DONE DEAL! New Gunner Paulista vows to help Arsenal to GLORY

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans out there, but I was just starting to get a little concerned about the delay that was holding up the completion of the transfer of Gabriel Paulista from Villarreal in Spain’s La Liga, especially with the work permit issues.

But the official Arsenal website has now confirmed that the versatile Brazilian defender, able to play anywhere along the line of a back four, is now a Gunner after reports today revealed that he was sent to Paris to make sure the paperwork went through as quickly as possible.

Anyway we can all now relax and look forward to seeing if the 24-year old can settle quickly into the team and adapt to the rigours of the Premier League/ Paulista himself sounds like he cannot wait to get stuck in and try to make his new club as solid at the back and as hard to beat as he made Villarreal, who have not lost a game in their last 18 matches.

The new Arsenal player said, “I came from a club that is not that big in Brazilian football. I went to Spanish football and that was another dream come true, to play in Europe. A while ago I had a really huge desire to play in the Premier League, so since that point I put it in my head that I really wanted to do it. I had a talk with my family and I told them that it was my dream to play in the Premier League. Getting here to such a big club is so gratifying.

“I am arriving at a big club and the fans can expect to find a Gabriel with a great will to help everyone. Not just thinking of me as an individual, because to me that is not important. I care more about helping the team and my team-mates. I want to help everyone, so the fans can expect a Gabriel that on the field has a lot of will to be able to help the team win important things.”

If the defender can have an impact anything like the last South American player signed by Wenger, with Alexis Sanchez taking the Premier League by storm, then maybe he can help us to a trophy or two this season. Not being cup-tied, he can feature for us in the Champions League and FA cup competitions as well as the league, so welcome aboard to Gabriel and let’s hope for plenty of good times to come.

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    1. Is wenger starting to change the opinions of the fans? I wanted him gone 100%, but now with this signing im thinking that he can see what we can all see, or is it just a ploy to stop us moaning again! Anyway COYG

  1. Once Wenger talked openly about wanting him, and said the deal was 50/50 I knew we had him, perhaps just barring work permit ..Arsene never discusses signings usually

    WELCOME to Arsenal Gabriel, hopefully this will be a happy and successful club for you to be at

    1. he should discuss things openly with the fans….this would bring in more ideas and competition for him….

      good for the club and fans

      1. Selling cub would up the price and a couple more clubs would be competing for his signature not to mention the embarrassment if he didn’t end up at Arsenal so great idea. At least you’d be able to chat about it on here though and that’s the most important thing.

      2. the moment i see “Hidden due to low comment rating”, i already know its a comment from Hafiz. C’mon guys!

  2. here’s hoping that gabriel forms a solid defense partnership at the back for “the arsenal”! Coyg! All the best bro!

  3. He made Christiano cry; that made him King of my Hill. Now if he would just kick Costra in the balls by accident.

  4. Here is hoping that Paulista has a LONG, healthy and effective career with us.

    Here is hoping Costa gets a 3 match ban.

    Seriously, our defense is looking better now

    CB = Koscielny, Mertsacker and Paulista
    RB = Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin
    LB = Gibbs and Monreal
    DM = Coquelin, Bielik and (cough cough) Flamini
    GK = Ospina, Szczesny and Martinez

    In summer, improvements to defense
    1. Add LB
    2. Say nice goodbye to Flamini
    3. Get another DM
    4. If Szczesny doesn’t improve or wants to leave get another GK like Cech

    1. 5. Make decision on Jenkinson

      Don’t loan him off again. He is obviously a decent RB. Either keep him or sell him and use his funds for another player (ie LB to join Monreal and Gibbs or another top RB)

      1. Jenks should go. He’s too much like Chambers and we spent a crap load of money on him. I would rather have Jenks than Chambers though. Now that we have our CB, where’s the new DM?

        1. Why get rid of either? Wenger sees Chambers as a long term CB and I actually think I agree. Jenks is a solid RB. Both fit the home grown setting and are both young, not taxing the squad numbers. Most important is getting everyone game time – Bellerin has been forced into RB this season but I’d imagine he’ll get a loan deal next year when Jenk is back challenging Debuchy for the first team spot. I do not see us selling Jenk as he has Arsenal blood – he doesn’t want to go, Arsenal have no reason to let him go.

          1. You might be right about Jenks staying, but right now he’s playing lots of minutes at West ham. Bellerin is great. He should not be loane anywhere. Debuchy is great as well. Chambers is cover for CB. We also have Hayden. Jenks has been used mostly offensively for West ham. Its hard to think he would come back to sit on the bench.

    2. Lots of rumours regarding Jose Luis Gaya. Don’t know the guy but he’s a 19 year old left back and they want to buy him now while his release clause is still in place. Sounds like a good deal seeing as how he’s supposedly one of the brightest sparks not already at Real or Barca.

  5. We don’t give a toss about Angel Maria…..we have our own ANGEL GABRIEL. Welcome to Arsenal son.

  6. wow…seen clips of paulista playing for villareal and i’m impressed. Speedy and brave in a challenge, like the complete opposite of Mert

    He seems built for the EPL, hope he adapts and does well for the team


    1. remember Andre Santos??

      brave and aggressive….love to shoot and score goals….

      Brazilian international tooo

      we all know what happen to him soon after he signs

  7. Thats what they always say… big clubs pay more and have more commercial appeal…

    conclusion leads to more money

  8. why so many red arrows ? he didn’t say arsenal he said premiere league so i dont see anything bad.

    1. Haha, it is a strange one. Poor chap didn’t even express an opinion, just printed the interview and yet people disagreed with him. Then they did the same to you for asking what was wrong with it. Will probably do the same to me. Some people must do it for fun. Was a bit long but nobody’s forcing you to read it.

      1. Maybe its because he just reproduced the interview here when it can be found on Dunno.

  9. it will be a hurdle….

    no one can speak Portuguese apart from Wenger to help him settle and adapt….he has got no native friends in Arsenal….

    1. That is a good point. Can sometimes be a problem. Thinking optimistically it could encourage other Brazilians to come to Arsenal. Whatever happened to Wellington Silva, is he still on loan or was he sold ?

    2. A Portuguese speaker living and working in Spain for 2 years will be fine with all our Spanish speaking players (and Wenger).

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