Don’t be daft Arsenal – A draw at Chelsea is a GREAT result

With all the bad blood between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, and with the desire for Arsenal to show that last season’s awful string of results away to the Premier League big boys wasan aberration, there is a feeling that the Frenchman will send the Gunners out with the intent to attack the league leaders and go for all three points.

I really hope that the prof and his players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are bluffing, in an attempt to get Mourinho to set his Chelsea team up to play on the counter and expose our rash tactics. If that is the case then it could really work for us and we could even sneak a win as they push forward, but if Arsenal do what they are suggesting then it will play into Chelsea’s hands and the chances are we will get nothing but another hiding.

Let’s be realistic Gooners, a point away to Chelsea is always a decent result and with them in great form while we have not hit top form yet, combined with the fact that we are missing some key players through injury, a point tomorrow would be an even better result than usual.

And the way that results have gone elsewhere, a point would also see us go into the international break in the top four unless Man United or Tottenham can record thumping wins tomorrow against Everton and Southampton respectively. Surely it is time to be solid and compact and make life difficult for the home team. Then after the break we will have an almost full strength squad and can push on. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Yes…a draw vs Chelsea in their current form is a good result…but WE FANS deserve nothing less than a win because of the straight embarrassment of our last result vs Chelsea

    AND Morinihos little dumb ass is another reason we must destroy Chelsea

    I want a WINNNNnNnNnNn!!!!!! Coyg

    1. Its 5 am in India and I didn’t sleep all night for some various reasons but one of them is that I’m nervous for today’s game. Been waiting for it the whole week. Hope we win. In wenger I trust.

  2. Realistically we can’t go there to hold out for a draw because they will score. Our attack is our best feature at the moment so we have to maximise their freedom and use their speed. Ideally we will try to hit them on the break, but …

  3. Why don’t we just play fast players and counter Chelsea, they don’t have pace at the back.

    Let’s pull a Moreen on them, come on Wenger you can do it

    1. @poop, how can you counter a BUS parking team? No way. We just need to be extra careful in keeping the ball. To avoid counter from them

  4. Work hard all game, keep an organised back six and aim ro score with a fast break or set piece. Going to be our toughest challenge this year but stranger things have happened. I’d be delighted with a workmanlike draw! Coyg.

  5. Why is it that Wenger has never been able to get one over Jose? Is it now psychological? If I were Wenger, I should be saying to my team, ‘today is the day you must do it for yourselves and you can’. These guys struggled against Leicester and even Burnley for while. Why is it that when it comes to us we bend over for a good spanking from Jose of all people. It’s about time Wenger exorcised that Indian sign over him! Later today could well be the day. Can I honestly see us getting a result? Your guess is as good as mine!

  6. If we win or draw today it will be because of the determination and talent of some of our boys and in spite of Wenger.
    Everyone including opposition managers know how Wenger will line up, he has nothing in his locker.
    Maureen can adapt and change his formations and tactics to respond to events on the pitch, Wenger will carry on with the same formation and players as the goals mount.
    Simply put Chelsea have a better team, bigger, stronger and with a better manager.
    Good luck to the boys today, I had a shit nights sleep having nightmares about the scoreline, I am not joking and th scoreline weren’t good!
    COYG, we are all behind you.

    1. There are pros and cons in both approach.
      Mourinho adapt his game base on opponents last season and grind out good results against top teams, kudo to him as a very good tactician, but what next, he won absolutely ZERO title last season. There is a big cons for this approach, his team clearly lack identity and many times they failed to break through small teams. He openly admit that he did that because he does not have his team yet and he need acceptable result. This season he got his team and start sticking with the same first 11 and playing the same tactic.
      Look at the top teams. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich never change their approach to the game regardless any opponent and yet they won everything. Remember that we played with the same squad every game during the Invincible era as well.
      If you want to be the best you need to find the best tactic , the best 11 for your team, stick and become very adept with that so you can blow away any team regardless of how the opposite team play.
      But all in all, we are no where near in finding out our best formation and tactic, so I would be agree with you that we should adopt the cautious approach like Mou did, it would be fun if we win by “park the bus” and counter tactic.

    We won bayern in arena and also dortmund in idona park, now we’ ll tharsh chelsea today , last season we played them with nobady now we have sanchez welbeck wilshere ozil

  8. Mourinho`s plan will be to expose out right flank so it`s going to be a busy time for Flamini and Koscienly covering for Mertesacker. A draw would be a great result but I`m not that optimistic.

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