DONE DEAL – Sky and BBC confirm 50m pair on their way to Arsenal medicals

It looks like there is now just the medical checks between Arsenal getting the striker and centre-back we so desperately need.

Sky are reporting that both “Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez fly in for Arsenal medicals” and their article begins: Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez are flying to London for medicals on Friday ahead of their proposed moves to Arsenal.

Sky in Germany are reporting Mustafi, a central defender, will sign from Valencia on a five-year deal after weeks of negotiations between the two clubs, with a fee which could rise to £35m understood to have been agreed this week.

The BBC’s David Ornstein broke the news yesterday that the deals were progressing, and now the BBC Sport page is also reporting their arrival with nearly the same headline as Sky’s: Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez to have Arsenal medicals.They are also agreed that they will both happen today. The BBC article starts like this: Germany defender Shkodran Mustafi and Spanish striker Lucas Perez will have medicals at Arsenal on Friday.

The Gunners have reached a deal with Valencia for 24-year-old centre-back Mustafi, who is set to sign a five-year contract for a fee in excess of £35m.

They had already agreed to meet a 20m euro (£17.1m) clause to sign Deportivo La Coruna forward Perez, 27, who scored 17 goals in 37 games last season.

The deals would take Arsenal’s spending to almost £100m since last season.

So I think we can allsafely say that they are most certainly going to be Arsenal players very shortly, maybe even by the end of today!



  1. Welcome Perez and Mustafi. Wishing you guys all the best in Arsenal. They are both hungry players.. .however, waiting to see both players unveil at Arsenal and the news on Arsenal website but from all indications, they are a gunner..

  2. still not on! Arsenal fans know better.

    anyway, our best signing is probably Steve Walsh this season if these players go through. He is our director of football from Leicestee, the guy who brought in Kante, Mahrez and Vardy to Leicester. Which made it clear why we are after Leicester players and failed. there must be some heat between Walsh and the people at Leicester.

    Best of luck to Arsenal! finally good news.

    1. You sure that dude was Steve Walsh? I read somewhere it was some other scout, some younger lad who scouted aforementioned players.

  3. In wenger’s mind – We need a striker. Let’s buy Perez

    Deep inside Wenger’s heart – left wing. Play him as a left winger

    1. Lucas Perez’s achievements at Deportivo La Coruna mean Arsenal are on the verge of completing a top signing, according to Guillem Balague.
      Balague insists the striker, who has had spells at Dynamo Kyiv and PAOK, will be a valued addition to Wenger’s squad.
      “Someone who scores 17 goals in La Liga should be considered a top signing, especially when you consider Perez did that at Deportivo,” Sky Sports’ Spanish football expert told his weekly Q&A.
      “He’s fast, has a powerful left-footed shot, he’s clever and has been abroad already in Ukraine and Greece.
      “That experience makes him different to other Spanish strikers that struggled in the Premier League in the past. He can play as a number nine or, more likely, on the right-hand side of attack.”

      Hope Balague’s verdict on Perez gives you all you wanted to know about Perez.

  4. First, if we sign them we should all get behind them
    I remember when Koscielny came there were critics but he turned from a £8 million defender to a World Class defender.
    Giroud has received a lot of criticism esp when he came but he has scored over 80 goals for us and could reach 100 this season
    So give both guys a decent chance to prove themselves

    I will wait for them to appear on Arsenal website
    Its not impossible to fail a medical
    But looks really positive

    Mustafi in particular is important because of our need for a CB
    He is German so that will be cool for Ozil and Mert
    He is a World Cup winner
    He is young enough to improve also

    Perez has only 1 good season under his belt BUT a very good season
    Just like Mahrez so the risk would have been almost the same with Mahrez
    I think there is a strong possibility that he could score quite a few goals
    Perez is a LW and Alexis can play RW with Giroud up front OR
    Perez can play up front as main striker
    At least he will push Giroud and Theo to improve

    I still think we could use a better forward but the fact that we are close to getting both a solid CB and forward is, well im shocked but happily shocked that Wenger came through (sort off)

    1. Also Wenger has improved our spine too
      Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez

      BTW – I would like to apologise for a previous post. I was too harsh on Wenger. I was frustrated, angry and a bit drunk lol. Wenger has finally come through (sort off- he could have got a better or another forward) but I apologise for using such harsh words against him. didn’t mean to offend anyone

      1. I dont know what you said about Wenger but signings have not even been confirmed yet and you are back in wenger’s camp. Thats sad

        Only reason I will support wenger this season is because he is still our manager. What he has made us fans go through all these seasons cannot be forgiven.

        1. There’s nothing wrong in admitting you went too far or were proved wrong. Someone shows some class/respect and you think it’s sad.

          1. Sad is the fact that we are so ficklel, and sad is the fact that wenger and the board know this…..thats why he didnt even care when all those fans booed him at the end of last season or in the first two matches. He knew it wouldnt take a Lewandowski or even a Lacazette to win them over.

            Sad is the fact that he knew even if he buys Johny Evans, fans will fogive him till the end of the season because he can say he tried and got what was available.Even though we all know that almost every player except maybe Messi and Ronaldo are available if you put the right amount of money forward.

            1. Let it go man! Let it go. I can imagine you watching us lift the premier league cup eating a sandwich with a frown on your face complaining about how long it took us to win the league again. Lighten up. Life is too short for so much bitterness. You’ll go wrinkly before your time. Have a beer and a smile and be positive.

