‘Don’t go back’ – Arteta pleads for fans to remain in stadiums

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has made it clear that he does not wish for football to return to being played behind closed doors.

The Coronavirus pandemic appears to be picking up pace once again, and many more restrictions are beginning to be brought in again, and it certainly isn’t impossible that fans will once again be removed from stadiums.

Arteta has urged those in charge not to make that fear a reality however, insisting that the sport is ‘different’ without supporters there to cheer on sides.

‘Please don’t go back to that stage because we have experienced that and it is something we don’t like, so hopefully it is not what happens,” Arteta pleaded.

‘It is a different sport. Football is all about sharing it with people and having fans around the stadiums.

‘When it is not, it is a completely different sport and the competition gets lost. It is not the same.’

I don’t believe Arteta’s words will be considered when decisions are made, and I’m struggling to imagine how football can continue with fans at present, with question marks even there about whether football should be played at all.

We saw only one of the six scheduled matches go ahead on Saturday due to positive Covid tests, and there is a growing worry about the current pandemic, and while having fans in stadiums is a game-changer, safety has to be the priority.

Should football be stopped if fans are not allowed to travel to stadiums?


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    1. I would recommend that you place a cork in both of your ears just in case you turn a corner too fast

  1. They should base any decision on science, not fear. Science says it’s mild like a case of the flu. Don’t recall PL or anything really shutting down for the flu.

  2. I think the whole situation has become overcomplicated.

    If you are genuinely scared of getting the virus, get vaccinated and stay home for the next few years while working remotely and getting your food delivered to you.

    Let everything carry on as normal and those that don’t want to take the risk, then don’t. Those that are willing to get on with life, carry on…..

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