Don’t worry! -Arsenal are still in the title race…

Arsenal may only have one point from their opening two games in the Premier League, but they were playing with a severely weakened team and were facing two very talented teams. Our opponents will still have those difficult fixtures in front of them and we still have another 36 games to go in the title race, or so our Number One Petr Cech assures us.

The 34year-old was speaking to Goal after the announcement of his new contract with PUMA and he told them: “It’s been a slow start from us. We wanted to have as many points as possible from the first two opening games but we only have one point.

“We are improving and we keep working as there’s still 36 games to be played, we have plenty of points to win and we work towards our targets which are to play for the title and make sure we have a chance in every competition.”

His message to the Arsenal fans was to tell them not to worry. “We have to thank them for the support, like every year. We keep working to improve and we will go for the title.”

It is a fact that absolutely nobody has ever lost the title after just two games, and if anything Arsenal have a long record of bouncing back from adversity and making up lost ground (don’t we lose our first game every year lol!), so let’s see how we get on in the coming weeks as we move up the table to join the Big Boys in the title race…..



  1. Arsenal007 and Arsenal_Girl just stop it with this stupid talk “Walcott earns 140k blablablabla” top clubs sometimes have to pay over the odds.. and english players are the if we analyze the salary to performance… a garbage rooney has been earning 300k for… basically NOTHING, it is annoying but its because of you people that some managers dont like to spend a lot of money… if lacazette came for 60 mio pounds and on 150k and if he flopped you would bash and reiterate that ON EVERY SECOND ARTICLE!! like you do it with the 140k… dont be so small-minded if one wants to spend one has to spend over the top, so criticise walcott and do what you want but stop it with this childish hate on the wage, just because he is bad.. you cant have both

      1. now wengers absurd transfer policy “is down to you people” … seriously krish n`chips… the acolytes of the delusional one are beginning to sound even more of a parody than the master himself … walcott is a very very average player with one good season in 12 years at the club… the fact that wenger hasnt sold him is part of the sorry state of our club and the idea that this can be blamed on fans who want to see us back challenging for top trophies is frankly offensive

        1. no no we do need other signings, what i’m saying is to criticize walcott is pretty sensible but to mention his wage is ridiculous because thats the problem of our board or manager too that they think too much about the fee and wage and arent ready to take some risks, and one cant criticize that while hating on a player when he doesnt perform cause he is on a high wage.. if we want top players we will have to overspend on the fee and the wage and some of them will flop but thats normal, so the wage shouldnt be a yardstick

          1. agreed… but overspend is in part a product of wenger`s dithering … he could have bought griezman after the last world cup or draxler last year .. we now hear they are sending out scouts to watch slimani … really the guy is 28 years old wenger should know if he is the kind of player that would be able to work with sanchez and ozil watching a sunday afternoon game wont do it …there is something very deeply wrong besides the penny pinching

            1. Must say when I hear we are sending scouts to check on a player at this late stage of a game it really worries me. We should have a dossier on everyone by now, if there is anyone we haven’t seen well then what or where have the scouts been. Especially the known players, Slimani should have been scouted and decided ages back.

          2. Re Walcott £140k/wk bonanza…fans have to take into account the fact that he would have walked out as a free agent in 2013, hence the club negotiated 90k/wk with 3&1/2 year contract in Jan 2013. To replace him would have cost a transfer fee plus wages as such the club calculated that it would be financially more prudent to agree to his demand. The club negotiated a new 4 year contract in 2015, again for the reasons mentioned above and agreed on £140k/wk, otherwise he would have walked out as a free agent end of 2015/16 season. After Bosman ruling, you will find that players with contract that has one to six months or less remaining are able to negotiate a bumper pay deal especially in this over inflated transfer market, whether they deserve it or not is altogether different matter.

