Don’t worry Gooners! Arsenal WILL complete these 3 transfers

I do hope that we do not have to wait right up until the last few days of the summer transfer window for Arsene Wenger to complete the transfer action for Arsenal, but in all honesty I am expecting for at least one of the players to join the club this summer to go right to the wire.

That seems to be the way of it for some reason and Wenger seems to be not all that concerned about the situation, as his recent comments in an Evening Standard report make clear. The report was one of the Arsenal transfer rumours about the Valencia and Germany international centre back Shkodran Mustafi, who just happens to be in England at the minute for a couple of pre-season friendly games and whether he is the player the boss was talking about or not, it seems pretty certain that there will be a new and experienced centre back with us shortly.

The Frenchman said, ““We know from experience the most active period is in the last week of August and at the moment it is still a big poker game everywhere.

“The best way to conclude transfers is not to talk about it, but we are in the market. Do I think we will sign an experienced central defender before the season starts? Yes, I do.”

It also seems to be simply a metter of time before we seal the deal for the Leicester City forward Riyad Mahrez, after Wenger all but gave the game away to the media this week. The third signing I am confident of seeing is for another striker and I think it will be the Lyon star Alexandre Lacazette.

We might have to wait, but surely it is a case of better late than never is it not?


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  1. I will tell you

    If we sign Mustafi, Lacazette and Mahrez, I will jump for joy
    It would be the best summer transfer period in over a decade
    (Xhaka, Mustafi, Lacazette and Mahrez)

    However, I am not keeping my hopes high
    I will believe it when I see it on Arsenal Website

    1. @Arsenal_Girl

      Can’t see it happening in a million years, but if we got those three I’d be so happy, although I doubt they’d all be in place the season starts. I have no immediate plans to watch Arsenal, and haven’t watched them in a competitive game since the West Ham debacle, but if Wenger FINALLY fixed all our problem areas, then I would watch again very soon, and actually feel optimistic for once!

      Still have the issue of the deadwood though, why aren’t we cashing in on them?

    2. I believed Watchdogs PS4 version ran at 1080P/60FPS when I saw it announced on the official Sony website. Turns out someone was just having a laugh..on the official website. I will only believe Mahrez is an Arsenal player when I see him on the matchday squad sheet.

  2. bob this post is fanning the flames.

    heres a question. of course completely hypothetical…

    lacazette an mahrez

    1. Honestly, Griezman. Lacazette + Mahrez would make this a very successful summer and Id welcome them with open arms and a massive grin, but Griezman seems like he’s on pace to be a top 5 player.

  3. Mustafi, Mahrez and Lacazette make us instant title favourites. We are not getting any younger Wenger and neither are you. MAKE A PLAN BOYO

    1. Well so far Draxler is a zero season wonder.. he has once scored more than 10 goals a season..

      1. look butt pirate of the caribbean , julian dicks is the tru..i mean draxler …julian draxler alright…

  4. Wenger obviously fancies himself as a bit of a gambler,
    who must love his poker! Since he hasn’t stopped poking the fun out of us Gooner’s with his riddles, contradiction and hypocrisy… Mr Blagger pennymonger is at it again.

    It looks as if wenger will wait and see how we do against Liverpool and Leicester before he spends big on a Striker etc etc and no doubts that there won’t be much available by then.
    Maybe he will find one or two out of contract or injured freebies, in the final hour or the transfer window.

    Its the Same old scenarios year in year out.

      1. Hahaha ?okay … hold and fold sounds familiar! ?
        Holding on to the wrong players and Arsenal as a team fold when the pressure is on, until 4th place is in danger then they come good again.

        You can Add plenty of bluffing with the occasional smirk that may suggest a good hand but you have to admit that it is an unnecessary gamble to leave everything to the last few days of the window?
        Especially, when it has proven to be a disaster in our past experience.
        What happened to the advantage of getting your transfer’s in early, so they can bond within pre-season?
        To many folks here believe that its intellectual to follow the mentality of the deluded one!

        1. @FbG
          Hey. I ain’t defending the guy. Just tryin to lighten the mood. I think it’s foolhardy to sacrifice the opening season matches just to save a few quid…

  5. I still can’t see us sign both Lacazette and Mahrez. It would mean Wenger will spend close to 100 mil for the three of them and with Xhaka there it would be the most exensive window Wenger had by a landslide.

    Either Theo/Joel is going, otherwise Mahrez and Lacazette doesn’t make 100% sense to me. Mustafi is a must though Wenger has to reel that fish in.

    1. Bet he would buy 3 more
      at 1 mill each tho.
      Admitting he will “bring in” another
      CB is strange for the man who says
      its best to keep transfers private.
      “Bringing” in another CB can mean different things.
      He might sign/buy/loan/ promote another CB.
      So he could buy Mustafi 23 mill? Peres/ Evans 15 mill
      Vermaelen 3 mill? Another Rob Holding type for 2 mill.
      Or he could just use Bielik or Coquelin for free.
      Still means “bringing” in a CB

  6. Wenger sometimes makes no sense to me.

    The summer Ozil arrived, AFC desperately needed a CB (had only THREE) but Wenger refused and gambled with the three. Even the years Wenger had 4 CBs, one of them was Squilachi which really does not count – he was so bad he was unusable.

    Now Wenger has Gabriel, Kos, Holding and Chambers on top of Mert and he realizes he needs one more?

    For years Wenger refused to get even a single DM. Finally, now that Coq has emerged and Bielik is developing nicely, he spends big on a good DM – Xhaka.

    I am not complaining at all. I just don’t get him. Has he now suddenly realized that defense is important??

