Don’t get carried away Arsenal fans, nothing’s really changed …. yet

Let me stress there were plenty of positives for Arsenal fans to take from our performance on Saturday and in general the progress under Uni Emery has been evident. What I didn’t like was the attitude of certain gooners on social media who were bordering on arrogance. It supported my view I expressed earlier in the season that there are fans who are cheering change for the sake of it, convincing themselves we are moving in a certain direction when in reality, things change yet stay the same.

Many on YouTube were demanding an apology from Paul Merson, who long held the view that Liverpool would put 3-4 goals past us. Everyone knows the Sky pundit has the habit of over emphasising his point. What he was trying to explain is we don’t have the defence to win the big matches. Making out we proved our point suggests we won. Celebrating a draw at home is something you expect from Spurs supporters.

Indeed, this group of players have yet to change the perception others have. Apart from his last two years, Arsene spent over a decade getting us in the top 4 by beating everyone else, drawing to our top 6 rivals at home, losing to them away. How did a 1-1 draw this weekend at the Emirates change that?
One fan explained it was because this time last year we didn’t have the mentality to respond to a Liverpool if they scored first. That gentlemen casually forgot that we came from behind to get a point in the very same fixture? Didn’t we also get a draw at Stamford Bridge last season, a venue we lost at this year?

The worst arrogance I heard was Manchester United being dismissed as merely competing for a place in the top 6, while we are now in the dizzy height of challenging for the title. This is in a two-week period where one Manchester club has opened a gap over us, while the other one has closed it. But apparently gone are the days when our ambition was just fighting to be in the top 4……. We are fifth?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting a negative spin on a positive 90 minutes but the only time we have proven our critics wrong is when we are winning these types of games. The only person who pointed that out was …. Unai Emery himself. That at least is refreshing to hear.

Dan Smith


  1. Sue says:

    Bloody hell what a depressing article

    1. Sue says:

      Yes I agree about coming from behind for a draw against Liverpool at home last season, but we let the lead slip

      1. A.ball08 says:

        I bet you are person yhat the the glass is always half empty
        We did only draw but the positives were
        Liverpool are a far diferent team to when we last played them at home.
        It pains me to say that they have moved on in a way where we should have been.
        To go toe to toe with them and have them rattled..not many teams will do that
        The crowd was once again one hundred percentage behind the team unlike other seasons.
        We showed energy and positivity right to the end and the more likely to score. Again unlike other seasons were we would have come back and then buckled in the last minutes
        Get a grip and think before you write next time

        1. Admin says:

          Huh! Get a grip!
          I didn’t write this!!!!
          I am loving what Emery is doing but DAN is trying to keep us grounded…

          1. A.ball08 says:

            At least I got a positive reaction from you

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      whoever scouted Dan correct this as the perfect replacement for Konstantin to deliver depressing articles did a great job. Found the perfect replacement for KM. All he needs now is consistency in delivering such buzz kill articles on Monday mornings

      1. gotanidea says:

        Both DS and KM are just being realistic. They observed the facts and do not get carried away by the news

      2. Admin says:

        Haha Eddie I like it! But the fact is we had to bring Konstantin back to the after-match articles as he is just turned far too positive!
        By the way my wrist is still in a sling, so if anyone wants to help out by sending me an article (negative or positive!) it would be most appreciated….

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          There you go, even the admin admitting Konstantin used to be filled with negativity, but turned positive now..and his protege his already replacing him immediately..Lol.. who knew finding a replacement for Konstantin wouldn’t be a problem

          1. Admin says:

            But, to be fair, Konstantin was only echoing what a hell of a lot of Arsenal fans were thinking. Now, like Lord Jon, he is liking the positivity under Emery. Dan is just a realist who doesn’t want everyone to get carried away. He is not a pessimist….

