Don´t believe him Arsenal fans! Mourinho is fuming over Cech

Arsenal fans have become well used to the many faces of Jose Mourinho over the last 10 years or so. Even once the Portuguese manager had finished his first spell and moved to Inter Milan and Real Madrid, I could not help but hear with disbelief and disapproval about some of the things he said and did.

And nothing has changed, as we found out from his spiteful outbursts about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, backed up by the cynical and unpleasant way his Chelsea team sometimes go about their business on the pitch. This all made the transfer of Petr Cech to Arsenal this week that much sweeter, as we knew that it was a move that Mourinho did not want to happen.

But hold on, the Chelsea boss is now saying that he is completely behind the decision to let his long serving keeper decide where he would go after Stamford Bridge. As reported by The Mirror, he talked about respect and honour and that certainly rang a few alarm bells in my head.

Mourinho said, “I always said I wanted him to stay but I understand Petr needed to move on to play first team football every week.

“Sometimes you have to respect the wishes of someone who has earned so much respect with his service and actions for your club. I support the owner’s decision to honour the player in this way.

“It is very rare in football to make a decision like this and for that reason I am proud of my club for making it. There are not many clubs in the world big enough to be able to make that decision.”

Yes mate and if it was down to you, Chelsea would not have been one of them, I thought. But just to make sure I have done a little back research and it did not take long for me to find a report in The Guardian with Mourinho stating quite clearly that he would not let Cech sign for Arsenal and why.

He said not long ago, “The club is more important than the player and, as was true this season, the club needs two very good goalkeepers.

“For me, decision No. 1, Petr will stay. After that, second point, to go but not in England. The option I don’t want is for him to go to an English club.”

So has Mourinho changed his mind? Or is he just trying to fool us into thinking that he is a nice man after all? Answers on a postcard please.

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    1. Mourinho is a lying sob, hated him from the first time I saw his face.I always knew what a rat he is.he is dying inside seeing cech join arsenal. Can’t wait for the day we beat Chelsea with cech in goal.

      1. “Hated him from the first time I saw his face”
        Hahahah that’s was good but ya you can tell he was born a c*nt

      2. The sad part is the media adores this terrible excuse for a human being. They talk him up constantly – how wonderful he is – when he is actually nothing but poison to the grand sport of football.

        It makes my heart soar to see that so many gunners have this jerk pegged for what he really is – nothing but snake.

        1. @ Mohawk

          I know it’s disgusting put big Sam or pulis in charge of Chelsea and they can easily do whAt this sh*tty manager does.

    2. Chelsea FC’s public relations department got handed a bit of a hospital pass on this one. Every man and his dog knows Mourinho didn’t sanction the Cech move and the fact it happened at all was down to Abramovich. It must have really hurt Mourinho to be forced to issue this revisionist statement with a desperate attempt to spin some positivity in to it with the “Chelsea are a class club” nonsense. It won’t convince anyone – would have been better imo to have said nothing more on it.

  1. No one in world football likes Mourinho. As a manager they respect him, as a person, he is a c@#t.

  2. be better when cech get a clean sheet in the comunity shield.
    get us 2 more world class player boss…ARSENAL FA LIFE

  3. Mou and Chelsea are 2 pieces or rotten lizard made in heaven. But enough about these imbeciles focus on Arsenal

  4. Damn this transfer window is crazy, everyone is buying, next season will be extreamly hard, and Italians investing heavily, Milan just bought Bacca and Luiz Adriano, crazy!!!

  5. 1. Thank Cech for wanting to stay in London, So he wanted Arsenal.

    2. Cech thanked Abramovich and the board for the move. He didn’t mention Mourinho. That says a lot..

    If It was only Mourinho, He will make everything possible to block the move. He rather sell Him to a club abroad or do everything possible not to make the deal happen..

    Thanks Cech for staying in London. That left Mourinho with little or no option….

  6. I have a really hard time respecting a man who calles HIMSELF ‘the special one’. What a f** looser

  7. Off Wenger attempted to sign chech at18,blocked by work permit,di maria at 17,blocked by work permit,Messi at 16,felt comfortable at Barcelona ,pique at 16,somehow ended up at united, ronaldo has an arsenal shirt 9, so does zlatan, yaya toure played a friendly against Barnet,Luis aragones made eto’o change his mind the very afternoon he was supposed to sign for arsenal,Wenger ignored bale “because he didn’t need another left back” ,kompany rejected arsenal because he thought he wouldn’t be number one, the list goes on and on .
    Seriously has any scouting team lost more stars than ours?

    1. Why are we not scouting those type of talents. Couple of years ago it used to be Santos,
      Squillaci and Gervinho.

  8. I have absolutely no doubt that snake is still at home throwing the dish ware over the Cech transfer. “Fuming” is likely an understatement.

    But Mourinho the snake is poison to the EPL and the sport of football so I fully admit to being happy about his discomfort. Shame on me.

  9. Mou is a much better manager than Arsene, shitty person but better manager.
    Just like most people I dont like this man at all, but he is a winner no doubt about that.

    Since 2002 when he started coaching Porto he has won 8 League titles in 12 seasons in 4 different leagues, coming in 2nd 3 times and 3rd only once. Won the champions league twice and multiple cups as well.

