DON’T blame Wenger! Arsenal were BOUND to lose at Southampton!

Wenger is not to blame for Arsenal loss by Sam P

I am not surprised by the anger and frustration that has poured out of a lot of Arsenal fans since the 2-0 defeat away to Southampton yesterday. Not surprised at all, but still a bit miffed to be honest. Wenger out and all the usual rubbish was always going to be trotted out by the Arsenal fans who cannot wait for a stick to beat our manager with.

I would just like to see how some of the same moaners and critics managed to keep a club in the top four of the toughest and most competitive football league in the world, firstly with less money to spend than most mid-table clubs have had and then with almost a whole first team of players unavailable due to a crippling an mysterious run of injury problems.

But I know that a lot of you will not even let Wenger have that as an excuse and will even blame him for players getting injured. It was not Wenger whose tackle damaged Wilshere’s ankle by the way, or broke Giroud’s tibia, Debuchy’s ankle, Ozil’s knee and many more. Is it raining where you are? Blame Wenger!

So we lost Flamini before the game yesterday, leaving Le Prof with no regular central midfielders. And it was our third tough game in SIX days. Are you really surprised that Arsenal struggled against one of the strongest sides in the division, especially on their own turf?

Forget all that ay? Let’s just rant at Wenger and show him no respect and while we are at it let’s ignore the fact that we won the FA cup last season and are in the knockout stages of the Champions League yet again, something that most clubs cannot manage with no injury problems and lots of money to spend.

Give yourself a round of applause Wenger haters! And happy new year. Just remember not to celebrate if we win the next game or do anything good, okay? With friends like you, who needs enemies? SMFH

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  1. He’s on 8 million a year, can you count that high
    8 million he’s paid to solve to problems not to ignore them, he’s been failing fo a long time, in any other field he would be replaced,8 million did I mention that , he controls everything you can’t take all the plaudits when we do well then it’s not my fault when it goes wrong
    8 million

    1. Fans like you annoy me you’ll do anything to deflect the problem from WENGER.When Arsenal defend well (rarely) do you praise BOULD no so when it goes wrong why are you blaming Bould did he tell WENGER to not buy proper defenders,or not get proper cover or a cdm..WENGER is the boss He has the final say not Bould,you say he should quit if he’s hands are tied like your going to pay his salary

      1. @TGOONA… They are all to blame.. When we first promoted Bould to first team defensive coach we started that season very well and he was getting all the lovin and plaudits.. Remember in 2012 when we started so well and were not conceding? He got so much praise.. But then as always it was just a lucky period, then we went back to our old selves..

        BOULD needs to be criticised too, if he is not happy why not quit? Pulis quit Palace, AVB quit Spuds, Pardew quit the Toon.

        Bould is a coward who is a yes man trying to keep his well paid job of no pressure at all, what a job, he is paid to coach our defenders but ain’t done anything but still sneaking/hiding in the background picking up his massive wages not worrying about his job..

        The Board, Wenger, Bould and the Players are all cowards..

        Southampton have been doing great since coming up from the Championship, the only reason they struggle is because of a small squad, they don’t have the money we have..

        1. “the only reason they struggle is because of a small squad, they don’t have the money we have..”:

          Southampton’s net transfer spend since 2003 has only been £6 mill a season less than us. This is despite the fact we have been receiving Premier League & Champions League money this whole time and all the money Southampton took selling players last season. Wenger hasn’t had a whole load of cash at his disposal until recently- but with Stadium debt greatly reduced, we can look forward to Wenger having spending potential in the upcoming years and a greater likelihood of success on the pitch.

    2. HAHA, every ambitious club in world sack underpreforming manager, only arsenal sack players, cuz they are letting manager down, arsenal salary list this year is on the same level as chelskis, but still we dont have money, and on top of that our manager has 8m, more than Carlo Ancheloti at RM, and we are bound to lose against soton O_O you must be right cheers!!!

      1. Dont know what the managers salary has to do with anything, fans are too fixated on his eight mil. All top managers get an absolute fortune and giving the abundance of years Arsene has been with us well id expect the large increased wages over time.