            1. Lewa left as a free agent, it’s all in the hands of the management, compare Theo to Lewa and you’ll see why people keep moaning of the 140k per week. what was wrong with Walcott walking out free? coz he played well during that one season?

              those with ambitions (Van P et al.) were sold to rivals so that they wouldn’t walk away free after their last season, what happened to Walcott? why was everyone scared of him walking away free while he was still average compared to Van Persie who was on fire and scored more than 30 goals in that final season of his?

              1. Walcott contributed close to thirty goals that season or one previous. He set up a huge portion of Robins goals.

                1. May be he did, but the guy is average and mostly after money.. Henry was a very lethal weapon the EPL have ever seen, but he never held the team to ransom crying for a payrise.. He contributed hundreds of goals but never got big headed after one or two successful seasons, unlike our current fast and brainless Wenger’s son

          3. Yet they took that risk WITH Walcott
            It’s broken at the club and there’s no way it will ever change till kroeke and wenger get gone

    1. “if lacazette came for 60 mio pounds and on 150k and if he flopped you would bash and reiterate that ON EVERY SECOND ARTICLE!!” when you are willing to take risks that’s when you learn from the failure or gets rewarded from succeeding on the spot. Wenger don’t even try because people like you are giving him ideas of “what if he flops”, then we will never ever going to buy proven strikers and so on just to avoid getting disappointed if they flop.

      how much did the team lose from all the players that flopped already? why can’t we risk this once and examine what comes up? we keep hearing money isn’t the problem but then afraid to splash it in improving the key areas!

      140k per week and the 28 yrs old can’t even dribble past a single player? bashing won’t stop. there are better options in the market that Wenger tries to look in the other direction due to his love and affection to his average players that we are waiting for them to get good one day. it’s been 10 years for the fast 140k a week striker/winger and still waiting for him to come good, in the expense of titles

      1. you dont get me.. thats what i’m saying too.. we HAVE to take risks and buy someone thats why it annoys me that people keep mentioning the wage of walcott why is that even a matter for us? there is always the possibility that the signings will flop but thats pretty normal, so thats why its ridiculous to hate on walcott because of his wage.. what i’m saying is we shouldnt care about the wages we need signings and have to offer high wages for players to come, so its contradictory if they criticize players with the mention of their wages,

        1. I get you Krish, I think most of the personnel at the club should justify their wages.. good example is Walcott that’s why he gets to be mentioned a lot, 140k a week and still you don’t give your all? he never seems to improve and when he plays half a season with a very good form, he holds the club at ransom and wants a pay rise, while 95% of the times he plays rubbish.

          and a lot others (ie. Wenger – 8m a year to make lies to fans, dither in the transfer market, penny pinch by saving few millions even though the target is what the team really needs, favoritism, tactical ineptness, controlling every activity in the team including paying 600 employees, rewarding himself new fat contracts even though he last won a major trophy 12 years ago, and so on)

          1. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying the fa cup is not a majorvtrophy. We only have 3 competitions in England. But does only one mean anything? I personally love to see us playing and winning in the fa cup.

            1. because when you win the rest two apart from EPL, you are not called the champion of England. lower leagues in England are promoted to higher leagues by winning the championship, not the FA cup, Carling cup or the charity shield.

              and in the UCL this season, LC is listed among the 8 pot one teams even though its their first time in the competition, you know why? they won the EPL and not the FA.

              so yes, Wenger went 12 years trophyless in the EPL, it hurts coz its the EPL, no one cares of the FA cups as they don’t raise your standard to the level of the Real madrid, Bayern and Barca. even Vardy decided to stay with the champions, EPL champions not FA

        2. The reason fans hate Walcott is because he has the potential but he’said lazy and unmotivated ESPECIALLY since his wage went up that’s the reason

    2. Everyone is entitled there view and they can speak what they see is wrong be it 1000 times.if u dont like what they saying say what u see fit not cme here and bash them in an article that talks about not to give up season is still a baby.

