Don’t Panic! Arsenal CAN compete for EPL title and in Europe

In a way I think it would have been better for Arsenal to have fared even worse in last season’s Premier League, as dropping out of Europe altogether may well have helped us to challenge for the title next time, as we have seen with the likes of the last two sides to be crowned champions of England, Chelsea and Leicester City.

That would have meant that we needed not to lift the FA cup either and I think we can all agree that the trophy success was the only plus point in a disappointing campaign. So now Arsenal are in the Europa League and at least we do not have to do any qualifying games before the competition starts in earnest.

We have, though, been handed a nightmare schedule due to our usual rotten luck and fave tough away games after five of the six group games, leading to suggestions that Arsene Wenger needs to treat Europe as a much lower priority than the Premier League.

In a way I agree but I still feel Arsenal should be able to compete in both. We have a large squad with lots of quality for one thing and with the quality of our opponents surely down on what we get in the Champions League you would expect Arsenal to at least get through our group if not win it.

I also feel that too much is made of players having to play regular games. It is what they do, so do you think Arsenal fans can expect a strong showing in Europe as well as in domestic action?



  1. I don’t think arsenal will win europa league or the premier league unless mr wenger brings in a proven striker like diego costa but I don’t think dat will happen becoz he likes cheap players let’s hope he will bring miracle in new season

  2. I like your optimism but I won’t be getting carried away until the league kicks off and we know who Wenger has bought and sold and also to see if he sticks with the same formation.
    Pep is already showing that Man City have ambition. Does Arsene?

    1. I am afraid Arsenal won’t even finish on 4th position next season, every season we were meant to believe Arsenal is chasing glories only to go in a state of panic immediately the name Bayern, Barca, or last 16 of Uefa CL mentioned in their presence. Unless Kroenke and Wenger leaves expect nothing more than profit. The idiot has already hinted he won’t spend much as usual. No Mbape, No Lazette and if he sign one them, prepare to watch Sanchez in Man City shirt nrxt season.

  3. Background:
    1. Chelsea and Leicester won PL without fixtures in Europe. Fresh player for PL clash is fundamental
    2. We have well-distributed quality of player in every position. Hunger for game time. Qualified to compete in European league, EFL and FA Cup.
    3. Other teams (Chelz to Evert) will drop their first team onto European fixture. Exhausted is expected
    4. Winning PL league is priority

    I am with the author side which we need to split our forces within next campaign. We should preserve 11 man free of duty from midweek fixture to fight in PL. Those 11 man will be out of reason to perform below the expectation bacause they dont need to play extrafixtures.

    With our current squad (without players leaving) we can send
    Alexis-Welbz-Ozil, Kolasinac-Xhaka-Ox-Bellerin, Monreal-Kosc-Mustafi for PL
    Iwobi-Perez-Theo, Gibbs-Coq-Ramsey-Jenko, Chambers-Gabriel-Holding for EL, EFL, FA cup. Giroud should play for both competition for aerial option, Mert can play both when we are facing strong opponents with header. It allows Monreal and Kosc to concentrate on important games while reducing their gametime due to their ages. It gives experience for Chambers-Holding axis. And it gives Alexis chance to win his first PL. Dont sell him, let him won us PL and he can go freely.

    Adjustment can be made considering some players coming and leaving, and also type of opponents. Should splitting the force do not get us near the tittle, neither playing week-in and week-out with exhaustive player, and culture of mid season injuries among the club.

    Yes. We should split the force, make priority (like Mourinho did) and win this season.

    1. we should let ourselves crash out of the EL early and focus on the EPL. we are trophyless for 13 years because of the EPL, then we should go all out for it to wipe that name out and then start afresh

      1. No, should never purposely go out of anything. Just prioritize by putting a team out you think can win, and not risk our most important players. We haven’t won a league in 13, but it’s a long time since we won any European trophy. A big club can’t be so choosy to actually go out without a fight. I’m not sure even how you’d think we’d do that, no-one does that except in dodgy circumstances.

        Knowing Wenger though this Europa becomes all the more difficult, with overplaying and team selection being a problem at times.

    2. You do realize that there is no chance that Alexis will stay at Arsenal?
      Also, don’t be too optimistic that Ozil will stay either.

  4. Depends on how you define “compete”
    If it means being at the top fora week or two yes we can.
    If it means winning it – not a chance.
    Not with Wenger in charge…

  5. Wenger should also consider to give next year Champions league fixtures to which team who contributes to Champions League ticket. Should the team who won European League Final get the entrance, they deserve to play in CL, and vise versa for team who won PL.

    It will create internal competition among players to push their limits. We hope to rarely see passengers who just jog around the pitch. When other squad won EL fixture, the other squad should push their limits in PL. This internal competition will be good for us, supporters. It will also shut the mouth of some players who keep blabbing about CL. If you want to play in CL, get your squad to pole position.

  6. I don’t think crashing out of the Europa league to win the League is the best option, What makes you think you can win the League now? What have you done differently from the last 13 years? Am not saying we should prioritize the Europa Cup over the League, NO but am saying that We can win both, We can make Other players play in Europa with few 1st team in there, and then it gets towards the quarters, semis, then use our regular. 2. Chelsea went there and they won it, Same as Man Utd last season, we should also go there and win it too. The league would be very tough this season trust me, City, Chelsea, UTD, are the 3 favourites, Until we pull up some World Class deals and get Sanchez deal sorted, Am afraid i don’t see us Competing well with those Clubs

  7. We all know they can, but we all also know they won’t.
    First of all, proper replacement for a 30 goal guy that will leave the club will not arrive.
    Any top player will not arrive at the club, for that matter.
    Another top player will leave.
    Entire backroom staff stays, so let’s expect more injuries for key players.
    Owner and the board are more than happy to be in the top 5, especially since TV deals are getting more and more ridiculously lucrative, therefore no pressure for the manager, no pressure for the players. You know how an unattended children mostly end up working at the Maccie D’s? Arsenal has become Maccie D’s of Premier League, so no, they can’t and won’t compete for the title anytime soon.

  8. Hmm… But not Wenger!
    I’ve Watched Wenger over the years and I have observed that he always shows his cowardice whenever we play against the Big teams both in Europe & In the Domestic league.
    That’s the reason for his failure for not going past the round of 16 since 2006 in the UCL nor winning the EPL since 2004.
    Wenger is a Coward and we all know no Coward can conquer where bravery is needed.
    And he pass down this cowardice to our players, especially in Matches with teams like Barca, Bayern and sometimes small brave clubs like Everton, West Brom et al.
    That’s why the moment they score the first goal against us shoulders drops and confidence suddenly slumps.
    It takes a daring Manager like Mourinho, Simeone or Emery to win a double or treble as the case may be.

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