        I agree with Galen, Chambers lack of pace is really starting to worry me and it might be too early to say but it looks like 16m was far from a bargain. You would think he could get away with it playing central mid and although it was only one game the boy looked lost. Chambers didnt even try putting a foot in and considering hes a defender i was bemused, it could have been some very bad advice he recieved by someone who had an agenda but i just couldnt figure it out.

        I said before the game that Debuchy didnt look fit and was looking tired against wham so i would have liked to see Belerin start, i dont know if hes injured but if not well then Arsene messed up. I would have liked to see Per and Kos especially Kos let a roar at Szcz, they should have let him know how everyone felt so then next time he would think twice before clowning around.

      2. He’s had us in 1st or 2nd excluding the two clubs with oil money every year- could any other manager have achieved that?- and that is without even taking the fact we were clearing off hundreds of millions of stadium debt at the same time.

    3. Basically Steve Bould does nothing, and if he had balls he would quit but when you get paid a lot of money it’s amazing what you put up with, I want them all out wenger Boulder and the staff, let’s start again

    4. Poldi gonna be sold below half a mil, and you say Wenger is right!!! He hates players and ruins their career. Joel should leave too, else he will be a next Ox/Walcott, always talented and under performing.

      1. You know the arguments are lost when people descend to ludicrous assertions – Wenger hates players. Yeah right. You absolute numpty.

    5. If Arsenal FC is not successful as it should be, Wenger as manager should be ONE of the first who have to take the blame. But what I would disagree is to put every single thing that goes wrong on him.
      Yes he got paid 8M, but so do Mourinho, Pellergini and Van Gaal.
      His transfer budget got dwarfed easily by what were given to the other three.
      He is influential but he is a human being and an employee. He spent what is given to him by Kronke and Gazidis, he took feedback from his scout team, his coaches and his physio, he depends on the like of Jude Law to seal deal with transfer targets.
      Football is a team sport with 11 players on the pitch + 12th man + manager, the technical and management team. Blame him for any bad result regardless of the reasons like injuries, player inconsistent form(Chambers at Stoke) or miss chance (Man Utd), bad referee decision (Everton, Hull) is highly unfair.
      Everyone fan and media alike are so good at hindsight – Wenger failed to get enough defensive cover while last season it is us who get one of the best defensive record in the league and this season it is Chelsea who did it with the exact same number of defenders.
      Putting yourself in his shoes and think sometimes should we be patient and save our transfer budget to invest in a star defender (like Hummels) and DM (like Scheiderlin) – both very likely available next summer but we still need to pay top dollar to win the bidding war – or spend 10M – 15M now and 60-80k weekly wage on average players who can turn out to be another Squilacci. Star players win championship, follow the way Liverpool and Spuds who spent bunch on cash on bunch of average (Balotelli) and we forever average team.
      Patience is such a luxury thing nowadays when so many plastic teams splashing bunch of cash to buy quick success. Unfortunately it wont happen at Arsenal FC regardless who is the manager

      1. @ ethan: Agree with you but what you do not consider is that this is not the first year this has happened. This has been happening since the last 7 years or more may be.

        A) Wenger is not learning

        B) Dick Law is there because wenger does not want to work with a director of football

        C) All the players who have failed him have been handpicked and persisted with by him.

        So in summary the buck stops with him. Back room staff, scouts etc are not individual entities, they are 1 entity along with the manager. if the backroom staff is not doing its job, the manager has to act. Period !

    6. Unfortunately the Bould Question highlights all that is wrong with our club. If he isn’t allowed to do his job why doesn’t he just walk away? If he is doing his job he is making a hash of it and should be sacked. Either way Wenger is to blame, either let Bould do the job or get rid of him but like Wenger himself too many people at the club have their snouts in the trough. I am so frustrated with fans trying to deflect the blame away from Wenger. He is payed £8 million a year and the buck must stop with him. Time for change and it can’t come too soon.