          2. jon fox says:

            I agree with much of Dans article but thought his saying we only missed out on CL quaL under Wenger ” apart from the last two years”, misses the point. Those “two years” were ENTIRELY the point and he, Wenger, went from regularly fourth or better to missing out on goal difference to then being miles from fourth place and going still further away, as all realists could easily see. In the last year we were miles away and getting still further adrift from fourth place and THAT has changed, clearly. So yes, don’t get carried away yet, BUT also recognise the HUGE and welcome change for the better under Emery. I call that change realism, since I expected a huge improvement once Wenger was sacked and Emery with his impressive recent CV was appointed. Fourth place is far from guaranteed this season BUT we now , at long last, have a true desire, a will to fight and are no longer bullied as we were so often under Wenger. In short, we are a real team once again. ALL THOSE ARE HUGELY POSITIVE CHANGES. BUT WE STILL, AS DAN SAID, MUST NOT GET CARRIED AWAY JUST YET. As a realist I fully recognise that ANY manager who has to work under Scrooge Kroenke has a huge disadvantage against most of our main rivals. But unlike Wenger, Emery has spent his meagre allowance wisely and not wasted £35 million on such as Mustafi. Finally, Mr Admin, though I rather like the “Lord Jon”, I wish you would call me by my proper title Your Royal Highness, Chief Realist of England. Just kidding on this, a tongue in cheek comment only.

          3. TJPAM says:

            What about rob holding, koshieny, belerinn moreal transfer price
            Is comparable to what other teams spend on defenders
            Eh apart from smalling.. All man u defenders cost 20-30 don’t talk about man city, chealsea,and liverpool..

    3. gotanidea says:

      In my opinion, the article is not depressing, but realistic and I agree with him

      I’m only confident of the top four finish if Arsenal can win in at least four big matches. They have not beaten any top EPL team so far

      1. David Rusa says:

        There you go again Gotanidea!

      2. Goonster says:

        I myself ain’t getting carried away until we see similar or better performances against the rest of the Top 6 Home and Away.
        But i am pleased with Emery’s style of play, the positive mentality he seems to have installed into our players that is also rubbing onto us the fans. I am encouraged by his quick in-game thinking in making m substitutions and changing formations. The guy will pluck out the likes of Ozil, Aubameyang, Ramsey etc if he thinks they are not performing. Remember how Wenger had favoured the likes of Ozil, he would bend over backwards to please and accommodate Ozil no matter if he was underperforming or not. Ramsey had become a premadonna himself believing his own hype / ego that wenger kept massaging.
        He had turned Lacazette into an expensive substitute because he was afraid to try something new “like playing both Laca and Auba”.

        It might all come crashing down for Emery but I can’t fault the man right now. He is a breathe of fresh air to us after the staleness, stagnation and dormant nature that Wenger had us stuck in for years.

        What most of us hoped for when Emery was hired was him showing that he can address our problem areas (defensively), so his first signings were (Leno, Sokratis, Lichtsteiner, Torreira, Guendouzi). We wanted him to show a bit of progress in the way we play and holding all our players accountable for their performances etc.

        Right now I see all those 3 things we asked for. We have shown a lot of progress in a short period, the players are now fighting for their places. No more holding us to ransom (Ramsey). Tried to address our Defence even if we are still struggling a bit in that department. But he tried addressing it be it with limited funds.

        1. ozziegunner says:


        2. jon fox says:

          A superb post Goonster

      3. Sue says:

        Well I’m sorry but I’m buzzing after the weekend & then I have to read all this! So much for enjoying the moment ? smh

      4. But I thought you people here complained about Wenger finishing at top four. You were calling it Wenger cup.
        Now under Emery we see top four as an achievement. Hipocracy at the highest order.
        Emery should be gunning for the cup and top honors.
        If Wenger was not good and we needed a replacement we should see it in our standing

        1. Frank says:

          There is different b2n been in a club 4 20yrs n finishing 4th n even below n someone doing the same who has just arrived

    4. Maks says:

      Arsenal from the last year and this one are very different teams.
      Who doesn’t see that either is stuck with more playing games then watching football, or want just to get more clicks.

