Dramatic Burnley win proof it´s Arsenal´s title year?

A team needs to have a lot of things in order to win the Premier League title, as Arsenal’s 12 year spell without the coveted trophy despite the consistency of never dropping out of the top four will tell you. But it is really starting to look like Arsenal might just have everything we need this time after the dramatic late winner away to Burnley showed once again that luck is on our side this season.

Things like good players and a good balance to the team, as well as the strength of squad to cope with all the games are fairly obvious qualities a title winning team needs, but I think that luck can also play a big part over the course of a campaign.

Who knows what might have happened if we had not suffered all those injury problems to key players at crucial points of previous seasons. Even something as simple as Mike Dean getting it right and sending off Costa in our game against Chelsea last September could alter the course of a season and I think it is fair to say we have had some rotten luck of late.

Not this time, though, as that winner against Burnley was not just lucky because it came off Koscielny’s hand. The timing of it means that twice already the Gunners have won EPL games in injury time and you could say that neither was really deserved as the penalty against Southampton was also controversial.

We have had more penalties already than we got in the whole of last season and when you think how many golden chances PSG missed before we equalised then it is hard to argue that luck is not on our side. We have the talent and we have the squad depth so with not too many injury problems and a bit of luck, is this our year?


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  1. It isn’t our year nor any other team’s just yet, it will be our year when we lift the EPL trophy come May 2017. In the meantime, I’d rather enjoy the intrigue and drama game by game.

    1. totally agree, if we had this squad of players last three years we could of won the EPL twice at least,

      it will be a tall task to win this season almost every team in the EPL has strengthened their squad, its all down to experience and key players injuries will be the decider, we have to treat every game like a cup final this season and even then it will be difficult, but how exiting the EPL has become top players and top managers.

  2. I didn’t see the game against Burnley but I knew it was going to be a tough game. Burnley are strong at home and defeated Liverpool and the likes. Going from last season, they had just lost one home game in 17games. Of course with some draws here and there. I followed the updates online as I was on a road trip. As I reached my destination, Arsenal scored and it was a sense of relieved. Expect some of this games this season. We won’t play pretty all the time. Nevertheless, happy with the three points……

  3. Luck is needed to become champions, and it certainly seems like we have quite a bit at the moment. On the other hand it appears 2 out our 3 strikers (Giroud and Perez), were injured this weekend, and that is worrying. We can’t continue plying with no strikers on the bench.
    A positive was the attitude. Even Walcott and Iwobi showed defensive will/capability, and this is also a must, if we are to have any chance in the long run.
    I hate to say it, but the way ALL the Spurs players defended and closed down Man City was very impressive, and that sets the bar very high.

  4. You could also say this was typical Arsenal, even the last three games.

    Play awesome against Chelsea, play very good against Basel but fail to score at least 5 or 6 goals, then when a playing a weaker opponent, than for instance Chelsea, nearly drop point as a result of failing to score.

    This side, as good as it’s best is, needs to score more goals out of all the clear chances they create.

    For me the biggest positives this season are that Wenger seems set to play with a speedy striker, Sanchez at the moment, more depth at CB and DM and playing with a real winger in Theo rather than a make shift in Ramsey.

    IMO we will only know after this team has had several chances to crumble under the pressure, whether we have slain the dragon of being “nearly” man. Let’s see how we fair around the first round of CL knock-out phase next year.

    First chance to get excited early is if we were to get good results in the early November stretch of Spurs, Man U and PSG (all in a row).

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