      1. i hate many quotes but the quote “everyone is entitled to their opinion” is about the most lovey dovey stupid quote there is..

        look the moment you correct someone with that quote its wrong cause if it was right i should be entitlied to my opinion that its stupid to bash walcott with mentioning his wage, so because of my opinion i criticize two people on here.. now you criticize me for doing that et voila you criticize my opinion thats its stupid to say something 1000 times so you do the same etc… a recurring circle 😀

        1. Lol who said it is a quote? Yea u are entitled to ur opinion but dont start mentioning names and telling them what to do and what not to last time i checked u are not the admin here.let the admin do his work ?

          1. no not i am not dictating them.. i am just saying that saying the same thing a 1000 times is just.. stupid if you like broken records you have a patient taste 😉

            1. Hahaha. . But .. But, What do expect when Arsenal fc has been like a broken record, for over a decade?

    3. Rooney might be garbage, but better than Walcott. Harry Kane earls half of Theo, but plays much better. If you have to keep English players in your team to meet the criteria, keep the ones that cost less in salary, or find new guys like Rob Holding each year. Because none of them is a star who can not be replaced at Arsenal starting XI. Why pay so much and then cry on lack of funds?

    1. haha yeah i was a bit mad then lol i mean for example you also state the wages of our players and criticize it but that doesnt annoy me cause i think you generally dont like the high wages and money in the football nowadays and i agree with that, but the people who DO want signings and keep singling walcott out while we have SOOOO many underperforming players with the main matter being his wage is really contradictory, of course i know too that he is playing bad, but they should get it that nowadays wages for the english player are overexaggerated.. his wages shouldn’t be even a matter.. ALL the football players earn too much and the new signings will earn too much too and if we dont want players on a highwage who dont perform.. well then forget it we wont get ANY signings, as it is always a possibility that they dont perform but we have to take the risks

      1. Hahaha, Just because Your master makes a statement about 600 employees and making sure that the club is able to pay their monthly wages! You want to follow suit? ?

        Have a day off, from being a WENGER Fan! ? ?

        1. i am not even defending wenger i am criticizing other people that they care about wages, what’s so difficult about that, if you cant say something useful, dont create something to divert the matter onto something i never said or did now..

          1. but if you get paid handsomely you must give your all to prove that the huge salary you receive is worth every penny.. but you get paid like that and still no improvements in your skills and overall game play, then the salary you receive must be questioned

          1. Probably! the same time as when you make a comment that isn’t about another commentator, on here! ??

  2. Well, at least Mo see’s us as a threat, since he has blocked our move for a player he wishes to sell ( Phil Jones)

    Or was his actions more out of hatred, than threat? ? ?

    1. People will always moan, even when there’s nothing left to moan about! ?

      “OH TO BE A MOANER “

  3. We aren’t in the Title race yet.
    We are 13th place with 1 point from 2 matches
    City, Chelsea and United are all in the Top 5 with 2 wins 0 loses and 6 points

    That wouldn’t be a problem if we had a top striker and a top CB but I am not too confident about Watford away TBH

    I hope Giroud and Koscielny are fit for Saturday

  4. As a team we look predictable and bored. Other teams will fancy their chances against us…as always.

    We ain’t in the title race. Not this season.

    If that’s moaning/negative, so be it.

  5. Quite honestly as long as Wenger and kronke are in charge I don’t think we’ll ever be in the title race again. They have repeatedly demonstrated that for one they are not willing to do what needs to be done to challenge for the title be it spend money on players or organise the players to defend better. Two they don’t really care so long as they are top 4 they are happy with the status quo, that is not a recipe for competing for the title. They just care about keeping the cash flowing they are not driven by winning trophies. How do I know this, because clubs that do care don’t make excuses they change things if they’re not working, whereas we seem very happy with where we are, thus nothing changes.

  6. Every true football fan knows that the current Arsenal squad aint competitive enough to win the EPL, including Peter Cech himself. He just wouldnt say it and that’s understandable.

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