      Maybe this season we will finish 4th as most of the Wenger’s Arsenal did, but a lot of things has already changed and future is far more brighter then with Wenger and Gazidis. Emery is doing a good job with players he have, and he is much better coach then Wenger was in the last ten-ish years.

    5. Thulani Bhungane says:

      I totally disagree with your assessment of the situation Dan. You are unfair to Unai who needs our support and understanding that Rome was not built in one day. Slowly but surely we are making progress and players are responding well, so why demand an instant improvement because this is a process. We still have one or two or even more signings to be a force to reckon with but progress is there for anyone to see. Some of our players under Unai have improved a lot. When we doing bad you criticizing, when we making progress you do the same I do not understand. Please support our coach and give him time to turn the team around.

  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Oh look what we have here…
    Paul Merson has gotten himself a Lawyer to defend him.
    I’m not of the view that We’re challenging for the title this season, but i strongly believe we’re challenging for top 3 not just 4, Chelsea and Liverpool ain’t in the same league as City.
    But to say nothing has changed for Arsenal is simply criminal minded.
    A lot from the mentality, down to the harmony in the squad, DOWN TO THE HARMONY AMONG THE FANS has changed!! everyone’s fighting for each other now and backing each others up, something we lost for the past 4 to 5 seasons despite our F.A cup success.
    So to say nothing has changed is definitely wrong, I don’t know about you folks who still judge the team and coach based on his first 2 games against top opponents, while he hasn’t settled yet and went on an unbeaten run only for people to give silly excuses saying it was against low level teams….
    Fast forward, the team dominated a Liverpool squad everyone kept blabbing about for weeks saying we’ll get raped. Hell the same Liverpool team had to be defensive minded, tried all sorts of shenanigans just to waste time and were lucky to get a point.
    And 2 morning after, You still see no change.
    Boy oh boy I don’t know what people understand as progress or change

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Well said, Eddie and if Aubameyang and Mhikataryan had scored from chances they would normally bury against Chelsea, Arsenal would be a further 3 points better off.
      Given the injuries Arsenal has had to key defenders, it is a positive that we are still in touch. The defenders are now coming back to availability for selection, so Arsenal will have more competition for starting places.
      As Unai Emery has stated Arsenal have to take it one game at a time. Each win regardless of the opposition is worth 3 points; apart from Arsenal’s direct competitors for top 4, which are worth 6 points.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        By the way Paul Merson has been man enough to apologize for his prediction and stated that the improvement in Arsenal had been greater than he anticipated and that he always wants Arsenal to do well.

    2. Linda says:

      The problem with Merson is that he is on a crusade to rubbish Arsenal. His is not analytical comments but rants and dismissive views. He is on record advising some Arsenal players like Jack Wilshere, Ox and a few others to leave the club. He sounds bitter perhaps because he had a short never-to-be-remembered stint at Arsenal. He earns money for making viewer’s of football richer in knowledge of the game but all he does is utter verbose opinions.and get away with it. So fans seek recourse in the only way they know how: howling!!!

      1. stubill says:

        “He sounds bitter perhaps because he had a short never-to-be-remembered stint at Arsenal”.

        I suggest you check your facts before posting such nonsense.

        Personally, I couldn’t give a stuff about what people/pundits say, It doesn’t get under my skin, and make me post things that are inflammatory, bitter or just plain untrue to get my point across.

    3. jon fox says:

      Nice one Eddie. Bags of realism too, which I always love to read.

