Double proof that Arsenal WILL NOT buy a striker

Us Arsenal fans are continually deluding ourselves that Wenger will bring in a new superstriker to fire us to the Premiership title this season, even though Le Prof keeps making it abundantly clear that he has no intention of bringing in competition for Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott.

Yet again today, Wenger spoke on about the excellence of Giroud’s goal against Palace, and listed the strengths we already have in the striking department. The manager said: “He needed that [goal],”

“We have good strikers. Walcott was not used today and he’s an exceptional striker, Welbeck is coming back, we have Alexis.

“We have a strong striking force. What is important is that we show the team performance we have shown [against Palace].

“We had some very good moments in the game and going forward we were magnificent. We are still not capable of maintaining it for the full 90 minutes but that will come. I’m very happy with our response.”

If that wasn’t enough we also had a quote from our vice captain BFG (or is he captain now?) who also made it clear that we need no more additions in this window. “We have a good strike force,” Per said. “We were good on the break, good in the combinations, there is a lot more to come from us, that is what we need, that is our game, and we need to count on that.

“So we are happy with our squad. We kept all our players, got Petr as a great addition, so that is what players should care about, their own game and their interaction between each other.

“The spirit is great, so we have a good squad.”

So how much longer will we live in this hope that we will see the striker of our dreams come in? I’ll tell you how long shall I? 14 days, that’s how long! Then we can forget about it again until all our players are in the treatment room lol…..

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  1. I think the general consensus is that Arsenal went in for Benzema and failed. They will go back in for him later, hoping something will have changed the situation. That’s what everything points to at least. Tried, but if a club doesn’t want to sell and a player doesn’t want to come then there’s not much you can do I guess. Offer more perhaps, though I don’t think Benzema is worth £40m to begin with.

    What puzzles me is why Wenger hasn’t done the obvious thing and just paid the £21m release clause for Krychowiak so we have two good defensive midfielders, and two different defensive midfielders. Coquelin being the faster, more agile and aggressive defensive mid to stop counterattacks and Krychowiak being the bigger, more physical and powerful presence to keep us strong under pressure.

    All these striker stories are distracting from our defensive midfielder issues. We need both. Not just one.

    1. Maybe because he doesn’t rate Krychowiak? With Vidal moving for 27mil and Schneiderlin for 25mil where’s the value in the inferior Krychowiak for 22…

      Benzema is the priority.

      1. Never heard of Kry till about 2 weeks ago and this whole time I thought he was a ST. But @mick is right. We can’t go an entire season expecting Coq to be healthy or not get suspended. The DM spot is just as crucial.

        And I doubt we’re getting Benzema unless Madrid find someone better than him. Which they won’t since the best out there like Aguero and Suarez are already established on successful teams.

        1. Lewandowski isn’t exactly settled at Bayern, could see Madrid getting him and us taking Benz quite easily. Bayern don’t play with a typical ST under Pep, he likes fluid false ST’s like Muller/Gotze.

          That being said it’s all hypotheticals. Also, we can’t challenge for the title with Coquelin as our first choice DM would be more accurate.

        2. I follow Krychowiak in La Liga and last year he was playing really good, MoM against Barca, and last year many good performances at Europa League. If he comes, he will play hands down. Coq can learn, play when we need 2 CDMs or when he is injured

      2. Exactly. Why buy krychowiak when we passed on the oppurtunity to sign Morgan and Vidal for almost the same amount.
        Goals will come in plenty,its the defence that really worries me since it tends to switch on and off from time to time. All the 3 goals that we hav conceded were due to defensive errors.
        Ps. Saw radamel falcao score a consolation goal for Chelsea in my dream today.

      3. Here’s what I really don’t get: other big clubs are snapping up players, very good players with factually good performance statistics, but Arsene claims he’s found no one gOod enough in the market.

        We could have goT either of the Benders, Kondogbia, Mvilla (funny story), Wanyama, even Sneiderlin, but we just let them all slip…

        If Wenger is very particular about top quality in the markeT, how come he could sing guys like Fatbutt Santos and Kim Kadashian?

        Did you all not see how we severally lost the midfield to Palace? We narrowly escaped. Truth is we are not convincing, at least not enough. There are no small clubs in the league anymore, anybody can f##k anybody up.

