Door open for Perfect Arteta/Flamini replacement to join Arsenal

Arsenal are set for the departures of Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini at the end of the season, and the perfect replacement in N’Golo Kante appears to be free to move.

The Frenchman has been recently been called up to the French senior squad, and managed to score in only his second game in his new side.

Kante has been lauded for his impressive and consistent displays this season, with huge praise coming from Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson, who named him as the Premier League’s best player this term.

The 25 year-old is now being linked with a switch to North-London, and his availability could be coming at the perfect time for us.

Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta are all out of contract come the end of the season, which will free up space for three additions to our squad.

Mohamed Elneny has already arrived to bring competition for the central roles, but his versatility does not confine him to sitting in behind the forwards like. Coquelin is our current first-choice, but has struggled with injuries this term, and better options are needed.

We have been linked with Lars Bender, Adrien Rabiot and Ilkay Gundogan who play in central roles also, but why look elsewhere when you can have a proven Premier League star, who will have experience in challenging for (if not winning) the title.

The 25 year-old refused to rule out leaving the Foxes this summer recently, before manager Ranieri confirmed that he would not stop a player from leaving if that was his wish.

It seems strange that any players would want to leave Leicester City in such magical and exciting times, but Kante appears keen on taking advantage of his excellent season by pushing for a move to a bigger club.

I’m no Mystic Meg, and football is hardly predictable, but Leicester are most likely going to struggle next year, with the new challenge of playing in Europe, and even if they do manage to keep all their current crop, I would predict them finishing outside the top five.

Should Kante jump ship this summer? And more importantly should pull out all the stops to sign him?

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  1. He has certainly been imressive this season. I wonder if Leicester are going to cash in by selling half their players like Southampton did a couple of years ago.

  2. Kante would be one of the best signings Wenger ever makes in his long successful time with Arsenal even if he doesn’t see it himself.

  3. Kante along with his partner in crime, in person of mighty Mahrez. Add aubameyang to them and we are more than good to go. £100m can do the job I believe and we will recover some money by selling, Giroud + 1 of Ramsey/Walcott. Too much to ask??

    1. I would not sell Giroud, he can be a good impact player. I would sell 2 of our British core to fund the purchases. Willshere/Walcott/Oxlade/Ramsey/Jenkinson.

  4. Forget it!……….There will be alot of suitors but the annoying part is….. Arsenal won’t put in much effort to try and sign him

  5. we are talking Xhaka at the same time talking Kante…….. This and that…..Who is it exactly?

  6. IF Kante were to join us, who would be our first choice? they are both very consistent, so whoever gets to be first choice will always put in good performances so much that there won’t be any need to bench him unless he is injured. Thats like having 2 good GKs, you can’t replace the 1st choice unless he’s injured.

    1. They can play along side one another in the big away games like, Vs Man u, chelsea, Man city, spuds, liverpool and in the champions league.

  7. The campaign to placate the fans with hope for new signings by spreading unverified rumours in the press has begun. It’s the same ish all over again. Plus Wenger is keeping up with the same old rethoric we have heard over the past decade. Don’t be fooled folks!

  8. What do you guys think of Arsenal selling Ramsey 40 mil and Walcott 20-25 mil to fund the purchase of Lukaku 50 Mil and Xhaka (30 Mil) or Kante (25 Mil).

    Lets sell 2 of our British core , Wilshere, Oxlade or Jenkinson also come to mind as you get good money for them.

    All we need to buy is another centre back and maybe a right back to replace Debuchy.

  9. I agree that Leic will struggle next season. Not only because of European fixtures although that will slow them a bit. Another reason is that teams have played them now, so they lose the surprise factor. We see it all the time with players, they come over surprise the hell out of teams before people finally work out some weaknesses or a game-plan.

    I reckon Kante should give Leic another season, they gave him the platform so without them he would probably be stuck back in France with all the other next Vieiras Makeleles and so on. I suspect he’ll leave though, and could you blame him. We see many one hit wonders so he could be missing out on a hundred plus grand a week. May not sit well with some ..but come on now?

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