    7. Agreed about Boulds he was never a first team player just a back up for Adams and Keon I have already posted about the poeple that only select players Wenger is hopeless we all see the problem and how to fix it you have Bellrin to play right back put Debuchey mid field not chambers Coquelen has proved he is solid Gibbs is back up for Monreal his defending is woefull ,so if we all know how to fix the problem that stares you in the face Wenger should see it too You know that Mertisaker would be dropped if he bought a CB Flamin to if a MF then you pick the team to win that particular game then if things don’t work you change around in the 60th it’s simple not in the 80th think about it if all players are fit Wenger would have a breakdown on who to select if the car is running bad FIX it So Mr Wenger FIX it CB

    8. Apart from alexis sanchez and cazorla, Man for man, Southampton has better players to make a balanced first 11 than us. Even when you choose from our injured players.
      You guys should stop expecting much from players who are so obviously B- grade.
      They are already performing at their level.

  2. Well said Sam theirs times to blame wenger but yesterday the players let him down don’t get me wrong wenger has really failed in the transfer makert this season but I still believe he will sort it out and more stars will be heading to the Emirates I still see a bright future for arsenal in the next 2 years and YES I do still believe wenger is the right man Coyg in wenger we trust .

    1. Pathetic! Wenger is not the right man for the job and the longer this drags on the lower down the table we will fall. What in god’s name is wrong with people? I love Arsenal and it saddens me to see what this man is doing to our great club. Every season we hear the same… season we be great again!! How much longer do we have to wait?

  3. how did he keep us in top 4 with mid table teams budget?
    one of the worlds largest and elaborate scouting networks already setup
    paying among the highest wages in the league overall (so much for a midtable budget)
    he started with a world class team.
    it was hardly pulis at palace was it!

    mysterious injuries? r u takin the piss?
    wenger picked this medical team, some of the worlds leading sports scientists have said wengers methods are pre historic- so again this is down to wenger.
    shad coming is slowly improving the long lasting damage caused by mickey mouse.
    wenger also does the training an his methods are dated..cute little triangles which look stylish and have finesse but little substance-
    look at chelseas medical team- an there injury list! ohh my it must be a coincidence!

    this was our third tough game in 6 days?

    it was everyones third tough game u tit!
    southampton included- facepalm

    great post sam punani

    1. Not forgetting his type of signings, small diminutive players that can’t take a tackle, how often do you hear players like matic,mikel,schneiderlin,vieira,gilberto are injured?

    2. what do you mean he started with a world class team. you mean he should have stuck with the same team ? and could you please tell of the source where you found about the prehistoric training stuff.

      Wage budget and transfer budget have different amounts for a 30m player you need wage budget of just 4-5m

    3. @muffdiver……Firstly Arsenal currently have a squad of roughly 14 players due to the injuries so in such circumstances fixture pile-ups are quite obviously gonna effect Arsenal more than a squad with no injuries. Secondly stop talking **** about injuries when you know nothing about it. Scouting network was already set up was it ? So which players from remote African nations came to play for Arsenal under George Graham ? Hang on they were all from Europe. Doesn’t suggest a large scouting network to me. I could go on but there’s no point, you’ve just made it all up.

      1. no graham had a league champions winning team which wenger inherited, in those years he bought well and kept us at top, an built up a scouting network, then we left highbury an those scouts came very handy when we needed bargains while building emirates, aswell as buying many duds.
        never said it was graham cupcake.

        why is arsenal injury list among the worst in the league for several years?
        why is chelseas among the best?

        you know literally f*ck all like all of us, the difference- i can see the obvious- u live in state of denial- stay there mate.

        i will always love wenger for what hes done for us, i never insult him personally buy i stand by wanting him to leave in may

        1. wenger did very well in those first years, bought well, built great network, progressed british football.

          he will always be a legend, but u need to learn to let go.

        2. In fairness the “league champions team” won the old 1st division 5 years previous to Wenger arriving. And you should mention this “league champions team” finished 4th, 5th, 10th and 12th in the four years previous to Wenger’s appointment.

  4. Is this a joke?! Or maybe I am losing my sense of humour. It seems sarcasm is the order of the day seeing that the previous article used it well.
    C’mon, Arsenal were bound to lose at Southampton?! C’mon man!

  5. Happy New Year Gooners and Sam P

    The article misses the main point of all the frustration at the Emirates.

    Everyone knows how brilliant Wenger has been on a restricted budget, but the anger comes from the fact that we are falling behind others now that we should be better off.

