Don’t let the red card fool you – Arsenal deserved to lose

Unai Emery has lead us to lose AGAIN away from home and we now look like we are conceding any chance of finishing in the top four.

The line-up that was named left question marks, not only because Mustafi was named in a back four again, but because he was changing the formation once again.

I’m all for managers trying new things and I want to see change when there are problems, but more changes at such a crucial time of the season just seems absurd.

Before the red card, our side had around 27% possession! A whole Arsenal team of adults went to Leicester, and had around a quarter of the ball. This is simply unacceptable. I know Emery is in his first season, and there was always going to be some tough times, but this run of games WHEN WE NEED IT the most is unacceptable.

The players should have enough fight in their bellies to actually play through any formation, but playing Mustafi, who has been by far the worst Arsenal player in 2019 as a centre-back pairing against Jamie ‘Big Game Player’ Vardy is the worst decision the manager has made to date.

The best team won. We had as many shots on target as we had red cards in the opening 80 minutes. Maitland-Niles red card will be a talking point, but the game barely changed after that incident.

Arsenal were second best in every department today. Our only decent chance came around the half hour mark when Alex Iwobi crossed to Lacazette in the middle, only for him to blast wide, and the next hour was us relying on Bernd Leno to try and keep us in the game.

How can ARSENAL, go to Leicester and lose 3-0, and our goalkeeper be our best player on the pitch?

Can you name any player other than Leno who deserved to wear that shirt today? Is the top four dead to us?

Pat J


    1. We should play the kids in the PL. We should go for the EL and then sell or release as many as we can (depending on finances) from…I’d give priority to how much they could gain us in transfer fees as well as how much they cost us in wages every week. Or for just not being good enough!

      Czech (going anyway)

      Mainland-Niles – Not because of today. He’s just not good enough for a ‘top club’. Southampton or Newcastle is his level at best.

      Mustafi: Do I need to explain this?

      Monreal: Good servant but past it now. I think his epic performance against the Spuds killed him off, sadly.

      Mavrapanos: Out on loan.

      Xhaka: Would he get in Leicester or Wolves’ team? I rest my case. Not good enough.

      Ozil: Useless. Get rid on a free and pay half his wages to the club taking him (Inter?) That’s the only way we’ll get rid of this joker. To think, I almost wept with joy when we signed him. I remember us signing Bergjamp. It felt like that. He’s been a massive let down. In his defence, the role of the traditional ‘number 10’ in modern football is dead.

      Elneny: He’d suit Serie A. Not the prem. It’s too quick for him. Or the Championship, which is about Serie A level.

      Miki: I’ve backed him to the hilt. A tired looking multi millionaire. He’s just not up for it. Sell his ass!

      Suarez: Obviously not in Emery’s plans. He’s seen him in training and perhaps doesn’t think he’ll cope in the PL.

      Welbeck; Too injury prone. Just release him.

      I’d keep the rest (mostly as squad players), but Auba is close to my dump list, too. He’s invisible away from home. I’d also recall Chambers (as a squad player) and Smith-Rowe once he’s had a few months injury free in Germany. Holding (a huge miss btw) will be coming back too.

      Our finances mean we may have to keep some of the dregs that Emery (no doubt) wants rid of. I’m starting to think that some of these players don’t want CL, in order to keep their places in the squad. They can strut about town telling everyone that they play for Arsenal. Many of them have no right to wear the shirt.

      Think about it. If we get CL, we have more money to spend. More money to spend means that Emery will sell more of these players for better replacements.

      I feel a bit sorry for Emery. He needs to identify those not trying in order because they want to keep their places at a great club like Arsenal. I’m almost certain he wants rid of most of the players I mentioned.

      But we still have the EL. Let’s go for that (if our players actually want CL, of course).

  1. Yes it is.
    Relegation beckons next season.
    This is what happens when a football club’s management is so full of themselves.
    Who even wants to join us lol?

      1. Next 3 years will be clear .
        Fighting with wolves everton watford for europa league spots

        Thank you ivan . Thank you stan .

