DONE DEAL? Striker to sign long contract with Arsenal

The transfer business done by Arsene Wenger to strenthen the Arsenal squad during this January transfer window may have been a little underwhelming to some. It seemed to be the general trend amongst Premier League clubs though, and I think that the manager has done what he needed to do by getting a quality centre back in.

However, perhaps the most important things the Frenchman has managed in the last few weeks is to secure the long term futures of two players that could go on to be real stars of the future for the Gunners. First it was the somewhat frustrated Costa Rican international Joel Campbell, who was persuaded to sign a contract extension before heading to La Liga on loan with Villarreal.

And now The Mirror has reported the fantastic news that another young striker, Chuba Akpom, has been convinced that his future lies with Arsenal, despite heavy interest from some big clubs like Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund. The report claims that 19-year old Akpoom is set to sign a new four-and-a-half year deal which is said to be the best ever offered by the club to a player of that age.

And perhaps his latest chance in the first team, as a sub against Aston Villa, was the final piece in the jigsaw that convince him to commit to the club he has been with since 2002. Great news Gooners, but just how good do you think young Akpom could become?

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    1. Rating him above Campbell is like rating Koscielny over Debuchy. They dont really play the same positions, but talentwise, sure. Havent seen enough of him to make up a decision, but his 20 minutes against Villa were quite impressing, even though he didn’t score. How long will it be before he’s above Welbeck on the list of choice for the striker position?

      1. @Sevenetti, how long will it take him to go above welbeck??? It defends on how much wenger rate. Him or love him

        1. That is true, but it seems like Welbeck (at least by looking at the last couple of his matches) has been preferred to be played out on the wings – the exact same reason why he “flopped” in Man Utd as a goalscorer.

          Not to bash on wenger, because i do very well understand why he would play him on the lateral side of the pitch: He simply is not good enough as a goalscorer, and cannot hold up and serve others like Giroud does. His defensive work is more fitting for a winger than a striker. My only critic for Wenger/Welbeck is to have made the purchase to begin with. He reeks of panic-purchase on DLD. We should have gone for a better striker, and Welbeck should have gone to a club like Aston Villa or West Ham untill his skills and confidence is good enough for us.

          1. I dont think you could call him a panic buy as we have many options and had just signed Sanchez, maybe an impulse buy… but how many times have we seen Wenger putting in 100 percent faith into a player who the Arsenal fans dont rate good enough only for down the line that faith being well placed.

  1. I am really happy if this report is true. Other reports say he is stalling on signing as he doubts he will play much.

    I am not sure yet if he is better than Sanogo & Campbell But he is a brilliant young talent. Tall. Fast. Good scorer & British what more can we ask?

      1. That’s FANTASTIC

        I especially like it that he is a true ‘home grown’ talent. I have been watching him and Benek Afobe for a few years thought they were both good, I am so glad at least one of them made it into the first team

        Now the one to watch there is Dan Crowley

      2. This is great news. I really do think that we have had a great transfer window. Infact, we have so many players now that three first team players had to go on loan. Signing Bielick and Paulista also has us covered in defensive midfield and defence. So no longer will we panic when Koscielny or a defensive midfielder has any injury. As it is, when everyone is fit, players like Wilshere, Welbeck, Arteta, Flamini and Ox cannot even get games except as 85th minute substitutes who Wenger will only bring in to soothe their egos. Even Walcot is not guaranteed to start games when Sanchez is fit. Nobody is guaranteed a place in that team at the moment except maybe Olivier Giroud. Happy days.

  2. This is great news. I was at the Emirates for the Villa game & Akpom had skill, pace & confidence against a Premier League team. Absolutely ideal for us to bring off the bench this season when games begin to open up.

  3. Akpom is quality. He just needs more playing time. Sell Podolski, Sanogoal and Sol Campbell’s

    1. And buy who? Selling podolski is OK, he wouldnt get to play enough to be kept happy anyway. Sanogo? He’s about as promising, he just needs regular playtime so that he can build up confidence and start scoring goals. Campbell? Why would you sell a winger for a striker? If anything, I’d agree on the basis of Arsenal filling up the wings (seeing how Welbeck is being preferred there instead now) we have Walcott, Chamberlain, Sanchez and Welbeck. Take in consideration that Özil (+ Cazorla?) will play on the wing, as well as central – and that Gnabry is seemingly still injured, we have 6-7 players for the wings. Then bring back Campbell from loan and we’ve got ourselves another.

      Good thing most of them can play in other roles as well!

  4. good news.
    off topic- why has anderson leaving united today been overlooked?
    fergie spends 26 million, keeps him for 5 he is one of the worse signings in there history-not a peep from the media- NOTHING.
    if that had been wenger purchase for arsenal- he would have got slaughtered for that buy.


