DON’T PANIC! Arsenal WILL have Wilshere back on time!!

There was more bad news for Arsenal fans on opening their morning papers or going online today to follow up the bitter pill of defeat by the Wenger and Arsenal taunting morons of Stoke City. We are well used to suffering more injury problems than a bunch of drunken chainsaw jugglers though, so it was with a resigned sigh that many of us saw the news about another injury setback.

The story was that our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere, who I think was having a very good and influential season for us until the Manchester United defender Paddy McNair crashed his studs into the Gunner’s ankle, was going to be another two months on the sidelines after suffering a setback to his recovery from surgery.

However, according to a report in The Mirror this is not the case and they have their information from the reliable source of Press Association Sport.

If this is true then we can still expect Jack to be back sometime in February and that could provide a massive boost for Arsenal at a vital part of the season. With a bit of luck, he could be back in time for the 5th round of the FA cup, as long as we are still in the competition, as well as being ready to help us get through the first knockout round of the Champions League.

Until then, there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Aaron Ramsey who has been struggling. But the Welshman scored on Saturday and is getting fitter and starting to find some of his old form, so will Arsenal be able to cope without Jack until February?

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      1. Even with the full team reunites without any injured,Arsenal could not win the PL or CL.
        The only top class players are Sanchez,Kosciely and Ozil who is maybe not suited to the premier league.
        The rest of the team are average,Wilshere being one of the over hyped one.We don t play well with him but we don t play well without him.
        The team constitued by Wenger is not very good,rather average I would say hence their incapacity to challenge for any title.
        The manager himself is past his best so unless changes happen,we have to accept mediocrity.
        Anyone who disagree with me,let me ask them this question?
        Do you think that this team could win PL or CL in any time soon?
        Do you think that Wenger could lead any team to title victories?
        Think about it well ….

    1. I agree we have rapid attacking force they can improve but only if our defence becomes trustable to hold soft attacks.

      1. OF TOPIC=
        Just read that ex Tothenham player GARY LINIKER TV Commentator slagging off Arsenal fans by tweeting=
        “Disgustingly disrespectful and totally inexcusable, regardless of any football results.”

        What dose he say about Tothenham changing about 15 managers since AW has been Arsenals manager ????

            1. @Tas
              I didn’t read or hear the comment. But it did seem from a professional stand point. Rivalry aside…

              1. he was not put in a spot to coment but chose to tweet,
                right or wrong being an ex-totenham player he must know he will anoy Arsenal suporters and it worked I for one am annoyed with him, after all what does he know about being a gooner.

  1. I hope this Cavani rumour is true cos Giroud still looks like hes gone a miss big chances when we need them most. If we can get our defensive cover in in jan well then we need a striker like Cavani.

    1. Cavani is not the answer. With Walcott and Ozil back, our attack will be lethal with the right permutations. The only weak area in the team when everyone is fit is the defence. We need atleast two bodies there and maybe look for a different type of defensive midfielder than what we currently have

      1. Why not both a DM and Cavani? In my opinion both are long overdue. But knowing Wenger, we could be in for another kallstrom come january

        1. To this day I STILL cannot get my head round the decision to sign up Kalstrom. I keep trying to picture how the negotiations went between everyone involved with that deal. And what Arsenal’s reaction was when we were told he had a broken back!

  2. Honestly I don’t care about Jack. I think Cazorla is the better player but he’s always sacrificed. The three players I cant wait to see out there are Walcott, Ozil and Debuchy.

    1. And I want a private Jet from Santa for Christmas but we all know it will be a 2nd rate loan player or cheep injured one for us.

  3. Wilshere will be back in time. Excellent i’ll stop worrying now. Back in time for what. Easter, his birthday, next Christmas? Oh silly me, our fourth place trophy push! Great.

  4. We need a physical and powerful midfielder. If we had one and a better defender at CB we would win vs Stoke, not be 3-0 down at half time. My prediction for next two games
    There are plenty of these players available to buy in January.

    It’s not a question of not being available, it’s a question of if Wenger is willing to make a good bid for the service of the player.

    1. Sorry left out the predictions above

      lose 3-1 vs Galatasaray, because we will play with youth players since we don’t have a second team.
      Then win 1-0 vs Newcastle in the weekend.

  5. Having Jack back will be a great boost. However, he should not be competing with ozil for the no. 10 role as he has been playing before he went off injured. IMO, that is better suited for ozil and cazorla, while jack and ramsey should be competing for a CM place. Jack is an immensely talented player who always looks to drive the team forward and make something happen. However, his end product shockingly woeful (1 goal and 1 assist) for such an advanced position. Maybe Wenger should really consider playing him in a deeper role as he has excelled for England in that position.

  6. Don’t forget it takes Wilshere about half a season to get back to form after an injury. And even if he gets back to fitness immediately, then what? In fact, the statistics do suggest we’re better off when he doesn’t start 🙁

  7. Wengers time is definately up as a manager, d fans, d board, rivals, former players, everyone knws even d AKBs, he’s in arsenal out of pity and respect but football wise he has lost it…

  8. Just watched the YouTube footage of the fans booing Wenger on this way home after that disgrace of a performance at the guys there and the ones holding banners with Wenger out I salute you and say keep up the good work and I will be joining in on Saturday.
    But let’s not fight each other that saddens me.

  9. Lord have mercy. I thought only Wegner can push me over the edge but after reading this I’m ready to jump myself. We should stop overhyped players. Just want to remind some fans we had fully fit squad but you still could see the craks.

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