    Last year we were all set to win the PL at Xmas, so Wenger bought an injured KK who was out with a bad back for 2 months. Wenger has been specialising in injury prone players, Sanogo, KK, Amaury Bischoff, Gibbs, and free transfers, while Man U etc just go out and spend the money.

    Even more annoyingly, each year just before we shell out for the most expensive season ticket in the world, we are told how we are going to spend to challenge and then … nothing happens. This is calculating and disingenuous. I for one will not be shelling out £1400 this year … unless of course …

    As for Wenger’s faith in a clown of a goalie and 3 or 4 ageing veterans and overrated youngsters …

  6. some people will never wake up from this Long ,Lost dream……….the are so stucked in darkness of mediocrity, that they don’t know what it feels like to bask in the light of success…….. How long shall it take us to convince ourselves that wenger is just not it……what must it take 4 us to know we are heading no where with this man “wenger” except in a vicious circle…… I’m sorry i have to say this, if 4th place is the much we could set sights on…..i obviously would not panic if we finish outside the top four…… Right now, wenger taking a bow, may be the best thing to ever happen to Arsenal

    1. Some people will never wake up and our stuck in darkness ? How about most on here have never seen their club ever finish outside top 4 in their lifetime stop talking like were the worst club in the world with no hope of moving forward we our only a few pieces of the jigsaw to be a great team again but it don’t happen overnight weve only had 2 years of beign able to really compete financially and with all our players leaving beforehand it will take time to build a team of wc players again we are now able to start building a proper team is what I’m trying to get at and it won’t happen overnight Coyg

      1. Again, this misses the point. We ARE able to compete we are told, but last year we would have won the PL if we had spent at Xmas, but Wenger decided instead to concentrate on the bonus he gets for making a profit for Kroenke …

        Did he really think that buying Klallstrom was going to win the PL? Of course he did not. He has become a parody of himself and turned into a Kroenke enriching bean-counter …

        At the moment our team is an ageing, injured and unbalanced set of panic buys …

        1. Do you want to run us through all the big name signings that made a difference to the club they joined last January – go on, any league, any country. Yes, thought so – none.

    2. I’ve lost all faith in Arsene WENGER! What a disastrous year we are having under his leadership so far! Go, go, go!!!

  7. What a shit article. Really admin you post this crap.

    Do us all a favour Sam P and don’t support Arsenal when Arsene leaves.

    10 years of failing to fill the voids, it’s his players and his responsible.

    1. So it’s alright for people to write negative articles all the time thinking they know everything but wen someone want to be positive and see it in a different light then you want to start telling a fellow gooner to not support arsenal after wengers gone grow up mate and go and support city and chelski if you can’t handle wenger being here Coyg

  8. Wenger is fully to blame he manages everything at Arsenal from the medical team,coaching staff and the players he signs it’s all down to him there’s no technical director who tells him who to sign

  9. If Wenger invested in CB and goal keeper who was not injured we could have gotten points, but don’t put that in your article.

  10. Stupid article indeed,you should also write about Southampton’s problems,during the transfer window,the fact that their manager is in his first season,they also have injuries of their own including clyne,mane who went off,rodriguez.

    It is your kind that are a disease to this club.Just like your god wenger,you always have excuses for everything, have you even read the title to your article??it is disgusting to say the least,so now we are resigned to losing to Southampton even b4 kickoff???? Southampton of all clubs!!!!!a club that has been in the championship just recently.I can’t believe am reading such nonsense from a supposed gooner.

    I bet you are already drafting an excuse for our next loss.perhaps the weather? the ballboys?the recession? barrack obama?anything but wenger who is never at fault for anything
    I hope that when wenger finally leaves he takes you lot with him,bunch of losers dwelling in mediocrity. A disgrace to the true gunners

  11. when pochettino managed soton…….. They looked a decent team…… When he took the reins at TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (respect to em and their recent performances), we just can’t help but wonder….. Is this the spuds (as we call em)? ….they now play some of the best kinda football in the league… and fascinating ….. Something y’all gonna enjoy watching especially against chelski…….. Can’t remenber arsenal presenting such performance to the fans…… CHANGE of manager is something i am never scared of……. If we have not been going in the right direction , for longer than a decade…….it can’t get any worse than what a new manager would bring…..Arsenal football is like watching a movie in slow mo……. Bitter to taste…..and brings conjunctivities to every eye watching……. We are a joke with wenger……. We are the biggest joke with his mediocre fans even……..

