Don’t expect Arsenal to win at Burnley! But if they do….

I am sure that I am not the only Arsenal fan who fears that the Gunners will show our usual inconsistency this weekend, by failing to match the brilliant level of performance that we showed to get a rare win over a highly rated Tottenham team last weekend, and with an away game against Burnley up next anything less than a very good performance from Arsenal is unlikely to see us win.

Sean Dyche has made Turf Moor a fortress for the Clarets for some time now and despite the fact that their home record so far this season has not been quite as impressive as last time, when they only lost six Premier League games through the whole campaign, they are still very hard to beat there and have also started to do the business on the road as well.

That is why they are currently seventh in the EPL table and are only below Arsenal because of our superior goal difference. Hopefully this will make Arsene Wenger and the players fully focused for the game on Sunday6, but I have a horrible feeling that we will not see the same desire, determination and attitude that saw us beat Spurs.

It would not be the first time in recent years that Arsenal have been disappointing after a great result and failure to win at Burnley would be a big blow that would all but end our title hopes. If, however, the Gunners carry on from last weekend and blow Burnley away, I reckon we would have to start believing that this season could be a happy one for us Gooners.

What do you guys think?



  1. McLovin says:

    Last season we struggled and got a winning goal from the hands of Koscielny.

    This time we should know better and act like this game would be a cup final. Burnley are no pushovers (won Chelsea, drew Spurs and Liverpool). But they have also lost to WBA at home.

    So push aside the arrogance. We could even NOT play possession football, since this will make Burnley park the bus and hit us on the counter.

  2. Nothing changed says:

    Our title hopes? Didn’t know we ever had title hopes this season and would have thought that even the most subjective of fans would realize by now that we really don’t have any title hopes.

    Having said that I fully expect us to beat Burnley. We are capable of winning 2 PL games in a row, we struggle with more than 3 wins in a row. But beating Burnley is not going to put us in the PL title race. Sorry

    What I tell me dreaming mates is that we should only mention our selves in the same sentence as “title race” if we are within 3 points of first place in April. Mention it today and we look like fools IMO.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That’s competition for ya. Can be a byach.

  3. jon fox says:

    My take on this is that if any fan, Arsenal player or even Wenger claims to have any real idea of which Arsenal will, or won’t, turn up at Burnley, they are fooling themselves – or to put it more plainly, lying! Our tragedy as fans, is that we have the right to expect 100% from every player every week and as we all know, only too well, we have been cheated by our own club on this matter for much of the last decade. In any otherwalk of life, whether buying goods, services, booking a holiday, going to a theatre/play and even when using utilities like internet, electric, gas, phone , etc. etc. we have LEGAL rights when we are cheated out of the service we pay for (and we pay through the nose to attend the Emirates!). Yet OUR club, the club we love and admire with all our heart, – at least in theory, since it is impossible to love those in charge these days – CARES LITTLE ABOUT CHEATING US, VERY REGULARLY, THROUGH SUB STANDARD EFFORT. Note: not form; we are mostly realistic that in sport , form can come and go at any time. But SURELY, we all have the right to expect their very best EFFORTS , ALL THE TIME? Don’t we? Sometimes football seems to think it should be able to live by different standards to the rest of society. I say, esp in this age when we are grossly overcharged CUSTOMERS, rather than fans (as the corporate bullies who run football would have us believe) then we have CUSTOMERS RIGHT AS WELL!

    1. Nothing changed says:

      So right. It is really too bad that we as fans can’t act as one. I can only imagine what Barca or Real or Bayern or Man U or Chelsea fans would act like if they had a manager who delivered no major titles for 10 years or more and who didn’t even challenge seriously for the PL during that period. I am pretty sure that at most of those clubs there would be riots and revolt, especially after our spineless efforts and collapses during Christmas periods and run-ins year after year.

      I hate to say it but the losers mentality of Wenger and board has been bought hook line and sinker by most fans. Arsenal fans no longer believe it is their right to expect a title challenge. That’s the difference with other big clubs where fans and club carry the belief that winning is their right and duty in their DNA.