        Im off to swim with piranhas…clothing optional

    1. I think 4th was done even before the game. For me it was done when we lost our last home game.

      1. It was done in january when arsenal loaned spanish kall kallstrom .
        Banter club.

        Soon as saw line up . I put on bandana grabbed my nans uzi and i shot my tv up

        Rip tupac

    2. Don’t worry, deadwood like bailly frm utd will join us. Shambolic display. Thought the red card was harsh but we did deserve to lose. That defence is absolutely finished. We lack runners in midfield, we badly need wingers and most importantly we need players with mental strength, i’m tired of these weak minded players. That third goal is one of the most terribly defended goals i’ve ever seen, watford with 10 men played 10 times better than we did today. We need at least 200m to sort out this squad but it won’t happen so lets continue to enjoy this ride.

      1. We need someone know how to use his player better. The coach doesn’t know how to attack. Play out strength rather than our weaknesses.
        Unai, you know nothing!

    1. what happened to him anyway … waffled on about being passionate and woudld be back in the game in weeks but no one seems to want him … his 8 year overstay the reason why we are in a mess still … but have said it for the past 4 months emery is not the manager to revive arsenal he is just an average guy with a decent cup run in his cv and no football vision … sooner fans wake up the better … still the lying greedy yank is the real problem

  2. Some people say Britain was wrong to vote for brexit.
    Arsenal replacing Wenger with Unai was a worse decision…

    1. I’d prefer to judge Emery when he’s not using Wenger’s squad. Despite that, we’re 9pts better off than last season, and we could end up 15pts better off if we win our last two. We’re performing much better in the big games as well, so there has been clear progression, despite the trash we’re seeing of late! Haha!

      1. Tom, could at least get Emery’s name right given he slags him off every chance he gets.
        I look forward to him applying for the job when Emery moves on.

      2. Continue manufacturing fallacies to support Emery and demonise Wenger.

        Arsenal finished on 63 points last season and are on 66 now. How is that 9 points better off or a potential 15? It’s 3 points and a potential 9, despite reinforcements in defence and midfield as well as a supportive fan base that was horribly toxic last season.

        Continue wallowing in your Emery delusion.

        1. Emery is making mistakes and is not faultless for the current form but Wenger’s recruitment creating an unbalanced squad with no depth. The players that Wenger bought and the culture that he build where there is no accountability is the problem. Until the squad is completely turned over and Emery has his players and culture nothing will change.

          Emery does not have the squad to make the tactical changes he wants and the lack of depth from an inherited squad means there can be no rotation so players do not fear being dropped.

          The leaders of the team are always influencers in the locker room and help create the culture. The current leaders are remnants of the past regime and do not care that much because they are on good wages.

      3. My dear take it or leave it, we are going nowhere with Emry, I have said it before and am still saying it, I don’t care what some people may say, as far as Emry remains our coach we are doomed, can someone tell me what Emry did in pSG despit’s having the best squad in Europe, so for us to move forward Emry and a lot of players must go

  3. MaGuire

    All as good or better players than we have atm

    Which team should be fighting for CL futbol?

    LMFAO at Arsenals most recent capitulation.

    1. ACE, and Arsenal under Emery finished higher up the EPL table than Leicester City.
      What would he achieve with these players?

  4. The team just isn’t good enough it’s as simple as that! When you see an Arsenal lineup it never really fills you with any confidence! That’s how mediocre we’ve become! Emery inherited a team of average footballers on big wages from a poisonous regime, this was only gonna end one way! Leagues done with now, onto Europa.. let’s get behind them at least while we got a trophy to play for.

    1. oh please cut the useless excuse of inheriting average players. Wenger hard worse once upon a time, with Squillaci,Silvester, Chamakh, Bendtner, Santos and others we got UCL tickets.
      plus this whole excuse of the players being average is total crap, any excuse just to protect one coach and to make the other look bad is what you guys normally jump at, it was clear where we were headed after our coach started with the Tinkering and switch, a full season, and not even one of us can name our first eleven or our standard formation. so yes it’s Wenger’s fault

      1. At that time we were only competing man u. If it was such a time, Wenger would be finishing out of the top 6. The evidence is that he, Wenger, never won the league the moment Chelsea and Man City started rising. Wenger used to win because there was no competition. Before you talk about the FA cups, it would be good to realize that even Wigan and Portsmouth have won it during Wengers time

        1. Exactly Bishop! People are fooled into thinking Wenger could do this, could do that! Had he been in charge this season we’d probably be 10th so good the man is nobody wants him! Promised the world he’d be in a job in January still out of work!