        1. Honestly… I will be of a similar mindset if we finish the window and there are no more re-enforcements. ‘Was there really no-one out there who could improve our squad?’ is a definite, extremely valid question to ask with an emphatic ‘no’ as the obvious answer. Especially when Flamini is still on the books…
          But if the signs are anything to go by, we are in the market for a marquee player. And I just can’t help but looking at all the fringe player exits and loans to think. ‘Would that person be leaving if no-one else is coming in?…’
          IF, the window closes. And we did indeed choose not to pursue i.e. Schneiderlin, Vidal, Kondogbia, Pedro and these other 20-30mil targets while securing no-one we obviously missed out.
          However. If we do in fact lure a world-class target, and expend a large amount of resources in doing so. Maybe it was more important to our manager and club to add quality from the top shelf, a game-changer, someone who can have a Sanchez/Ozil-esque impact. And THAT was the first priority, not depth in other areas.

          It’s hard not to get tied up in the media storm that is the transfer window. We obviously handle deals differently than a lot of other clubs. But there’s a good chance there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Also a chance there isn’t. It’s hard to evaluate the window’s impact for sure until it closes…

          1. “game-chnger”, “top-shelf”.. all the usual sound bites from every sycophant. Ozil-esque impact? You mean the painfully gradual improvement we’ve been making as a club because of opportunistic signings rather than a set plan….biggest impact Ozil made was on the bank balance.

            We tried to sign Higuain 3 years ago when we had Giroud, so why it’s taken us 3 years to add that ST is anyones guess. Is there really nobody better than Coquelin? Nonsense, that position could’ve been upgraded 2 months ago. Keep the cliches coming though

            1. Charlie…
              Thankyou! On the last thread you managed to sway my way of thinking. I’m now going to ignore all the statistics, all the times I’ve watched him, the sheer class in which he plays and overall his characteristics that indicate he is in every way one of the purest #10’s and chance creators in Europe. I was wrong… He’s a passenger, a ‘luxury player.’
              Real Madrid, Germany, Arsenal, Mourinho, Loew, Wenger. His strong involvement in all their squads on every world stage isn’t a telling sign of his quality.
              All this means nothing to me anymore!! Mourinho and Pep wouldn’t have him in their XI based purely on your thinking.. Nothing else. That’s enough for me. If I was to disagree with something so profound, so enlightened, and overall siding against the masses because the average person doesn’t see things like you… I would simply be in denial. You have opened my eyes.

              1. Characteristics/Class etc all hyperbole people like you spew to inflate the stock of someone we have. Ozil is CAPABLE of being unplayable, reality is he doesn’t do it often enough and hasn’t justified the 42.5mil we spent.

                Especially given that particular summer was the summer after Cazorla’s debut season as CAM where he got 12 goals and 11assists. We had no quality CB, DM, or ST yet we spunked 40mil on Ozil to produce 5 goals and 9 assists as our CAM the next year…..You’re right though, all in the ‘characteristics’.

                Heaven forbid we would’ve bought a proper DM and ST for the same price. Let’s try and justify our activity in recent years by calling Ozil a game changer etc.

                1. You constantly change your criteria of players to argue. It’s infuriating!!!
                  Are we arguing:
                  Ozil’s quality as a player
                  Ozil’s likelihood of success as a player for us this coming season
                  Ozil’s first season at Arsenal
                  Or both Ozil’s Arsenal seasons?
                  And i’ve disagreed with you and watched you disagree with others about certain players and particularly strikers you’re very choosy with stats and figures. When comparing Ozil’s Real Madrid days you seemed to take it with a grain of salt as it’s La Liga. Does the same go for Higuain and Benzema’s goal tally’s while they were there as well?

      4. @Champagne so where was Wenger when all those Players were available ??i thought he said he hasn’t find any player that will improved his Team. am really sad and disappointed in some arsenal fans how can a true gooner said Benzema is priority when Conquelin Narrowly escaped Red against Crystal Palace, if Wenger doesn’t rate Krychowiak for 22 then mayb he should go to France and bring one of his Cousin as usual.

    2. This is what happens when u choose to play dull in an active transfer window……..if u live it too late, u’d be left for dead…….. WENGER IS TO BLAME

    1. It’s an insult to come out and say “we have the money and we can sign anybody”, then u end up not being able to pay up a player who’s neither Messy nor Ronaldo.

  2. Welbeck, stop being injured you fxck! Maybe, you can turn our fortunes around in the striking department because it’s clear as day light that Wenger won’t buy a Center Forward if it ain’t gonna be Benzema. Just stop being Diaby version 2. Were you bought to come revive your career at Arsenal or to help in giving our medical staff something to do n a daily basis? Giroud just doesn’t cut it for me. He scored a goal that may be one of the top 10 goal of the season but can he create something out of nothing and therefore find the back of the net in, let’s say 25 of the last remaining 36 EPL games of the season? No fxcken way!! I’m not saying that Welbeck will but I have more faith in him (I really do) then in Giroud seeing that not striker will arrive at Arsenal this transfer window. If only he can stay injury free. COYG! Next up, Liverfool. Make us proud.

