretty negative for hopeful Arsenal fans but there have been numerous reports that the players agents have been negotiating with people from Arsenal and that personal terms were sorted some time ago.

I have been wondering why, if Monaco were so determined to keep the player, Arsene Wenger has not made any formal move for his other transfer target Riyad Mahrez, so is this revelation from Giulianelli the answer?



  1. Oluwaseyi says:

    I am going to over excited on this. I will rather wait until it’s official. Sincerely, the approach Arsenal is using in their transfer dealing is old. In the same transfer window Chelsea, Man City and Man United found a player and buy.

  2. ArsenalMan says:

    I will only believe when i see the Man in Arsenal jersey.

  3. Oluwaseyi says:

    I am not going to over excited on this. I will rather wait until it’s official. Sincerely, the approach Arsenal is using in their transfer dealing is old. In the same transfer window Chelsea, Man City and Man United found a player and buy.

  4. john says:

    You have to see it to believe it and only when it on sky sports news or BBC Sport is when it happens, it only press and hearsay at the moment

    1. Gunnerjoe says:

      You mean according to sky’s source’s sky are as far as print media

      1. Gunnerjoe says:

        Bad as…..

  5. Thorough says:

    Emiliano Giulianelli, the troll of ITKs. That guy just adds common sense to unfolding events and claims ITK. And sorry to burst your bubble, he’s never been spot on, not on one single transfer…except he claims it after another top journo has said it.

  6. regina says:

    I only believe when he is unveil as arsenal player

  7. habtamu says:

    i dont thik so

  8. DaRkPoPe says:

    Revealed: Kev is Emiliano Giulianelli

    1. John says:

      Spot on mate

    2. sanmi.marvellous says:

      actually his name is Emanuele and NOT Emiliano.

  9. GoonAR says:

    I’ll believe it when The Arsenal Horse reports it.

  10. Billy says:

    If this is true, we can say goodbye to Sanchez as we have his replacement.
    The transfer merry go round begins. The next few weeks will see lots of coming and goings hopefully, dead wood gone and we can get Mahrez and a world class DM and we are good to go.

    1. Jan says:

      Plus 1 CB van dijk maybe

    2. Martin says:

      He is not a replacement as a totally different type of player. We need both.

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    The Mirror is just rehashing what we already know. We just have to wait until it’s official, IF it happens.

  12. bonginkosi ponny dlamini says:

    not sure about that cause Monaco said he is not for sale

  13. waal2waal says:

    If he wasn’t coming he’s had every opportunity to comment on it even in a diplomatic and veiled kinda way – like others i refuse to dampen my enthusiasm it will happen. Equally as interesting is those refusing to leave, seriously players need to leave even ones that have been there for years.

  14. sulgem says:

    ooh please for the gunners sake we fade up of so much false done deals give us only the genuine news ,we will live up to it.

  15. ABEBE says:

    I personally waited for sooooo long to this happen, thank you for giving me hope Mr 🙂 i still hope Arsenal people wake up and bring in Lemar 🙂

  16. Marty says:

    Done deal, deal off, done deal, deal off….do you know what I don’t even care any more, fed up with the whole Lemar transfer or non transfer…..

  17. collince says:

    We are still happy with Sanchez at emirates but it’s all about players interests, if he is interested in leaving the club then we cant force him to stay, but let him be reminded that he was a bench player at Nou camp, arsenal made him a regular player

    1. hassanibrahymy212 says:

      That true let him go and one day he will regret why he leaving arsenal

      1. Joe lacazeete says:

        Just like alex hleb,flamini…even nasri,clichy ,sagna have success at their 1st or 2nd season at city.,but where there hell they now?if there still remain at arsenal,they will be a legend…

  18. Akan says:

    The deadwood cant leave coz no one else is prepared to give them the kind of crazy money they are on at Arsenal, especially that lump of rotten french oak Giroud. If he were the real top class striker some idiots are making him out to be surely a top flight club from somewhere in europe would have made an offer by now. The only stories we’ve heard about are from clubs who will be fighting out mid table and relegation positions, which quite frankly is where he should be playing

    1. Darwin says:

      Believe me, when you talk about rotten dead wood, Giroud should NOT be on that list. He is not world class, we know his limitations. but saying he is deadwood, you’re just being biased man

      1. desire to excel says:

        Can’t imagine the amount of hate Giroud gets. Agreed that he is not world class on his own. However, he is exceptional when he plays for France. If you play to his strengths, he is really good. Plus, he is a brilliant plan B. You’d struggle to find a backup striker as good as him.

  19. Sajoh Mpk says:

    Fake News I Can’t Believe On That…

  20. MBOGO SAM _UGANDA says:


  21. Darwin says:

    Not all teams go to the media outlets before negotiating for a player. And its not like clubs actually “bid” for a player, not like its shown on auction bidding anyways. Its always a negotiation for a player. I am sure clubs dont carry suitcase of cash and say, this here is 30 million, our 1st bid. etc etc.

    It will be negotiating with club officials, the price and terms of payment. This whole Lemar bids also, I feel as in negotiations are still going on. If Monaco said no, its means there would be no negotiations. and no so called bids. Also if some reports are true with respect to Personal terms being agreed with Lemar, that means Monaco have given the go ahead to talk with the players agent or the player himself. Otherwise that would be tapping up and seeing Monaco recently saying it will complain reg. certain clubs in doing so, it would have definetely reported Arsenal to football governing bodies.

