Draxler and Vidal to Arsenal? Wishful thinking or likely scenario?

Vidal and Draxler to sign for Arsenal in AMAZING £50 million double swoop! by Midkemma (looking in his crystal ball!)

Long time Arsenal target and German international, Julian Draxler, will make his long awaited journey to the Emirates this summer in an amazing big money deal between Arsenal and FC Schalke 04.

Wenger will be letting go of both Podolski and Campbell to make room for a ‘special talent’, a player who is capable of playing on either wing or as a potential central striker, Wenger made Draxler his priority after Borussia Dortmund rejected any advance for their star striker, Aubameyang, who would cost Wenger over £40 million, instead Wenger opted for the cheaper yet equally talented Draxler for £28.7million.

With the signing of Draxler it is believed that Wenger will be happy with the number of wide forwards at his disposal for next season which will include Welbeck, who Wenger feels needs more time before playing as the teams main central striker.

The other area of concern for Wenger is central midfield; Coquelin has provided Arsenal with something they have lacked since the good old days when Vieira could be seen charging up and down the pitch to be everywhere that he was needed, a bit of steel in the spine of the team. Wenger knows that without Coquelin his team will be exposed to clever counter attacks and Vidal appears to be his man and will cost Arsenal a believed £21.3 million.

Where he will play is still unknown, Vidal is a tough tackler but he also provides for his team further up the field, scoring 7 goals last season including 4 in the league for Juventus, not really the holding player that Arsenal appear to need but another box to box all action midfielder.

What do you guys think?

Is Vidal what Arsenal need? Will Draxler help Arsenal lift the title?


Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day my fellow gunners.

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  1. Wait!!!
    Draxler rated 28.7m and Vidal rated only 21.3m
    Confusing… I mean I know there’s value for potential but that much… Wonder how much Chamberlain will cost?

    1. Draxler is only going to get better and vidal is in his prime but spent majority of last season being injured hence his value dropped.

    2. Cech agrees terms with arsenal and is having a medical-BBC SPORT.YEAH I AM A HAPPY MAN NOW!

      1. You’re not the only happy man 😀
        I’m excited about the prospect of Szcz development now we have a truely world class keeper for him to compete against and learn from, I feel sorry for Ospina but I do think Szcz has more potential.

        Both Cech and Szcz shared the golden glove a couple seasons ago and now they both at Arsenal, yay!

        1. You could be right on Szcz but i really really hope we see very little of him besides cup games.

  2. That would be awesome signings…but somehow don’t see it happening…Both these players would want guaranteed 1st team places…can AW guarantee that to these guys and Coq, Ramsey, Wilshere, Carzola, Ozil, Sanchez as well..

    1. Very few warrant demanding a first team place so I couldn’t care less what someone demands, play better than the other guy/s competing for it and you’ll have the spot.

      This ‘demanding’ bs is pure nonsense, at most Kos/Alexis can demand a first team spot…..the rest are laughing if they think they’ve warranted such a demand. And yea I omitted Ozil, he’s played several games on rep alone which I’m not a fan of, Rosicky should’ve benched him on several occasions the last two years.

  3. Would love vidal but he will add competition to rambo, wilsh and cazorla not to coquelin

    griezmann maybe costlier but is much better than draxler

  4. Not Vidal I think he is too hot headed he would end up getting alot of cards pitting us in dangerous situations. Look at he the Champions League final he more ore less but Juv in a bad position and could have got sent off.

    I still want William Carvalho he would be a better option and we could have him for a longer period.

    In terms of Draxler I am a long time fan and want him at arsenal just not right now. I think he is better suited for the middle of the park, the glue that keeps the flown going just like Santi. Maybe in a year or two when Santi could be leaving we should try for him.

    We need a good striker NOW not in 2 years time I still want lacazette. He is fast and can finish a lot for anywhere we would be loving the balls ozil, Carzola and Sanchez would be providing for him. once again he is young so we can have him for a few good years

    Comon Wenger let’s put more smart work in the window and show the rest of the league why we will always be a contender for the title…!!!