        2. Here we go again, we were only competing with United? what a load of crap, Liverpool were playing in the NFL league, Chelsea played Rugby after we won the league unbeaten, so we had only United to compete with, you make excuses for one and try to make the other look so bad, you forgot to add the fact that Wenger’s team also played against some of the best teams and squads the league has seen with poorer players.
          Just because Wenger was coach then, Wigan and Portsmouth had no right to win the FA cups?
          Or Wenger was entitled to the FA cups a d he lost them?
          Do you guys even think before you type?

            1. @Martin, we emploved Emry to be better and not to be worse or at the same level ,so there should be no excuse for Emry

          1. Eddie, you keep bringing up Arsene Wenger. The great man has gone and is yet to resurface at another club.
            The majority of football experts and fellow coaches respect Unai Emery and believe he has done a good job in his first season at Arsenal.
            It appears that Arsenal’s own so called supporters are the only ones denigrating him.

      2. Thing is, the PL is a lot tougher now than it was back then like it or not! Wenger bought crap and for his own greed and ego stuck around maybe 8 years too long! This was never gonna be a quick fix and I actually said on here to Sue a while back I don’t think Emery is the man for Arsenal! So I’m not excusing anyone.. I’m stating facts, that squad isn’t good enough. We still have a trophy to play for so I’m gonna still support the team and manager until then.

        1. It’s not that Wenger bought crap. He was utilizing the available cash at that particular time

  5. Now I don’t care about this squad and the manager. None of them seems to know what they are doing.

    The players are crap and the manager seems to have little influence on them whatsoever.

    1. This comment is so depressing .
      Ive just played grade 2 violin while reading it.

      Hold me gunnersaurus

  6. It was 3 0 buddy and yeah Emery out.
    I wonder why that fool gazidis picked arteta over him.
    It’s time for the Spanish moyes to go.
    Find the correct manager and a total squad overhaul

  7. I don’t usually do rating but after the red card till 88 minutes all the players except Iwobi will get 7 from me for efforts and fight. This is best I have seen them play in the last 5 games.

    1. See what u have done to this man arsenal …
      Hes hallucinating.

      I just seen him eat his own hand listening to micheal bublè.

      This is on u arsenal!

    2. Sarcasm I’m sure. They embarrassed the badge today no doubt about it. Our midfield kills us with a weak defense. Hard to defend anyone today, players deserve the harsh criticism today.

      Emery looks out of ideas, players look like they quit fighting in league play, and Mhki and Iwobi are absolute pony. Give young players a chance now, not like they’ll play worse.

      Massive overhaul needed, manager can’t get response from players, and fans having enough.

      We’ve been sliding down 3 years now and owner can’t be bothered. Kronke had couple hundred million to buy Russian’s shares, but self sustaining regarding club transfers.

      Europa league new top 4 now, owner soon coming with speeches about investment and ambition for next year.

      Don’t care for hearing excuses from players and manager. All the talk, and it’s same disgusting performance as last 2 matches.

  8. Lmao… I couldn’t watch the game because I’ve been so busy, I’m glad I missed it.
    From the moment our coach talked about Adapting to Leicester’s game” I knew we were fvcked!!
    Haha I’m sure the boys adapted, kiss top four goodbye, all our eggs in one basket now. It’s either Europa or this season has been a massive failure.
    I’m not for the fans who create excuses such as he has a bad squad, Wenger with a squad worse than this we got UCL games a lot, we won three FA cups with five years with a lower squad, we now have two world class strikers, a very good defensive midfielder and we’re rubbish.
    I’m not calling for Emery’s head but I won’t create excuses for him either

      1. NONNY, Wenger went 10 years without winning but I have been on the waiting list for more than ten years to be a season ticket owner. I buy my tickets from tickets master and sometimes they are very very expensive, or totally unavailable. No one will pay a lot to buy and watch this team. And I already dropped out of the bidding for season tickets a while ago. So as much as trophies are the ultimate, the excitement of thinking you might do something towards winning a trophy is what keeps people flooding emirates during Arsene Wenger’s time. Tell when was the last time our stadium came to overflow ( I paid 300 to watch our last Fa cup against Chelsea).