    1. This just proves how stubborn and self-righteous old goat is and that He won’t do what others suggest, at that present time!… Hence the delay to buying our teams needs.

    2. He knows this is his last year, so he will try get some players, big or small. But I am sure board will not help him to get all the money he wants. if his choices fail this year, his successor will be deprived of making big signings.

    3. It was always a choice between an A-list Ozil [that we didn’t seem to need at the time] and a B- list defender [a position we actually need]. I don’t even Know if I would have taken a Marcos Rojo or Mangala or even a Nicolas Otamendi for the crazy fee they all went for ahead of the Ozil deal. That said, it was very stupid to have made a mess of the Suarez deal, that I would have taken over the Ozil deal.

  7. Trending on twitter

    Emanuele .G is getting slaughtered for claiming griezmann’s our secret striker target and Lacazette as back-up option…
    However he claims the 100mil Ath madrid are demanding is what would p!zz emperor wenger off the deal…..

    I’m surprised he still got alot of followers….He’s never got any deal right in his Life L()L…. Even after the deal’s been done… He claims everton have signed Idrissa gana…. Folks is it “gana” or “gueye” ????? Or are they the same person? …. *confused*

    1. “I’m surprised he still got alot of followers….He’s never got any deal right in his Life L()L…. ”


  8. An offer of £18millions has been rightfully rejected for Mustafi (who is valued between £25-£30millions), again Wenger makes his own valuations, that is why we usually overpay for “rubbish” players and not getting the right ones because we under valued them.

    Sissoko still available, but Dortmund is also interested.
    We won’t get Lacazette because the “deluded one” valued him below the market price (but hey! he knows best… Right?)

    As soon as “il degage” the better we will be, at least the “outrageous” seat prices will be justify.
    This is a guy paid £8,3millions pounds to manage the day to day activities at this club and not to coach a team and win trophies.

  9. I’m done with comments here…
    Lost couple of pounds and got couple of greys this last month!!!
    I’ll just wait and hope something will happen…
    At the end ,there’s not much we can do….so
    Que sera sera!? :/

  10. Valencia have apparently rejected an official bid of £15 million form Arsenal, for Mustafi.
    Somethings will never ever change and I’m guessing that Arsenal’s under-bidding by 5-10 million must be the poker game that Wenger was referring to? ? ?

    1. The mans beyond all jokes!
      He wants to keep his targets a secret, but then puts in a ridiculous low offer ?, which pisses the selling club off, who then alert the media with his Ebenezer style bid ? So Where’s the logic in that?

      The merchant pennymonger is obviously trying to get his target to do his dirty work, for him.
      He puts in a very low offer, he unsettles the target, the target becomes interested in joining Arsenal and demands to leave, Arsenal come back with a improved offer that is still under the targets valuation and if all goes to plan, bobs your uncle and fannys your aunt! ? ? Penny pinching mission accomplished ?

  11. Still saw loads of fans queueing for the jersey and at the launch… lol
    The politic at the club works perfectly as the following does not seem to decrease and people have money to spend on merchandise and tickets for little reward… Suckers or not, I just feel sorry for the fans (none of them can say they are getting their money worth) we cannot judge, but it is an expensive luxury.

    1. That’s just the “I got the NEW Arsenal shirt” bragging rights, amongst the fickle and delusional fan base.??

  12. Meanwhile draxler has publically announced that he wants to leave Wolfsburg. Let’s hope Wenger planned this. Juventus also interested

  13. On a positive note (unlike much if this forum) Xhaka is looking like the real deal!

    Think make us a significantly better team. And I love that he was captain – so clearly has leadership qualities we desperately need.

    Particularly with Mert out.

    Even Holding looking great – so fans please support our new guys (whilst continue to pray for more arrivals)!

    1. Yeah Xhaka looks really good
      He isn’t a full DM but is very good defensively so can work with Cazorla
      Xhaka is definitely a quality player and leader type player

  14. Don’t hold your breath ARSENAL have a better chance of completing the transfer of the 3 degrees.Let me put it a different way OH look there’s a flying PIG.
    Not going to Happen Wenger and Co are to fond of their MONEY.

  15. What I don’t understand, if it’s so impossible to do deals before the last week of the window, how come all the other top clubs manage to sign their players before then, including a bunch of strikers. At least in this window Wenger actually acknowledges that we need a CB and a CF, which is an improvement on previous windows, however I have absolutely no faith that he’ll get the job done. He or the club are just to cheap that’s the real problem. Other clubs walk the walk we just talk the talk.

  16. Ever since the Euros I had a strong feeling that Draxler knew Arsenal would be the best fit for his game to elevate, especially with his great connection with Özil when he’s cutting in from the left wing. I figured his name would be all over the papers linked to Arsenal and Man City right after Germany got knocked out but surprisingly nothing. Then of course all the gossip about strikers heated up with Higuain, Aubameyang, Icardi, Laccazette being contacted and I thought something was strange and unrealistic about it all. Personally I think only Icardi would have the quality we need on that list to win without having to sacrifice Giroud, but Draxler, would be even better.
    Onto the right wing. If the Ox is hungry and focused this season we don’t even need Mahrez, but it would be great to see them push one another to they’re fullest potential.

    In the end I feel the key to the title this season will be the blessing in disguise, a CB that can seal up the weak link left ( and created) by Mertesaker.

  17. I am happy with Lacazette and Mustafi. That would be a successful transfer window.

    I am sure at the end of the window we will sell Theo.

    Mahrez is a luxury which would seriously hamper Oxlade, Iwobi, Campbell, Gnabry, Ramsey.

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