Downcast Wenger MUST address problems to lift Arsenal spirits

I can understand why the TV pundits thought it was a bit harsh of the Arsenal fans at the Emirates stadium to boo Arsene Wenger and the players off the pitch yesterday. After all it was only the first game of the season and the injury and fitness situation meant that a number of key players were unavailable.

We also lost by just the one goal and Liverpool produced a stunning spell after the break when they ran riot and hit three goals in the space of 15 minutes and this was after Coutinho produced one of the nbest free kicks you will ever see to level on the stroke of halftime.

All this should mean that Wenger and Arsenal were given some leeway by the fans, except that he really has brought this pressure on himself. I fully believe that the same result would not have been greeted so harshly if the club had shown real ambition in the transfer market this summer.

If there had been an expensive centre back and striker on the pitch then at least us Gooners could accept that Wenger was trying to address our weaknesses. As it is we feel fobbed off yet again. It was painful to see how downcast our long serving manager was in his post match interview but surely he must see that his failure to address the issues and spend the money to compete for major trophy honours is bringing this on himself.

But will he act or stick to the same old guns yet again?


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  1. He’ll wriggle himself out of this with another excuse.
    I said our defense were going to be walked all over by Liverpool a long while ago, and I was completely thumbed down.
    What Wenger has done now is to give Holding and Chambers a bad morale for the season. Those kids will need to be encouraged and beefed up. Completely no fault of theirs.
    Groundhog Day all over…Panic buys all over. We saw this a million miles away before it happened.
    As long as we don’t make the necessary signings, it’s same struggle for 4th place.
    I’m really sick of this whole charade. Sick of it.
    What has my Arsenal become?

    1. I don’t even think Wenger has what it takes to give them the boost they need. Why did Liverpool come out blazing in the 2nd half? It was simply because Klopp had changed things up and enlivened his team back in the dressing room.

      As an aside, I wonder what Steve Bold does. All he did yesterday was seat there and shake his head each time ‘Pool found the back of the net.


      1. TypicaL Trevor… BLยคยคdy AKB

        Blame it on the HT goal which deflated us and not the shambolic pre-match attitude of ya master wenger

        Going into the 1st game of the season, we had months to be prepared……what’s ya excuse gringo?

        1. That’s what happens, it happens to every team. Even a last minute equaliser is said to be as bad as defeat. Sure I’ve heard ex players talk about it, I see it with my own eyes.

        2. You always sneer at anyone that talks sense and accuse them of being an AKB. At least you didn’t use your favourite word “deluded”
          But the fact is that Arsene DOES know best for Arsenal. Certainly a million times more than you do sitting at your desk sneering. Get a life

    2. I bet there are still alot of people who would disagree with what you have to say (No matter how truthful)

      U just can’t figure out what’s come upon em

      They are just Like wenger(Birds of a feather)…… Careless, Arrogant and pathetic

      1. Arrogant and pathetic? You bin lookin in the mirror again ?
        “Oh look Arsenal lost a game! Sack Wenger!” THAT is pathetic.

      2. And Soopa, I’ve talked plenty on us messing up with signings. I’ve said plenty on our wingers not being good enough defensively, and some offensively. I’ve talked about weakness at the back, weakness up top. Just because I don’t do it in every comment, and have other opinions besides what’s wrong? He asked why liv came out like that, liv were crap in the first half, what changed was obviously the goal. Well that’s my opinion.

        I’m sick of eejits ramming there opinions down everyone’s throat, if you’re not ranting in every comment your a delusional akb.

    3. We supporters of Arsenal keep on making the same mistake every season by expecting to be challenging for trophies. First we need to ask Wenger the following questions:
      1) What are your targets for this season set by the board?
      2) What were your targets for the last 10 seasons?
      3) How much do you truly have for transfers?
      4) Do you get a bonus for winning pre-season matches?
      5) D you think that by winning pre-season matches we will win the league?
      Without us knowing this we’ll always have seasons like these. They say madness is defined as doing the same thing day in day out (or in this case every season) and expecting different results! ARE WE TRULY MAD??????

      1. Quite mad I am afrayed ๐Ÿ™‚
        We write articles on Justarsenal
        all year every year expecting
        Arsene to read our comments and
        make the changes we want.
        Barmy Goony army we are Guv ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. And when some of us talk about crowdfunding to buy the club, it sounds like madness. Heavyweights are fighting for the soul pf the club behind the scenes we are always here talking and whining rather than look for practical ways of getting things in order. How many know that some of our high profile departures, including Fabregas was instigated by Darren Dein, son of David Dein? Henry turns down Arsenal u18s, which would have naturally facilitated his becoming manager in the not too distant future, but he turned it down, little surprise Darren was his best man at his wedding. It seems to me there’s a power struggle behind the scenes and in such instances, it is the fans that ultimately suffer. The suits are playing a high stake game behind the scenes while all we ask for and pay for is good entertainment value for our dollars, yet we can’t get it, and we lay all the blame at the door of a man who is equally caught up in the politics of it all. Wenger is a product of the wwII generation and would hardly break ranks, they are loyal to the establishment even to the detriment of their personal reputation, they never stand up to authority, they abhor defiance. On the other hand, arrogance and cockiness gets you everywhere in today’s game, lot’s of bluffing and all, it’s a showman’s game out there today, 100 million pounds for Pogba is not for his footballing abilities, it has more to do with his nonchalance. Wenger has no incentive to evolve because we have the wrong kind of owners, I want to believe he is far more intelligent than what he currently gives us but the chain of command is just wrong and as long as the owners’ interests are served, the fans are just there for the taking.