    1. Eddie you just nailed it OUR MANGER LIKES ADAPTING TO OTHER TEAMS. It’s like you want to go and do want the owner of an idea do in his own home. Pretty difficult it will be I guess.

  9. No wonder pundits said we won’t make the top four even after having a favorable fixtures (the last 5-8games) but we can all see our away record is simply poor. Europa cup for champs league football Next season Or nothing but honestly we ain’t champs league matErial Yet. Even when we were 11 players, they were simply better.

    Gutted but not surprised

  10. It is not the manager or probably not the team that are the problem … it is Kroenke, and while Arsenal fans fail to recognise that, we will not progress. We could have Guardiola in charge and would fail to progress while we have the only owner of a premier league club who has failed to put any money whatsoever in.

    1. Guardiola will not even come just like Enrique and Arteta rejected. It’s only coaches like Emery who will accept such offer. Don’t blame the coach, blame those who appointed him, don’t blame the players blame those who keep recruiting low mentality players

  11. Even years before Wenger was sacked we could see the rot slowly eating through the very fabric of this team. Gradual accumulation of rubbish, sub-par players from the defence, through the midfield right into the fowards. Baffling reluctance to invest in proper fullbacks, then refusal to buy wingers, then midfielders. We are paying the price for all
    those years of nonchalant management of this club. What a disgraceful performance! Another L on the road omce again.

  12. Finito. We are finished. Even Wenger had a inferior team but always finished on a high note in his last 8 league games. As far as the squad is thin, I have s problem with our manager.Actually this squad is better than what Wenger had. A new defender who can bench the Mediocre Mustafi,goalkeeper, defensive mid fielder and two WC striker who didn’t play for long with Wenger.
    We are in trouble

    1. And that’s what kept on deceiving us over the years. We will go into the transfer window thinking we had a squad that finished the season strongly. But it’s good we are ending badly

    1. Wenger stan ivan .
      My cousin chris ..

      All this sons of batches need a visit from torreira studs up

  13. Lacazette way too overrated
    Aubameyang way way overrated
    Koscienly overrated
    Sokratis overrated
    Maitland Niles way overrated
    Mustafi absolute pants

    Emery way too overrated his level is Sevilla
    Maybe Tottenham should win the champions league and Liverpool the premier league that could motivate management for success

    1. I agree on Lacazette and Aubameyang and I don’t care he has 19 goals looks a mediocre player away from home

  14. PatJ, talk os square peg round holes. Arsenal Football Club and Unai Emery don’t match. I was extremely happy when we got him, but I realised that we do not match. Emery is not a bad manager and I don’t believe we have a bad team, so the problem must be the fusion between the two. I was close to tears today (HONESTLY) became I didn’t feel like we were going to score. Even when we get the ball, we were always moving back or losing it to Leicester’s players. It is quite miserable. We are a complete joke

  15. 100% spot on Pat. How many chances does a team need. No heart and no passion. And what is emery doing ?
    Do we not have an u23 center half better than Mustafi
    Iwobi again useless and should score with just the keeper to beat
    Miki no heart and need drumming out of the club
    Those three should never play for the club again and now excuses emery keeps selecting them

    Why take of lacca when we are 1 down
    Sol is wrong
    On how many Players need leave there’s more

    It’s have no doubt the fans will be there against Brighton cheering the 6 th place team on again

    Are your season tickets with it now ?

    1. John0711, Emery doesn’t have any other option than to give opportunities to U23 players. This squad has let down the Club and the coach; he chose the players most people called for, but unfortunately he cannot play for them.

  16. ……At this point I can say Iwobi is truly trash. I defended him a lot but if you can’t put the ball in the net in two crucial matches in Crystal palace and today, you don’t deserve to put on the jersey. That goal would have changed the game.

    …. Another trash we have is Lacazette. He has consistently been useless in away games. 7 away goals in two seasons says everything about him. He wasted a clear cut chance and then the coward then feigns injury for his glaring miss. I don’t care what people say about him and his useless hold up play. Second season at Arsenal and he can’t seem to score 15goals. 50m for a player only marginally better than Giroud is a waste. Sell him now and get world class wingers.

    ….We don’t have a defense that’s why Emery decided to play counter attacking today and still our players couldn’t score when it mattered. We opened him once in the second half and Vardy made us pay. That’s a striker and not the one we have. Shameful play from nearly everyone especially a foolish Niles. Leno is the only one that can raise his head up.

