Don’t expect the new Arsenal manager to be appointed quickly

So this was Arsene Wenger’s last working day as Arsenal manager, and although the players were very keen to give their boss a great send off with a convincing win, the actual 1-0 result doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

Of much more interest to fans is who is going to be his replacement, and with Wenger cleaning out his desk on Thursday, we were all hoping that the new guvnor would be appointed very quickly and get working towards getting prepared for a fast start next season.

There have been numerous rumours saying that Max Allegri has already agreed to take over, and others saying that Mikel Arteta is in the driving seat and will be bringing in a big team of ex-Arsenal players to make up his team of coaches and assistants, to join the ones we already have at the club. The latest reports saying that Pep Guardiola has promised to back Arteta if he decides to return to the Gunners has added more fuel to that particular rumour although the possibility of Arteta’s arrival seems to have divided the Arsenal fanbase.

But according to David Ornstein, who is widely acknowledged to be the most reliable journalist regarding Arsenal matters, the Gunners are still nowhere near making a final appointment, despite the numerous rumours to the contrary.

He tweeted yesterday….

Judging by the consensus of Arsenal fans, most would prefer an established successful coach like Allegri, but we are more likely to get the inexperienced Mikel Arteta who will have some big shoes to fill. But at least he is fully aware of the Arsenal setup and would require no settling in period. I personally will back whoever is appointed and we will forever cheer on the Arsenal no matter who is in charge of the team.

Sam P


  1. Jeremy says:

    Tired of seeing the feet dragging act once more, it’s the same old stuff. It’s the same for players and now… manager.

    Like I said before… we are in danger of ill-prepared preparation for next season.

    What is the Board doing???

    1. GB says:

      It’s not feet dragging Jeremy, we haven’t officially been allowed to talk to English or German managers until today and Italian managers next week. Yes of course there are ways round the rules as there is when approaching players but it’s still “tapping up”. I just think we are doing due diligence and an announcement will be made very soon. But Allegri saying yesterday (after a 4th straight double) that the only way he will leave Juve is if they sack him, seems to rule him out. I’ve got a feeling with all the talk from inside Arsenal and City that Arteta will get the job but it will be head coach rather than a Wenger type manager. Player signings, player contracts and certain other duties have already been taken over by our new backroom setup and I’m sure it will remain that way. We are moving towards a new, proper way, of running a football club.

      1. Enagic says:

        That’s correct GB I do think Jardim is coming in as a manager and Arteta as assistant

      2. Sue says:

        That’s just great about Allegri ☹ this is beginning to do my head in now!! The sooner we find out & put all these rumours to bed, the better!!!

      3. Jeremy says:

        Never seen any club gets haul up for tapping manager though.

        The board will be demonstrating real intent with such a move. Surely, no one will complain.

  2. Shekar233 says:

    “I will stay at Juventus next season, unless they sack me” says Allegri.

    I dont think any board would sack a manager who has won 4 consecutive domestic titles.
    So we can eliminate him from the shortlist for sure.

    Now I here Arteta to be very highly possible,
    In that case Arsenal are doomed.

    Not because he is not capable of doing the job..may be he can.

    But after Wenger, who divided the Arsenal fan base a lot for many years now, we need someone who would unite the fan base right from the beginning without even managing a single match.

    I wonder what arsenal board are thinking..
    As I dont think it is a coincidence that first Buvac , now Rui Faria quit their current clubs both No. 2’s for Liverpool and Utd. And now may be another No.2 in Arteta is likely to take charge.

    Though he may be just in talks with the board i am hating the fact that the board have even considered him as one of the options.
    0 managerial experience and not even an arsenal legend, deleted all the content on his social media once he started working for city.

    Get the banners ready gooners, time has come to kick the owner out with half empty emirates.

    1. Shekar233 says:

      * Deleted all arsenal related content

      1. GB says:

        So the banners will come out even before the manager is given a chance eh? Some fan you are! When Wenger joined everyone said who the F is he but at least he was given s chance and showed us very quickly how he tr@nsformed the way we played. Whoever gets the job I will support, at least for a respectable time…….

