Double trouble for Arsenal with Madrid’s Mbappe plan?

First of all I have to say that I would be very surprised if this bit of transfer business does happen, but you never can tell and it would certainly spell trouble for Arsenal if it did. Double trouble in fact, because as well as Arsene Wenger missing out on one of his top transfer targets of the summer it would see one of our direct rivals strengthened significantly.

So Arsenal fans everywhere will be hoping that the Metro report suggesting that Real Madrid could be ready to sell the Wales international star to Manchester United in order to fund their transfer pursuit of the Monaco and France forward, and Arsenal target, Kylian Mbappe is wide of the mark.

If Jose Mourinho was able to add Bale to the United squad this summer I reckon it could land them the EPL title but as I said, I find it hard to imagine Madrid and Zinedine Zidane agreeing to the sale of one of their best and most influential players.

This does not mean to say that Arsenal will win the race for the coveted and highly rated young striker, as there are many more players that the Spanish club could sell to raise money, but let us hope, at least, that Bale to United is not part of the plan.



  1. Arsenal makes hollow moves towards Mbappe.
    Madrid or PSG sign Mbappe.
    Arsenal fail to sign any decent players in the window.
    Wenger points to “bids” for Mbappe as a sign of ambition…

  2. RM president had said that RM was only watching him along with other top talents, he also denied bidding for the player and said it was all tabloid fiction.

    MBappe has also said that RM have been trying to get him since he was 14 and last year he wouldn’t have cost them as much, only problem here though is if MBappe really wanted RM then why did he not go last year, MBappe himself has confirmed that RM have wanted him since 14…

    Maybe MBappe thought it was too soon? More play time at Monaco?

    MBappe has said he will put his career first and that sounds like a cold water on RM rather than AFC, rumors came up that MBappe might use AFC as a stepping club and I really doubt MBappe meant it like that or meant the disrespect that the media has made out from it, MBappe and people around him have made it clear he respects Wenger for his ability to develop players.

    I am not saying AFC will sign him, I am just pointing out how MBappe has said he will do what’s best for his career and how he has stuck to that if reports of RM wanting him since 14 are true and how he chose Monaco over AFC last year turned out to be the right move for his development as he got the game time and stepped up.


    Monaco are favs to keep him as he will get game time with them and he will be able to play in the UCL.
    PSG are next, they have the money and new people in at PSG will want to make a statement and what better way than getting MBappe?
    Then I would put AFC as 3rd favs as he would have the attack built around him and we are still in a european competition, Wenger is known for developing good young french talent as well as getting his french CF into the national squad, I mean look how Giroud performs for france XD

    MBappe has sounded intelligent and I honestly think he means it when said his next move will be for his career, he is a young lad and got a lot of years ahead of him… If he is as smart as people make out then he knows that as well.

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