Don’t give up – Arsenal can still make the Top Four

Grieving time is over, time to move on!

Hello there! Happy Sunday: what a beautiful Sunday it’s going to be. Today, I want us to talk about moving forward and giving our team one more opportunity to get things right, again.

Who noticed that before our game on Thursday, a lot of people had high expectations about Arsenal and our chances of qualifying for the Champions league? Well, after the game, a lot of people have been questioning our mental strength and our capability to bounce back. Mental strength and ability to bounce back is one feature every strong football team must have, or else they end up drowning in their downfall. At Arsenal, we have had great teams in the past who have learnt how to bounce back from a defeat. We still have a great team; however, they need to show the world that they can also back from bitter defeats.

Yes, a lot of people may be of the opinion that we may not qualify for the Champions league at the end of this season; a lot of people believe Arteta’s inexperience will snuff the ambition out of Arsenal. Me however, I am of the school of thought that no matter what happens, never give up! We may be down but we are not yet out of the Champions league, are we?

We are 7 points off the fourth team, but seven points is not that much of a stumbling block in the world of football. With determination and discipline, we may go on a winning run that will push us into the top four. What we really need right now is luck and in football, luck resides with who it chooses to reside in. who says we can’t be lucky for the remainder of the season?

The manager must have read or heard a lot of people questioning his coaching credentials; he may have had enough of the bashing in the media, but rather than allowing these bashings to put him down, he would do well to let the critics push him to achieve above and beyond people’s expectations. He has learnt a lot from Guardiola, it is time for him to put everything he has learnt into practice. I am sure he would come out of this defeat a better coach.

The players on their part may feel they have let the fans down! They are probably right on that, but they can rectify that. All they need to do is to dust themselves down, rise again and keep forging ahead. With a bit of consistency and luck, who says we can’t qualify for the Champions league this season? Let me end this write-up by saying Arteta feels the hurt all the fans feel, and he will surely try his best to make it up.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I hope he realises by now that his faith in Lacazette is beginning to cost him. If he doesn’t, then he has learnt nothing. Well I’m still optimistic we can still make the top 4. Chelsea dropped points yesterday and I’m confident United will do same against Everton. It’s now in the hands of our players to close the gap further.

  2. Sylvester, weren’t you the one who came on here to say we’ll blow Olympiacos away with ease?
    Lol… I couldn’t stop laughing while reading that article, anyone who knew Arsenal would know we’ve never won Olympiacos home and away and they give us tough time.
    Anyways that’s gone, I couldn’t give a toss bout the Europa league, I didn’t see one single game this season.
    That’s how useless the competition is to me personally.
    Matter of fact, I’ll rather we don’t qualify for the Europa league next season if we can’t get UCL.
    The only reason I want UCL for now is because of the extra funds it’ll give us.
    This team needs a total rebuild.
    If we can’t qualify for the UCL, then scratch the Europa league.
    It ain’t worth shît to me.
    My aim is let’s focus on building this team first like Chelsea did when they missed out on Europe totally

    1. Fully agree we don’t need the extra games in Europe at this point in time its not going to give the club the extra funds but it has the potential to turn our fortunes around on the pitch.

  3. Guys ,can you honestly see this team stringing together a run of 6/7 consecutive wins which is realistically what we need to have a chance of making the top four.Man Utd are improving and I expect them and Chelsea to chase down Leicester who are showing signs of cracking.

    1. Can’t see it happening myself either Grandad and I’m not confident about tomorrow’s game either.
      Poor old Sylvester, ever the eternal optimist, bless him.

  4. Yes, don’t ever give up.. Still hv that chance.. Just make u sure we defend well and no silly mistakes, and block the ball, don’t just look at the ball.. Many times our defenders just look at the ball n never chase or block it.. This cost us a defeat.. We can have a winning streak this month.. I believe..

  5. I sincerely hope we can make it to top 4, mathematical it’s not over but ground reality is I don’t think so. This teams does not have the mental steal of old Arsenal teams n loosing to Olympiacos was a big blow to our confidence…I can see us struggling more now in league as well again I hope not. Reality! as bitter as it is …we will not make top 5 let alone top 4.

  6. If we were in fifth or sixth place, a 7-point gap would seem realistic to close. But, at the moment, we are tenth (with a game in hand) and it means we will compete with 6 other teams to be in top 4.
    I am fully supporting Arteta and the team to achieve that, but the propablity to succeed is very very small.

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