      1. jon fox says:

        Thank you for your reply and if I may say so, you make an excellent point about the comparison with us versus ambitious clubs and their fans. All sensible people realise that there can only ever be one title winner per season BUT all clubs, large or small, have fans who love and PAY lots of money – esp our fans – to support the club we follow and stay LOYAL too, unlike Tesco/ Sainsburys/ Morrison etc customers. THEREFORE all clubs fans are entitled to 100% from all those wearing the shirt and we are entitled to it every time. If not, then we are being cheated. Trouble is that many Gooners have become so accustomed to being cheated by our team that many accept it and expect it, fuelling the future downward trend. In life all behaviour is accepted, encouraged or FORBIDDEN by the decision maker at the top; in footballs case, the manager. When , like Arsenal, you have a decision maker who actively encourages lack of 100% effort and excuses it aferwards by denying it was true, then it is repeated ad nauseum. I have been trying to tell anyone on Arsenal forums, who doesn’t already realise this truth, exactly why we must get Wenger out, IF we truly want 100%. Look at how we were all wetting ourselves over the team for once, actually giving 100% against Spurs. You are completely correct to point out this would NEVER , EVER, BE TOLERATED BY OUR RIVALS , HOME AND ABROAD.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Apart from ten years playing non league football in the sixties/seventies I’ve been a regular at Arsenal from seven years old, first with my late Father and from ten years old with my mates and still a season ticket holder. I go because I love Arsenal, It’s like part of family, in my blood and for no other reason. I’m not quite sure what your point is Jon but I certainly don’t feel I’m being conned by Arsenal because the lack of Premier League tital

          1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

            Kenny, for myself as an Arsenal fan for 55 years, the Arsenal has gone through lean periods before; however until the last 10 years (since Kroenke) I always thought that the owners, managers and players fought for the badge and tried to succeed every game. The performances in the FA cup finals particularly last season against Man City (semi) and Chelsea and matches this season against Chelsea, Everton and Tottenham show the level this team can perform at. It is the lack of consistency and poor performances such as Liverpool at Anfield, showing apparent lack of effort that upset fans such as Jon and I.

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I understand Ozzie and respect you view

  4. deleny says:

    i thgt this was another worthy article nt until i lost appetite reading it. Forget those past inconsistencies and focus on the future of this club for once admin. We re winning that match and coming home with all points that’ll take us to 25pts. We re the gunnerzzzzzzz!!!! Sm of these articles are basically becoming a suspect these days

  5. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Man it could not be any simple we simply need to win against burnley this weekend,huddersfield after that,man utd after that,then southampton,west ham,newcastle and so on and so on and so on in the league……To stand any chance of a descent challenge for a top 4.It would almost be like leicester winning the title again if we win the title this season.No don’t get me wrong and bang me thinking i’m comparing us with leicester but I just said it keeping in mind the dominating city and inconsistent us.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    “It was a great example of fans and players bringing it all together. In the stands, on the bench and on the field we were together”.

  7. David Rusa says:

    Whatever happened to our supporters is anyone’s guess. Surely what is the purpose of this article? To encourage or discourage our supporters to attend the game? Why can’t we for once think positively? Why should anyone think we can’t win at Burnley when we have ever done it? I am very disappointed with Admn for his anti-Arsenal stance. A site which claims
    to be for Arsenal should be rallying our supporters for the match and not demobilising them through negative sentiments. What is the purpose of this kind of article? Instead of feeling good about our team after last Saturday’s victory over Spurs some of our people are at it again. The EPL is not Bundesliga or La Liga where a few teams dominate. Inconsistency is not a reserve of Arsenal. All teams get it once in a while. So let Admn save us from his antics. Let us go and support our team on Sunday.

  8. deleny says:

    well said David….admin take your time so we dnt think you re an anti-arsenal fanatic in an arsenal clothing.

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