    1. William Carvalho is a better option than world renowned Arturo Vidal. You heard it here first…

      I f#ckin can’t with some Arsenal fans, It’s not even funny.

      1. World class Vidal who is hot headed and gets a lot of cards (this is the Premier League where you get a lot of challenges coming in players being rough and try to get you sent off) and likes to try and get goals..

        Coquelin did great last season because he knew his job defend yes he got a few cards but never really allowed anyone to get under his skin. HELL the guy has literally being left bleeding by and still kept calm. Do you really see Vidal doing the same???

        the reason I want Carvalho is because he is very calm heading…patient..Yes he may not be fast but what he lacks in speed he makes up for in tackles/aggression/timing and passing. He will come and know his job is to cover the back for nothing else really.

        1. No you’re right man, Coquelin and Carvalho are better than Vidal…I would never argue with something so obvious.

    2. William Carvalho is too raw and too slow to the epl tempo … How come he is better option than Vidal?

      1. you guys should watch Chile V Uruguay match the other day and you will see how good Vidal is specially playing with Sanchez they connect really well, we have been missing a animal in our squad like Rooney type or even strong like Patrick Vieria

    3. I have been saying Arsenal need a holding CM, quite often when linked to Schniderlin but it looks like Wenger is after a tough tackling B2B CM, is Wenger thinking about converting them to a pure holding CM?

      The other thought could be Wenger wants to play the 4-1-4-1 formation more next season.

      2 B2B CM, 1 of them a tough tackler while the other more of a link up play B2B sitting onfront of a creative safe passer who can read the game well to intercept while defending and to be a option to pass to when we have the ball, smart enough to play long balls when needed or swap side of play or just safely maintain possesion of the ball.

      Regarding Draxler, Wenger has identified him as a future CF but like a lot of players who have joined Arsenal, Wenger will play him out wide for development and getting use to the EPL while at the same time being a wide player who could score over 20 goals a season from out wide. This will co-exist with Wengers plan to get a front of consistant goal scorers over a single CF goal scorer, Wenger doesn’t care who scores the goals as long as the team does score more than the opposition.

      Draxler will join The Ox and Welbeck to stake a claim on the Right AM role while leaving ourselves 2 internationals with quality as cover, Gnabry may go out on loan still but will be expected to compete and cover for injuries.

  5. after seeing Sanches and Vidal playing together these two players were meant to play together, they will be unstoppable, Vidal will fit right in to Arsenal, it would mean we would have to get rid of one or two of our ageing players

  6. Wait so now we are linked with him… no one wants him…

    He can play holding midfielder easy. If he puts another person on the bench. Not his problem. They just have to improve.

  7. The good old bit of DRAXLER rumour, ey!!

    We absolutely don’t need him, people are just too obsessed with him, what has he so far since January 2014? We have the likes of The Ox, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere etc, we don’t need another luxury player when we have pressing issues in the squad.

    A DM AND Striker are needed first, wasting £28 million on a player that has not improved at all is a bit pants.

    1. Saying he hasn’t improved is a bit harsh considering he has been ijured for a large period, in his 6 games last year he still managed 2 goals from out wide, not bad for a player coming back from a injury.

      I would like to point out that RvP was a left winger prior to joining Arsenal and he was a world class striker… when fit.

  8. If this guys are leftovers come end of August and going cheaply than no doubt wily Wenger will pounce on them like a hungry mongoose on a snake!

  9. Wenger should be more serious than ever in the transfer market to be seen as a true contender for the EPL title next season.
    He has shown interest in some quality players without any commitment. l heard of his interest in Jackson Martinez, Reus, William Carvalho, Abumeyang Vidal, Draxler, Cech, and so on. He is yet to announce any signing. Wenger seem to have so much pity for money. He should not wait to buy on the last day of the window. Wenger should begin to buy now.

  10. Do you actually believe any of these click bait rumours based on farce articles that contain non substantiated ‘reports’ or the statement of ‘our sources’.

    It is all utter b@llocks intended for those desperately wanting something to happen. So they dangle their carrot (a plastic one) and get donkey after donkey following the scent. But they are just plastic carrots engineered by evil media types to entice you.


