Don’t worry – Arsenal’s transfer window is far from over

Last summer Arsenal fans were over the moon when Arsene Wenger quickly announced the arrival of Petr Cech as soon as the old season ended, but were then forced to endure a summer of frustration as Le Prof spoonfed ushopes and wishes but ended up in September without even one new outfield player to give us hope for the new season.

But this summer WILL be different, as Wenger has openly said that there will be at least one or two new arrivals, although I am sure most fans believe that we need more than that. Wenger was quoted as saying: “We’ve already bought one player – Granit Xhaka – from Monchengladbach, because we’ve lost three players.

“We’ve lost [Mikel] Arteta, we’ve lost [Tomas] Rosicky and [Mathieu] Flamini.

“So we’ve bought one midfielder and we’re still in the market to buy one or two more players.

“But it is not easy. It is not just buying.

“We also have to keep a good balance. If you buy too many players you destabilise your team. So three is the maximum.”

Well that is all fine and dandy as long as the three (not two) are top quality players in the positions we need. As in a super striker and a top class winger or centre-back. Any others I am sure that Wenger will fill from the academy.

But the one first and foremost neccessity is a striker. Go get Aubemayeng, Wenger!



    1. you have been playing too much fifa stay off.

      Auba and miki dont want to come
      Dortmund dont want to sell
      and wenger doesnt feel like buying

  1. Obviously players weren’t fighting for their place in the close part of the season. They will return to the starting lineup next season. Wenger is so desperate for his ‘young talent’ to prove it to the world but none of them have. He still keeps Walcott who has been here 10 seasons, should be a household name, but is clueless on the pitch. It’s a disgrace how a player like that can earn 140K?

  2. Whatever happens, Wenger should pls lay off the word……. ‘it’s not easy’.
    Those words from him are now really getting under my skin. Other top managers don’t use those words. They just get things done! And if the job is really not easy for him again, retirement at his age is not abnormal!

  3. Wenger makes it sounds as if Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky were all replaced by one Xhaka? ?
    (Not that either of the three played or contributed much ).
    But if you are replacing 3 with one, you would expect something of a Paul Pogba like signing, to satisfy the hungry! ?

    “The ‘ONE ‘ or two more signings” is the part that worries me the most about Wenger’s statement. ?

    I guess that the real fun and games will begin towards the end of the transfer window?

    1. I agree with you completely..Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini were not first team players. Your first eleven and bench should be strong. Iwobi came into the squad towards the end of the season and did more than AOC. Wenger should realize that it us not just about numbers. Quality is key. We dont need 2 or 3 more players Arsene. We only need ONE player. Lewandowsky. Replace Giroud with Lewandowsky and we are good to go.

  4. I know and believe we need 2-3 players CF CB and RW(TopClass) as article suggested but if in any case we only manage to get a top class CF like auba, Lewy, or Higuin only on top of Xhaka then I will not complain.

  5. When Wenger says,’it’s not easy’….he means it. For the man is a perfectionist, so to him buying one player is tough, therefore buying 2-3 is very tough as he wants them to fit perfectly (in his view) into the team…

    Whereas us fans just see a pile of cash and players going for the right money…

    We do need a striker to give Giroud competition though, have for years. At this point anyone will do, because when the silly season starts the prices will be inflated.

    Vardy is seemingly loyal to Leicester, a respectable trait, but not sure I could turn down Arsenal in the twilight of my career. Strange little man, though I believe in fate and if he isn’t coming there is a reason, hopefully in the form of a top name goalscorer…as usual time will tell..but don’t hold your breath.

  6. Our defence is good enough to win the league. Our midfield imo is the best in England. Cazorla, Coq, Elneny, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey, Iwobi. I would love Wenger to be flexible with his formations. 4312, 433 and 4141 formations based on opposition. But one of Coq and Elneny should start beside Xhaka who can rotate with Carzola for the CM role. We have the best tacticians coming to the EPL. Managers who pay attention to details. Ruthless and hardworking managers like Conte, Pep, Mou and Ranieri. It is going to be a very tough season. We need a top Striker. there will be extremely tight games that will only be won by a moment of magic from a top Striker. A striker who does the extra ordinary. Lewandowsky.

  7. The words it’s not easy and we’re still in the market are two of Mr Wenger’s way of saying that it for this Transfer Window.

  8. Incoming players will be bought to support the business model for the club. That is minimum spend for a top four finish.

    Us fans are looking for the signings to win the PL and challenge for CL. It is not going to happen, Kronke has told us he is not “involved” to win championships. Jack Wiltshire has told us on that aim is top four. We should believe what we have been told, not what we want to believe.

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