    ….A lot of players need to leave. Wenger clearly left a dead Squad and blame for this mess. It’s shameful to see my Arsenal like this. Disappointed.

  17. To work under Arsenal is hell, that i can see, and i kinda do understand why all the football experts in the world do skip us. We are kinda a sinking ship right now.

    As for our current form i know that everything depends on our strikers. Our striker lost their form and therefore there is no chance of us getting the wins in now.

    The uefea leauge is our only chance. But in the end of the day i am thinking, why do i even want to see Arsenal in the Cl knowing that we are nowhere close the teams who play in it. lol. No point in us being there.

  18. It ended 3 – 0 …… perhaps the author wrote the article too soon…… our only hope is winning the europa league now, and our recent performances do not inspire confidence….. not even in the slightest bit

  19. This team is dead, these players are piss piss poor and the manager isn’t doing himself any favors at all. As fans, we need to demand more from the owner. We can’t have such poor players being overpaid to put up such a weak performance. Let’s not even blame the ref, Leicester was already dominating us before the red card. We had top 4 in our hands but now we are playing catch up & hoping the other teams lose points, pathetic.
    Emery deserves as much criticism for these performances. If you’re praised for your achievements, be ready to be critcised as well for your shortcomings, after all his work was to bring improvement from his predecessor.
    Thank God I have something to live for, otherwise I would have died from such a performance.

    1. Another nice write-up but it’s leading us nowhere. I guess the club is not worth writing about anymore.

  20. Hopefully we will win the Europa League but I think the club should ask to compete in it again next year if they do as there would be no point entering the Champions League with this squad.

  21. “I was extremely happy when we got him, but I realised that we do not match. ”

    Oh dear Pat, you’re just finding out? I found out he’s not the one while we were on that fake twenty two games unbeaten, remember the run where after we win, the pundits would still abuse our play and defense? That run where we ran on luck?
    I was happy with Emery, starting of the season, I believed we would be top three or top four with the Europa league this season.. just two months into the season, I saw something different, since then I’ve been pointing out how Emery isn’t the one to fix us, yes he might put his touch on it, but he ain’t fixing us, then you have the fans who’ll call you plastic and say you’re an Emery hater, you have the ones who will create all sorts of excuses to protect him just because it’s his first season.
    Never in my life did I hear Wenger talked about adapting to a lower team’s gameplay.
    Wenger ain’t a saint either, but at least you always knew he’ll put his all and play the lower teams with the purpose of winning.
    Under Wenger, the whole planet talked about how our mental problem was against the top six, we lost games badly but we used to be deadly when it comes to the smaller teams.
    This season under Emery, fans are happy we improved against the big six, which is a good thing, but then we became terrible against the smaller teams and we prepare to adapt to their gameplay.
    Yet fans think there’s nothing wrong and that the whole squad is average

  22. Manager plays to the strength of other teams and not to our own strengths.
    Not that we have any strengths.
    Personally I am just looking forward to this season being over.
    I never liked the Emery appointment – I never believed he was the right choice and now I have been proven correct.
    If Emery is a decent human being he will walk away from Arsenal. It is clear he is not the required quality.
    Whoever comes in will have one hell of a job to do.
    There are only two or three players at Arsenal who could be called half decent…

  23. Are we legally allowed to nick coaching staff from our women’s team or are they actually a separate company that are “borrowing” our crest? Surely the sports psychologist behind the ladies’ success can do something about the men too 😀

  24. The club is a joke, a horrible one at that. The team is regressing by the day and the manager doesn’t seem to know what to do to stop the rot. He’s been playing a different formation for every game for the past five or so games, its like he doesn’t even know his best 11 more than nine months into his reign. As for players like mustafi, iwobi, mhki, kolasinac, elnerny…the less said the better.

  25. Yet another shocker, but at least we’re consistent, because we always concede 3! Haha! Yet again, Leno is our only player actually doing anything!