  3. Xxnofx-Dan kit says:

    I agree with most you have said Dan , but there does seem a positive change happening and you can’t ignore the fact that Emery as got us playing like a proper team again .
    Of course there’s along way to go ,but he’s changed my mind since the season started .It actually looks like the team is enjoying themselves and that in turn spreads to the fans .i also think most fans on here are abit more realistic in their views about how we will finish in the table this year .but as of now let’s enjoy what emery is doing because it’s been a few years since we have seen this type of football .
    But what matters most is what our board are going to do after this season finishes because without spending big we are not going to to make any inroads into the top teams .as of now though I’m starting to enjoy watching my team again

  4. Phil says:

    Dan-I get what you are saying and agree it’s far too early to start talking up our chances but a lot of the enthusiasm you are seeing is from fans that are starting to believe in the Club again,especially after last season under Wenger.You can’t hide the fact that most fans are enjoying the games, results and performances and this alone brings confidence to us all.
    The Manager has been outstanding so far and if he continues to bring performances like Saturday to the games then we will no doubt be up there in the Top 4 mix.Nobody seriously expects a title challenge from us but we have become resilient and determined which is something Emery has drilled into the players.It was said the Liverpool game was a test to see hoe we had progressed and the performance was everything we hoped for.Now the real test becomes December.
    Spuds at home in the Cup and League will become two MUST WIN games.Manure and Liverpool both Away are tough but a chance for us to prove ourselves at the top level.
    Let’s enjoy the Performance on Saturday but the result is what counts and we could not win a game that could just have been a win for either team.The progress is there for all to see but there are tougher games ahead that will show us how we have really improved.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?One game at a time!

    2. jon fox says:

      The supreme fellow realist on here. I salute you Phil!

  5. Goonster says:

    The difference I see between how we drew at Home against the likes of Liverpool under Wenger as compared to the liverpool draw under Emery is that; Under wenger i never felt like we were in control of the matches, we has not set style of play. We just looked like headless chickens. To me it felt like we went into games hoping for the best. No tactics, no set plan etc.

    But with Emery I can see what he is trying to do. He is always on the touch line doing mental calculations about how to change tactic and personnel to have a better outcome. He will make early substitutions and doesn’t care if you are Ozil, Auba, Mkhi, Ramsey, etc..

    With wenger it was so predictable, stale and generic. Wait until the 75-78th minute to make a substitution. Take off Walcott and replace him with The Ox. Substitute Aubameyang and replace him with Laca. Takes off Ramsey and replace him with Wilshere or Elneny. Change Welbeck for Giroud. Take off Mertesacker and replace him with Holding etc.

    There ain’t no tactical innovation in Wengers substitutions. The only one i can give him is that when we were losing sometimes he would go with Giroud, Welbeck, Laca, ozil, Ramsey upfront, took off Xhaka or Elneny and went 3 at the back with Bellerin and Monreal as part of the back 3, Mustafi, Bellerin and Monreal.

    Desperate stuff.

    And i used to be a AKB until that season when he only signed Cech and refused to buy any outfield players. From then I gave up on Wenger. He took a biscuit out of us all that summer.

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Oh come on, let’s be honest, none of us expected us to challenge got the EPL this season. Matter of fact a lot of fans expected it to be so much worse for us with new changes in the club.
    But they’re all disappointed and will still do anything to say in that same spot they’ve been standing under the Wenger regime.
    it’s not as if we’re any worse than any of the top 5 teams, City and Chelsea in the his first 2 games seems like a blood trap for the man, the team didn’t performed poorly in those games.
    So every fan now seem to be getting out of that shadow and starting to believe we might actually push for something this season and you guys are calling it being carried away and realistic?
    here’s the thing I’ll rather I stay in this positive and high mood of mine and you call it being carried away, than hold my new found belief down and always try to suck out the joy out of my team’s performance and call it being realistic.
    That ain’t no definition of realistic.

    Being realistic is believing we ain’t challenging for the title this season. We all knew that fact and accepted it and even told each other Emery will need 2 to 3 seasons to make his stand.
    So far we all see that the team can do better than we all expected at the beginning of the season, and because we all starting to build on that belief, we’re getting carried away?

    1. ozziegunner says:


  7. ramterta says:

    Liverpool are much better than last season
    Chelsea are much better than last season
    we played better against these teams this season than we did last season
    tactics strategy motivation and commitment have improved
    14match unbeaten
    11 matches won consucetively for the first time in 11 years.
    are you silly, arrogant or just simply a troll?

