DONE DEAL? Saints already planning transfer of Schneiderlin to Arsenal

It was one of the biggest Arsenal transfer rumours of last summer and although Southampton managed to hold on to their France international Morgan Schneiderlin back then, it has looked increasingly like they would be losing him sooner or later.

That time has been looking closer all the time in the last few weeks, as the Saints´ very impressive push for the top four has been hit with a few key injuries to key players like Schneiderlin and their keeper Fraser Forster. And now it looks almost impossible for his club to give Schneiderlin the Champions League football he has been so open about wanting.

Ronald Koeman has already hinted that he would find it hard to keep his star midfielder for another year and now it looks like he has accepted the inevitable and is already lining up Onderj Duda from Polish club Legia Warsaw as a replacement, according to a Daily Star.

Even if that is true it does not mean that Arsenal will be the club to complete the transfer of the talented Frenchman I hear you cry. Well it does if our main rivals are Tottenham as reports claim, because the spuds are moving further away from the promised land of the Champions League, with an extremely early St. Totteringham´s day to highlight their struggles. With no Gareth Bale to sell and the money from his move to Madrid having seemingly been wasted, things do not look like improving so why on earth would Schneiderlin want to go there?

As long as Wenger actually wants Schneiderlin I cannot see any reason for him to not be with Arsenal next season. Can you?

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  1. lets consider if we buy Rues , Scheldrine, and a CB(young) then look at our squad
    Sub: Scez,Debuche, mert, Scheldrine, Cazorla, whilshre,welback
    Reserves: Walcott, Ox, Arteta Diaby, Martinez, New CB, Chembers,Gibbs, Mozart(last year)
    Thats too strong i guess and perfectly balanced with just two players
    Sell the rest dont need them anyway

    1. Lets consider Ox Walcott Gnabry and Welbeck. Reus aint going to happen, maybe if we had of went after him before WCup instead of Sanchez but not now. Which team wouldnt take Reus.

      A striker with some clinical instinct and a bit of flair seems the bigger objective over another attacking midfielder, although nobodys going to say no to Reus.

      1. At arsenal we turn to get obsessed with players of other clubs.
        You fans demanding fron Gundogan when you have rambo playing wide. You have jack on the bench and yet some people want to add gundogan to that.

        You fine people asking for draxler or Firminho or isco and yet we have ozil and cazorla . but they want firminho or isco. Even though we clearly don’t need them.

        We have 4 CB in Boss Gabby per and Chambers and some people still want Hummels or Vlaar or a new Cb so we have 5 CB. How do you ever play 5CB. ?

        We have nacho and Gibbs and some people wanta us to buy a new left back.

        I am happy Wenger doesn’t listen to us cause some of us will turn Arsenal to Blackpool in 5 years time with unnecessary buys. Like wenger said fabregers wasn’t needed.
        Now we are short of 2 players. If we get them we are good to go. Schiniderlin and lacazette .

        lacazette. he has 30 something goals this season in a good french league. he is 23 years and is the 3rd highest goal scorer in european top leagues after messi and Ronaldo. Thats not a bad record to have. he is also completely differnt from giroud so we could vary our style depending on the games.

        Morgan schiniderlin. he knows all about the league and he has the height physicality and can fxxxx pass a football. we can rotate him and Coq and play them 2gether in some tough away games.

        that is 50£ million spent and we are good to go. We don’t have to spend 200 million like united and pay pensioners 250k -300k a week to be competitive.

        1. We don’t need a cb….end of the story. Gabriel is class, and boss is the boss, we have per and chambers also, why would we want a cb??? We need a winger, a left winger

        2. Hey galen – fair play there mate, 150+ thumbs up. Agree with just about every word. Not being funny but either you are a different “galen” or you have mellowed one hell of a lot in the last 2-3 months. Kudos.

      2. Arsenal quality? – Check
        PL experience? – Check
        Reasonably priced? – Check
        French international? – Check
        Homegrown? – Check
        A player we require? – Check

        I’m not quite sure how we could pass up on the chance to sign if he really is available. It all comes down to how much we are willing to offer him in terms of wages, and how quickly we can grab him off Southampton.

    2. ___________Ospina/Sczseney…………….

      The team is piked based on the form of the day. I think that is a very balanced team with 2 players per position. there shall be no big changes at arsenal next season. There will be no morethan 2 signings.
      I think a midfielder and an attacking player will come. ospina has been terrific and people saying we need new keeper and CB are dreaming.
      How many teams in Europe have 5 CB? cause we have 4 already. Chelsea won the league with 3 CB. Bracelona madrid they all use 3 Cb all season.

    3. I dont know why i got so much dislikes i just stated what you all wanted .. what even henry wants its just a case i am just trying to prove that we are already good…. i rest my case here…

      1. Yes mate you named the
        same squad as everyone
        else did who posted
        after you. 🙂
        folks prefer the first post
        to be short and simple.