        1. Di Maria has the Özil-syndrome. Being the best man on the team, his serving skills arent really that efficient, as they used to be for Real Madrid. Then he’s new in a team and in a new league, not everyone clicks as fast and as good as Sanchez on that!

  5. Really happy about this, think this lad will be England’s number 1 striker in the next 2/3years he just seems to have something a bit special about him and for wenger to hand out the best ever contract for a lad this age goes to show what he thinks of him to ! The British core goes on COYG

    1. Very bold statement about him being England’s number one striker in 2-3 years… He hasn’t had a league start for us yet!

      1. I’m aware I mayb wrong but just have a gut feeling about him , he’s been brilliant for the u21’s and it’s no coincidence clubs like Liverpool and Dortmund were interested rather than lower league teams. And let’s be honest in 2/3 years rooney will be 32 plus playing in midfield then u got sturridge Kane and welbeck it’s not quite messi aguero tevez higuain

  6. Has everything thats needed to be top class speed strength height and goin by his under 21 record his finishing is top class just hope this will continue to be the case in the first team but the boy does look to have something special abouy him

  7. Akpom’s main problem now is his desperation to get that first goal. Every striker has suffered from it. But then he’s only 19 or so, and shouldn’t stress himself too much.

    1. But is it? I mean, Akpom has generated interest from BvB, Liverpool, Everton. When it was announced Sanogo would go on loan, Bordebuex(spelling?), Hull and Crystal Palace were interested. Spurs were interested in Welbeck when he was available. But with Afobe, nothing. I mean scouts are there for every club. But no buzz. I am not trying to justify our actions, but i think he didn’t make the grade.

      Okay. One hyperbole question. Would be really that surprised if Jack ends up, say, playing for Aston Villa or Everton in three years time?

      1. @Sumo
        Barca and BVB as well as Bayern were trying to get Jack. How many teams were after Le Coq before his reinvention of himself? I just saying from what I’ve seen from Afobe right before we sold him, I feel that we should not have signed Welbeck and promoted Afobe to 1st team instead of sending him out on loan, then selling him for next to nothing.

        1. You really think Afobe was worth not buying Welbeck? He was with us from 2001, I am sure if he was up to the grade he would have had his chances. He hardly ever played for us. Always on loan.

          Re Jack. Barca, Brayen, and BvB were interested. But it was when he was 19. Today if he goes up in the market, how many will even turn up to inspect? He is either injured suspened or out of form. There is untapped potential, he may be a late bloomer, but times running out. That’s the same with Afobe.

          Also in this context, in 2010 we bought BvB youth prospect Thomas Esfield, very highly rated attacking midfielder. Sold to Fulham last year and now on loan in a Bunglesliga 2 club. Some times you just don’t make the grade.

          1. @Sumo
            We were saying the same about Le Coq until recently…How long has he been at the club and given chance after chance? Just sayin Afobe’s turned a page recently and is on his way up…


    1. I think he is definitely as good as Sanogo, but like Sanogo, he needs to calm down in the penalty area. He’s got plenty of time though, and hopefully it will happen.

      On the negative side, I noticed Kos wasn’t moving that well on Sunday – hope his Achilles is ok.

    2. He’s not from any state, he was born and bred in Britain. The country which you identify with is where you’ve lived all your life, or at least it should be – was in my case. Has nothing to do with your parents, unless they indoctrinate you.

      1. not exactly I’m jamaican born but lived here since young I’m still jamaican and that’s the only team I would represent no matter how bad they are at pains me to see sterling not choosing his national team

  9. Dont matter where he from he going to be a top top player for us. His change of pace when he knocks it past a defender reminds me of henry back in the day. Lets hope he can be half the player the king was.

  10. Man U s only prospect of a trophy this season is the FA Cup. How nice payback it would be -for the underserved win at the Emirates- if we knocked them out. Arsenal vs ManU final anyone?

  11. Well, Chuba Akpom is very fortunate to have been offered a 4 and 1/2 year contact tenure by the boss. He will become one rare successful academy graduate to have made it to the senior Arsenal team like Jack Wilshere have made it. Where Achamphon, Benik Afobe and Semi Ajayi were less fortunate. It is not signing a 4 & 1/2 years contract that matters most but the big performance that will follow the signing of the contract counts most. Let’s see what Akpom will subsequently be made off in the course of time.

  12. With our recent striker exodus (Podolski, Joel, Sonago) PRAY this is making space for a top top world class striker to come in next season

    AKpom may be one for the future, but hope Wenger putting all his hopes on this still unproven prodigy

  13. He’s definitely a Nigerian…His name and surname says it all…..Dat he played for the England U21 doesn’t change anything….Once he proves himself,he’ll definitely get a call-up to the S/Eagles…..Remember Victor Moses ?

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