    1. that was one fcuking game, rest of the games they have been sh#t as usual, and have won few games only because of last second erikssen / kane goals

      1. @The handsome gooner…….. Say what you will, but you wish it was the arsenal out ere facing chelski……. But it never would be us ina million years with wenger L()L

      2. Thats BS.Spurs played very well against Man U..The Man U bias football pandits will make you think otherwise.Erikson, Kane, Chadli have been excellent and consistent…yes CONSISTENT all season..Name one AFC player that have shown up in 4 consecutive games this season?
        No Spurs fan but stop being bias and lying

      3. Poor you handsome- gooner you are a stupid ass arsenal fan spuds are ahead of us in the table I can’t remember the last time that happen, they are playing better and better ever match while I can’t really say the same for us we seem to be getting worst by the minute. Also please stop saying The Southampton manager is a rookie manager he has been around he was Van gaal assistant for many years with maurinho and he is a very good manager.
        He is very smart and make the correct substitution as we all saw yesterday. He as assembled a team over the summer which they are top four ,they are no flook they won’t fade at the end like Everton did last season
        Spuds too looks really good so top 4 looks difficult to me.
        Opinions divided

  12. D writer of dis absurd article is sos so deluded. He neva talked abt wengers failure to Strengthen our defence and his ridiculous subs. We have been having. Dis injuries 4 so long but he refuses to plan 4 it. Signs injury prone and even injured players(kim). Imagine simeone doing d bussiness in a broke club like atletico madrid. Southamton lost many players in d summer but are 4 beating arsenal. We are performing far below our potential but deluded fans prefer mediocrity to wining major titles. D authur of dis article is not an arsenal fan, he is a wenger freak dat prefer sucking wenger’s old shrinked ball dan see arsenal win major trophies.. Wenger out 4 gud

  13. Wenger lacks a conscience and dignity. Alan pardew finally quit Newcastle for palace after vile abuse from fans and lack of support during the window from the owner.But wenger would never resign even if he was roughed up by the fans,he would say it is the minority who want him out.The man is living in denial, truth is 7 out of 10 Arsenal fans are fed up with him and cant wait to him out.As for the akbs,they are always in hiding and will only come out when we scrape past a club battling relegation, soon after they are back to their holes.It is only a matter of time now b4 it all explodes on wenger’s face.tik tok

  14. Dumb nonsense..

    So Southampton who sold their entire team in the not too distant past and lost their manager and that now have a rookie manager in his first year in the premier league were always favourite to beat AFC?

    The same mighty Southampton with their huge financial clout that far exceeds AFC’s purse, right?

    Complete and utter drivel.

    1. Come on man SOTON is owned by Bill Gates and spent 500M pounds in players last summer..Did you expect AFC to beat them?

  15. Just red a piece on a German newspaper and another one on a French sports journal (France Football)… Podolski was not injured (people who thought that are really sucking Wenger c*ck!), but had a “bust” up in training and was punished by the “delude one”.

    He is on his way to Inter, Galatasaray or Wolfsburg (clubs interested).

    That is the “thing” with the “deluded one”, you can make a fool of yourself on the pitch and cost us points (the Polish Gk twat) and still be on the team (ask the Big F*cking joke, Mertesacker), but when you fend off his authority you are, in fact, in trouble.

    By the way the fan who came facing those 2 “idiots” (Wenger and Steve “the weakest link” Bold) is an Arsenal fan (Confirmed by French Journalist).

    In France people seemed to be surprise by the lack of Wenger achievements recognition… Simple, they will tell you that for such a “massive” wage, he is doing nothing “impressive” and should have been sacked long time ago.

    Only Arsenal are willing to keep that farce and circus going…!!