    1. ArseOver Tit

      You know the saying “NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE” and you know how plastic burns.. makes a lot of smoke

      1. @ArseOverTit.
        seem to recall a guy
        on this site with a
        name very similar to yours
        about two weeks ago.
        He reckons all the rumours were BS
        and he would not be back till Sept 1st. Lol.
        He came back the same day… the next article in fact.
        Damned addictive these ole BS rumours eh son 🙂

    2. Hands up this is fiction, it is what I feel has the strongest chance due to the events all us Arsenal fans have witnessed over the years, Wenger isn’t open about his transfers and as such surprised tend to happen.

      Vidal has been rumored with us for a while now, much stronger since we got Alexis and we already know Vidal has said that he will not deal with any of this till after the Copas, in the process we have been linked to every hard tackling CM going… all of which we ‘miss out’.

      Somethign about this rumor puts me in the mindframe that the Alexis rumor did, out of all the rumors for a CM I do feel this could be the most likely and we may end up with a ‘bargain’ again.

      As for the Draxler part, I am not looking at CF due to Wenger saying Theo will be a CF and we already have Giroud and Welbeck who want to play centrally and then we have the up and coming Akpom, I hope Akpom becomes as good as Alexis believes as there is no better feeling than the team I support develop a star rather than buy a star.

      We had to play Ramsey out on the right at the end of last season rather than Theo and that adds to my belief that Theo will not play on the right next season or if he does then it will be mainly for match fitness/sharpness, we need a Right sided AM to make sure we don’t have to rely on B2B players filling that role.

      Aubameyang doesn’t look to be leaving Dortmund and we heard Rumors that Wenger was interested in him before he joined Dortmund and it is a shame as I do rate him, he can play anywhere along the front 3 just like Alexis can and Welbeck and Theo…

      With the prices of other strikers being as they currently are, buying in a player who can learn the CF role while also adding to the team from out wide would seem the ‘cheaper’ option compared to buying a CF who will displace Giroud or cause Wenger to go back on his word with Theo.

      At least I put honest thought into my plastic carrot, it was the 1st article I had written (The other one JustArsenal put up was actually a comment reply turned article) so…

      I take your reply with pride as I feel I have proved now that ANYONE can write so called articles if they have 10-15 mins of time they are willing to dedicate, I have seen your type of response on plenty of ‘professional’ sites so I can’t be too far off 😛

  11. finally getting cech… ngl I was incredibly worried mourinho was just trolling us all the way but it seems we are finally starting to build a spine which for me is the most important part of any successful team. COYG!!!!

    1. @jt
      Yes “strengthen the spine”
      My kingdom
      for a beast of a DM
      a 25 goal a season striker
      Hit the decks a running
      and spin those guns around
      Give 110%, work your socks off,
      snuff out attacks, be clinical in front of goal
      kill the game off, go to the next level,
      instigate attacks, create opportunities,
      turn water into wine, straw into gold,
      all with a generous dollop of mental strength
      But “jt” we are just casting pearls …
      pushing water uphill with a rake
      “The spine the spine where 4 art thou ” 🙂

  12. I think im probably the only one who doesn’t want this Vidal transfer to happen? For a number of reasons (Its not because he is not talented, of course he is a good player, i’m not stupid). He has a bad attitude and alcohol seems to be the trigger Obviously, I’m sure everyone is aware of his recent ‘drink driving’ incident (in the middle of a flaming tournament , he gets drunk, its only a few f#cking weeks, he’ll still be allowed time off) during the ‘Copa America’ (Ofcourse he is able to get away with it, because its in his own country and he is the top scorer), which he has yet to face charges for.. But its not just the singular incident, He has been fined by Juventus in the past, for staying out to late (5am) the day before a match(more specifically a cup final), Been fined for causing a bar fight. For crying out loud he is 28 supposedly meant to be a model professional, yet behaves like a teen during freshers week and every time “It’s I’m sorry, It wont happen again” which is ironic because there seems to be a repetitive pattern here. The second reason I’m not so thrilled about this transfer, is it may be months before we get to see him in action. Him and Sanchez are comming back from a tournament, they’ll be given time off to relax, but he has never played in the league so, would have to adjust to that and get acclimatized to the teams playing style, in the shortest amount of time going, personally i don’t think he’ll fair that well its an enormous ask at the best of times.