    Somehow i am a bit optimistic about Lemar, in bit it might have to do it with kev/resource guy fooling me about Lemar. Anyways, I’m okay with it. Transfer window is always about bieng fooled.. lol

    1. Jay Dee says:

      I actually look forward to being tossed about. My transfer window would not be complete with characters like Kev and Resource. Otherwise we would be stuck with the “Metro” for transfer rumours. I also believe it’s a done deal. Just worried it might signal Sanchez leaving. Little torn about the Sanchez situation but I guess that’s football. You win some (Benfica) and lose some (Chelshit)..

  22. J says:

    Well AW needs to pull something out of the bag and quick. DM needed and. CB asap.

  23. Me says:

    It was all exciting until it got to the “according to” part.
    Until the contract is signed and he is playing for Arsenal then its just BS
    Kolasinac looks a very good player..

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It was though wasn’t it. Felt exactly the same way. I thought to myself, this guy is after getting some early news that I haven’t seen yet, said nice one!. Then as I was about to go searching for the reports ..boom!! – according to the dude that talks allot of s**t.

  24. Arsenal1Again says:

    At least Bob isn’t going on and on and on about Theo Walcott and how he should be playing as striker, blah blah blah.

    If Lemar comes then he comes, if he doesn’t then it’s just another missed player because Wenger messes about with haggling – now teams don’t have time to get replacements for players they sell … as usual. 2 and half months gone by so far since the season ended and one more month to go.

    There is no more time for haggling so now he has to give more money than he wanted to spend – as usual …. and won’t as usual.

    He’ll blame the other team as usual.

    A week before the transfer window closes Wenger will look at his 4th choice players and probably pay through the nose for them too.

    Wenger being an ex-manager of Monaco he might catch a break, but it all comes down to the fact Arsenal FC have Arsene Wenger as the manager … as usual.

  25. amabs Aku says:

    we are tired of speculative stories. if wenger has the liver let him bring the best players to the emirates. the fans will respect him the more.

  26. kennedy says:

    he’s a super sub and he has proved that overtime…

  27. Hakiim says:

    Lets wait and see what will happen at the end but befor we bring Larm we have to re-sign Sunchez and Ox

  28. john says:

    I heard we. Made a third offer of 45 million for him and i think they rebuff it, and Monaco are playing hard ball and with a few weeks to go who knows we may Get him, As for Alexis Sanchez sell him if he wants to leave, it could upset the changing room Wenger can’t keep a player who doesn’t want to play for the club,

  29. i think the done deal for lemar is good to as fans who play game with mouth am almost happy plz wenger you can also do another deal of mahrez who is ready to play for as then let sanchez go

  30. Midkemma says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Lemar and Carvalho for final 2 transfers in.

    TBH I want to see Xhaka and Carvalho in the middle, if they can work well together then we would have a big and powerful CM to rely on, a pair of destroyers with neat passing.

  31. Kape says:

    Have read this countless times through different outlets, what am hoping for is real news…us two more signings Wenger, Lemar among the two…

  32. Rancy wreh says:

    when will arsenal buy those players that they are telling about.

  33. leo says:

    not really true

  34. Bogere JohnBaptist says:

    I dont think that lemars deal will be done to arsenal

  35. Malik says:

    I dnt belive untill i see the man on arsenal squad

  36. John says:

    Wenger has to step up and bring another 2 players,a winger and a CM that’s what arsenal fans want

  37. msk says:

    This should be a good side for 2017/18
    Mustafi Koscielny Kolisinac
    Bellerin Carvalho Xhaka Chamberlain
    mahrez Ozil

  38. Jeremy says:

    It’s extremely hard for us to deal with French clubs. They seems to dislike us quite a lot.

    We get lots of rumors of players for the past decade or so. Seeing it actually happens, probably is the only time to believe.

    1. kimtel says:

      please give us confirmed news done deal, deal off, what is now the truth

  39. OKWII emma says:

    am tired of speculations we need more

  40. joe says:

    I believe The words of Emmanueli this guy is total fbi in transfers

  41. bashorun detola says:

    cant wait to see lemar/asensio at emirate, probrably with j.seri & w.cavalho to replace unreliable injury prone jack.w & s.carzola

  42. Uwot? says:

    We need “nobby ” there’s a player.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I’m surprised some bigger clubs aren’t looking into him. African player of the year. The Africans who win that accolade by playing in CDM/B2B are usually very much decent players.

  43. Victor Johnson says:

    I dont believe in all the fake news coming out of emirate stadium, but I believe, I hope seeing is believing cause this is not the first time we heard about the speculations. so me i don’t think that I have much time to be deceive again so when see lemar in Arsenal color then I will believe that we have made an approach to buy lemar so my follow fans pls use your brain thank you

  44. Sabitu Yahaya says:

    I hope its a true because this used to come and pass with no thing at last, while very nice development, further more they should try all their best to keep ALEXIS SANCHEZ, And if loss him again is another problems.

  45. Akpasi says:

    Thoma lemar.I can only believe his transfer deal on the pitch with arsenal jersey

  46. My opinion is id sell Alexis now .he just doesnt want to be at r club .i seen enough last season his mood swings on the pitch was terrible to watch at times .
    Let him go to city after it pep that didnt play him at barcelona and the will happen again
    He wil come back this season and with his mood swings he upset the team .

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