    After we won against the “mighty” West Ham, people thought we were going to “push on” (the usual statement) and en grange some kind of momentum… “Push on” to where?
    We are already out of the league title (and Wenger as well as some delusional fans will tell you it is acceptable) and we only have the FA cup to hope for…

    It is unacceptable, wrong, illogical, unfair and borderline thieving that a manager earning so much money and failing years after years, is still on the job (and gibbering statements made of lies and untruth) and was rewarded with a new lucrative contract because he won (well the players did) a “little small insignificant” cup…!!

    Now we have a Polish GK (who is there because Wenger allows stupidity and talentless to grace the club) who is no better than Alumnia and a captain (who just signed a 2 years extension… Don’t ask me why!) who is crucially and basically finished as a player…!!

    This is a joke !

  16. Wenger out!!! We need to be on the lookout for a worthy replacement and not just fire him for an Alan Pardew quality manager.

    1. What about Koeman? I would go for him plus also means that we have a chance of getting a couple of top Southampton players along with him.

      More impressive have been his new buys- pele, tadic etc paid peanuts for them !

  17. Obviously we need a centre back and defensive midfielder, but there’s something else that needs addressing: Sanogo. Sanogo is not good enough to be an Arsenal player, nor does he show any signs that he will be. He’s supposedly our third choice striker, meaning in effect that we only have two strikers in our squad. That’s a place on our squad list wasted as well as wages too.

    Every other top team have a third choice striker that is capable of doing the job. Man City have Jovetic, Chelsea have Drogba and United have Rooney – how does Sanogo compare to those players? Let’s be honest, how do Giroud and Welbeck compare to those players? Our strike force can get us in the top four, but it isn’t good enough to win the title. It’s less of a problem this season because we aren’t going to win the title anyways, but it’s also something we have to strengthen before we can really contend?

    A lot of people post about selling half our squad and rebuilding. I think that’s silly. Diaby and Sanogo are the only players we need to rid ourselves of at the moment. Their wages can pay for someone that will contribute to the squad. People, including myself, say it’s more difficult for us because we’re on a tighter budget than rivals. It may be true, but when you’re on a limited budget, what’s the first thing you do? Eliminate waste so your money is spent more efficiently.

  18. Southampton have an excellent home record having only lost to City and United (when they were unfortunate). Arsenal had 9 midfielders and strikers out but the problem is that it was the positions where there aren’t any injuries that the players played badly. It’s not that the squad lacks quality but it’s horribly lob-sided with all the weaknesses defensive. Wenger needs to sort the squad out defensively because if Arsenal don’t make the top 4 this season it’ll be down to a lack of quality in defense and that’s Wenger’s fault. Players are required and it’s time for Ospina to step up and claim his place in goal.

  19. Speechless. I’m speechless to say the least. This is what it has come to? Here’s a wake up call. We will not defend the FA cup this year; We will be lucky to make it to Quarters of UEFA, just don’t see it happening. The league is over for us, and top four my fellow gooners, will be nothing but a pipe dream when the deluded AKB’s wake up at the end of this season. You may see it as been negative, but that’s reality.

  20. If Arsenal had won at St Mary’s it would have been their biggest result of the season, so Sam is right, it’s ridiculous to start chewing the furniture because we had another calamity. It was due. We get one about every three games. And even when we win we look like we could lose. We’re not in the kind of form that can sneak fourth place, even.

