Dont expect Arsenal to get an easy ride against Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace make the trip across London tomorrow to take on Arsenal at the Emirates tomorrow, and on paper we look an easy bet to win.

The Eagles sit two places above the relegation zone currently, albeit with an 11 point advantage on Sunderland in 18th position, and have not been dragged into the dog-fight for survival as of yet.

We of course sit favourably in third place in the league, and with next to no chance of catching long-time leaders Leicester City, our main objective is now to stay within the top three, just in case Manchester City drop out of the top four. Should both City and Liverpool go onto win their respective European competitions, which will mean the club finishing in fourth will fail to secure a place in next season’s Champions League campaign.

We go into the game as odds-on favourites, and with home advantage you wouldn’t back against that, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they will give us an easy game, as they rarely do.

Palace have given us some tough matches in recent seasons, with our last three encounters having finished 2-1 in our favour. Two of those matches went into the interval at 1-1, and they certainly seem to bring their A game when they come up against us.

Our players come into the match having let a two goal lead slip last weekend, and the wide players were criticised for allowing a number of crosses to be whipped into the aerially-strong Andy Carroll, who ended the game with a hat-trick.

Arsene Wenger will most certainly have drilled his players not to allow that to happen in the coming match, with former Gunner Emmanuel Adebayor almost as equally strong in the air, and it will be interesting to see whether Alex Iwobi retains his place having been indirectly blamed for not tracking back enough last week.

Petr Cech will also be expected to be returned into the starting line-up for Sunday’s match, which will be a huge plus, and I will take another 2-1 win.

A win is a win right? Or should we be winning these sort of matches more comfortably?

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    1. Then why don’t you follow your advice? Buy a banner, buy a ticket and then show it. See how it goes. Is easy to stir up others when you sit on the fence and enjoy the show.

      1. I don’t sit on the fence.

        I stopped going to matches as protest and do not buy merchandise. And FYI I may be going to protest.

        As if it was any of your concern anyhow..

        1. Sell your ticket (if you have one, of course). As for merchandise, don’t sweat over it. The bulk of it is sold overseas and online. Asia is in buying frenzy so tough luck trying to convince them. Merchandise is not even 10% of the revenue, everyone is setting in the TV deals and UCL deals. Add to that 100 million gate revenue (if you have a season ticket which seems improbable you already paid the money, paying and not using is sort of dumb in my opinion but you are perfectly entitled to be such way) each game and there you go. But then again, I have an even better idea, why not stop supporting Arsenal altogether? You’ll do us a great favor. And the club.

  1. ….”We of course sit favourably in third place in the league, and with next to no chance of catching long-time leaders Leicester City,…..

    Actually we are in 4th place, with Man U nipping on the heels. A win puts us in 3rd place. A lot to play for tomorrow, and we need a big game from all of the players. Defense needs to play better and we need to finish the chances that will be created.

  2. Statement: Don’t expect Arsenal to get an easy ride against Crystal Palace

    Comment: Who was?

  3. We are 4th!!!! ???
    We need to beat Palace to jump back into 3rd.

    Was there a problem with this site early on today. .. I mean yesterday! ? .. On Saturday ?

    I thought I got banned and blocked ???
    I couldn’t get on!

  4. Why worry about Palace when Wenger has been taking Arsenal fan’s for’ Easy Rides’ for decades now!

  5. We are possibly in the top10 clubs in Europe and we’re concerned about beating C.Palace, at home.Is that what we’ve come down to.Oh,I forgot, we lost to Watford recently.
    What a depressing season this is turning out to be.
    Depressing for Chelsea I know but at least they won the league when we wom the egg cup.l suppose that’s something. C…O… Y… G…

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