Don’t worry Arsenal, St Totteringham’s Day is not cancelled!

I know some of you Arsenal fans have been getting worried about missing out on this season’s St Totteringham’s Day festivities, but I can guarantee you that celebrations will be in full swing.

Our neighbours are enjoying their best Premier League title challenge since the competitions creation in 2013, but the international break broke up their momentum, and I firmly expect us to return to our rightful place above them in two weeks.

Tottenham will have to try and pick themselves up against Manchester United next weekend, and despite the Red Devils inconsistencies this term, they have been lethal against the bigger sides.

I can assure you that United will come away from this game with at least a point, and when we beat West Ham next weekend, we will have closed the gap to only one or two points. The following Sunday we will have the easy the task of beating Palace (who haven’t won a game since December), which will put us above our rivals, having played the same amount of matches.

This may sound rather optimistic to some of you, but our team is brimming with confidence, and I have caught the bug. Sue me!

I’m not going to go all out and say that Leicester are also going to start slipping up in the coming weeks, but I would not be surprised to see them drop points against Southampton tomorrow, who are known to bring some of the toughest games to even the strongest opponents.

When the Foxes start to lose their grip on the Premier League, you may see a similar post from me, but I don’t actually believe they are going to fold like a cheap tent, unlike our North-London rivals.

Surely I’m not the only Gunner left with confidence in a strong finish? And can we all pencil in May 2 for the St Totteringham’s Day banter parade please!

St Totteringham’s Day is the day when Arsenal fans celebrate the fact that Tottenham can no longer catch Arsenal in the League. It is a movable feast, but usually falls in March, April or May. It is the day to collect on bets made by over-optimistic Spurs fans in the close season who think that “this is the year”.

Follow the in-depth progress of St. Totteringhams Day at this excellent blog from Mike Pitt

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    1. wes morgans and danny simpson are gonna win the title

      say that 3 times in the mirror

      more than likely the candyman will pop out an get you with his hook

  1. Whoever say Leicester or Tottenham did not had it easy from the refs this year should be hospitalized. How is that not a straight red and penalty for Soton, have no clue.

    1. an wes morgan just scored.
      1-0 leicester.

      decisions do tend to even out tho over the seasons.
      winners never make excuses bro..they just win.

      1. And this is how it is. Trouble is that English team go in Europe and they are punished instantly in the same situation. Which is better? Apply the rules or leave it free for the entertainment?

      2. @muffdiver
        An LC playin like they can taste the finish line. Gotta give it to em, these boys are “battlers”…

    2. and the opposite of battLers are what Arsenal are…….. “BottLers”

      the foxes couldn’t beat us over two Outings yet they go on to perform excellenty against those who caused us problems

      Well while we are busy worrying ourselves over celebrating an irrelevant St Totteringham’s day……Leicester city are Levelling the ground work towards celebrating “The EPL trophy bus parade day “

  2. I still don’t believe that the luck involved is game changing for Leicester. It really hits where it hurts and this was very bad from a ref who been involved in controversy in the past. But still even if Spurs win it will make the top teams not stupid but Leicester win it Wenger needs to leave.

    1. They were the best but also the luckiest team this season. And btw, Morgan pushed Classie for the goal. Also penalties denied to Newcastle, City etc all of them at Leicester. And honestly, all big boys were cr@p. Funny thing ref is trying to make it up to Soton now. What a farce is the referee corps at the FA.

      1. just think that man united away game.
        the home game to swansea.
        last minute conceding of goal at anfield
        norwich away
        who would be top?
        luck is all well an good but they were facing near certain relegation an a year later with little spend they could win the title.
        just give them there dues bro.

        we can only dream to have a team with such desire

        1. And that is exactly my point. As I said, big boys screwed royal here. But truth must be said, no matter what. In any case, no one will remember the bad ref calls changing the title this season so is just water under the bridge.

  3. Forster is a monster. Funny how every ref is afraid to be the man ruining Leicester run to the title. Soton is outplaying them at home but the guys in blue play with an extra man. And not for the first time. EPL refs are an utter joke. We knew that and we felt it on our skin, it is just enjoyable to watch they are consistent though.

  4. and the ref was responsible for us bottling all the chances we had throughout the course of the season right?

    Oh! C’mon we can’t keep bLaming the fate of the world on the the ref and Luck……u are forgetting “Hardwork”

    1. I am not talking about Arsenal. We fscked it. That’s the truth. But we had our fair share of ref decisions against us. We were lucky once against Bournemouth but that was it. There were 6 hand balls in the area not given. And clear, just like the one today by Simpson.
      Meh, it is done and dusted. We can sit and watch Leicester being carried out to the title.
      BTW, there will be an investigation on drugs use by Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and Birmingham. Some doctor said he treated players from these teams. Not proven but nevertheless, an investigation coming.