      2. Fortunately we do not have many grammar/spelling snobs on here but getting 8 players’ names wrong just looks ultra sloppy and undermines credibility. (“Rues, Scheldrine, Gabrial, Ramsay, Debuche, whilshre, welback, Chembers”). And I think any mention now of Marco Reus gets an inward groan from many of us – that guy has haunted this site for 2 years now.

      1. oahhk i am not good with the spell thing bt i guess everyone gets what i want to say…

    1. Loooool always wait till the medical
      Sneichderlin would be a fantastic solution as a dm covBELIEVE IT OR NOT I think we should trial ramsey in st position just to see how he does. If u saw the game yesterday his goal was a strikers goal, the control, the turn, the instict to shoot. I truly believe he could be a fantastic striker

      1. he lacks pace or physicality. need one to play epl.

        he is a good finisher but what ‘s he gonna offer? footy isn’t that simple mate. he’d be like OG, minus being able to lay the ball off, head, hassle defenders.

        have heard this rubbish before. LOL stop smoking what ur smoking. he’s a good finishing midfielder. end of

        1. People said the same about thomas muller… but ehen u put him strike ur garunteed goals u twat

          1. Kos the Boss is a fast runner.

            Make him a winger, before it’s too late.


  2. for the 1st time we had ozil sanchez and walcot on the same pitch, even tho it was just for 3 odd minutes. our counters aren’t as penetrative if ramsey is on the wing. if you notice when ramsey moved to the middle, we somehow became fluent, (sanchez 2nd goal). just imagne our counter attacks with ox/walcot, sanchez and welbeck on the pitch. I think against teams like Chelsea, wenger should use our flanks and speed of certain players. I surely hope walcot stays. I just get the feeling when his on the pitch, he’ll nick a goal or a assist.

    I still can not believe, hazard won the PFA over alexis. Hazard is a worldclass player, no doubt and has undeniable talent. BUT sanchez scores more, more or less the same assists in bout 8 games less? workrate and the warrior attitude of a professional. Oh well lets hope we streghthen wisely and win the PL and Cl next season(why do I sound like a broken record saying that :/) lol but we have the tools to mount a serious challenge.

    cumooon wenger.

    Vanesa hudgens is kinda cute.

    Shout out to the South African gooonerrrrs. Originally capetonian(kaaap laatie).

  3. oh one more thing. us fans should STOP BANGING OUR OWN PLAYERRSS!!.

    Wilshere will come good. Look at ramsey and coq as classic examples. When did inesta and xavi hit their best form? around 24/25yrs of age right?cumoon guys

    If walcot stays, he’ll be a massive cog in us winning the title.

    Gabriel will be vital next season. I personally think we don’t need a centre back why? we have 3 solid CBs Gab, Kos, Mert. Chambers at the start of the season was awesome at centre back , that’s 4 CBs. PLUS, there is hayden as well? I believe we are well equipped in that area.

    Something needs to be done on the injuries. Bring that beauty from Chelsea in, who knows 😉 lol.

    im hungry. I want omellete.

    I wanna watch arsenal play again.

    Love this team………COYG

    1. Have you heard of ‘flight of ideas’ – sign of schizophrenia….just sayin

    2. I beg your pardon.

      I’ve not banged any of our players, thank you very much!!!

  4. Hope fabregas’s spiteful comments reignite the fire within wenger. Come on Arsene, get us a WC striker, Cb and backup CDM, and make fabregas he ever said that BS.

    We better win the title next season, hate those ugly blue ribbons around the title.

    1. I just can’t believe fabregase said Mourhino is the best manager he has played for. He put wenger & guardiula on side. Shame on him, traitor Cesc .
      Isn’t Mourhino the one who kicked him in the head when he was playing for Barca . I think one of the media should ask him this question live on Tv.

      1. Last year cesc indirectly told mourinho to “Shut the f*** up” (not sure about the exact context, but mou was talking about how barca had become average)
        A year on he signed for chelshit to play under mou.
        Fabregas is the biggest hypocrite u will ever see.
        And he is saying those things about pep because he was not good enough for his team and FAILED.
        I’m actually glad that we got rid of all the rotten eggs (adebawhore, Cashri, pussy, and fabrecash)

    1. Why would anyone thumb you down for such a statement? unless they were deluded those three would give us the powr to challenge at any level which like as not we are still not doing at present. this site is populated by brain washed fools Im sure of it .

  5. Just a seen a come back video of jack wilshere vs Hull on you tube. If there is anyone out there that want him sold then you must be fxxxxx mental. I won’t trade him for anyone. let him stay at our squad. he will be a valuable squad player. winning the league is a squad thing.

    No player can go on all season and be on foRm all season. even the fantastic sanchez had a 6 weeks bleep as a result of fatigue.

    1. He played better than I have seen in a long long time even if we were in a solid 2 goal up position with multiple others playing really well.

      Really hoping injuries stay this low for longer periods next season; it massively helps players come back when they are ready and fully healed (reducing chance of further injury and stopping out of form players from guaranteeing spots) .

  6. Somebody tell Aditya to STFU already, you spell everything wrongly mate, not sure that’s how they spell your name.

    Anybody heard of Xenophobia in South Africa?

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