        2. Dude! You need to chill out. It’s not like it’s transfer deadline day and he has signed players like Santos and Squillaci. He has brought in 2 players we needed before deadline day. Now we have a striker who is efficient in front of goal and someone who can convert the chances created by Ozil. Isn’t that what we have wanted since Ozil arrived? Not to mention the prospect of a Mustafi and Koscielny pairing is exciting as fu%k. We will have one of the best defences in the Prem when you include Bellerin and Monreal to that defensive line up. If another manager had made those signings even at this point in the window you would be berating Wenger for not achieving what they had. Credit where credit is due. 3 quality signings in one summer window, given the fact that Wenger only signed one last summer in Petr Carch I’d say that’s progress!

      2. No need to apologize let him win us the ucl and epl then we can apologize?.tomorow is a must win gane for us before the new guys are intergrated into the team.its gona be tough but lets rally the lads.
        Hve been thinking why not get saido berahino? Just 10 m and would be a steal(has pottential to be phenomenal) .its clear from the way pulis is talking the lad is unsettled.glad to hear ur views guys.
        I feel he would be a cheap and ofcourse he aint worldclass but he has the pottential.

      3. Hahaha why apologising??we used to harsh words and sweaaring on JAFC COM 😉
        I think its better to be honest and say whats on your soul 🙂 specialy when drunk – then real honesty comes out!
        As it was because of Wenger??I don’t think he gives a s*** what you/we think about him!LOL
        Drinking is bad for health. 😀

  5. To all the people complaining maybe we should’ve brought back Bendtner and snatched Kolo Toure before he went to Celtic.

  6. Good for us but I always have this uncomfortable feelings when we are taking corners,free and goal kicks. no one in our team is able to head or out muscle opposition players except u Guy’s see the same?

    1. Yeah, I don’t like our zonal marking at times. If a player has a clear run to the ball and you are starting from standing point then there is only one winner.

    2. Yes. You are right. BFG…Mertesacker by name was brought in for that reason but…what a fall guy he is? As tall as he is, you can’t even see him bully opponents during set pieces. The best he does is nod NADA and fall like a B. Hes a failure in that department

    1. I know what you mean
      Correct me if im wrong but I think a player this summer failed a medical at a PL club
      Forgot who it was or the club though but pretty sure i read about it this summer

      1. I think it was Subotic of Borussia Dortmund who was due to sign for Middlesborough. Well that’s according to the tabloids.

  7. If the signing is actually a done deal congratulations to both the fans and club but do not blame me for been doubtful it’s happened severally and the next we know the signing go down the train . Gosh so if it’s actually true Arsene Wenger and the board of directors had to be taken to the slaughter house to be moved by the fans plight. Well since we the fans know there will be no charge in the club soon we should be taking them more often to the slaughter so the needful can happen.

  8. I like that our signings held captaincies. Mustafi captain and Xhaka captain, should have some mental toughness. Would have been nice to see them play tomorrow’s game.

  9. I hope the deals go through, we need both players. Just seen the three Perez goals on sky and each one is different, one acrobatic with back to goal, and two more good finishes with both feet, he can run with the ball though he isn’t the quickest but he has good control. The main downside i see is his strength which could see him pushed off the ball (we’ll have to wait and see) but overall he looks like a better than good player who can do a job when asked to. Lets hope he doesn’t take long to settle in with the other players. More importantly lets hope Mustafi, if he gets here, can plug that gap in defence without injury to himself.

  10. Not very happy with the Lucas Perez deal but what’s done is done. They are our players now let’s support them!!
    Still think it’s time to change, Wenger please step down!!

    1. Have seen the guy play? He’s better than most of our forward players. Or is it because he’s cheap?

  11. Perez was the 11th leading scorer in La Liga last year. Do you know who was the 11th leading scorer in the Premier league last year?

    It was a tie between Gylfi Sigurdsson and Marko Arnautovic. Big deal. If Wenger had signed either of those two it would be seen as “what’s the point?”

    If Arsenal want to compete with the top clubs, then Wenger must sign top top players. This signing is average. Average won’t win the league title or the Champions League.

    If he signed Suarez or Higuain, then I would be excited.

    1. But look at the competition perez was up against, messi, suarez, neymar, ronaldo, bale, griezman, benzema just for starters. Compared to the PL, la liga is awash with world class strikers or high scoring wingers. The only striker in the PL to compare with that lot is Aguerro.

      Another statistic
      Griezman goals plus assists in la liga 27
      Perez goals plus assists in la liga 25 and he plays for a weaker team than griezman.

      At least we have a striker to backup/compete/rotatewith giroud.

    2. I hear you but 1 question. Did any of those players you mentioned who were 11th top goal scorers in the prem score against Barcelona? OK! You see where I’m going with this? You cannot compare Sigurdsson and Arnautovic with Perez, dude! Perez was playing against Barca, Real Madrid, against some of the best players in the world and held his own. If he had a better supply he would have done even better still. He will cause defences problems in the Prem much like how Aguiro and othe players that run at defenders with that low centre of gravity do. Trust me!

  12. A big fat Welcome to Lucas perez and Mustafi,
    I Wish them all the best of luck in gaining some game time at Arsenal! ??

  13. I’m so excited about Perez News though, but I think it’s delusional to keep Walcott and send Campbell out on loan. I will pick Joel over Walcott anytime. We’re stuck with Wenger till he decides to leave.

    1. Actually it was Campbell who asked to go out on loan. Can’t really blame Wenger for this one. In fact it would have been cruel for Wenger to of kept him against his will to rot on the bench would it not? Many would say that Wenger is holding him adobe keeping him on the bench and he desrved to be getting first team football. Him going out on loan is in his best interest. As for Walcott, you can’t really expect Wenger or any manager to loan out one of their highest paid players can you? 140 mill a week not only does he stay until his contract runs out but he plays as much as he can, well until his next injury.

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