      1. I’ve said it once as joke long time before this rumor. Did FA test Leicester for drugs? They have had shown tremendous level of fitness through the season, let alone Vardy’s goals galore. They are Hollywood kinda movie in the making, rocking over world football. This is almost like heaven and earth compare to their last season. It will be big scandal if they did. Ben Johnson was mediocre when he was off the steroid. Arsenal using drugs? Then it must be the wrong brand, hahaha… just joking. Using drugs is serious criminal in sports, nonetheless.

  5. wheres all the mystic megl specialists of past few days saying leicester would drop points today

    your crystal ball needs an MOT

    1. In all honesty i thought they would at least draw today but lady luck played her part today for them. 1-0’s is doing it for them, same as chelsea last season

  6. Cant believe out of all teams Leicester are gonna win the League this year. Absolutly gutting tbh, Ozil is 100% spot on we messed up the title of our own doing! Leiceter could still slip up if Utd & Chelsea beat them but we have to beat West Ham & City and i can guarntee we wont! This whole finishing above spurs is a joke now, who cares what they do its the same as the top4, means nothing if u arnt gonna challenge for UCL or BPL. Spurs win it then so be it, same meaning as Leicster, City or Chelsea winning the league… we dont!

    1. You can guarantee we won’t beat City and West Ham after our last displayed? Well, I guarantee we can.

  7. Southampton not good enough. They took the crossing route all in the second half and Leicester won 100% of the crosses that came in. Leicester deserve todays win more than the last three 1-0 wins they got.

  8. Full time at the king power stadium! Leicester city have beaten Southampton 1-0 to make our title push more difficult! They just won’t go away!

  9. Just the kind of infantile article that has allowed wenger to get away with his 12 years a failure … Whether we finish 2nd or 4th is beside the point … Wenger’s refusal to invest in attacking options and strengthened midfield in summer has been a useful experiment in football management and the so called prof has finished bottom of the class again … What will he do in summer ? Whatever Kroenke thinks will work for his bottom line

    1. rkw: wenger has not finished bottom of kroenke’s class.

      he’s done exactly what kroenke has tasked him with doing. which other manger could be so “consistent” over 10 years: each year a top4 finish (never mind winning PL: thats not a goal).

      to me, defining consistent as “getting top4 each year, but failing to win” is a odd way of defining success, but that’s the definition being used by wenger & kroenke.

      for kroenke, wenger is the best manager imaginable. he probably wishes wenger could manage until he’s 100.

  10. We just have to win our games. If Leicester come out of their hard fixtures from now until end of season unscathed they would have deserved the title.

  11. For all though who are moaning or still on a witch hunt. Let’s put into perspective that Teams like Arsenal and Man City are on the frontier to excel in more than one competition, these clubs are focused on this. Teams like Leicester and Liverpool in that season with Saurez, they had their focus on only the league.
    It’s why Raneri said yes we might loss Kante, it’s why Liverpool lost Saurez. These teams are short term in the limelight when they don’t build correctly.

    Arsenal were once here, they have now become a Top European team. It’s why Ozil, Sanchez joins Arsenal and not Leicester!

    Contragulate Leicester, be humble and respectful to them, they did what we once did to the likes of Man U

    Arsenal will still be a far more attractive destination than Leciester, and next year will be our forth season without the financial restrictions. We need to kick on, last of the deadwood and consolidation purchases remain and look to be replaced in Arteta, Rocisky, Scez and the alikes..

    Prospect of the next season is something that I’m looking forward to, our fans need to get totally behind AFC for the season. Something we haven’t don’t for years now.

    1. fans like u never learn.

      understand the model that stan ivan an arsene have setup for this club…then u will understand tge frustration.

      i agree support the team at all costs but i like many others saw thru the bs an wont be manipulated by the bs anymore.

      it will be the same every year …financially its a great system…we dont need big trophies under this model

      1. @muffdiver
        Gotta disagree with you on this one Muff, concerning the supposed”model”. It makes no sense. Because in the long run, it will lead the club to ruin and I doubt AW, Stan or the board want that.

        1. I think the model from Kroenke (based on his recent comments) is
          1. PL aim for third but 4th is OK
          2, CL last 16
          3. Minimum spend to achieve the above.
          4. Grow the “brand”

          The problem is that Kroenke did not explain how you grow the brand without winning. Kroenke was clear however in stating that “if you wanted to win championships you would not get involved”, by “you” he meant himself.

          I think muffdiver is correct about the model. Nygunner is also correct in the risks involved as it could cause a downward spiral and disaster if fans stop supporting the club financially. The model has been in place for over 10 years but us fans supported the club because we accepted that stadium debts had to be paid. Now it appears that Kroenke is keeping the model as he considers he will make more money than trying to compete with manu, manc and chelsea.