    1. inaprop……telletubbie

      these south American country’s treat their football players like goods they can do what ever they want, they never pay for anything and get away with murder, Vidal is blowing a bit of smoke after being in “no tolerance” Europe, if you watch some of the games and the way the players are acting on pitch with the referees its unreal but its how it is there, what i’m trying to say is that he wont be doing the same thing in Europe they know better

    2. honestly as good as vidal might be he just doesn’t seem like a model professional and Arsene looks closely at the profile of a player before buying him. Not only was he caught drink driving but he tried to intimidate the police by saying how grave a mistake they had made for not letting him go because he is a “big” chilean star. They may be countrymen and on the field share the same tenacity and desire to win, but the attitude displayed by vidal in this scenario is not something I would expect from alexis or in fact any other player donning the red and white.

      In any case I’m still not sure whether we need a player who share’s the same instinct as coquelin to just sit and distribute the ball quickly to more technical players or whether we’re after a cm/b2b. If we adopt the same formation as last season then I think in santi, jack and ramsey we have enough cover and player’s capable of providing the cm/b2b role with santi, ozil and jack also able to operate further forward in the am role.

      In this instance with coquelin being at the prime age to really develop into that cdm role (I see a lot more coming from him), personally I think it would be foolish to buy a dm in his low to mid 20’s so for me it would have to be an experienced dm to allow coquelin to learn (he’s too old but someone like cambiasso or even de jong).

      1. like Suarez, Vidal and few others lets not get them because they might start riot, come on guys these players are wining trophies every year yes they are ECCENTRIC but great players on the pitch, we cant start to look for our players in Monastery’s or kinder-garden its a contact sport

        1. The Holloway Kindy
          is where Wenger
          found Wilshere 🙂
          And he was at the Vatican
          Monastery last summer and
          left Podolski there in a wicker basket 🙂

    3. Well Jack Wilshere hangs about in clubs and smokes fags, should we sell him? Clearly not.

      Why do some fans get so worked up over the human behind the footballer? Arsenal FC is primarilyinterested in what any player brings to the pitch, and Vidal brings arguably the best DM going. He likes to party, big flipping deal….I would too if I was a millionaire in my mid-twenties. Remind me if he let’s it affect his job.

      Got some real cheek to talk questionable characaters when we’ve had Anelka, Nasri, Ade, RVP, Bendtner, Gallas, etc all put on the shirt numerous times.

      1. Yes, I bit a queasy too when the morality card is played. I mean FFS, we have a statue of a convicted drink/driver outside the Emirates.

  13. @Madkarma
    Looking into his crystal ball?
    Druxlar and Veedal mmm
    Heard those names before?
    Are they in the men’s final
    at Wimbledon?

  14. Schneiderlen to MANU looks done. Its on SkySports. So Kondogbia and MS both gone as our DM signing options. I am getting nervous now.

    On a brighter note, Cech will have Arsenal medical today and i am elated. 😀

    1. We don’t need him! We have Beilik when he grows up, chambers if he can be converted into a DM and of course Arteta and Flamini.

      A tonne of options. (He says crying into his chicken salad sandwich). I pray AW feels differently to some on here.


  15. Vidal is not a DM,he is a very energetic warrior that runs around in midfield doing a bit of everything. For this reason i do not think he is what arsenal needs. We have a lot of CM’s…Cazorla,Ramsey,Wilshere,Arteta,Rosicky…what we need is someone who will come do exactly what le coq is doing…Kondogbia and Schneirdelin were probably the closest people to that that we were linked two,but it seems that wont happen.

    This i feel is great cause it leaves wenger with one option really and i think this is the best option…Grzegorz Krychowiak…this guy is probably the best out and out cdm in the world at the moment…ask what players like iniesta,messi and cr7 think of him.

