Double blow for Arsenal as ‘in the know’ journalist expects key pair to miss Chelsea match

Chris Wheatley has confirmed that Alexandre Lacazette is confirmed as missing this weekend’s match between Arsenal and Chelsea, while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is expected to miss out too.

Both forwards were missing on Friday night with a supposed illness, and the result was not pretty to see as Brentford earned a 2-0 victory over our side.

We lacked a lot in the final third with the likes of Folarin Balogun and Gabriel Martinelli failing to cause much problem to the opposing defence, and we now look set to field a similar side to that against Champions League winners Chelsea on Sunday.

For whatever reason, we are now being told that PEA is set to return to training having tested negative for Coronavirus, while Lacazette remains out with a positive test, which was also spread to another two players.

Willian is also another player missing, although he isn’t expected to play an important role this season, although Mikel Arteta may well choose to call upon the experienced forward if a new home isn’t found before the window closes. Alex Runarsson is also ruled out, both having tested positive for Coronavirus also.

For some reason we weren’t informed that the attacking duo were missing because of supposed positive Covid tests, and were instead told they were simply suffering with an illness, which strikes me as strange somehow…


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  1. This is clearly a challenge time for the UK’s recently opening up of society after the
    successful managed containment of the pandemic.
    Arteta to my mind is a very honest man and would never blatently lie so I believe his “ill” answer was protocol.
    So what are the new protocols for football and covid?
    Should fans know or is it on a need to know basis?
    We can but hope this was an isolated incident at the tail of the pandemic and that such cases will quickly become a rarity.
    While not wanting to be a fear monger I distinctly remember that the refusal to treat covid seriously early and the slow response was a major reason for the severity of the pandemic.
    Something I am sure we all want to avoid repeating.
    Be comforting to receive “Clarity” from the FA
    I myself completely trust the FA.
    I was just asking on behalf of a friend.

    1. I am just completely baffled that those who were attacking everyone that was against lockdowns, are now silent?

      What happened to saving human life at ANY cost?

      1. It was never a case of saving life at all cost. It was about not overwhelming our national health system which in the UK is what happened but it was close at times.
        What sort of society would we be if 250,000 had died by not locking down?

        1. Speculation!!!
          Even with lockdown 131000 have died
          Won’t engage again but third man it bugs me that you equate your situation in Australia to what has and is happening in the UK

  2. We are told and we have no reason to think other, that covid got them. It is a strange illness in as much as it targeted the four players, we understand, want out of the club, or we want out of the club. The timing and the way it targeted them is uncanny. Get well soon then, hopefully within the next ten days.

    1. Intersting Reggie.
      It is a known fact that when apparently fit key players are left out of the match day squad at this time of year they are the subject of transfer offers.
      Usually the club line is to say the player is not yet up to match “readiness”. But we all know.
      To suggest the club has lied by saying the players have covid then transfer all four two weeks later is massive call. But if it proves to be true then that would be astonishing.
      Willian and Runarrson are not in the clubs plans and loans were signaled a long time ago so why bother with any charade at all?
      Laca and Auba have been the subject of transfer speculation all summer but the financial stakes with the pair are much higher so some skull duggery smoke and mirrors was expected.
      But covid? Surely not?
      Hopefully there is nothing untoward and everyone recovers quickly and all transfers are completed to all parties satisfaction.
      But ths is football so watch this space.

    2. Patricks last sentence was the part that MOST struck home with me.

      Why on EARTH our club thought it better than we should not know the true reason for their illness and thus leave us all supicious of some other reason, rather than trust us knowing the truth, is not only perplexing but stupid and insulting.
      It SEEMS to have only come out even now through Chris Wheatley alone.
      My next article on fanhood, which I AM CURRENTLY putting together in my mind, will touch on this lack of trust by both fans on the one hand AND on the club , on the other hand. Both are in my opinion, insulting, untrusting and stupid.
      I will explain why, in detail, in my piece.

    3. Precisely Reggie! A hell of a coincidence, as you rightly say! NOW, apparently, it SEEMS (note the capitals, folks!)that all along it was Covid.
      Assuming as we must, I SUPPOSE!!?? that this is true, then why on EARTH the secrecy which left us and may still leave us suspicious as to the real reason?

      Unwise AFC!


      Where there is deliberate mistrust , then harmony(our motto, remember!!) is impossible.

      1. Don’t forget the All or Nothing documentary Jon. Worth a mention although won’t be aired until next year.

        1. WHAT, DOES THAT MEAN YOU COULD NOT MANAGE TO FINISH IT ALL THEN! Some of those huge caterpillars are heavy going!
          Generally after eating a dozen slugs, I AN WELL FULL UP!

  3. I don’t know what the rules are, but having all of 4 players(2 of them critically key)struck down by COVID and still going ahead to play that game last Friday shows commendable sacrifice on the part of Arsenal.
    They could have pressed for a cancellation for good reason. But that would have raised a whole lot of concern for the season itself being the first game.
    Going on to lose the game makes the sacrifice even more painful.
    I think we should be proud of our club on this score
    But, like I said, I do not know what the rules say in this regard.

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