  21. As we say here in SA….EISH…. Not sure what is happening to our team. We have a team where the 80-20% principle applies. Our case is that only 20% are motivated and working their butts off whilst the other 80 are quite content with the current situation, happy to get paid at the end of the day. Carzola and Sanchez, especially the latter have been outstanding, Coquelin has come in now, has done well. He needs a chance. Ox has done ok as well but needs to be consistent, he runs out of ideas eventually , or makes wrong decisions. The back four…..pathetic. Play chambers at CB, not RB or CDM. Per had his days….the weak link. Kos needs playin time to rediscover his old form, Give Bellerin a chance , Debuchy hasn’t impressed. Gibbs ok, but not himself….he can b the best LB around but his mind is lost somewhere. I feel the negativeness in the camp is now affecting the committed players who are tiring and begin inning to give up. It’s not fair for them to give 110% every game whilst others barely commit. There is a huge problem in the camp, whether it’s Wenger, maybe he has his favorites…I don’t know but we need change . I am a Wenger supporter, really admire the man but must admit that he is losing the plot now. Something has to be done now, either recruit the new players we need, or even change the manager by getting new young blood in( I don’t like to say this but we need to action the current issues). The entire world could see for a few years now that we needed more good defenders and a top CDM, BUT not the board and the manager. We are bossed by other teams in the midfield which puts heavy pressure on the defence who are then exposed. At times I feel lik detroying my TV, ESPECIALLY LIKE THE GAME AT SOUTHHAMPTEN. We are now an average side, that opposition feel they can get results if they play us.gone are the days where we sealed the game in the first 20 min, or first half, instead we are chasing, and conceeding many goals. I really feel for the fans that spend so much money for their season tickets, just to hope we hang on o fourth place. This year Spurs have woken up, it’s not goon be easy. Watched them against Chelsea , their attack was excellent, they on the rise. Hope we get a good CB early, an CDM. Also the guy that was employed to solve our injury issues, has made it even worse, too many key players unavailable, that too for long periods. In our workplace, if we do not perform, ppl get disciplined, same should happen there. Giroud for example should be fined heavily by the club. Anyway I still hope we can come good, and hopefully achieve wenger’s target of fourth place. But I must say it’s gonna be tough for him.

  22. Also if players are injured, we supposed to have an excellent academy. Why are the youngsters not given a chance. They only come in when we are totally depleted. Other teams are blending the 19 year olds in the teams, like SOUTHHAMPTEN, I ,mean Akpoom should have been in long before yesterday, what about Ayaji, instead of playing others out of position, give them a chance,

  23. Fans are calling for defenders and Wenger is talking about a midfielder. This is not funny at all.

  24. Top priority is to replace the manager…

    that should be our first and main signing….

    theres no point signing DM AM FW or GK when our current manager dont play them or misuse them….

    Wenger OUT!!!

  25. We had a full defense: Our #1 keeper, Debuchy, Gibbs, Koscielny, Mertsacker. They just didn’t perform. Simple as that

    It doesn’t really matter that we let in 2 goals in. Chelski let in 5. Point is that we didn’t score any goals.

    I hope this shows that getting a defender and DM will NOT solve all our problems, contrary to popular belief . United have worse defense than us. But they have Mata, Di Maria, Falcao, RVP, Rooney

    We NEED a world class striker.

    1. no matter what happens I’m going to support arsenal … wenger and the team we’re d reason why most of you ppl started supporting arsenal plz turn ur back like this . even if we cum 5 we have a chance of winning the Europa league next year see it dat way. fyi I got mocked by Tottenham and man utd fans together #arsenaltillidie.

      1. nobody here’s questioning supporting arsenal: it’s arsene we’re talking about. thats the difference you have to realize.

    2. That makes no sense. We had 10 midfield and attacking players out, count them……Giroud, Wellbeck, Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby, Wilshere, Flamini, Ozil, Gnabry and Podolski. No defenders out as you said. Understandable not to score away at the third best home team in the league which is superb defensively and with 10 attacking players injured. What is less easy to explain is conceding such terrible goals with no defenders out.

  26. The final conclusion from this article seems to be that we should expect Arsenal to lose every game, so that when they don’t lose we can all be overjoyed at how awesome we were not losing. After our celebrations of not losing we can then return to expecting to lose the remaining games – and repeat.

    Granted this will prevent disappointment, but doesn’t show any ambition other than being other team’s bitches.

    Have Southampton now been elevated to a top team that Arsenal should now expect to be beaten?

    I did not get any joy with Arsenal winning the FA cup. The victory was soured by the way Arsenal went down 2-0 in the first 10 minutes. To me, Hull gave away the FA cup more than Arsenal winning it. That final was just another warning that Arsenal’s defence needed to be fixed in the Summer transfer window, but it was neglected again. Now we are seeing the results of ignoring the weaknesses with Arsene pretending all is well.

  27. Not only this team needs a CB, a DM, but a new overall mentality and focus…
    Mertesacker has signed a 2 years extension… He is already one of the worse defender in the league and surely the slowest… In 2 years, anybody grandmother could do the job (I don’t even think he could get into any premier league side… This is how sh*t he is!).