    He will come into the team to do exactly what Le coq does if not better…imagine le coq gets a 4 month injury??With this guy we would never miss le coq.

    Vidal is great but bringing him will not give us what we lack…it will be like the ozil signing,great but not necessary.

    Imagine playing barca in champions league at nou Camp and we have Le Coq and grzegorz krychowiak sitting infront of the back four fustrating the shit out of barca’s front 3…

    Everyone at Arsenal knows what we need,Wenger included and if you didnt now you do…Grzegorz Krychowiak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. All fair points Bartender. But I think FC in the 4-1-4-1 formation was probably a bit of improvisation on Wenger’s part in response to some injuries and a need to tighten things up. I still think he will, with the right players be looking to return to his preferred 4-2-3-1. He can then dispense with the out and out CDM and put 2 high energy all-rounders in there – Vidal/Ramsey anyone? Krychowiak/Coquelin would be awesome to watch at the Camp Nou but I suspect Barca would unpick that at least once. Vidal/Ramsey might keep them more occupied in different ways – especially going towards their goal mouth. Coquelin may end up being the “Flamini” substitution we have seen over the years – coming in to shore things up as necessary. Could also be a starter in big away games where not losing is the primary objective.

      1. Both of you make very good points. I thought I was in agreement with Bartender but am not too sure now. Maybe we need Two new Defensive mids, Krychowiak for reasons said and Vidal for reasons said. Im aware this would be too much to ask for so it just depends on how Arsene sees it.

      2. A 4-1-4-1 formation could also be easily applied 60-70 mins into a game, bring off the ACM and bring in a deep lying playmaker, the deep lying playmaker doesn’t have the be the worlds best tough tackler either, just someone smart who can pass well, read the game well and won’t wimp out if he needs to get stuck in… If we have 2 ‘All Action CM’ (AACM?) sitting just infront of the playmaker then we could hit hard on the counter.

        That is assuming you are correct and we go for 2 all action CM instead of 1 holding and 1 B2B, I wouldn’t disagree either.

        Since Gilberto we haven’t had the ideal holding player, Song was the closest yet he drove forward too often and left us exposed, if we can get 2 all action CM who can work well together then 1 of them can stay back while the other goes forward, if Wenger can get it to work then it could be amazing.

  16. We don’t need Vidal. We already have Ramsey who can offer the same as him, maybe Ramsey is not there yet, but he will be 🙂 And add that to Cazorla and Wilshere who are fighting for the same spot (CM)

    I would say 2 players for each of this midfield roles CM, CAM and DM.
    Example: Ramsey and Wilshere – CM. Ozil and Cazorla- CAM. Coquelin and Schneiderlin DM.

    That would be the best midfield in EPL and maybe even all of Europe.

    We don’t need Draxler when we have the Ox good to go and Gnabry soon to join.
    Not saying no to new players but witch Sanchez, the Ox, Walcott and Welbeck who all can play on the wings then we don’t too add more there. If Wenger sees Walcott just as CF from now on then I wouldn’t mind Reus. He is top class Arsenal material and would complete our attack 🙂

    1. You do realise that both Vidal and Schniderlin are both ‘tough tackling’ B2B players?
      Schniderlin did play holding CM before Wanyama joined him but nobody wanted him then like they do now, Schinderlin is a great B2B player but better than Vidal? Personally I don’t think so.

      No Arsenal do no NEED Draxler either, as you rightly said, we have the Ox and Gnabry, please remind us all about their fitness record.

      Draxler may have fitness issues as well but with the quality of the Ox, Wenger would be able to rotate and rest players easier.
      When Ox, Gnabry and Welbz was out at the end of last season it was Ramsey who played Right AM, I think this would support what Wenger himself has already said about Theo being a CF.

      Reus is another good player who could do the job, shame he already rejected a move to the EPL when he signed his new contract which lasts until 2019, if Dortmund are not willing to sell Aubameyang for triple what they paid then I doubt Reus would be any cheaper.

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