        1. shekar233 says:

          You don’t get the point do you?
          Do you have any idea how much Arsenal has suffered because of the stupid AKB and AOB?

          Now that there is a slightest chance to get the entire fan base onto one ship, it is absolutely unacceptable to take a decision which would again divide the Fan base,

          And don’t give me the shit like “Why divide? All of us can support whoever it is , that is appointed”..

          because it is never that simple …
          If it is someone with zero managerial experience , let alone managing a huge(to be huge) club like Arsenal and that too in the Premiere league competing against Pep,Jose,Klopp,Pochettino,Conte( or Sarri) ?

          it just takes 3,4 losses for the fans to go over board and again chaos in the stands and outside emirates.

          I am not expecting to break the bank to bring manager. But if you want a cheaper alternative there are a few with managerial experience and also good record in Europe. The likes of Jardim,Sarri,Emery
          But Arteta?

          Even Viera would not divide the fanbase as much as Arteta does. How is Arteta even an Arsenal Legend? Just because you end your career at a club doesn’t make you club legend. How many years did Arteta play for Arsenal? 3,4 seasons?
          With that logic even Bendtner can be Arsenal Legend.

          People are comparing him with Zidane?
          Mind you, Arteta couldn’t even get a call to represent the Spanish national team , even when Xavi,Iniesta Fabregas etc were out injured. He did not even do great at Everton. He was just another panic buy by Arsene when he had to replace Nasri and shut the fans’ moaning.

          Who is to be blamed for all this dilemma ? I say wenger
          How stupid of Wenger to claim that he is leaving the club in a better state than he found it?

          Now don’t pile upon me with “Show some respect , he is legend”.
          I respect him as a human being, but not as a manager.

          If he had gone the year we beat Hull to win FA cup, we would have had reasonably good options to replace him, like Klopp,Conte,Tuchel.

          But no he stayed on and now here we are with all the dilemma of whom to appoint.

          Sorry Wengerites, he has tarnished all his reputation he gained by overstaying and no one is more responsible for it than you himself

          1. shekar233 says:

            *he himself

          2. GB says:

            You obviously didn’t read my comment correctly or get my point. Whoever is appointed will not unite the fan base immediately. Everyone has a different opinion as to who the next manager should be.

          3. Ken 1945 says:

            Shekar 233,
            So even though Wenger has now left and has nothing to do with the next apointmment he is to blame for the names being put forward and the assumed disaray the owner and board find themselves in?
            Or is he to blame because he stayed on after the Hull cup final then won another two, qualified for the CL for another three years and got us to the semi final fo the Europa league?
            It’s your comments regarding “wengerites” that is still dividing the fans as most of us who have the club at heart have actually moved on.
            This man Arteta is being crucified on here and the man hasn’t even said he wants the position!
            If you want to blame anyone, then blame the board and, in particular, Gazidis as he was the man who let the media know that Arteta was his choice.

    2. Malcolm Townsend says:

      some Arsenal players cannot stand Arteta so what going to happen there

  3. killamch89 says:

    I want Paulo Fonseca to be manager – I mean I’d love a manager that will wear a zorro costume to a press conference. We got auba with the batman mask and having a manager with the Zorro mask – we will be the Justice League….Zorro was in the Justice League right? XD

  4. John Wick says:

    Definitely not Arteta.. I don’t care how well he knows the club that means absolutely nothing he’s not a manager let’s get real here! If he’s appointed it’s because the club didn’t want to pay a top manager or spend the money they wanted to compete! It’s got nothing to do how highly they rate Arteta it’s just a cheaper alternative than a bigger name and we all know the club/board don’t like to be challenged! In Arteta they got the perfect guy.. if any ex player should get the job it’s Vieira nobody else! Arteta is nothing more than a yes man and we will continue to decline under him he’s too young and too inexperienced to take this pressurised job.. don’t bury you’re head in the sand and think Arteta will come with Guardiolas knowledge he’s barely been there very long! Allegri doesn’t look like happening so Ancelotti for me it’s a no brainer!