    Leon – 9
    AMN – 2
    Sokratis – 3
    Mustafi – 3
    Kolasinac – 3
    Iwobi – 3
    Xhaka – 1
    Torreira – 4
    Miki – 3
    Auba – 3
    Laca – 4

    Subs – Kos – 4, Guendouzi – 3, Nketiah – 3

    Emery – 1

    Team performance – 0

    Ref watch – Although we would have lost regardless of the red card to AMN, I thought Michael Oliver was an absolute joke today! AMN got his first yellow for absolutely nothing, which should have meant more sending offs if that’s what constitutes a yellow card these days! The ref’s favouritism was summed up perfectly in the second half when there was two late challenges in a row from Leicester players, but Oliver let play go on, meaning the bookings would have to wait. Surprise, surprise, only one of those players eventually got booked. Oliver quickly stopped play to dish out a second yellow to AMN, but does nothing when two of our players get taken out!

    Star player – Leno. This guy has been unbelievable for us. Without him, we would be 7th at best! Easily our player of the season. Brilliant performance again from him.

    Worst player – Xhaka – To be fair, every outfield player was awful, and we were lucky for it to be 0-0 at the time of Xhaka’s customary key mistake. At 0-0, at least we had a chance of a point, but as always, Xhaka doesn’t follow the run of the guy he was marking so Tielemans gets a free header. Yet again, a basic error from Xhaka costs us. His touch was heavy all day, and constantly passed the ball to no one.

    1. ThirdManJ, how many times have you do this rating and everyone was poor. Emery is doing a bad job. I thought he was doing an average job, but today I was close to tears, my heart bleed because I never ever thought I will see us playing like this. We were extremely poor even for premier league standard. Emery is not the manager we need. He got 1 from your rating that is a shame.

      1. As I said to someone else a minute ago…

        I’d prefer to judge Emery when he’s not using Wenger’s squad. Despite that, we’re 9pts better off than last season, and we could end up 15pts better off if we win our last two. We have a great chance of making into our first European final in 13 years. We’re performing much better in the big games as well, so there has been clear progression, despite the trash we’re seeing of late! Haha!

        I am not saying that Emery is or isn’t the right man for the job, but as I said at the beginning of the season, it’s not fair to judge him on this season given the mess he inherited on and off the pitch. People also forget the crippling injuries as well. And the season hasn’t even ended, and people are judging already! If he wins the EL, he’ll automatically become an Arsenal legend given our woeful record in Europe throughout our entire history!

        1. ThirdManJ, there are ways to lose, you play at least sensible football, not useless unbefeating embarrassing football. Our attack was useless, milder was useless, defence was useless, only the goal keeper really???? Did you see the game? It was like an amateur against a professional footballer. Even no team in championship would play like that. Emery should get zero and should be ashamed to call himself a coach. Maybe another game not this one. There should be crisis talk at Arsenal as we speak.

          1. Although I agree with what you’re saying, this is nothing new. We have been consistently humiliated for as long as I can remember under Wenger, and in far worse a way. Think of how many times we’ve offered almost nothing in attack, and been torn to shreds at the back under Wenger, and against the lesser teams as well. Our defensive problems run so deep within the fabric of our club, that it’s impossible to fix in one season. Our play may have looked a better under Wenger, but over the last 6/7 years, it’s just been pointless possession. We retained the ball better under Wenger, but rarely anything with it…especially in the big games.

            1. Wenger brought us the joy of football for many years, I go to watch and tickets are scares. We most times leave with gladness in our heart. Leicester never did a double over us, Watford the same, we usually destroy Everton or something draw, West Ham don’t play us like children, we lost out of fa, Carabo, in one instant. Man City destroyed us. Premier league during Arsene was a different thing, he just couldn’t keep up with young mangers. But this Arsenal under this Emery (young manger) is very very average.

    2. Kolasinac for me was our worse player due to the fact he did nothing for 90mins which has become a regular occurrence of late.

      We let wide players off the hook generally then centre players but poor is poor.

  26. totally agree with you luke Skywalker..We are no longer a joy to watch.Its not bad to lose but losing like a relegation- threatened team.!? it’s sad to see arsenal struggle to win certain games, we look so ordinary ( watch our last 15 games) and you’ll realize we are fortunate to be top 4 contenders.wolves or Leicester deserve our spot not because they have much better players but they have the right coaches that use what they have effectively with the correct tactical approach.
    Leno for me is our best player, it’s sad that his out field players are letting him down and making him look ordinary.