  2. I read a Tweet yesterday, that being an Arsenal fan should be included in 1000 ways to die! I totally agree with the person, please tell me, where is the money? I mean what are they doing with it,why aren’t they spending it? See we need a good Winger cos walcot faded off in the second half a good CF and a good CB,this thing hurts so much, something you love so dearly isn’t giving you any smile at all,United,Liv,city will look at there club and smile, but we! Hmmm am so frustrated!!

  3. Pundits,fans,media and everyone else knows what Arsenal need but we’ll never get what we need until Arsene Wenger leaves!

  4. For this defeat I blame no one but those who chanted “one Arsene Wenger”, you are the ones to blame, we had the chance to demand change but you yourselves stood against it …
    Here is the one common scenario that you all know …
    Defeat against LEI ==>> plastic fans turn against the manager and then you see the panic buy ==> same season, different year
    Win against LEI ==>> plastic fans say we are back in track and let’s build on this win and nothing change ==> same season, different year

  5. “We are not Ready”

    Listening to this caption from wenger’s context….. It makes me think

    Wenger has a penchant for FaiLure

    Infact he’s a prodigy at it……

    2months to get ur house in order and what did he do?….Rely on crocked favourites, out of form and inexperienced players…

    GoodLuck on that wenger
    U deserve what u get!

  6. Liverpool exposed this overrated team as frauds.
    Now all of us have noticed.
    How could we have switched off like that.
    Chambers and holding are too far away from being considered first teamers.
    Coquelin and monreal are only good squad players.
    Xhaxa came on the pitch and looked totally lost and confused-Gundogan and pogba are better signings tbf.
    Sanchez isnt a striker and not fit.
    walcott us totally mediocre.
    Bellerin is good but he is not the best rb in the league yet.

    And we have manager with a bunch of excuses who will forever not change.
    Taking snail pace to change and fix This club’s deficiences
    I think the fans deserve better than this.

    1. Calm down!
      Holding and Chambers are reserves and wouldn’t have played except for our dreaded injuries
      Monreal is our most consistent player. Coquelin is a rock
      Xhaka played his first half game in the Premier League, should he be playing like a veteran already?
      Bellerin IS the best right-back.
      And you sir need to support your club and players!

        1. Truth hurt does it?
          Wenger will be with us until the end of the season. If we win the League he will extend, if not he will leave.
          Shouting “resign!” every ten minutes is a waste of bandwidth

          1. Ignorance and negligence hurts! The problems have been there for all to see for a long time and they are never dealt with!

  7. It’s Sunday afternoon, 14th August 2016 and my other half says to me “Aren’t you going to watch the Arsenal game?” to which I replied “Nah I know what the result will be. Besides GB are doing well in the Olympics i’m going to watch that”. It was her response to this that really got me thinking. “what’s happened to you? You used to be so passionate about Arsenal” And I just shrugged my shoulders.
    But as I sat there watching team GB do so well I kept asking myself where has my passion gone. What happened to that boy that used to go to every home game, watch every match he could on TV, scream at the team willing them on. And the only conclusion I could draw was that it is impossible to be passionate about a club that no longer shows passion towards itself!
    We were told Emirates stadium would allow us to compete with the best in the world. Yet we can’t even compete with mid table teams for players. Always an excuse for not reinforcing. Players too expensive. Wages too much. Too old. Not top quality. etc etc and then Arsene’s latest being the 4 qualities he looks for. Of that the last one being re-sale value! Why should we be considering re-sale value? We want the best years out of a player surely?
    Arsene did well in the lean years whilst Emirates was being built, but now his stubborn attitude towards transfers is destroying this club. On top of this when we do buy players we keep buying the same type. Never anything different. I honestly think we don’t have any clout in the market any more. Until we have a manager that shows passion and the mentality to succeed we won’t attract big name players again. For now all I can foresee is a couple of panic buys on the last day in the hope it papers over the cracks once again.

  8. I don’t think Wenger will change.
    In fact I think he will be very
    heartened by the Liverpool game.
    Wenger’s take on the game.
    “We were comfortable at 1-0.
    Liverpool’s goals were all freakish.
    We were bit unlucky.
    We showed character and almost clawed it back.
    All this with out Ozil Kos and Giroud.
    Holding + Chambers (who scored again today) were good.
    Kos is back now + Gabriel will be back 2 weeks after the international break
    Bielik is also available and Mertesacker back after Xmas.
    Walcott and Chamberlain are scoring goals Giroud is back now
    Sanchez and Iwobi are close I believe we are ok up front.
    But we are still on the market and if a good CB or striker
    comes available at 25% of the asking price we will try and do it.
    None of the teams on show look any better than us so
    lets stick together and show solidarity and spirit and we
    can achieve good things together this season with the team we already have.
    Excuse me please but I must ring Stan he will be ever so pleased”.