    The all thing is shambolic and farcical… The players look ordinary and less than average (apart from Sanchez). This team is not drilled and the manager is not doing what is necessary to improve either the squad nor the play (he basically not doing his job and anybody with eyes can see it).

    Sanchez must think “going from Barcelona to this sh*t”!! thankfully his wages have been doubled… Other than that I don’t see the point.

    People or fans are talking about some players who should not playing for this club because we are the “Arsenal”…!! It seems that they are mistaking us for a “top club” (which we are not, not even near), because a “top club” challenges, year after year for major trophies (which we are not doing and have not been doing for how don’t know how long).

    Fans have too much expectations (rightfully, based on the ridiculous fees for tickets and the rest… Even the burgers are overpriced) because we DO NOT HAVE the squad nor the manager to excel and perform at the highest level.

    This team needs 5 Alexis Sanchez to even pretend or have a glimpse at the league…
    That is £160millions (all over the skeleton of the team) investment in January or next summer in order to be competitive.

    Wenger has become an embarrassment (even having a “go” at the ball boys… what a weak twat!)… It is surrealistic and shameful because we cannot dissociate ourselves from that circus because we love the club.

    Too late for that…
    The “deluded one” will see his contract wether you like it of not… That is just the way it is. The only thing that could happen is for that “fool” to walk away, which he will never do (he does love money, that is a fact too… That is why his contract with TF1 was not renewed because he had the “balls” to ask for a wage increase… Greedy f*cker !!).
    Wenger has stakes in the club, that is just obvious.

    Real Madrid? Paris St Germain?
    He would have not lasted 5 mins in those clubs… At Real Madrid they have fired managers after doubles (Del Bosque) just because the style of play was not attractive.
    People don’t realise that Wenger was never going to move because he is in TOTAL control of his destiny here and nobody will challenge his “status”.

    In the summer he will bring another big signing (may be Cavani), but not what we need. He is one of those “manager” who believes that a “huge signing” will calm the fans down (well, he is right until it starts to c*ck up and even the “regular Wengerists” s*cking his gonads turn against him).

    Win the league in 2017?
    Just trying to win some time before the end of his contract. We heard the same statement before, 3 years ago…
    This is a club that has never stated (through Wenger or those f*ckers from the board) the club objectives…!! We will know what are the aims towards the end of the season (top four of course) and it just shows why and how the fans are being treated and how much the all Arsenal structure do not give a f*ck about the supporters.

    1. Now that we are at it, signing WENGER for 3 years, BFG for 2, ARTETA for (who knows), let’s start working on the new Contracts for DIABY, FLAMINI, ZZZZzny so we can secure their services till 2020 and this way keep the consistency that WENGER is talking about.

  28. I watched that game once again and its very unfair to blame the goalkeeper alone. Surely both goals are attributable to our defense. The 1st goal, he was right to come out because Kos wasnt going to act decisively, the only problem he had was to retreat into his goal area. On the 2nd goal why on earth would Debuchy stop the ball goal wards? The keeper wasn’t sure it was ok to catch it or not and why was he the 1st to kick the ball anyway? He is not a saint but many errors are forced on him by our clueless defenders~

  29. Get lost Sam P for writing this useless article. I feel u think WENGER might read this and call you for the offer of a better job? Keep dreaming idiot!

  30. There are a thousand reasons why people failure but not a single excuse. Coaches are paid to produce results on the pitch and yo win trophies for the team.If a coach fails those basic things then he is not go enough and must leave.Sucess or failure comes down to the decisions of the coach ranging from decisions in the transfer market, training methods,team selection,tactics etc.Looking @ the transfer market- Wenger has a shambolic record- failure to act decisively and always acting when it’s too late, selling our top players to rival clubs,leaving other positions thin and reinforcing wrong positions especially buying lots of attacking midfielders ignoring defensive positions and failing to buy top class strikers or decent strikers.If Wenger is really serious about winning trophies would he buy a player like Welbeck a fourth choice play at Man United whom Vaan Gaal said is only good for the bench and now he plays every game at Arsenal.Why sell Vemaleen and buy Chambers? Why sell Sagna and buy Debuchy.And now that Podolisk is gone it means Sanchez alone will carry the goal scoring burden

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