    1. Phil says:

      If you are aiming that at Dan i would have thought the word you were looking for is REALISTIC.Lets not forget we had to bring our best performance of the season on Saturday but still did not win.We played well but did not win.We competed and at times dominated but did not win.There is no doubt we are improving and to play such an attack minded game as we did on Saturday against an unbeaten team was brilliant to be a part of.The team have something about them this season and that is down to Emery but he would be the first to say we still have a long way to go in this season before we can truly measure progress

  8. Gogo says:

    Good morning gunners, while I agree with some points made by Dan like getting a draw last year, I also want to remind us that this Liverpool team is an upgrade of last year’s. We not only faced them with cowardice like last year, matched them toe to toe and out played them.

    Yes I must day in deed, they were lucky to get a draw on the faithful day. That was the arsenal I supported fighting for every ball, and to say that nothing has changed is a little insensitive from you than.

    When last did you see Xhaka being mentioned “MOTM”, when was the last time you hear people saying good things about Hector Bellerin, when was the last time Mustafi played a big game without making a goal bound mistake, when was the last time we played 14 matches unbeaten?

    I don’t know what you call change but that is change for me that is real change. We must be careful enough to separate statistics from reality. this is a Liverpool team that spent almost 300million in 18months and we out played them.

    I believe Stan Kroenke, Sven and Raul will make us a team to beat in 2 year here’s why; Sven and Raul earn less than 1tmil annually I assume. There job is to make sure we get cheap buys but real quality like the beast (Torriera).

    So my point is that we might not need to spend 75mil on a CB to get quality. We can spend 60mil every window and still fix the team with the diamond eyes.

    Bottom line is that we are not just a push over team anymore and that is a positive change. I will stick to my tram and see what happens in the end.

  9. Declan says:

    I’m a realist but Dan just burst my happy Monday morning bubble.

    1. Sue says:

      Exactly… Jesus bloody doom & gloom

  10. Paul S says:

    Your absolutely right. A good performance but change takes time and the majority of us are patient. As for the few morons on social media I’m surprised you even mentioned them. If you look hard enough you’ll find idiots saying all sorts of rubbish. They are the very very sad small minority.

  11. Frank says:

    Thank u very much.i was reading through asking myself,r these arsenal fanz or wat.untill I saw your post well explained
    We should add Emery has not stayed ,for over 20yrs here to compare with wenger.he need to learn first emerats grass n is learning very first that he is threatening this ppl that wanted us to remain thea.
    I say am carried away cos the train is moving firstirda

  12. Frank says:

    My post was to add on @Eddie Hoyte

  13. Valentine says:

    I don’t think there’s anything to fault in this article. For me, there is nothing depressing about it. Just a reality check.

    While the team and fans must stay positive (because positivity breeds confidence, which is the indispensable quality for high performance in any sport), we must also be wary of over-confidence that breeds complacency.

    Arsenal are doing ok now, but there is a reason we are fifth on the table after 11 games, almost one-third of the season. Even under Wenger, there were some great performances, but the real issue is how regularly we perform to such high standards. Under Wenger, Arsenal had even topped the league, albeit, for short spells, besides that of 2008, when Eduardo broke his legs. The last 3 seasons before this, there were also unbeaten spells, especially towards the end of the season where it was always said Arsenal won the league based on the form in the second half of the season. (How useless it is to make a table for the second half of a league season!)

    At the moment, we haven’t beaten any top 6 team yet, and as such, I can hardly find any difference between the recent past seasons and the current season. Yes, performance-wise, the team is improving, but nothing much has changed, result-wise. Whether or not the improving performances will continue remains to be seen. Also, it remains to be seen if the improving performances will translate to improved results or improved position in the league table (Champions league place), which for me is the most important.