    1. Jens says:

      Vieira is a shit manager, though.

      Clearly below Wenger’s level, not to say top 10 managers.

    2. Enagic says:

      Arteta will be brought in as assistant manager or head coach I think the new regime/set up want Wenger to take his back room staff with him on football side and bring in fresh air and Arsenal management know already who is coming in since Wenger left today is Day one so patience please

  5. Ozziegunner says:

    Just out of interest this is the first team selected by Arsene Wenger:
    Bould Adams Keown
    Winterburn Dixon
    Platt Viera Merson
    Hartson Wright
    All inherited except for Viers who joined in the off season.
    How many of these players would the new manager like to have in the Arsenal squad now for next season?

    1. Ozziegunner says:


      1. GB says:

        You mean a Vieira.

    2. John0711 says:

      Yes I find it astonishing that people keep saying he’s leaving the club in a better place than when he found it. I’m sure the are relating to financially not capability wise

  6. Olusoga from badagry says:

    It would be beter for the board to act fast before it late to get a good coach. We fans has endured wenger trophyless humilation period, therefore we want a beter coach and not ateta . He should looks elsewhere like westbrom, swansea, stoke. Not arsenal

  7. Dan says:

    Expect at least another 5 years without a trophy or champions league football the club is in turmoil how can you part with a manager after 22 years and not already have a replacement lined up this sums up arsenal football club pathetic!!

  8. The new coach will be Ancelloti! I have no problem as he is the only available world class coach. Allegri Juve won’t release, Diego Simeone same with atletico. Arteta must not come within spitting distance of the Emirates! We must keep the fight against mediocrity alive. Onwards and upwards for glory!

    1. Jens says:

      Ancelotti for current Arsenal? World class in 2018??


      1. Who’s your choice then? We are not exactly in a supermarket where you just go and throw money and take what you want. Any manager you think is worldclass right now their club probably thinks the same and will not release him. Ancelloti is free, who else is? Luis Enrique? Will you pay £15M after tax to a manager? Brenda? A mickey mouse league master? Joachim Low? Think he will quit his low pressure smooth sailing job at Germany to come to Arsenal? Ancelloti is the only one who has the most experience and least risk and most importantly, IS AVAILABLE TO SIGN RIGHT NOW!!!

        1. John Wick says:

          Quantic Dream 100% in agreement with you pal

          1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. Sean says:

    If we are going to cheap & want to unite the fan base then it has to be Patrick Viera does it not? Or if Enrique comes then Arteta maybe as a no2?

    Cant get over the fact we have not had a replacement in place for Arsene Leaving after they forced him out quietly!

  10. Meja says:

    Manchester united made the same mistake in appointing #david_moyes as arsenal will be doing in appointing either arteta and viera or even those number 2s. We will hardly attract stars without uefa football and then again hire a coach who cant attract any big player??? Big mistake arsenal, big mistake…. Stars will only join arsenal now if we get a good reputable coach otherwise we will just watch as stars join our opponents and we will keep drifting further down

  11. John0711 says:

    Everyone already knows my stance on Arteta I cannot think of one reason he is better than other candidates
    Even admin himself has informed me I am attacking
    Other fans when I accuse them of mediocrity in relation to wenger supporters
    Wenger was a genius however, the emphasis is on the was
    I’ve supported Arsenal before he came and I will support them when he’s gone

    Yet I am still waiting for ANYONE to convince me that Arteta is the right man in ANY Way
    So just because we have removed one problem from the club does not mean all is forgiven. The board need to step up and appoint someone worthy of the fans beliefs. Otherwise there will still be protests and the empty seats will remain

    1. John Wick says:

      You won’t be convinced John because he’s completely all wrong for Arsenal I will be bitterly disappointed if he’s given the job.. there are many better candidates than Arteta.. I have no idea why he is the leading candidate, has he done something you, me or anyone else have missed ? Kroenke, Gazidis and board out!

