Don’t underestimate how important the fans are to Arsenal’s current success

Before the 1-0 win over Manchester City, Oleksander Zinchenko asserted about the clash, “It’s a massive game for us. Unfortunately, we haven’t won against City for a long time in the Premier League. Obviously, we’re expecting a tough game.

“The fans at Emirates Stadium are always trying to push us forward. We really appreciate it because it helps us a lot when there are tough moments.”

And it got me thinking: as Gooners, do we ever acknowledge the role we’ve played in the club’s revival?

The Premier League is without a doubt the most watched football league in the world. As a result, clubs participating in it have a global following. The fans adore their club, but the way we Arsenal fans have backed and loved the team is amazing, and I believe we have had a significant impact on the club returning to its former glory.

It hasn’t always been easy to be an Arsenal fan. We had a hard couple of years following a club that wasn’t doing anything remarkable; they were basically in their comfort zone, honoring PL fixtures.Despite their poor run of form and trophylessness over the years, we, the fans, have stuck by them. Even if we’ve been unbearable at times, at one point we were calling for the Kroenkes to pack and go, and we’ve also turned on our managers (even Arteta at one point) but supported the club game after game through all the rough edges when we could have turned and started supporting thriving sides like Man City.

We came very close to winning the Premier League last season, but Manchester City defeated us due to a lapse in focus toward the end of the campaign. We finished second and are now in the Champions League, and I don’t believe any of this would have been possible without the support we’ve offered Arteta and the boys.

We, as Gooners, have altered the pace of the Premier League. I believe we are the best in the league, which is why Zinchenko was confident we would push them to their first win over Manchester City since 2015.

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  1. Rather a pointless article , given the fact that NOArsenal fan of normal or greater intellgence could EVER fail to know how vitally important we fans are to any hope of club success. THAT is SO obvious that even to raise the notion that some will not realise its profound truth, is insulting to our collective intelligence.

    The article, in … (ADMIN COMMENT…) You have just insulted a writer’s opinion and intellect.

    Right now I think you should consider your contributions to justarsenal or never darken our door again…

    Honestly you are a bully and treat fellow Arsenal fans like sh+i

      1. What are you talking about !!!

        I have written MANY articles over many years. I can’t help the fact you have missed them!

        I have seen NONE from you however.

    1. I think this is a platform where we share god vibes… Something may be obvious but that doesn’t meanwe can’t talk about…. Rather than take this piece as an opportunity to share your opinion as a Goooner you choose to be negative… As Gooners we are past the negativity days…

    2. I think this is a platform where we share good vibes… Something may be obvious but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about…. Rather than take this piece as an opportunity to share your opinion as a Goooner you choose to be negative… As Gooners we are past the negativity days…

  2. Arsenal fans are paramount to the success of the team performance on the pitch, this is an indisputable point, most are active and mobile people, for whom the hubby is a kind of sport. Some are advanced travelers who will travel half the world to see the team play.
    In real life some real fans not just visit the stadium or follow the match in front of the tv screen, but will try their hand at the amateur level to get a better grip of understanding the modern game.

    Arsenal fans have no boundaries, they comes from near or far, these fans most time than not believe they are involved in the success of the team, so a significant part of the fan base satisfied their ambitions, ascribe the achievement of the team to themselves.

    In my opinion Arsenal long suffering fans and the club are inextricably linked, today it is impossible to imagine a team that do not have its own army of faithfuls in the league,

  3. The travelling supporters have been boosting the morale of our players in away games. We wouldn’t have become the best away team in EPL since last season without those avid fans

  4. Arsenal’s success for 2 seasons mainly belongs to Mikel Arteta. He reached out to the fans when the fans went and stayed at Moanville and Groan Town. He demanded the owners to come back from Relax Resort. He released the back room staff from Incompetent Prison and socialised them with new comers from Relevant Island. And yeah, I say it how it is actually. In a world where everyone’s brain stop working when they opened their mouth in front of the camera and when they write something online.

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