  3. With Welbz injured and Sanchez basically playing LW, that leaves only OG and Theo at the ST position which to me is pretty scant. Wenger is one injury away from putting our fanbase in a frenzy, like you said.

    I appreciate all 4 players, but to win games we need goals (obviously) and that’s the key role of the ST. With our injury woes, I’d rather be safe than sorry and buy another one. Just look at how other teams struggled without a ST. Man U have managed to somehow scrape up 6 points but the way Rooney is playing they’re gonna run into trouble. Real Madrid without Benzema last year weren’t as efficient especially in the UCL. And even we were semi-struggling last season with Giroud injured.

    Doesn’t have to be Karim, but I believe it’ll be beneficial to have another player at that spot. Not looking likely though.

    1. just hope he has plan B (i like javier hernandez ; better than welbeck: sorry welbz)
      if we cant striker, still need a tall/strong DM. wouldve loved kondogbia or wanyama. grr.
      mert looked shaky vs CP: wonder how a paulista/koz partnership would do?

  4. Benzema is a 100% gooner. He has signed for the club. deal will be announced next week. betting has also suspended.. Benzema is a gunner and will wear the 9 shirt.

    1. Arsenal are currently in the market for a dm. Krychowiak is no longer a target as he is injured. Benzema is a gunner 😀

  5. Wenger has had
    such bad luck with his
    striker acquisitions
    in recent years.
    Bendtner Arshavin Park Girvinho
    Sanogo Campbell Podolski and
    16 mill Wellbeck is the latest
    to come off the frew-goal production line 🙂
    Should we spend more good money after bad?
    WBA recently picked up Salomon Rondon
    not (Rushdie) for 12 mill from Zenit.
    May be Wenger has a similar
    on the quiet buy in the pipe line?
    Trading Wellbeck as make weight would
    be a great, buy one get rid of one steal.

    1. @David, you mentioned 8 names, that can’t all be bad luck can it?
      Wenger thinks he can out smart everyone else and find gems where others fail, but he seems to only find plain old coal.
      He used to be smarter, he used to be better, now he is just a stubborn old fool, who has to do it his way or no way at all.
      He will never win the PL unless he changes his approach, and since he is a stubborn old fool, guess what, we are not seeing the title until he is gone.

      1. @jimbeam , One of the best comment so far seems to me you are a true Gooner not all those one that are always comical with the truth thinking Miracle will Win them the League , I said it b4 and i will say it again that as long as Wenger still believes he knows it all he will never Win the League and arsenal will continue to struggle for top 4 .

        You have one of Arsenal best Defender in his Days as your Assistance yet you are not allowing him to handle the defense issue , any club that wanna Win a league will not have Per as Starter.

    2. Fighting for 4th striker,no dm
      Wenger just leave,why oh why u losing all the respect u had,leave now

  6. We were all having a laugh at mourinho’s defence of a team that went down three nil and outplayed yet fans take these totally stupid comments by wenger seriously … The man lost the football plot 5 years ago if not before and has convinced himself the board and enough fans that 4th place is sufficient for arsenal fc … It’s actually sad as a couple of quality signings would give us a shouting chance at least … Instead he talks up a bunch of massively overpaid players who would not look out of place in Everton spurs or villa but are not close to european elite

  7. I think wenger is waiting to off load 3 of the squad deemed as over 21s striker – Campbell. Dm – flamini and winger – wellington. If he offloads them I think he will replace them. He might also yet find a short term replacement for Martinez as 3rd choice keeper.

    If those 3 players stay then I don’t think he will make any new signings except a 3rd choice keeper.

  8. Hey all you keep quiet and listen to how the transfer is going to end up!!
    Arsenal are goin to sign Marco Reus cause we don’t need a strikers now.
    Manchester united would sing Benzima in the deal dat would see David de Gea move the other way
    Madrid would sign Aguero as Benzima’s replacement and
    Manchester city would sign either Higuan or Ballotelli, or maybe both of them as Aguero’s replacement. You all can email me your insults to DELETED (Admin) by the end of the transfer window if my prediction is wrong. And you can always come back to this re-read this post when you notice that am right.

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