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        ?John, if Kroeke and the board screw this up, not only will the fans revolt, but expect an avalanche of transfer requests from players Arsenal can ill afford to lose. This in an addition to failing to attract suitable additions will bring Arsenal into freefall. As has recently been stated by the pundits (confirmed by observing the final league table), anyone outsde the top 6 doesn’t have to fall too far to find themselves in thr relegation battle.

  12. OxInTheBox says:

    like singing players, we will wait until last day of the transfer window and will have a panic buy lol

  13. Steve h says:

    Arteta, Brendan rogers, both a big NO. If these two are an upgrade from AW
    Then the board are living on cloud cuckoo land.

  14. Jens says:

    jardim, garcia, nagelsmann are all more suitable than the has-beens the media keep peddling.

    even garcia did better at roma (twice 2nd) than enrique’s stint.
    nagelsmann doing better work in BL than Anćelotti if you compare budgets.
    jardim – title + CL semis with a selling club etc

  15. Meja says:

    Am also wondering how is arteta better than wenger? How is viera better than wenger?? In my own assesmet, wenger is better than both of them. Liverpool, ac milan and man united fell at such a moment. Any slight mistake in replacing wenger will finish us completely expecially now that almost 8 teams in the epl pose a big opposition.

  16. Lupe says:

    My personal pick would have been Tuchel, his record with mainz and dortmund are fantastic, but he is going to psg. I like jardim but does he speak english because communication is important to elevate this group of players. Allegri is not coming, so we have limited choices now. How about laurent blanc, nobody is talking about him. I think we have to get a manager with a balance philosophy, driven, aggressive and must know the language.

  17. Will says:

    The one thing that confuses me about Arteta being favorite for the job is how we got Auba, Ozil and Mikhi to sign long term contracts. Surely the board would have known that Wenger was due to leave at the end of the season at this point. With the position we were in in January – no CL, outside of the top 4 without looking like qualifying for next years CL and a million miles off competing for the league – joining/signing a new contract was probably already a tough enough sell which leads me to believe they would have had to lay it on thick about the project they are building. I don’t see how the appointment of Arteta fits into this – why would players of the caliber of Auba, Ozil and Mikhi sign unless they were convinced that there was a long term plan in place to get us competing again?

    I seriously hope it is not Arteta and I do not understand how any fans can be excited about his appointment. I can only imagine the attitudes in the dressing room by our big players – who have already pretty much downed tools all season for Wenger – when someone that has achieved so little in the game as either a player or a manager starts telling them what to do!

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  18. Jeremy says:

    It will seriously baffle me to see how an incredibly slow player like Arteta can coach our speedsters.

    Till today, I am not able to comprehend how the hell did he make it into our team in the first place. Much less to speak about, as manager???

  19. Meja says:

    The only manager who could had possibly improve arsenal significantly in both ends was allegri and maybe simeone. We can now tempt the napoli coach who can instill real quality in our squad or leornardo jardim but i really doubt if most of our lazy and big players can listen to a guy like arteta or viera…. There is a reason why such coaches manage small teams like leipzig and newyork.

  20. Dammy says:

    Arsenal hiring arteta confirms that afc has no ambition..
    If I had known that after getting rid of wenger the next step was to hire arteta , I won’t have supported his dismissal

  21. jon fox says:

    Sam P Most fans would agree it is laudable “to back whoever is in charge of the team.” But I question this thinking as too naive. You personally wanted Wenger to stay and go on and on , even though to the huge majority this was unacceptable. And so it proved. Yes, I do agree we have to give the final choice, a fair chance. BUT what if that choice is so overwhelmingly unpopular with us fans from the outset that we fear for our clubs short term and medium term future? What then Sam? We can all see how much antipathy there already is to Arteta, who appears to be a strong frontrunner right now. Most on here believe that would be a disastrously wrong choice so should we just capitulate and support a wrong choice ? No easy answer and all must think what , if anything , they would personally do and how they would react. Buit I maintain supporting a wrong choice is not, ultimately, supporting your club. We proved that with WENGER IN THE LAST FEW YEARS.

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