          There was a clear example last summer. We all knew that cover for Le Coq and a WC striker was required. However £30m had to be spent due to clauses in existing players contracts (deferred payments to their previous clubs) so rather than dipping in to reserves, no money was spent, presumably because it was considered the squad was good enough to achieve top four finish

          1. jonm : exactly.

            we’ll finish top4 so goal achieved for 2015/16.

            probably kroenke & wenger will think that in order to avoid harming the brand, we should make 1 big splashy buy just to string the fans along so the fans keep buying the season tix and merchandise.

            the goal for 16/17 will be the same: top4 with as little spend as they can get away with.

            since its all a deception: at press conferences wenger will blame the market, sudden influx of quality managers, TV money, new competitiveness, injuries etc etc. and repeat.

            1. Nygunner, I think that is how it will go.

              I do not think it is Wengers fault, he can only follow the policy set by Kroenke.

      2. I have learnt that we have gone from being a small club compared to Barcelona, R. Madrid and Man U in terms of financial and honours success to being amongst them in winning honours and growing to be financially wealthy and therefore built to go on to succeed with a model (although in need of developing) ready to deal with the challenge of European clubs.
        Congratulations to everyone involved in getting AFC to that state. The focus needs to shift if it hasn’t towards more honours winning then finance winning but kicking out all the people who brought us this is somewhat idiotic. Doesn’t make sense, even when not everything is right.

        But nonetheless, wanting, demanding more is fine. But I don’t agree with this underbelly of protest we see at matches, at matches where we have actually won!!!

        Our fans are more divided then any other club in the league. Kick out your manager, kick out the directors, storm in on horses and set fire to the offices and take over the stadium and bring in what you want! But you won’t achieve what you think you want!

        Arsenal have won 2 honours in 3 years.
        Man U have won 0 in 3 years.
        Chelsea have won 2 in 3 years.
        Man City have won 3 in 3 years.

        Get them horses ready, we are going to storm in on horse back because we are in crisis…

        If there was a table of fan unity, we would be relegated. Disappointing

        1. Arsenal Fan, you are correct in your analysis but have not addressed the issue of winning the PL. Since arsenal last won the PL, manu have won it 5 times, manc 2 times and chelsea 4 times. This season these teams have performed poorly but we have not been able to take the clear opportunities we have had to get ourselves in to a commanding leading position.

          In the past stadium debt and available money has been the reason given. That excuse does not apply this year. Hence the discontent amongst the fans. We are being beaten by teams with more grit and determination, putting in consistently good performances. We are the richer club with the large squad and larger salaries, and some would say cossetted and overpaid players.

          1. Arsenal reason this season isn’t the lack of signings although granted there were players sold I felt we would of gone for them, but obviously doesn’t mean we were granted to get them.
            We have to look at Arsenal like how the board look at Arsenal. They want us to succeed at all competitions. We haven’t because our squad has too many injuries to deal with all competitions.
            I guess the question is, do Arsenal just focus on the league. I’m sure if they wasn’t in any other competitions we would of won the league, focuses on it like Leicester can..
            Some fans have suggested not playing European football we give us that focus. Fine, I can see the immediate sense in that point. But a year without the fiancial rewards of European football (Albert only a year) will mess up our financial projections and capability to maintain the turnover of the Europeans top clubs. Long term we can not do that.
            So, what I see AFC attempting to do is become a Top European team. Previously when we won the league we were moving towards our goal we see attempted today; to finance a European club.

            That is what we are, not a premier league club but a European club. The market we work in is European, the players we go for are in the European leagues…

            You have correctly highlighted Man U, Man City and Chelsea winning the league. You haven’t eluded to the point 2 of these clubs have wealthy owners and 1 being a global brand.

        2. @arsenalFan: “to being amongst them in winning honours”: no, we’re not amongst those clubs. i used to think so but we arent and its not our goal to become one of them.
          those other clubs have won CL, we havent.

          manc/manu/chelsea: you only consider “honors” and only in 3 year timeframe. cherry picking.
          use a 10 year scale and focus on PL which is the real honor. how many have they won and how many have we?

          1. How can you look at 10 years when in 7 of them we have had more than half the money available to compete. It’s not cherry picking, it’s assessing with common sense!

  12. Sorry I’m not with this Leciester fairytale of them escaping relegation a year ago now looking set to win the BPL. Yes we have blamed Wenger for not spending, yes we want Kroenke out, yes we bottled chance after chance but are telling me in week 32 we’re the only ones to beat Leciester at the King Power. Not taking away their credits but I said this before, there are 18 other teams that have been letting them completely walk away with the league and that’s what pi***s me off. 5 of their last 6 games were 1-0 victories and you’re telling me those teams who’ve had a few BPL seasons under their belt couldn’t score a single goal against them. That’s the real shame of the season, the other 18 teams that keeps giving them gifts after gifts. Very slim chance of us winning and yes we have ourselves to blame but at least we beat the home and away. I just hope we don’t say at the end that Wenger is the reason they lift that trophy and I’m neither Wenger in nor Wenger out. Just a die hard Arsenal fan…

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