    For example, Liverpool as a team has improved a lot in the last couple of seasons, but you cannot really say confidently that anything substantial has happened until their performances translate to trophies. It’s that simple.

    I commend the new belief in the team and the new (direct) style of play, but I’m also hoping that results will speak more for the team than mere words of belief.

  14. jack says:

    Arsenal are no more a soft touch.Under
    Wenger Arsenal would have wxilted
    under pressure from
    sides that go physical.Of course we wii have
    to wait until May to know whether Emery
    can turn Arsenal into a top team.
    So far so good because the Spaniard knows
    a strong defence is crucial to win.
    He goes direct and doesnt indulge inpassing

  15. Break-on-through says:

    We out pressed Liv, Liv can outdo anyone on their day, forcing them into errors. We beat them on the tactical front. Auba, Laca, Ozil, even Mkhit, they defended well and gave Liv players little time to settle. Unfortunately our best chances were falling to an out of confidence Mkhit, but for that I think we would’ve won this game. We have players coming off the bench and making impacts, everyone is hungrier. We have a warrior midfielder and his partner is beginning to suit with him, he’s (Xhaka) aggressive too and every pass forward is a quick pass when he’s making them. Young Rob Holding came into the team giving us more grit than we knew we had. Ozil worked his socks off v Liv and was putting his body between man and ball. Iwobi is Harlem Globetrotters one minute and next minute he’s working like a coal miner. GK made a mistake but he put it behind him, it didn’t unsettle us the way it used to. Bellerin is braver, he’s improving on the defensive stuff but he still threatens with the best of them. There is a fair bit of difference if people look closely enough, I’m not talking about difference from the last two seasons as fans have a share of blame with that. I’m talking about the difference between now and our last top four winning sides. That side could dig deep and give us a gritty performance, but it was too few and too far between. This side it seems a demand by the boss, if you are the nearest player, no ball watching, you must try to retrieve that ball. Man marking and pressing by our players was a joy to see, we wouldn’t have done that at home with that older side, we’d believe that they would have to configure so to stifle us.

  16. Banks says:

    We are still work inprogress under Emery and what we are celebrating is the progress we have made in so little time,most people predicted that we would stand tore to tore with liverpool after at least 2 summer windows and yday showed we can now,and peraonaly im happy about the character and attitude we now have,we were much hungrier and we wanted it more and its a cause to celebrate in my opinion considering what we wr last season

  17. Babasola says:

    But it really is funny that a lot of us already are arrogantly ruling Man Utd out – it’s only 3 points btw us
    They just beat Super-Formed Bournemouth away, you’ve got to be a really good team to achieve that
    We just drew On-A-Loosing-Streak Crystal Palace
    Truth is there’s a new Swagger about us
    The type that would guarantee 2nd position 4 years ago but right now …even Man Utd are not playing too badly to end up becoming 2nd
    Even Tottenham are presently ahead of us (in points)
    It’s 6 Good Teams and “whoever” ends up being 6th would still have had a Fantastic Season
    We are having a Fantastic Season.

  18. Dan says:

    Gooners there are aricles on here saying we can now beat any side
    When i hear that after a draw i will point it out
    When i hear we are no longer battling for top 6 abd are in title race i will point out we are 5th
    1-1 againt a top 6 club at Emiraites is standard
    Last sesson only Manchester clubs won there
    Not saying dont be happy but on the likes of arsenalfantv it was pure arrogance
    Which made us look small
    Go look how often liverpool have won at Emiraites

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Dan, I don’t disagree with your sentiments; we have to take one game at a time and the table position at the end of the season and progress in the various cup competitions will determine how successful Arsenal have been.
      I don’t know which AFTV you watch, as I believe the people interviewed cover a broad spectrum of opinions. People like Lee Judge are realistic in their assessments and Graham certainly knows his football. In the past AFtV has been criticized for its negativity; surely you can understand people being excited with the result against Liverpool, when pundits had claimed Arsenal hadn’t beaten anyone and Paul Mersin said we could lose by 3 goals?

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