Don’t Panic Arsenal – Top four place is NO problem!

While I know that Arsenal fans, me included, were hoping for a lot more from the Gunners this season, and while I hate the phrase `Wenger trophy` it is still absolutely vital that that Arsenal finish in the top four of the Premier League this season.

Do not let the jibes from the media and opposing fans fool you into thinking that our remarkable achievement of qualifying for the Champions League every season is nothing, because there have always been and always will be plenty of clubs who would sell their kidneys to be where we are.

And do not worry either about whether Arsenal will fail to do it again this season. Even though we have started slowly with way too many draws, you only have to look at how Liverpool and Man United, our biggest competition, are struggling to see that they are not really serious competition.

Just wait until the midweek European games really start to take their toll on the scousers. And all this guff about Louis van Gaal being so much better than Moyes is not being borne out by the facts. The fact is that United have just one point more than at this point last season and their fixtures could not have been kinder. Moyes had a nightmare fixture list while Van Gaal has had all three promoted teams and none of the top ten from last season yet.

Arsenal have started badly and pretty much wiped away any title hopes but Wenger and the players have been here before and always got the job done. Just ask our rivals if they would take that and have faith that the so-called `Wenger trophy` is well named.

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  1. EPL , Champ League its over…..

    but we definitely stand a good chance in FA Cup and the 4th Spot Trophy……

    1. “Arsenal have started badly and pretty much
      wiped away any title hopes but Wenger and the
      players have been here before and always got
      the job done.”

      Yeah, they’ve “always got the job (4th position) done. But even that too isn’t guaranteed anymore.

    2. U all sound like Looser….4th position is not a good result for A top club like Great club lik Arsenal Fc…its lik Wenger hav affected u fans with OK with 4th…Pls start thinking lik a winner pls….Enough of dis 4th sh*t…..once u don’t win the EPL or CL pls u are a looser

    3. YoU all sound and think like Looser….4th position is not a good result for A top club like Great club like Arsenal Fc. Its like Wenger have effected u fans with OK with 4th…Pls start thinking like a winner and true Gunner….Enough of dis 4th place sh*t…..once u a club don’t win its domestic league like the EPL or CL pls u are a looser

  2. Why are we settling for crackers when we could go for bread? We always seem to lack the ambition every season starting with wenger not getting the quality players we need to challenge for the league! So once again it seems like a dog fight for 4th place, and if we attain it thats wengers ambition of pride and joy!

    1. though i will hate if ozil to city happens, but ozil to city for fenandinho to arsenal sounds better 😀

  3. If we reach top 4 we will be stuck with Wenger for another season.
    I’d prefer 5th and unload Arsene with all our thanks and best wishes for the future.
    A change is required but don’t you worry gooners, we’ll be alright. This great club will survive,it’s an institution.Ring out the old bring in the new. COYG.

    1. but if we don’t make it to champions league, no one will want to join our club. unless we spend money like man U did this season.

  4. Wenger out. He has been afforded time like no other manager. He has to go. It’s clearly not working. Time for new ideas

  5. As the table stands, we are just as bad as Liver and Manu.

    Time to wake up and smell the sh*t we’ve been standing in since August 2014. We gotta play better and we have to play harder. So COYG. Let’s get a strong, hard-fought victory against Anderlecht Wednesday. I know we can.

  6. The difference between ManU this year and last year is that this year they have a lot more talent. It will just take them some time to play together. Plus, they will plug their biggest weaknesses by buying quality defenders in January. Finally, they only play one game per week like Liverpool last year – a huge advantage.

    We can finish fourth at the expense of Liverpool. I doubt we will finish ahead of United. 4th is by no means assured and the race will go do to the wire like it always does. What we do (or more likely, don’t do) in the January transfer window may determine our fate. We have major problems at the back (quality not just quantity).

  7. Doom and gloom fans everywhere… when we start winning games and building momentum then there will be praise for wenger and the players everywhere, when things get tough there are calls for wenger’s head… had enough of the plastic fans out there

  8. Top four, the only and soul objective of this club.

    I just wonder why we could not aim higher.

    I cannot wait for those 3 years to pass fast, very fast…

    As soon as the “deluded one” is out (hopefully he won’t sign another extension,let’s pray for that) we will have to reevaluate seriously and make sure we get a “real” manager/coach in place.

    Of course top four can be achieved, we are only 2 points from the spot…

    Again, it is just incomprehensible, unacceptable and basically wrong that a manager earning one of the highest wage in world football and gracefully enjoying a total control over the financial as well as sport sides of a club, cannot deliver trophies, major trophies on a regular basis…

    And the most shocking aspect of it, is that you still have delusional, “In Wenger we trust”, “blind”, addicted to “failure” fans who will try to convince you we won’t be able to find better and Wenger still the man for the job…!!!

  9. We have some very good players especially in midfield. Some good forwards too. I think Giroud is a better player than a lot of fans give him credit for and Campbell certainly can give us something different up front, given more opportunities. What we do want is a beast for a DM. Finally we must replace the sack at the back. As long as he stays I am certain we will not thrive. His presence and shortcomings affects all players around him .Each have to adapt their game to compensate for his weakness. Move him and the rest will flourish . One bad apple and all that..

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