Double blow for Arsenal in hopes of European football

Arsenal have been dealt their second blow to their hopes for European football in 24 hours, firstly losing to Tottenham before Manchester City had their ban overturned.

The Citizens were given a two-year ban from European football for fabricating incomes from sponsors in order to meet Financial Fair Play regulations, but they have managed to fight the decision by lodging an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which they have now won.

City’s ban has been reduced to £10 Million by the CAS, while their ban from Europe has been scrapped altogether.

This means that the team that now finishes in fifth place will no longer be given Champions League football, and that the team that finishes down in eighth place will have no chance of playing in the Europa League, unless that team is Arsenal who goes onto win the FA Cup(I’m far from confident of our chances in the cup).

We currently sit nine points behind Leicester who occupy fourth place at present, and with three matches remaining you can categorically rule out any chance of reaching the top-four. Our league target will now have to be seventh place, thanks to the fact that Manchester City won the League Cup earlier in the season, and the FA Cup will be won by a team who will finish inside the top five, or by us.

We currently trail Sheffield United and Wolves by four and five points respectively, with a possible nine points remaining, making every Premier League fixture a must-win, starting with Liverpool in midweek.

Hopefully the Reds will not be at their best due to the fact that they have already won the title, but they are believed to have their sights set on reaching 100 points, which means they will need two wins and a draw at the very least from the remaining fixtures.

Will Arsenal be able to pick themselves up for a fight against Liverpool in midweek? How much of a blow is it that eighth place is no longer the minimum needed for us to gain Europa League football?



  1. We’ve only got ourselves to blame…. dropped points, gifted goals, lacklustre performances!
    Is the thought of playing in the CL not enough to gee them up….now we can’t even make the EL… bloody hell what has happened to us??
    A lot of people think a season out of Europe will do us good, but I wonder if we’ll ever get back into it?!!!!

  2. A season without european football is only bad.

    We get less money for transfers.

    We attract less quality players. Will Partay join with no european football?

    Will Auba stay? Will Ceballos stay another year? Will our young players get enough competitive games?

    There are plenty more negatives but to me these are bad enough.

  3. I am upset that the shirt seller isn’t playing because for once it shows how average our team is.
    Just imagine if Ozil played in that derby game. We would automatically have someone to blame. Now when he doesn’t play and we lose there is no one player to blame showing just how average our team is. I think ozil was our last world class player and he’s left us with a bitter taste.
    Arteta is in the deep and signings are not positive however am still hopeful. I also think the 343 system takes away the space from Pepe. The two full backs are the ones driving the team and am not sure if it’s actually working yet.

  4. Agree with Sue. The defence has agains been caught out . After stifling Wolves and SU,the gunner defence went awol.To win games ,u need a strong defence something Wenger didnt focus. Hence his regular losses to the top teams.
    I am afraid Arsenal will be out of even Europa contention.The buck stops with the owner.
    Until and unless Arsenal can compete for the best players, the gunners will be a mid table team .
    Forget about the cl or europa. I dont think the gunners can win the ep l,tooThe chasm with the top teams is getting wider by the year

  5. We are definitely out of Europe. That’s the reality.
    Now we can only wait, pray and see what becomes of our beloved team.
    Arteta had said that there are three possible scenarios that would impact on the club’s plans for next season. Let’s hope that not being in Europe is one of them; and that there is a ‘Plan C’ on ground to manage the situation

  6. Useless to use excuses, we won’t finish higher than we are.

    We cant pass. Wolves, Sheffield and Spurs but be beaten by Reds and City back to back this week, then go face 2 teams playing for survival.

    We saw Bournemouth eating IP foxes in that desperado mission as Villa we play next before watford both fighting for survival. These are tuffer games…

    Unless this assistant coach of ours wakes da heck up, we will finish bellow 10th to 12th spot. Or most likely remain 9th.

    Hourra, we are in top 10!, Just on wrong end! We got lucky teams messed up last year or we be 8 or 9th already…

  7. Mogunna you seem to be very bitter but hope u remember dis assistant coach came in and made our defense okay if not better during the unai tenure we faced at least 25 to 15 shots but man has made us concede just on average 7 ain’t that a massive improvement for you, why blame the coach when obviously u urself know it aint gonna happen overnight that we become solid at d back, we had eight shot on target but did we use it.
    Hope u did not forget Liverpool we’re once lyk diz it a slow process man #Trust the process man and stop been negative.

    1. We Will just invent a New name for our placement not to suck just like “top 4”

      Lets call it top 9 😂😂

  8. Well no supprize that we are out of Urope just no good players and bad defence waste of money on pepe we have 8 players to go

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