  9. who amongst u still thinks the Emirates is a Fortress?????

    A Library is an Understatement…’s worse than that

  10. We have more than enough players to win the EPL, Champions League and all, but do our players have the mental strength to push their own boundaries? I doubt! Ibrahimovic is not fast, neither is Giroud, the biggest difference in their career so far is their mental strength. In the last days of Fergie at Man. U, he had a sh%$&y squad but his players had balls, they don’t shy away from duels, they take no prisoners. The best players will not strengthen our team if they buy into the ‘we are the good guys’ mentality of Wenger. When was the last time Cech conceded four goals? What does the word concede mean even? Coquelin, I love that guy, doesn’t concede, he fights, not the best player ability wise but commitment wise, he doesn’t give up, even on a yellow card yesterday, he was still going into the tackles. Imagine the Ox kept that state of mind leading up to his goal for the rest of the game, imagine Walcott rose up to the occassion like he did after missing that penalty for the whole game?

  11. I fear wenger has lost character and charisma.this days players need a manager with vigour to rally and push then does wenger do that?
    Sometimes players lose energy but if the manager becomes aggresive and gives a superb teamtalk.our players never show that drive in the pitch means wenger is not doin something right with his teamtalks

  12. Arsenal will never win the league and champions league under Wenger but they can win the usual 4th place trophy and the FA Cup. I love this club so much.. I am not tired of Arsenal, I m tired of the board and Wenger….

    We have become predictable with the way we start the season.. .We need change and until change happens expect the roller coaster this season…..

  13. While I do believe that more experience at the back would have helped us out allot, we could have played more attacking players for one. Also we could have owned that first half, liv looked bad, we could have really taking advantage of that. I will say though, I seen allot of good from the two young CBs, they maybe just didn’t have that extra nous you get from experience. I also want to say that our wingers done a terrible job in trying to protect the back four, Monreal too was poor. Liv were not getting joy through the middle, so they decided to go round us, but Theo and Iwobi were no match.

    You do have to worry for us. We have admitted we are in the market for both defensive and attacking recruitment’s. Why they have not arrived before now I do not know, if it’s that we can’t persuade players to join I think that might be worse. Or is it us being too cautious on how much we choose to spend, I don’t know. I am worrying though.

    1. More attacking players right?……… Like the ones we didn’t/couldn’t sign

      cuz we had Tonnes of blind faith in underperforming players in our stock!


      1. So you attack my opinion in an earlier comment, because I didn’t mention any negligence, I mention it here but you still want to take an axe to my comment. Why haven’t you said that’s more like it Trev, at least you acknowledged some of what’s wrong, and then went into the other stuff you have a problem with. I think it’s not just the Arsenal team that have mentality issues.

  14. Arsenal has become a joke. There is absolutely no chance Wenger can learn and adapt to modern football. But the problem is also with the owners/the board and the upper management. They fail to address the issue. Either because they are happy from a financial view and lack the sporting ambition or because they really can’t understand the problem.
    We have been runners up in the Champions League years ago, and our real ambition should be to become the best in the world. Instead we are happy to finish in the top 4 in the Premier League year after year.
    It really is a joke.

  15. Stolen
    *Wenger since 2004*

    *Mourinho* came 2005 he won the league twice and went.

    _Wenger still building the team_

    *Ancelotti* came and won the league and went

    _Wenger still building the team_

    *Mancini* came won the league and went

    _Wenger still building the team_

    *Pellegrini* came won the league and went

    _Wenger still building the team_

    *Mourinho* came back again won the league and went

    _Wenger still building the team_

    *Ranieri* took Leicester came from relegation zone and won the league

    _Wenger still building the team_

    Im wondering what kind of a team he is building since 2004

    1. Hahahahaha………..Love it!

      I guess he’s building a team capable of winning the capital one cup… Considering we haven’t won that in a very Long while …..hahahaha

  16. We are not ready physically, but the match before we were physically ready, the youngsters were not to be be blamed, but yet we lacked experience, so Mr WENGER who lacked experience, Ramsay got injured because he did not have enough pre-season, well i wonder who put him in the squad with players who actually had a full preseason on the Bench.

    Mr. Wenger the fans have not asked you to buy twenty new players, they simply asked to get an experience CB and a forward that would get us goals that could compete against Giroud. All of us have our choice, but would have been satisfied with a forward that poses a goal threat and an experience CB

    Now you have put even more pressure on arsenal fans and club with THE LIES, CONTRADICTIONS, ARROGANCE AND STUPIDITY shown for several years now.

    If you had bought the players and we were still beaten i am sure we could have said we have not gel as a team as yet and we the fans would undesstand that, but waiting for the last weeks to get in players in positions that we are short in is RIDICULOUS

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