Don’t panic! Arsenal do NOT have to beat Tottenham

Obviously there was huge pressure on Arsenal to bounce back from the defeat at Old Trafford with two good wins and six valuable points from the next two Premier League matches. And now that we have lost the first of those last night at home to Swansea City the pressure on Wenger and the team to beat Tottenham in Saturday’s north London derby is even bigger.

But is it really win or bust for the Gunners at White Hart Lane? I am not so sure to be honest, although I do think that another loss would be a disaster. We would then be six points behind the spuds with a much worse goal difference and even less confidence while they would have ridden the blow of losing to West Ham and bounced straight back.

But what about a draw? I think it would be a reasonably positive result for Arsenal as we are clearly expected to lose. And it might just stall the momentum of our rivals who did not play well against West Ham. They have been on a roll but so had we earlier in the season. They are not used to the pressure of a title chase and it could well get to them, so a draw on Saturday would not be the worst result in the world for Arsenal.

It would put us onto 52 points with a possible 27 to play for. More importantly it might just stop the rot and after that we travel to Hull City for an FA cup replay and a win there could be the start of a good run for us. We have been under pressure at this stage of the season before and have been further behind Spurs and have always finished above them.

There is the small matter of Leicester City to consider as well and we can only hope that they also falter but as long as Arsenal finish above the spuds we have a chance and so it could be that not losing on Saturday should be the first priority. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. I think Arsenal needs to beat TTHM for not only the points but for the pysche of the club, players and fans. This team needs a victory.

  2. With only 10 matches left we need to focus on winning every match

    If we won our home match against Swansea we would have given ourselves some leeway
    City and Spuds both lost AWAY to tough opponents

    We lost to Swansea at Home which is really bad
    We have tough away matches to Spuds, City, West Ham, Everton
    But for us home matches will be just as tough

    Spuds away is a must win

  3. I’m not panicking at all… I’ve seen enough to accept that it’s over!.. And don’t worry, Arsenal won’t beat the Spuds on Saturday!… Wenger will see to that!

    You will only see an improved Arsenal,
    when our battle for 4th place begins!
    Before you know it. . City, Utd and even West ham will be above us… and that’s when Wenger will be able to motivate his team and snatch the wonderful wenger trophy on the final day of the season against Villa and we will witness once again our players celebrating as if they just won the champions league trophy!
    Woooooo f@##ing hoooooo!! ??

  4. Going for St. Toteringham Day “trophy” now admin? If the squad listen to your suggestion they’ll never gonna get the missing form back in time. They should be aiming for 3 points, that’s the right attitude only, nonetheless. Collect all points remain, and see what happen at the end. As long as I know, 81 points ain’t gonna get you league tittle, but this is the craziest EPL season of all time, so anything could still be happen. DO NOT SURRENDER specially to Spuds! Hell no! COYG!!!!

  5. Why at all we have to beat anyone? We do not have hunger to be Champions. We just want to ride to the adulation for playing beautiful football. We do not want to inject winning mentality in players. we have highest cash reserves in the world and we are glad to sit on it rather than spending. We want to sign the best players in the world but do not want to pay the required fees. why do we need to beat anyone? our aim is to qualify for champions league and we will do it. period.

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