  27. Wenger was at fault because his style was predictable and his defensive strategy was none existent.
    Unai is too defensive in style and offers no creativity in attack.

    Somewhere in between there is a balance of truth.

    The league is harder then the times we had previous average squads. Back then Leicester were not even in the EPL or Wolves. Just shows the fine lines of competition in football these days.

    I nonetheless still standby the fact we have not evolved as a club in the pass 5 years since the shift in world football towards higher costs of wages, fees..

    Arsenal are stuck in between 2 philosophies and need to re-establish their identity. Emirates was meant to bring greater wealth and financial flexibility but equally it has confused our plans of how to invest and manage success, And so I think with the playing squad we must readdress this issue.

    Again today I see only 5 true first team starters…maybe 6. The rest should be making our bench look strong. It goes to show how true this statement is when our bench these days has players with less then 100 caps amongst them (excluding Cech)

  28. We can say many many things about the team. For me the bottom line is actually simple.

    Our team is physically not strong enough. Too many light and small players. Never works for the course of a full season against. Proven again and again the last 10 years. That’s it.

    That’s also why we are actually have a chance in Europa league.

  29. Emery made arsenal play like a small team today, he looks like a manage that has lost direction. The larger blame goes to him, we lost three games on a roll with plenty goals margin, I go with the person that talked against Lacasset, the guy has been zero for sometimes now, he couldn’t score with good chances, he hold unto ball n later loose d ball. Let me also say the team is finished, we play without any hope of scoring , I have lost confidence. This is sad.

  30. I never like criticising refs as they have a very difficult job, but I have to say Mr Oliver’s decision to send off AMN was a disgrace.After he reviews the match I hope the man has the decency to admit his mistakes, but of course he will not.What was a difficult task, turned into an impossible one for Arsenal and the two late goals rubbed salt into the wounds.I understand the frustrations of fans but some of the comments on the teams performance are utter rubbish.What I would say however, is that I bet Vardy wishes he could play against our ponderous centre backs every week.The third goal is a classic example of how not to defend.Kocielney and Socratis should be ashamed of themselves.Apart from Leno and perhaps Torreria our players were second best with Mik winning the award for the poorest player on the pitch by a mile.

    1. ?Referees are untouchable and beyond reproach in the EPL. That’s why so many of them were selected to officiate at the last World Cup. But wait, actually none were selected!

  31. If I’m the manager, I would play some of the youth players and bin players like Iwobi, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Mhki, Ozil, Xhaka etc in the remaining games. What more chances do these players need to prove their worth? These are senior players who should be setting an example. Begin the rebuild with the young guns & let’s see what they can do. I’m done watching such crap, can’t subject my heart to such risks. Being an Arsenal fan should now be considered a cardiovascular risk factor.

  32. It is clear that we now have write off top four and sadly, with the way all confidence and fight has left the team, almost certainly the Europa too. A desperately dreadful finishing spell but life goes on and we oldies have many times been through far worse than this bad time. Take the longer view I beg you all and do not hang your heads in despair at what you cannot personally alter. Life is short and not worth weeping about a mere football team, no matter how much we love/hate them right now. Love and hate are of course both sides of the same coin; the opposite to love is disinterest, not hate. The team has let us all down and that is clear, so let us still support the club (above the team) until we again have some heart, some proper tryers and some actual defenders at Arsenal. Even one top quality outfield defender would be a novelty we have not had here for some time. But above all do not despair, life goes on! Personally I only feel truly sorry for Leno today!

  33. When you watch Man City play, you realize how far behind our Arsenal is player for player. It is a shame.

  34. Once again, wrong team on. With ozil and auba we would had more possession and nonred card. Kos benched for Mustafi. It is again wrong team on pitch!

  35. Emery is not the problem. Is he a miracle worker?
    We dont have in depth quality with the players that we have. We all know this but still bash Emery.
    Sack him and bring in who? The coach has even performed better with what he has at his disposal.
    Players kick the ball not the coach. They will have to bring the fight to the pitch. Truth is, if you don’t have it, you don’t.

  36. Buy good materials for the coach to use and yet fail before you think of rubbishing him
    We know that a lack of ambition from team owner has been our bane yet, fans would want to give the coach a bad name and hang him.
    Pep may not even qualify for Europa with this team
    Tackle the bull by the horn and stop this hating.

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