    The year he sold Mata to Manchester United and bought Matic instead just showed what kind of a coach he is. He doesnt care about names, or pure attacking technical talent. Mata was the player of the year for Chelsea two years in a row, but he wouldnt track back. So he sold him and got a tank of a DM for half the price and won the league the next year. That takes guts, and vision and a supreme understanding of football and the balance that is needed in a team to win.

    He has shit for character but gold for football brains.

    1. He is a hired gun. He ONLY goes to a club that spends massively on great players and then he abandons the club when he begins to see the cracks in the house that he helped build.

      I assume every manager who makes to the big leagues is a good manager. That is not saying much. It is not that difficult to build a winning side when you get every single player you want.

      And it reveals your true confidence and character when you are constantly abandoning clubs just when the fans begin to smell your scam and the outlook of winning begins to fade in the slightest – on to the next billionaire with an open checkbook.

      1. Mohawk, you are biased just like all of us Arsenal fans, but if you can put away your bias for a second, you will see that there are many managers who get a lot of money to build teams but they dont usually succeed. Mourinho has succeeded everywhere he went. That is why they pay him the big bucks and give him money to spend.

        And most importantly, he won the Champions League with Porto, a team that has a minuscule budget compared to even Arsenal during our “stadium building ” years.

        Guardiola called him the best coach in the world. He is not like many other hired guns out there.

        1. I have observed Mourinho for what he is. If you want to call that “bias” then I accept it.

            1. Is that the Porto with a bigger trophy cabinet than Bayern, Ajax, Juventus, Inter, United and Liverpool? The same team that won EC before Mourinho? The same team that had Deportivo and Monaco in the semis and final? The same team that Baia, Deco, Maniche, Carvalho, Costinha, McCarthy etc.

              Any UCL triumph cannot be knocked – but this was several light years away from being miraculous. Even Liverpool (2005) and Chelsea (2012) were luckier and more unlikely.

            2. I have no doubt he is a good manager. I never said otherwise. I just don’t believe he is so much better than most other managers. Put him in charge of QPR. If he can get them promoted and up to the top 5, then I will be impressed. But they may take 4 or 5 years so he will never do it.

              In the mean time, he is still a complete @ss of a human being. That counts for something.

        2. JB: I like you have no real desire to abuse Mourinho on a personal level and can accept that he is as effective, focused, driven and brutal as any manager of the modern age. Where I disagree with though is on this issue of “Arsenal bias” – I actually think there is an endemic bias against Wenger amongst Gooners, not for him. If he had a Mourinho type ego history could have been very different for him – and us!

          JM and AW had similar starts to their careers – both winning their native leagues, JM embellishing it with UCL success whilst AW went further afield to Japan to widen his experience. Both came to England and made massive immediate impacts at Chelsea and Arsenal respectively but then their careers started to diverge at a rapid rate. JM arrived at a team that had just spent £150M and went on to spend another £150M in his first 2 seasons. When spending stopped in 2006-07 it signalled his departure. Wenger spent an average of £16M a year for the 7 years from 1997-2004 but when the Arsenal landscape shifted and the new stadium loomed he decided to stay.

          When you think of all the scorn, criticism and ridicule he has endured since then to the present day it should perhaps be remembered that he could have made some very different decisions in 2005-07 that would have massively improved his reputation and legacy. He could have had a couple of 2/3 year spells at almost any club he had wanted. JM took on an Inter team that had just won 3 consecutive Serie A titles – not really a high-risk or courageous move, and no-one will persuade me that Wenger could not have collected some silverware there in similar circumstances. Nor that Wenger couldn’t have picked up a few trophies in 3 years at Real Madrid. Wenger could (should!!??) of left Arsenal around 2005-6 went on an ego trip round Europe for 7 or 8 years and would probably have been in prime position for a grand home-coming to the PL at Man Utd or City in recent years.

    2. he is not a genius, he doesnt have a bright mind.

      it is very easy to succeed if you dont have ethics. While he is not a criminal and doesnt break rules…he has zero morale.

      he doesnt havee ethihcs and has always had a lot of money to spend.

      too easy

      actually a genius is someone ho succeeds being straight andd working with ethics…THAT is tthe real trick.

      1. I have respec for Abramovich, because while his forune can be in a grey área he is a real football fan andd has a Word. And knows when to respect a person like Cech even if he wasnt bound by any law and has all the money to buy any clauses he wants.

  10. ….and again, loads of gagging and rubbish by pathetic Maureen. I wish I could drench him with a bucket full of shit. He’s got serious psychological problems.

  11. love him or hate him is none of his bisness, mouriho is a kind of man needed in football he make the game so interestin nd competitive, his word can make any team lose it game b4 it stated, he is fuming just as wen we sold vp to man utd nd wenger was happy right, fabrigas legend ends the day he sign to chelsea, we are all fuming bt we sign cech u expect dem to be happy, typical arsenal fans, if we are chelsea fans, everybody we question his transfer to their direct rivals bt now we are happy we dont consider other peoples emotion

  12. An angry Maureen is probably not good for us though. He works well with vengeance or irritation under his skin.

    Or it could work the other way and disrupt his mindset..

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