Dortmund worried about Arsenal interest in their top striker target

Yes, we are comfortable with Kai Havertz as the No. 9, but Arsenal may benefit from a talented striker to back him up next season. Every day, we have a new striker transfer target; Serhou Guirassy, of Stuttgart, is the latest report we are seeing.

According to German journalist Florian Plettenberg, Arsenal is so interested in the Bundesliga striker that Borussia Dortmund, which is also interested in him, is concerned about the Gunners’ interest. Such assertions should provide comfort to the Gooners, given that the club is recruiting a Havertz backup who scored 28 goals and assisted three times in 28 league games for just £15 million.
Either way, some Gooners may be pessimistic about this move; in fact, I read somewhere that one Gooner would like Nketiah to be his striker next season over Serhou Guirassy. He argued that the Bundesliga striker is no more than a top-four striker.
I understand those who are opposed to the Guirassy swoop; however, are we forgetting we are merely acquiring him as a backup?
Let’s imagine a 0-0 draw against Southampton in the final game of the season in May, with a win necessary to secure the title. Would you rather Nketiah come off the bench than the 6’2 striker who scored 28 goals in the Bundesliga last season (second only to Kane) and helped his side finish second (ahead of Bayern)? I would have Guirassy come on, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Every kid with a number nine printed in his back is now link with us.
    But with a strong belief The big German best days is yet to come, the media outlets could be just be crying wolf’s.

  2. Absolutely bring him in, Havertz is clearly limited in the CF role and this guy is one of the top scorers in Europe, in the league most like the PL. Whoever wrote they’d prefer Nketiah doesn’t know anything about football, scoring in big games, handling pressure, xG, clearly just a biased article. Under £20m and next season if it doesn’t work out out we could sell him for a profit and put the money toward Sesko. Please stop making Havertz the new Ozil by deliberately baiting fans on either side, he’s good but as a 9 we need a more efficient option in front of goal who can score from different angles and positions, that is without a doubt SG.

    1. “absolutely bring him in”…”one of the top goal scorers in Europe”

      based on what, one good season in the Bundesliga

      2022/23 11 goals in 23 league games
      2021/22 9 goals in 37 league games
      2020/21 10 goals in 27…


      “more efficient option in front of goal”…”that is without a doubt [Serhou Guirassy]”

      disaster written all over it

      1. Disaster, at under £20m? You’re a joke if you think that. If we’re basing Havertz stats off half a season and Gyokeres from 1.5 seasons, why not take one full season from Guirassy? He’s come into his prime and if it doesn’t work he’ll still have teams interested in him next summer. It’s smart business. If you’re going to tell people they’re wrong try using something with weight, else your responses have ‘disaster’ written all over them.

        1. “if it doesn’t work” then Arsenal have blown our PL title chances

          it is not the £20m at stake but Arsenal’s season and ending our trophy drought

          Arsenal is about quality not just numbers of bodies

          the players has had one purple patch over 4 seasons (probably more), that is no basis to place Arsenal goal scoring in his hands

          if the player reverts to normal form then Arsenal go backwards, not forwards

          nothing smart about that

          1. Wow mate you don’t know a thing about football.
            Guirassy’s stats are way better than KH, and hes a bargain.
            Makes sense to spend low risk with potential maximum reward.
            Going into next season with KH is crazy, especially if only back up is Jesus/EN! We need potency in front of goal, its painfully obvious.
            What if KH reverts to type given his last four seasons? By your logic KH is a bugger risk both stat and money wise.

          2. “if it doesn’t work” why pick up on that? you could apply that to relying solely on Kai, if that doesn’t work we have blown our pl chances. Use your loaf son

      2. Arsenal1886 you clearly dont watch bundesliga. Here in Germany he was incredible season last. All types of goals, left foot right foot headers in the box and outside the box. Link up and hold up play very good. His stats are better this season as he got better service and the team was stronger and at Arsenal there are more chances for him to finish. I loved Kai when he was here but Guirassy is a real goalscorer not a false nine which is what kai is at Arsenal. Why dont you want your team to have real striker? madness

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